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CHANAKY NITI-चाणक्य नीति

CHANAKY NITI-चाणक्य नीति 
CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By:: Pt. Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj
यह अध्याय राजनीति शास्त्र की गहराइयों को समझने में सहायक सिद्ध होगा। कोई भी ऐसा व्यक्ति जो प्रशासन से सम्बंधित हो, को इसका पाठ करना, समझना और प्रयुक्त करना लाभप्रद अवश्य होगा। 
This chapter provides in depth study and understanding of politics/social behavior throughout the world, helping in shaping the destiny of current-present day-modern era/age (Kalyug) politicians-diplomats, along with civilians, common masses and the intelligentsia. Individuals related with public administration who learn-understand-practice and apply will be benefited immanencly.
Magadh-Patli Putr (-Originally known for mighty king Raja Janak and now Bihar) was a prominent kingdom rules by Maha Nand. Chanak was a well known Brahmn (-termed Upadhyay, teacher teaching at their residence in urban areas) who used to educate students, especially in Raj Niti Shastr, in addition to all other disciplines. He was imprisoned by the king and late died due to the in human behavior meted out to him. He had a son by the name of Vishnu Gupt, who migrated to Takshila for learning and his own protection from the tortures and pangs of the state. The entire Guru Kul-university was impressed by his talent and understanding-command over state policy. He had his own interpretations of the policies framed by Brahma Ji, Shri Ram, Vidur Ji, Shri Krishan, Raja Janak, Ravan, Vibhishan and other well known scholars of ancient India. He command over the Veds was praise worthy. He was  loved and respected by the students.
He returned to Magadh in search of lively hood. He straight forward attitude towards social-political-administrative policies led to insult by the King Maha Nand and he took the vow to eliminate the dynasty. He found a boy acting as a ruler when he was roaming in the city. he observe extra ordinary talent in him and decided to adopt and train him for achieving his goal. He paid money to his guardians (-maternal uncle) to obtain the boy (-Kreet putr, bought to adopt as a son). The boy from a gadaria-shepherd community was an illegitimate son of Maha Nand. He returned to Takshila and joined it as a teacher.
He was called Chanky, being the son of Chanak and named Kautily being kutil-diplomate-extremely wise-clever-intelligent-prudent person-sharp minded, blessed with extra-ordinary memory. Chanky trained-groomed him (-Chandr Gupt Maury), to take over as a ruler along with the princes, who were educated by him. Later his disciples helped him him every possible manner to establish a powerful state under Chandr Gupt Maury. He never interfered with the day to day administration of the state , yet he controlled every nook and corner of it through his agents loyal to the state. He won back all able administrators under Maha Nand to protect the state under Chandr Gupt. He live in a small hut away from the ans of city life, where he met foreign ambassadors-tourists who wished to discover India.
This work is unique, since it provides an un matched window into the vast experiences-knowledge-expertise,  and understanding of principles in state administration be it policing-defense or economy.

प्रणम्य शिरसा विष्णुं त्रैलोक्याधिपतिं प्रभुम्। नानाशास्त्रोंद्धतं  वक्ष्ये राजनीति समुच्चयम् ॥ 1-1॥  
Chanky prayed with folded hands and bent-lowered head, into the feet of the Supreme-lord-master of the three Loks,  the Almighty-the creator-nurturer Bhagwan Vishnu. He described the principles of politics at length- in detail, which had been collected-summarized for the welfare of the common masses. It's, significant, because it is believed that no one can  rule-administer, without the presence of Bhagwan Vishnu in him. It provides gist-nectar-elixir of the Truth.
This treatise is worthy for the benefit of both the public as well as the King-Emperor-Administrators-Parliamentarians. 

अधीत्येदं यथा शास्त्रं नरो जानाति सत्तम:। धर्मोपदेशविख्यातं कार्याSकार्यं शुभाशुभम्॥1-2॥ 
A prudent-intelligent person who reads-goes through this treatise on policy matters will be able to  understand-analyse what has to be done and what is not to be done. He is enlightened about the result-out come-ultimate of his deeds, leading to refining modification of his behavior. Description of practices-duties-liabilities which have to be accepted or rejected may be considered as religious directive-sermon.
As a matter of fact politics-economics-religion are not divided through water tight compartments. There is correlation between them. One will discover people who come to parliament-power by making religion a tool. There is no dearth of people who are engaged in terrorist activities by using religion as a tool. Jihad- religious wars-Dharm Yuddh are fiercely fought just to satisfy ones ego desire to head the state.
Politics of virtues-righteousness piousness is no where seen. People are engaged in wicked-heinous acts paying their way to hell.

तदहं संप्रवक्ष्यामि लोकानां हितकाम्यया। येन विज्ञानमात्रेण सर्वज्ञत्वं  प्रपध्यते ॥1-3॥ 
The intricate-difficult-complex principles of politics, which are discussed here, are meant for social welfare and may lead one to the belief-illusion-misunderstanding that one is omniscient (-knows all, everything). In fact knowledge in not enough-sufficient, it should be supported by understanding and practice. One may come across different situations-circumstances, where different principles-aspects-practices are essential. What is more important  here is presence of mind, awareness and alertness.  Know all attitude never work here. In reality its not possible to acquire the knowledge of everything. Still, there is always scope for improvement.

मूर्खशिष्योपदेशेन दुष्टस्त्रीभरणेन च। दु:खितै: सम्प्रयोगेण पण्डितोSप्यवसीदति॥1-4॥     
Its stated that one will invite trouble-difficulty-pain, if he preaches a moron-stupid-duffer-a person of low intelligence, a wretched-characterless-immoral-wicked woman and/or with a person in grief.
सीख वाको  दीजिये जाको सीख सुहाए, सीख न दीजे वानरा, घर बया कौ जाये। One who is willing to accept knowledge and modify his attitude-behavior deserves to be taught. 
नारी नरक का द्वार। Its true for a virtue less-wicked-cruel-greedy-characterless woman. Impact of environment-company-society prevails over lineage-family connections.Its icon to nurturing is poisonous snake.
Troubles-difficulties are normally associated with the imprudent-unwise-the people, who do not think of the future and the impact of their misdeeds. Its rightly said that better to dissociate from the neighborhood- company-association of the above three categories of people.

दुष्टा भार्या शठं मित्रं भ्रत्यश्चोत्तरदायक:। ससर्पे च ग्रहे वासो मृत्युरेव न संशय:॥1-5॥ 
One who's, wife is corrupt-wicked-vicious-depraved, friends are mean-cunning- deceptive-stabs in the back-cheat-fraudsters, servants ignore his orders-do not pay attention to his needs/requirements-abstain from work-shirk work-argue with him-intolerant and his house is inhabited by snakes, is bound to die-perish.
Such people can never flourish, they are bound to be doomed.  Its as if one is putting his hand in serpent's burrow-hole or keeping the poisonous snakes nearby-close to him. If he is capable of controlling them, make them dance according to his wishes, there is a chance of his survival. Still its better to keep them off. One must be cautious in handling the people surrounding him.आस्तीन में सांप पालना खतरे से खाली नहीं है।
 Deceitful wife must be kept at bay, under strict observation-vigilance. Its better to be without friends as compared to a deceitful person. Disobedient servants must be terminated at once. Instead of thinking right or wrong kill the snake first and go penance later. Through phenyl (-used for cleansing home), over it, at once.

आप्दर्थे धनं रक्षेद् दारान् रक्षेद्  धनैरपि। आत्मानं सततं  रक्षेद् दारैरपि धनैरपि॥1-6॥  
One should save-conserve wealth for lean-difficult times/periods.If women can be protected by sacrificing money, one should not hesitate. If he has to protect himself, then he is under compulsion to sacrifice both. In fact, there are situations, when one has no choice-alternative, but to flee. So, emphasis is over self defense- protection, since both of the other entities, can be recovered-regained-obtained, thereafter. With your death-murder there is opportunity left, for their getting-winning back. In difficult times, one must maintain his cool-balance of mind. Never loose heart. Remember the Almighty, our deeds in previous-present life created the unavoidable but God always helps those, who call  him with purity of thoughts. He is the last resort-have faith in him.मनुष्य की परीक्षा आपदा-संकट में ही होती है। हारिये न हिम्मत विसारिये न राम। 

               आप्दर्थे धनं रक्षेच्छ्रिमतश्च किमापद:। कदाचिच्चलिते लक्ष्मी: संचितोSपि विनश्यति॥1-7॥
One should protect money-wealth to utilize it at a time of need-difficulty. Money is unsteady-volatile-shaky by nature. One can not say with certainty as and when or how will it vanish. Money is essential-important to do -perform basic needs, fulfill basic desires, religious acts-rituals-practices etc. Those who exhibit-show their possessions invite trouble for them selves, since the wicked is always looking-searching a chance to loot it-decamp with it. India invited traitors-invaders for to its wealth पूरी दुनियां में सोने की चिड़िया के नाम से जाना जाता था। This wealth should be utilized to gain strength power-might-capability-capacity to self defense.Wealth collected by hard labour is wasted by the progeny soon after death. So, effort should be made to make the children capable to utilize-protect-grow it further. Therefore, proper training-education of children is also essential.

यस्मिन्देशे न सम्मानो न वृर्त्तिन च बान्धवा:। न च विद्याSगम: कश्चित् तत्र न कारयेत्॥1-8॥
One should not live in a country which is devoid of earning lively hood, facilities for education and training,  family members and friend and there is no respect-honor. History shows mass transmigration, movement from one country to  another in search of job and rehabilitation.  Immigration is on the rise these days. Population in the cities is increasing at a very high rate. People who go abroad in search of employment , never return back. They call their kith and kin there and settle for ever. America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and various countries are inhabited by multiracial-multi cultural-multilingual societies. These people have made them their home because all their requirements are met there.

धनिक: श्रोत्रियो राजा नदी वैद्यस्तु पञ्चम:। पञ्च यत्र न विद्यन्ते न तत्र दिवसं वसेत्॥1-9॥ 
One should not live in a country which is devoid of a King well versed in administration  rich traders-businessmen, Brahmns capable of performing rites-rituals, water bodies-resources for irrigation-drinking and medical facilities. There was a time when the Indian villages used to function as independent economies having all these facilities. Currently villagers are migrating to cities due to the lack of these facilities, at unprecedented pace.Industry has become the back boon of a modern society. Multi National corporations are flourishing. Indians are too leaving their foot prints abroad. Indians are proving their might where ever the go in search of a job or to establish-take over an industry.

लोकयात्रा भय लज्जा दाक्षिण्यं  त्यागशीलता। पञ्च यत्र न विद्यन्ते न कुर्यात्तत्र संस्थितिम्॥1-10॥
One should  not choose a place for living-residence, where the people do not have faith in Lok Perlok (-birth-rebirth, life after death), existence of God, lacks shame-shyness-sense of decency/modesty/honor or fear, lacks common sense-wisdom-prudence-intelligence and lacks desire for sacrifice.
A person who is not aware of the existence of God, will act like an animal. Faith in God comes later, only when one knows that there is an entity called God. Such people have no connection with religion, culture, values, virtues, piousity, asceticism, morals, social obligations, law and order or respect for elders. Such person may go to any extreme-any time.Such people are prone to misery-disasters-troubles, through out their life. Feeling of sacrifice for the family-near and dear-friends-country makes a person social. 

जानियात् प्रेषणे भ्रत्यान् बान्धवान् व्यसनाSSगमे। मित्रं चाSSपत्तिकालेषु भार्यां च विभवक्षये॥1-11॥ 
One can identify a servant-employee, who is willing to work, devoted to work, obedient, careful, respectful, willing to sacrifice for the master; through his behavior-functioning-conduct. 
Relatives can be tested-analysed by their habits-behavior, indulgence in bad habits, vices, wickedness, nocturnal character, addictions to wine-women-intoxicants. 
A friend in need is a friend indeed.Those, who remain attached with one, till he has a lot of money to waste over them and their bad habits-company, can not be considered to be friends. One, who has become rich and keeps off his past time friends, when he too was alike, is not a friend any more. One should not expect any thing from him.धीरज, धर्म, मित्र और नारी, आपात काल परखिये चारी।  
The woman who enjoyed with one, when he had plenty of every thing and  ditches him at a time, when he is in trouble-lost every thing, has struck by poverty-needs her help, company and solace is unfit to be recognized as a wife. They woman who help him, boost his morals, stand by him, will certainly bring him out of trouble.  
Wife divorces as and when one fails to obey, fulfill  her demands, dance to her tunes, do not torture his parents i.e., at the slightest possible excuse.
 त्रियाचरित न जाने कोई खसम मार के सत्ती होई। No one ascertain the character of a woman, 
first she kills the husband and then sacrifice-immolate herself. 
Its extremely difficult to find true friends these days. People pool together, because they have common interests-they are merely associates. Servants leave the job, as soon as they get higher pay, else where.
Still one may succeed, in his endeavors pertaining to these category of people. At least, he will become vigilant for future course of action and he should be.

               आतुरे व्यसने प्राप्ते दुर्भिक्षे शत्रु संकटे। राजद्वारे श्मशाने च यस्तिष्ठति स बान्धव:॥1-12॥ 
One can identify relatives, friends, attendants-dependents, at a time-occasion when he suffers from incurable disease, consumes narcotics-alcohol, joins bad company, suffers from scarcity of eatables-food, under goes the impact of drought-famine-bad season/weather-flood, attack by the enemy, state-government imposes some case over him or when he carries-takes the mortal remains-dead body of his near and dear to the cremation ground.
Its said that one must join at a time of need-sorrow-pain-grief, even if he fails to  be present  in a function-celebration-auspicious occasion-social gathering-rituals-customs-festivities. Even the worst possible enemy attends the funeral procession.

यो ध्रुवाणि  परित्यज्य अध्रुवं परिशेवते। ध्रुवाणि  तस्य नश्यन्ति अध्रुवंनष्टमेव च ॥1-13॥ 
One runs after the opportunities, which are considered scares-nothing is certain about them-there is a doubt-difficult to attain; instead of the ones, which can be accomplished easily by him, by making a little bit of effort. In chasing the dreams, one skips the chances-opportunities, which could be availed easily, sure-certain to be attained.Its rightly said that "one bird in hand is better than the two, in the bush". नौ नकद ना तेरह उधार।One must consolidate the earlier gains. He may look to new avenues, which are within his reach-easy to attain-assess and he then he may proceed further. Its rightly said "slow and steady winds the race". Be ambitious but asses your capabilities-caliber-capacity-strength. आसमान की ओर मुंह करके चलने वाला औंधा गिरता या ठोकर खाता है।मनुष्य को दिन में सपने देखने की बजाय, वस्तु स्थिति वास्तविकता को समझना चाहिये।शेख चिल्ली बनना अच्छानहीं है। हिम्मते मर्द मददे खुदा। One should continue to make efforts with out loosing heart/becoming restless. Your goal-means-desires-objectives should be realistic-pure-righteous-honest. They should be aimed at social benefit-upliftment-welfare, not for its destruction.  

वरयेत कुल्जां प्राज्ञो विरूपामपि कन्यकाम्। रूपशीलां न नीचस्य विवाह: सद्रशे कुले॥1-14॥ 
An intelligent person should marry a girls from a reputed-decent-noble family. He should not run after beauty. Girl from a reputed-decent-noble family may be normal but relation with a reputed-decent-noble family is important. Only beauty should not be the criteria for marriage from a lower caste family. Marriages must be solemnized among equals with respect to status, caste, education-culture-region.
Certain traits like shyness-decency-modesty-sense of honor, intelligence, serenity-nobility comes along with the family back ground.खुबसूरत औरत जी का जंजाल।  Here comes the question of values and virtues. Higher the caste, more rigid are the values. There is stress over discipline, mode of talking, behavior, movement in upper class-noble families; traditionally, dress code and what not! The women from lower class-average families are devoid of such traits. Now is the time, when TV has started taking  toll over all strata of society.

नाखिनां च नदीनां च श्रंगीणाम् शस्त्रपाणीनां। विश्वासों नैव कर्तव्य: स्त्रीषु राजकुलेषु च॥1-15॥  
Animals bearing long nails-claws (-carnivores, cannibals) or horns, rivers, people bearing arms, women and royal families should never be believed. 
Animals which are meat eaters can not be believed since they do not hesitate in attacking their masters if annoyed/angry or hungry. Its not possible to asses their mood especially in breeding season. Animals with long horns too get angry and attack now and then.
One can not ascertain the depth at a point  or when will river be in spate and wash away  while crossing it on feet. Then there is whirlpool catches and lead a person to death.
When will the other three categories of people deceive, kill or ditch one is uncertain, due to their wicked desires, ego imprudence. People in India from royal families are generally hot headed, they are plagued by a sense of false pride/ego, rivalry.  There are the  claimants to the thrown, who murder each other without a logic along with the associates, decedents and accomplish.Their friendship as well as enmity,  are always dangerous.Implied to modern times during democracy-republic the rule govern well. The politics is extremely-highly polluted. Political murders are quite common Politicians are quick to sacrifice their loyals and family members for a birth in cabinet/assembly/parliament.

विशादप्यमृतं  ग्राह्म्यम मेध्यादपि कांचनम्। नीचादप्युतत्मा विद्या स्त्री रत्नं दुदुष्कुलादपि॥1-16॥ 
One must not hesitate in recovering nectar-elixir out of poison. Valuable-like golds, lying at a dirty-polluted-contaminated place, should be picked up. Similarly, if enlightenment-quality-virtuous education-prudence  are available from a person of low lineage-origin, one must not be shy in accepting them. There is no harm in accepting women/girls born in low caste families, having virtues-manners-high moral values-piousity-righteousness-good character-wisdom.
As a matter of fact these days marriages take place, without making proper search pertaining to-origin-lineage-family medical history-family back ground, leading to un told miseries. One goes to a marriage bureau or on line match makers, looks at pay packages, wealth-property and the things are settled within a few days after a few meetings. 

 स्त्रीणाम् दिव्गुण आहारो लज्जा चापि चतुर्गुणा:। साहसं षड्गुणं चैव क़ामश्चाष्टगुण: स्मृत:॥1-17॥ 
Its stated that the women eat twice, are 4 times shy, 6 times  bold-courageous-independent-vigorous-spirited-resolute and 8 times sexy-passionate-sensual, as compared to the men. The women  never reveal their secrets. 
One may observe women eating one or the other thing all over the day. They the master of the kitchen and prepare food for the family. Now the time has come, when the women are becoming beauty-health conscious.  A women, who is employed and busy through the day may not time to eat properly. She may not be aware of cooking at all. Still there are the women who gain weight continuously, complain of pain in knees  and continue eating as usual. Women in the harem-palaces housing queens,  had no work  except eating and gaining weight.
There is no doubt that the girls are shy by nature but again the time is changing fast. Impact of TV, internet, media, news papers magazines shows that the women of today is quite different. In fact the things are quite contrary.
One may accept that women are more bold as compared to men, since prudence also plays its role in this phenomenon. She should think about the situation 8 times before becoming dare devil.
Western culture has affected-polluted the Indian mind. One may find the scantly clad women roaming on the streets at night or enjoying in a night club. There are millions of  porn web sites, which are sufficient to high light this shoddy state of affairs. Breaking families-lack of moral education in schools-poverty-encouragement by men for exploitation, are some of the factors which needs elaboration. During world war II Japanese Army converted Korean women to sex slaves and forced them to have sex with 24 soldiers every night. Prostitutes may be found to have intimate sex relations with as many men.  

            अन्रतं साहसं माया मूर्खत्वमतिलोभिता। अशौचत्वं निर्दयत्वं  स्त्रीणां दोषा: स्वभावजा:॥2-1॥  

Its stated that the women are born liars, extremely (-दु:साहसी) bold-resolute-spirited-vigorous-courageous, deceitful-maligning-trickery-in sincere-dissembling-designing-ready/willing to risk , imprudent, extremely greedy, impure and pitiless. These are the basic components of nature which are present in her genes.
How ever the role of company, training, environment, social-cultural interactions-education, weighs more, when ever it comes to practice-day to day life. All these characteristics-traits may not be present in one/all women. Still this rule can not be generalized and all women can not be labelled by this rule. ढोल, गँवार, शूद्र, पशु, नारी-ये सब ताड़न के अधिकारी। One should be cautious-careful-vigilant while dealing with them. 

                   भोज्यं भोजनशक्तिश्च रतिशक्तिर्व रांगना। विभवो दानशक्तिश्च नाSल्पस्य॥2-2 ॥   

Its believed that availability of eatables and capacity to eat and digest, passionate-sensual nature and libido-power to have sex along with availability of women for sex, wealth and tendency to donate are God gifts possessed by one are either due to the deeds in previous births-incarnations or asceticism.
One comes across people in society who have plenty of every thing to eat, but they  suffer either from indigestion or have no teeth.खाना तो है परन्तु दाँत  नहीं हैं। On the contrary one is healthy, possessed with power to digest but has nothing or very little to eat. There are people all around us, who have plenty of wealth but they either do not utilize it or are not in a position to use it. Misers keep on collecting and die without utilizing.जोड़-जोड़ मर जायेंगे माल जमाई खायेंगे। Tendency to put the wealth to proper use or to donate for charity are blessed by the Almighty, depending upon accumulated deeds in previous births-rebirths.
                 यस्य पुत्रो वशीभूतो भार्या छन्दानुगामिनी। विभवे यश्च संतुष्टस्तस्य स्वर्ग इहैव हि॥2-3॥
One who's son is obedient, wife follows-devoted to him and is content-satisfied with whatever he has, enjoys heaven-paradise on earth.
Contentment-satisfaction supported by able-obedient son and a wife ready to sacrifice-devoted to him  are again the result of previous deeds. One comes across woman, who continue making un tenable-un reasonable demands for one or the other thing-luxuries-gifts and are never satisfied with their husband. The man do all sorts of misdeeds-cheating, wretched-wicked things just to satisfy her, but fails.Such people land in jail ultimately. Still those, who are punished in this birth for their current wrong doings are lucky, since their Satvik Karm are helping them. Those who remain unpunished, gets the misdeeds accumulated for hard-tough tasks-punishments in next births.
Past life is not everything, one can modify his Karm-destiny by continued efforts in righteous-pious-virtuous direction, through honest means. Bhakti paves the path for Salvation. भक्ति से मुक्ति का मार्ग प्रशस्त होता है।  

            ते पुत्रा ये पितुर्भक्ता: स:पिता यस्तु पोषक:। तन्मित्रं यत्र विश्वास: सा भार्या यत्र निवृति:॥2-4॥ 

One can be recognized as a son only if helps in curtailing-removing-decreasing the vows-difficulties of the parents. Similarly, one is in deed a father if he takes care of his children's needs-requirements releases their stress/worries/sorrow/pain. One can be recognized as a true friend if one can have faith in him. The woman who comforts her husband is a wife in true sense. 
Existence of joint families is reducing day by day. Children prefer to stay with the parents only till such time they are not able to bear the expenditure of a separate family. Son is not ready to listen to his father what to talk of helping him. He is selfish, greedy and sex blind-listen to his wife and in laws, not the parents.This relation is no relation.
Father sacrificed his youth for nourishing the son and did every thing to settle and rise. The son ignores him. Lives with him and tries to extract what ever he can.
Wife helped the husband but failed to understand him and forced him to accede to her dictates in favor of children and brothers.
These days there is no idea-existence of   friendship. Friends do not grow over trees or sold in the market. The life has become so much dynamic that friendship has become a rare commodity. Still try and try again. One may have co workers/classmates/neighbours/relatives etc. they may help one time and again and he may reciprocate. 
Its not good to talk against him in his absence but speak-say every thing to please him.निंदक नियरे राखिये आँगन छवि छबाय ।One who speaks the plain truth deserves to be a friend. Neither mis leads nor mis guides you. He helps you now and then. Remember one can not clap with a single hand.ताली दोनों हाथों से बजती  है। Those who indulge double speak are potentially harmful.मित्र वही है, जो सही वक्त पर काम आये-सही राह दिखाये-मुसीबत से बचाये-पीठ में छुरा ना भोंके-विश्वासघात ना करे-धोखा ना दे-पत्नी से गलत सम्बन्ध ना बनाये-चुगली ना करे-संयमी हो-गुस्से में आकर अहित ना करे-बुरे वचन ना बोले-चापलूसी से दूर रहे-छवि ख़राब ना करे।   

   न विश्वसेत् कुमित्रे च मित्रे चाSपि न विश्वसेत्। कदाचित् कुपितं मित्रं सर्वं गुह्यं प्रकाशयेत्॥2-6॥   

One must never rely over a wretched-crude-debased-vile-out casted friend and never reveal even to the most confident friend, since there is always a chance for him get angry and expose most confidential/person matters.
In fact, one must keep the confidential-secret things close to his heart. Its very difficult for a person to digest the misdeeds of others. He may subject one to black mail time and again. There are the people, who reveal their past in good faith, to their wife who mis use all these things for torturing-black mailing him, eventually.

मनसा चिन्तितं कार्यं वाचा नैव प्रकाश्येत्। मन्त्रेण रक्ष्येद् गूढं कार्ये चाSपि नियोजयेत्॥2-7॥ 
One must not reveal-share-expose his plans, unless until they have been worked out/brought to shape through words or otherwise.
Our ideas are copied-stolen by the others and served as their origional thoughts. The plans kept with our selves are meditated-planned and implemented successfully. People demoralize one by showing all sorts of defects-difficulties-impracticability-lack of funds and what not. There are the situations when the opponents devise counter measures in advance to derail it.

कष्टं च खलु मूर्खत्वं कष्टं च खलु यौवनम्। कष्टात् कष्टतरंचैव परगेह-निवासनम्॥2-8॥ 
Imprudence-foolishness is the root cause of losses-damages-misfortune-wrongs-malevolent-futility' resulting in pain-sorrow-grief-displeasure. Youth-young age too leads to many mis adventures-agony-torturous situations. But the when one becomes helpless to live in other's house involuntarily, the situation becomes painful-torturous.
बिना विचारे जो करे सो पीछे पछताए, काज बिगारे आपनो जग में होत हँसाए। A moron-idiot has to face insult-punishment-harassment repeatedly, since he is unable to see the consequences of his action. जवानी अंधी होती है। A young person has strength-vigor-energy-ego, which leads him to imprudence and mis adventures and sexual encounters. He becomes shameless leading to difficulties and rigors.
One finds pleasure in his house since he is not obstructed to do one or the other thing. In fact every person has settings of his own in the house, has freedom to move or live. But else where, there are restrictions all over. One has to abide by all rules and regulations of the property holders.

शैले-शैले न माणिक्यं मौतिक्यं न गजे-गजे। साधवो न हि सर्वत्र चन्दनं न वने वने॥2-9॥ 
It can not be said that each mountain will yield jewels and every elephant will have Mukta-Mani (-मुक्ता मणि)  in his fore head. The world is ful of men and still good-virtuous individuals are not available every where. Similarly, chandan trees are not present in every forest.
The illustration is about the virtuous-righteous-gentle person who are devoted to the welfare of the society,  are rare. One does not become saint just by wearing saffron colored cloths. It involves devotion and desires to help the destitute.

               पुत्राश्च विविधै: शीलैर्नियोज्या: सततं बुधै:। नीतिज्ञा: शीलसम्पन्ना भवन्ति कुल पूजिता:॥2-10॥ 

One should make endeavors to build character of his sons, since only those people, who understand manners of conducting oneself-right-moral conduct-morality-ethics-prudent counsel-policy-political wisdom-statesmanship, having faith in God, pious-virtuous-virtuous nature-tending naturally disposed to tolerant/progressive-moral-decent conduct-moral quality or principle are respected in the society. 
Mother is the first teacher followed by the father and later by the school and company who make their imprints on the behavior-character of the child. Parents should be vigilant regarding the company of their child. He should be guided till he crosses the juvenile age. Thereafter they should advice him in a friendly manner. The children who are brought up by the servants may turn into sycophants-anti social-criminals, devoid of love-affection-guidance of parents.

माता शत्रु: पिता वैरी येन बालो न पाठित:। न शोभते सभामध्ये हंसमध्ये वको यथा॥2-11॥
Those parents who do not educate their child are his enemy. An un educated person in the company-meeting-congregation of enlightened is like the crane in the flock-group of flamingos. 
Education makes a social being who may be respected by others. One devoid of education, is like the animal without horn or tail. Education is a possession which can not be stolen. Education imparts knowledge-understanding-skill-training to deal with various situations along with means of earning. Educated person can distinguish between right or wrong, fair or foul, good or bad. 

           लालनाद् बहवो दोषास्ताडनाद् बहवो गुणा:। तस्मात्पुत्रं  च शिष्यं च ताडयेन्न तु लालयेत्॥2-12॥ 

Undue love and affection in bringing up children-students generate vices-defects in them. One should be strict with them and never hesitate to rebuke-punish them for their mistakes.
One has to careful in dealing with the children or the students. The society and schooling has changed a lot. Now the education imparted is different in nature and is given by a number of teachers. The child learns more from the community, school, play group, friend circle, environment, TV, internet, films etc. instead of the family-parents-elders. Strictness is alright but do not forget to show affection and and when its essential. Show your sympathy-care-readiness to help.  But never fulfill their undue-unreasonable demands. Education is carrier oriented and ful of competitions-road blocks-hurdles, which the parents have to handle with care.

श्लोकेन या तदर्द्धेन  तदर्धार्धाक्षरेणवा।अबन्ध्यंदिवसं कुर्याद्  दानाध्ययन कर्मभि:॥2-13॥ 
One must devote some of  his time to reading-learning scriptures-holy books-inspirational quotes-useful text, in addition to charity-donations to lead a successful-honorable life every day.   
Self reading is a good habit-hobby and helps in spending-utilizing time properly. Donations should be made but not beyond 1/6th of ones earnings, and care must be taken that this does not put his family into trouble.
कांतावियोग: स्वजनापमानो ऋणस्य  शेषं कुन्रपस्य सेवा।
 दरिद्रभावो विषमा सभा च विनाग्निमेते प्रदहन्ति कायम् ॥2-14॥ 
There are a few troubles-pains-sorrow-grief, which one finds difficult, either to bear or to forget: separation from wife, insult from his own family members-relatives, failure to repay debt, service of a cruel-torturous-intolerable-wicked master and surviving under poverty in the society of fools-imprudent-morons-duffers-un intelligent people.
Its true but one should not continue living with grief-pain if he has to survive. He must make endeavors to come out of this sickness as early as possible and strive again for betterment. Its a phenomenon which is cyclic in natures. If good days are not there, so will be the bad tenure. One must not lose moral.

नदीतीरेच ये वृक्षा: परगेहेषु कामिनी। मन्त्रिहीनाश्च राजन: शीघ्रं नश्यन्त्यसंशम्॥2-15॥ 
Trees on the bank of a fast flowing-in spate river, woman living in the house of others-strangers-un known person and the king without ministers (-or with stupid, cunning, bad counselors) are bound to perish.
During rainy season river become furious and destroy every thing which comes in their way.
 A woman-girl living with unknown-strangers can not protect her modesty. It has been said and proved by Dev Guru Vrahspati that the woman must not sit over/share the same couch-bed-chair-with father/brother or any male; since the senses are very notorious. They can indulge any one in sexual acts, irrespective of relation. Those women who leave their homes over tit bits, lose every thing and find their place over brothels.
A king must consult his wise person, including elders and ministers-nobles-loyals; who are virtuous and speak the truth, provide good guidance, although politely with due regards. All know attitude, for the administrators is always dangerous  even for themselves.

बलं विद्या च विप्राणां राजां सैन्यं बलं तथा। बलं वित्तं च वैश्यानां शूद्राणां परिचर्यकम्॥2-16॥ 
One survives with the help/strength of some force/support: Brahmn's strength is education, kings might lies in his forces, Vaishy-businessman-trader is supported by his wealth-possessions and the Shudr's capability stands in his tendency to serve whole heartedly.
Brahmn has to seek-obtain-gain and impart education. Education is a possession which can not be stolen and enhances by educating others. King's prime duty is to protect the residents and provide them essentials which can be achieved by having an army of soldiers and other categories of dedicated employees. Vaishy has to invest money in trade-business-loans and other activities of human welfare like charity-donations-building of inns-digging of ponds/wells-plantation of trees-roads-schools-hospitals etc. Shudr has to serve with out hesitation. In short every one has to act according to his Vern Dharm.

            निर्धनं पुरुषं वेश्या प्रजा भग्नं न्रपं त्यजेत्। खगा: वीतफलं  भुक्त्वा चाSभ्यागतो ग्रहम्॥2-17॥ 
The way a prostitute deserts a lover-impoverished customer on becoming poor, public-civilians turn their back from a defeated king, birds fry away from a dried tree; the same way the guest should leave the host after taking meals. 
There are the people, who visit some one and  over stays with the host, as long as they can, till they are asked-insulted and forced to quit. Others are also there, who come to ones house and wastes his time un necessarily in gossips-useless talks. Within a day or two the guest loss his status as guest and the host expects  him to join the daily routines-rituals of the family and bear his expenditure. Brides parents-brothers-brother in laws staying  in house are most difficult to tackle-no where in the world, they are welcome. Still some people try to disturb the private life of their son in law and his parents against logic.
Objective of a prostitute is sexual satisfaction-comfort and money, which she extracts from the customer who lives with the illusion that he is being loved by her. As a matter of fact, people gather around those who can give them some thing or the other. One must realize the situation and get rid of them as early as possible.

गृहीत्वा दक्षिणां विप्रस्त्यजन्ति यजमानकम्। प्राप्त विद्या गुरूं शिष्या: दग्धारणयं मृगास्तथा॥2-18॥ 
The manner in which a priest leaves the home of his client-house hold, the student departs his teacher on completion of education; in a similar manner the birds and animals deserts the forest and and move to some other jungle.
The gist is that one should move back to his place as soon his duties-engagements-requirements are over. One who over stays losses his respect.

दुराचारी च दुर्द्रश्तिर्दुराSSवासी च दुजन:। यन्मैत्री क्रियते पुम्भिर्नर: शीघ्रं विनश्यति॥2-19॥ 
A pious-virtuous-righteous-noble person who befriends, a criminal-wicked-cruel-imprudent-notorious person harming others, without any reason-logic; perishes soon.
Company of the wicked is injurious. People get involved-associated, are identified with those crimes which have not been committed by them.काजल की कोठरी में दाग लागे ही लागे। खरबूजे को देख कर खरबूजे का रंग बदलता है। दुर्जन संग न देह विधाता, याते भलो नरक को वासा। 

समाने शोभिते प्रीति: राज्ञि सेवा च शोभते। वाणिज्यं व्यवहारेषु दिव्या स्त्री शोभते गृहे॥2-20॥
 One should remain in the company of  the people of same-similar-identical status-job-nature-financial position-characteristics, prefer a government job and  be well versed with the civic behavior, so as to be  honored-respected in the society. Similarly a beautiful woman is admired-respected in her home-family.
Here the stress is over the beautiful woman, if she roams hither and thither, she will loss her modesty-respect-honor. She will be recognized as a society girl-whore-prostitute.

कस्य दोष: कुले नास्ति व्याधिना को न पीडित:। व्यसनं केन न प्राप्तं कस्य सोख्यं निरन्तरम्॥3-1॥  
One will not find even a single person, whose lineage-ancestors, did not possess some defect. Each and every living being has suffered from one or the other disease. Not even a single person is there, who did not possess  some vice-bad habit-defect-trouble.No one in this universe enjoys pleasure-comforts continuously without trouble at one or the other stage.
Marriage brings two individuals, from two different families together, having one or other defect in their genes-chromosomes-DNA. Diseases are transmitted genetically and shows off, when ever the dominant genes overcome/over power, recessive genes. Behavioral defects-patterns-vices too,  are found associated with the families and continue dominating the family atmosphere-environment, one after another generation.
Birth-rebirth, pleasure-pain are cyclic in nature and depend upon the destiny, accumulated deeds till that time and the deeds performed simultaneously by the organism-creature-living being. There is no escape. One should not be afraid of the difficult period and face-bear with it. बारह साल बाद तो घूरे का भाग्य भी बदल जाता है। Destiny of the heap of garbage too change after a period of 12 years, automatically.

आचार: कुलमाख्याति देशमाख्याति भाषणम्। सम्भ्रम: स्नेहमाख्याति वपुराख्याति भोजनम्॥3-2॥ 
Behavioral pattern reveals the lineage/family back ground of a person, mode/way of talking-speaking reveals his native-birth place, his psychology/mental approach-behavior reveals his affections-quantum of love and the physique reveals his diet-food intake/habits. 
There are the things which keep on changing continuously but cultural-social practices remain unchanged for a long period of time, locally unlike the present-current phase, when mobility has increased million of  times as compared to the past. Immigration, inter caste/religion/region/sex marriages, weakening of psychological/moral/cultural/social bonds, mutual respect/affections are becoming obsolete. More and more people are acquiring the knowledge of English and Hindi, in addition to their native-regional language. Poverty, profession, adventure, tourism, pilgrimage are some of the aspects of human life, which are making a definite  upheaval in the over all social/cultural behavior. Local dialect is either discarded or rejected by the people. More and more people talk in the currently prevailing language. We know that the stomach is so powerful that it breaks all language-regional-cultural-religious barriers.
Artificial behavior can be judged easily by the mature and experienced person. Physique, normally reveals whether a person is happy/satisfied/content or not, since generally people put weight only when they are happy. An, ill-diseased person is recognized quite easily, by his gestures.

सुकुले योजयेत्कन्यां पुत्रं विद्यासु योजयेत्। व्यसने योजयेच्छत्रुं मित्रं धर्मे नियोजयेत्॥3 -3॥ 
Intelligent-enlightened-prudent person will marry his daughter in a good-well to do-reputed family. His endeavor should be to educate his son to the best of his capacity. He should make efforts to trample-kick-contemplate his enemy to such vices-bad habits-addictions  that the enemy should not be able to come out of them, easily-unscathed. His friends near and dears should be made to continue with religiosity-righteousness-honesty and the difficulties experienced should not be able to distract them.
The current trend is to marry off the daughter to the one proposed by her, without identifying his credentials. The girl becomes lust-sex blind and loss common sense-prudence-presence of mind. Undue freedom has been granted by the parents, just to repent later or to go to the courts continuously. They rely on marriage bureaus-internet sites-advertisements in news papers, which sooner or later come out to be just either fraud or the real credentials of the boy-groom or his family are concealed. No attempt is made to identify his family back ground-lineage. Nothing is left to repent, there after. The other aspect or this is that the girls family is also not far behind, in the attempt to husband hunting, they support the girls and later exploit the groom's family-prove real blood suckers.The enemy-opponents deserve to be distracted, put on wrong track. Every thing is fair in love and war. As far as enemy is concerned it seems to be justified but not beyond limits, too. There is no harm in crushing the enemy/invaders/terrorists/intruders.Sanctity-morals-values-ethics-culture-social practices pertaing to family/relatives /friends must be maintained.

दुर्जनस्य च सर्पस्य वरं सर्पो न दुर्जन:।सर्पो दंशति कालेन दुर्जनस्तु पदे पदे॥3-4॥  
One should choose the snake from amongest, the snake and villain-scoundrel. The snake will bite only when the death has come but the villain-scoundrel will bite at each and every step.
All snakes are not poisonous. Snake bite is curable. Snake bites, when its tail is pressed-hurt. Snakes can be charmed-mesmerized, but a scoundrel will never forget to harm. Its a part of the nature of some people to harm others by one or the other means. Their mind is possessed with negative thoughts-ideas. There are certain tribes-criminal by nature. Their motto is to harm the humanity-civic society.

 एतदर्थ कुलीनानां न्रपा:कुर्वन्ति संग्रहम्। आदिमध्याSवसानेषु  न त्यजन्ति च ते न्रपम्॥3-5॥
As a policy matter, the imperial-royalty appoints the nobles-respected -honorable people to the government services/jobs/high positions; because they seldom desert-ditch the king due to their high cultural/moral/ethical values-family trends-education-inclination. They find the prosperity-progress of the nation-country as their own. They remain loyal under the difficult situations as well. Their lives are devoted to the emperor. 
It has been observes that the king appoints the decedents-progeny of the out going ministers-counsels in their place. Such people are groomed-trained for the coveted jobs from the very beginning. Their family environment, also makes the learning easier. Their support is pledged for the king. Democracy provides opportunities to each and every one to rise to the highest echelons of government. The results are obvious. In the first place the ministers-bureaucrats themselves are corrupt. Their allegiance-devotion-support to the country is doubtful. If they happen to be from some other country, its only the God who can protect the country. They generate black money and deposit it tax heavens, abroad. The police-intelligence wings-secret services are maneuvered, so as to protect them. Millions are spent over their security-rehabilitation, for no use to the common man-civilians. Even the hardened criminals who committed heinous crimes are finding berths-seats-place-positions in the parliament.

प्रलये भिन्न मर्यादा भवन्ति किल सागरा:। सागरा भेदमिच्छन्ति प्रलयेSपि न साधव:॥3-6॥
Steadfast-resolute-patient-persevering-calm-stable and constant-self possessed-solemn-grave-serious person are considered-weighted to be better than the ocean, which forget all limits on the dooms day. The saintly-disguised-gentle person never forget-cross the limits in spite of hardship-trouble-difficulty.
Tsunamis/storms are quite common in the ocean in spite of its depth. They are synonym to destruction. The ocean takes over at least one centimeter of land under its possession, every year. A number of ancient cities are being discovered-found buried inside the ocean including Dwarka of Bhagwan Shri Krishan. The gentleman remains gentle under all circumstances. Human being should follow the gentle person as an ideal.

मूर्खस्तु परिहर्त्तव्य: प्रत्यक्षो द्विपद: पशु:। भिद्यते वाक्य शल्येन अद्र्ष्ट:  कंटकं यथा॥3-7॥  
Though with two legs, yet-idiot-moron-duffer-fool is like an animal because he lacks prudence and is un aware of right or wrong, what to do what not to do, consequences  of his deeds-acts-actions. He is like the thorn pierced in the body troubling-paining all the time. One is advised not to participate-remain in the company of such people.
The actions of a fool are meant for self destruction. He lacks vision and  far sight. His language/words may be troubling-torturing to the civilized-cultured. He is irrational and vulnerable to tensions-ill effects-tortures-troubles-difficulties. Always try to abandon such people.

रूप-यौवन-संपन्ना: विशालकुलसम्भवा:। विद्याहीना: न शोभन्ते निर्गन्धा इव किंशुका:॥3-8॥ 
A person-youngster born in high class/noble/respectable family, blessed with beauty-good lucks/attractive personality/handsome  and riches do not command respect/recognition in the society, in the absence of education just like the red colored flowers of Kinshuk, which are devoid of smell.
Smell less flowers are neither offered to the deities nor used for making garlands by the people.

कोकिलानां स्वरों रूपं स्त्रीणां रूपं पतिव्रतम्:। विद्या रूपं कुरूपाणां  क्षमा  रूपं तपस्विनाम्॥3-9॥
Cuckoo is admired-liked for its sweet/pleasing voice, irrespective of her black color. The real beauty of a woman lies in her devotion-faithfulness-loyalty towards her husband. A beautiful woman is of no use, commands no respect, if she is a whore-socialite-characterless. An enlightened/educated/prudent woman  with normal-ordinary looks is  liked-loved-admired by her family. Artists are admired because of their perfection/mastery over the art and the ascetics are regarded-respected due to their tendency/nature to forgive-pardon.
As a matter of fact, one finds people blessed/perfected with the art of singing/dancing/painting/wrestling etc. gathering-governing respect/admiration/honor in the society. No one really care for their looks-physique-cloths/dress-outlook. Saints/philosophers/teachers are found to wear simple cloths and living an ordinary life, still they act as magnets for their fans. The point here is the knowledge-characteristics-qualities-ability-skills which helps one in attaining social recognition, not his wealth/body building/structure (-Some body builders do get recognition, for their maneuver in body building, as well ).

त्यजेदेकं कुलस्यार्थे ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलं त्यजेत्। ग्रामं जनपदस्यार्थेआत्मार्थे पृथ्वीं त्यजेत्॥3-10॥
One must not hesitate to sacrifice a person for the protection-safety of the family, for the protection of the village a family can be sacrificed, for the protection of the district a village can be sacrificed, for the protection of the country a district can be sacrificed and for own protection; one must not hesitate to sacrifice the earth,  
Though, it appears to be illogical at first sight yet if one has survived-protected himself, he will be able to do the needful-maneuvers for the safety of the whole world.In fact one is not so competent so save himself at the time of doom's day unless until he possesses divine powers. This act is not possible for human beings. Only the Almighty can do this, as he did during  Varah and Matsy Avtar.

उद्योगे नास्ति दारिद्र्यं जपतो नास्ति पातकम्। मौने च कलहो नास्ति, नास्ति जागिरिते भयम्॥3-11॥
Poverty can be eliminated by continued labor-endeavors-efforts-industry. A laborious person can not remain poor. Only one, who make efforts can avail-attain the riches due to him by virtue of destiny.Sins can be over come by the repeated prayers-asceticism-devotion to the Ultimate. Silence is golden-an act of penances-asceticism which helps one from preventing-staying away from, quarrel-disputes-war. But break your silence if one-enemy tries to distract-abolish you. One, who is alert-awake will be able to get rid-push back-retaliate  the thieves-wicked-intruders.
 There are occasions when one tries to get work but  fails. He does a lot of labour, still the returns are low. There is nothing to be disheartened, since the destiny is bound to play its role. All fingers are not alike-all people can not have same quantum of wealth. As a matter of fact physical labour alone, never yield wealth. One has to associate it with intelligence-prudence-chance. Identify the opportunity and grasp-attain it. The crow snatches the piece of meat-bread as soon as it falls over the ground and the crane catches the fish as soon as it is spotted.सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य  मुखे: प्रवशंती  न मृग:। Deer do not enter the mouth of the lion automatically, for him to  be eaten-the lion has to make efforts to kill him and eat the flash-meat. Penances do help in elimination of mis deeds-criminal-vicious-wicked acts.What ever where ever one does, he should not forget the Almighty so as to alienated from the vices. 

को हि भार:समर्थानां किं दूरं व्यवसायिनाम्। को विदेश: सविद्यानां क: पर: प्रियवादिनाम्॥3-13॥ 

Nothing is difficult for a capable person. He can do the desired. Distance is immaterial for the industrious. No place is foreign/abroad for an enlightened-learned-philosopher-educated, since he will gain favors where ever he goes by virtue his qualities. These people will generate comforts of home where ever they go.

People have been moving far away from their homes due to geographical-climatic reasons or political instability in search of job. Indian traders have been travelling to European  and eastern countries for trade since ages-time immemorial. Countries like America, Australia and Africa are good examples of in habitation by the people from far and wide. Not only they made these countries their homes, they have contributed to their growth and development as well.
Education, politeness, good behavior helps in winning friends, where ever one goes.

एकेनाSपि सुवृक्षेण पुष्पितेन सुगन्धिना। वासितं तद्वनं सर्वं सुपुत्रेण कुलं यथा ॥3-14॥ 
The way-manner, in which a tree laden with flowers, scants the entire forest making the environment pleasing-pleasant-attractive, a son blessed with qualities-ability-caliber makes his family famous-popular-recognized.
Unknowingly the stress is laid over small family. It becomes difficult to take care of a large family. The family having many sons may be happy with its muscle power-might but the muscle men will bring only disrepute/defame/bad name/slur to the parents. Dhrastrastr had 100 sons known for their vices-wickedness leading to Maha Bharat.

एकेन शुष्क वृक्षेण दह्यमानेन वह्निना।दह्यते तद्वनं सर्वं कुपुत्रेण कुलं यथा॥3-15॥
 The way-manner, in which a  dried tree burns to engulf the entire forest-jungle with fire  turning it into ashes, a wicked son with vices brings troubles-tensions-disrepute for the whole family/dynasty eliminating/wiping it out completely. पित्तरों को पानी देना वाला भी कोई नहीं रहता, सब बरबाद-नष्ट हो जाता है। ऐसी औलाद से बेऔलाद भला।  पितृगण ऐसे व्यक्ति के कुल में उत्पन्न होने पर शोक मानते हैं जो कुलनाम को बदनाम करता है व आह्लादित होते हैं जब कोई पुत्र  कुलनाम को रोशन करता है। 
It has been observed that one generation do a lot of labor to stand on its own feet, the next generation enjoys the fruits of the labor of the first generation and the subsequent generations destroys every thing due to tendency to spend-enjoy-imprudence. While earning one should pay sufficient attention to the education-learning-virtues incorporated in his children. He must spend reasonable time with the progeny, during leisure hours. Family should not be neglected under any circumstances. Bringing up of the children is equally significant-important, alike the earnings/wealth/property. 

             एकेनाSपि सुपुत्रेण विद्यायुक्तेन साधुना। आह्लादितं कुलं सर्वं यथा चन्द्रेण शर्वरी॥3-16॥ 
The way-manner, in which moon alone brightens the dark night making it comfortable-pleasant, a learned-enlightened-prudent son makes the entire family-dynasty well known, bringing happiness-honor-glory-popularity to it.
Its a common phenomenon that the children involved in heinous crimes brings bad name to the entire family forcing it to flee to some un disclosed place and starting yet again, disowning such children.

किं जातैर्बहुभि: पुत्रै: शौकसंतापकारकै। वरमेक:SSलम्बी यत्र विश्राम्यते कुलम्॥3-17॥
Instead of having numeral-several sons bringing slur-bad name-disrepute to the family, its good to have just one son bringing reputation-honor-fame to it.
The families are breaking, leaving the parents and grand parents helpless behind, to the disadvantage of the independent son-wife duo, who wish to enjoy liberty-freedom that there won't be any one to teach their children-the next-new generation, the meaning of unity-fraternity-culture-values-ethics, family lineage-tree and love & affection. The results are obvious-snobs, criminals, vagabonds leaving the family to no where.

लालयेत् पंच वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताडयेत्। प्राप्ते तु षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रं मित्र वदाचरेत्॥3-18॥
Its psychological to have brought up the child will love and affection till the age of 5 years. There after, till the age of 16 years, the parents have to be strict and enforce strict discipline in his  mode of working-behavior.He must not be allowed to move on the wicked-vicious path. He should learn how to respect the elders and obey them. He has to be punished/ridiculed/counseled for his misdeeds, otherwise it will be too  difficult/late to mend his ways. As soon as, he becomes 16, he starts understanding the environment him self, as well. Its the duty of the parents to treat him like a grown up-friend and provide counselling as per need.
Age between 5-16 is a tender age. The child is sensitive and innocent.  One can mold him quite easily. All his activities should be under supervision/watch. He need sympathy-attention and care. His justified needs-requirements should be fulfilled-met. His problems should be heard-taken care of sympathetically-tact fully-patiently. Normally, beating-slapping-rebuking-thrashing, should be avoided. Having reached the 16+age he deserves to be treated like a fellow-friend. कहते हैं, जब बेटे के पैर में बाप का जूता आने लगे या वह कंधे तक आने लगे, तो उसे दोस्त की तरह समझना चाहिये। The doctrine is justified under normal situations, yet there are circumstances, when this treatment acts otherwise-useless and punishment becomes a must. Monitoring of the son's behavior and actions is a must for the protection of both the child and parents.

उपसर्गेSन्यचक्रे च दुर्भिक्षे च भयावहे । असाधुजन सम्पर्के प्लायती स: जीवति॥3-19॥ 
One who comes out of the natural calamities, attack/invasion by the enemy, famine and the wicked-vicious company un smeared/un tainted,  survives. 
Natural calamities/disasters/devastation, in the form of volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, torrential rains, land slides, tsunami, floods, earth quakes, typhoons, wind storms are some of the phenomenon; which wipe out the entire city-country-territory. Terrorists attack, invasion, internal war, communal dis comfort, too puts the lives of peace loving, in danger. Any one, who is friendly with the wicked, is also bound to invite trouble for himself and his family. A wicked person finds a soft target in those people, who are close to him.

धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणां यस्येकोSपि न विद्यते। जन्म-जन्मानि मर्त्येषु मरणं तस्य केवलम्॥3-20॥
There are four attainments/achievements, which can be made by a man, through the present birth: Dharm (-religiosity, virtuousness, ethics, asceticism, eternity, piousness, purity), Arth (-Money, finances, wealth), Kam (-both sex and industriousness) and Moksh (-salvation, liberation, eternity, detachment). There are people who takes the human incarnation just to be born and perish. खाना पीना और  मर जाना। Eat, drink and be merry. They do not make efforts for any one of the four. For such people this birth goes waste.
As a matter of fact one should make endeavors/strive to attain all the four, since its not at all difficult. What one needs is a continuous effort in this direction. अपने कर्तव्य का पालन करने से ही अभीष्ट प्राप्त हो जाता है । He should not be distracted by allurements coming his way continuously.

मूर्खां यत्र न पूज्यन्ते धान्यं यत्र सुसन्चितम्। दाम्पत्ये कलहो नास्ति तत्र श्री: स्वयमागता॥3-21॥ 
A place where the imprudent-fools are not honored, food grains are preserved-protected and there is no dispute between the husband and wife, riches (-Goddess Laxmi) moves to such families un invited-automatically.
Imprudent-unwise-idiot will always try to push a family in wrong direction-towards disaster. His thoughts, ideas, suggestions, advice must be ignored for one's own betterment. Food grains like wheat, rice, maize, pulsed etc. should be stored/safely/protected from rodents, insects, worms, fungus, moisture etc.,otherwise the family will have to face starvation-death. Wastage should always be  avoided. There is always scope for mutual understanding/compromise/affection & love between the married couple.  Differences/disputes should be eliminated/settled amicably, by consulting elders/parents/honorable people of the society/locality.  Ability to maneuver these faculties always boosts the wealth of a family.

आयु: कर्म च वित्तं च विद्या निधनमेव च। पंचैतानि हि स्रजयन्ते गर्भस्थस्यैव देहिन:॥4-1॥
One should be aware that age, profession, finance-wealth, education and death are pre destined.These five are fixed the moment soul enters the womb to take shape as a child. 
India is a country where astrology and palmistry are taught-learnt since ages.People make astonishingly accurate predictions even today. There are those as well, who do this only for earning money, such people may be inaccurate. This is an intricate subject-science over which treatises can be written. In fact Veds, Purans, Upnishads give detailed descriptions pertaining to the current era and the people dominating it for the next 2,40,000 years and everything is proving to be correct. At least at two places in Purans emergence of Chanky had been written millions of years ago. And its certain that Chanky knew this as well.
But one must not forget that the destiny gives broad guide lines only and expects the humans to do virtuous deeds, since accumulated as well current deeds too have their impact over the destiny.  

साधुभ्यस्ते निवर्तन्ते पुत्रमित्राणी बान्धवा:। ये च तै: सह गन्तारस्तद्धर्मात् सुकृतं कुलम्॥4-2॥  
When one becomes hermit/sage accepts-adopts asceticism, leaves home due to detachment; relatives, friends, well wishers comes up to some distance, return and indulge in the day to day chores/rhetoric.
What is curious here is that they do not feel inclined to his new venture-delusion-detachment. They should have tried to accept the new found love along with him. This is a matter of faith but nothing is better than the dedication to family-house hold  life and practices. Fulfilling/devoting to the family and discharging own responsibilities will ultimately award you with salvation-liberation.

दर्शन-ध्यान-संस्पर्शेर्मत्सी कूर्मी च पक्षिणी। शिशुं पालयते नित्यं तथा सज्जन संगति:॥4-3॥  
The fish, tortoise and the birds take care of their eggs  and bring them up, they do not appear-seems to be doing any thing special/worthwhile, every thing/duty/function is stereo typed-routine. This the mode through which the gentle-enlightened-prudent-wise help their followers-visitors-devotees-disciples, by blessing them, praying for them to the Almighty, comforting them through touch-soothes/relieves/comforts them.
Sages, ascetics, hermits, philosophers, pundits, religious people may not be doing any thing visibly for their followers but their company definitely helps those who respect/regard/honor them, just as the philosopher stone (-पारस पत्थर) convert iron into gold.

यावत्स्वस्थो ह्य्यं देहो यावन्मृत्युश्च दुरत:। तावदात्महितं कुर्यात् प्राणान्ते किं करिष्यति ॥4-4॥   
One should make efforts-endeavors for his own welfare-prosperity-fortune, virtuous-auspicious actions and salvation till the body-physique is in tact-capable-healthy-robust-free from diseases. 
Life span is fixed and one is controlled by the destiny to some extent. Yet he is free-at  liberty to visit holy places, charity-donations, auspicious-virtuous company, prayers, fasting, asceticism; since these constitute the present deeds, which will compile into earned-accumulated deeds paying  the way for a better tomorrow-next birth/salvation/renunciation/detachment.

कामधेनुगुणा विद्या ह्यकाले  फलदायिनी। प्रवासे मात्रसद्रशी विद्या गुप्तं धनं स्मृतम् ॥4-5॥
Education-learning-enlightenment-prudence is comparable to Kamdheu, the divine cow which yields the desired goods-boons-desires, immediately. Its like the mother who nourishes-takes care of her child, when one is abroad, away from his country. Its compared to the secret treasure which can not be stolen by any one.विद्या एक ऐसा धन है जो बाँटने से बढ़ता है और जिसे चोर चोरी नहीं कर सकता। 
Education can not be snatched-robbed-stolen. Its safe with the possessor and keeps him safe, along with helping him in an hour of need/difficult period.

Next Verses ||4-6|| to ||4-9|| should be read along with verses ||3-14||to||3-18||, since they have relevance to the characteristics of son. One may exercise his discretion by replacing son with daughter in the text, since they too have become modern, equally responsible and are earning.

एकोSपि गुणवान् पुत्रो निर्गुणेश्च शतैर्वर:। एकश्चन्द्रस्तमो हन्ति न च तारा: सहस्रश:॥4-6॥   
An able-intelligent-enlightened son is better than hundreds of useless-unworthy-wretched sons, like the moon which alone removes-clears the darkness of night as compared to millions of stars emitting light continuously.
A wicked-villain-wretched son brings bad name-slur to the entire family. Duryodhan wiped out his entire family along with billions of soldiers from this earth due to his unjustified-unholy-indecent acts.

मूर्खश्चिरायुर्जातोSपि तस्माज्जातमृतो वर:। मृत: स चाल्पदु:खाय यवज्जीवं  जडो दहेत् ॥4-7॥
Its good for an idiot-duffer-imprudent-unintelligent without knowledge, to die instead of creating trouble -tension-difficulties for the parents through out the life. The grief caused by the death of unworthy son is short lives, the parents are pacified and start up with daily chores again as usual.
The unworthy son wipe off all of the possessions-wealth-empire created by the elders-ancestors-parents. Demise of such son in the long run is good for the parents.एक दीया जो पूरे वक्त धूंआ देता रहे, उसका बुझ जाना ही अच्छा। Such children-progeny are undesirable.

कुग्रामवास: कुलहीन सेवा कु भोजनं क्रोध मुखी च भार्या।
 पुत्रश्च मूर्खो विधवा च कन्या विनाग्निना षट् प्रदहन्ति कायम्॥4-8॥ 
A place which is devoid of source of income/earning and the tendency of the residents of a particular place not to cooperate/help each other, service of a down trodden-unworthy-wretched person, stale-spoiled-tasteless food, quarrelsome wife, foolish-moron-idiot son and widowed daughter are the six parameters   which keeps a person worried-restless-tense each and every moment.
 Sources of earning are meager in villages and due to this reason, villagers are migrating to cities and abroad. Civic society is essential for the residents  of a place-cluster for  cultural-social programs-celebrations including death. Mutual cooperation is desirable-a must. But the urbanization has brought the evil of aloof ness along with it.Its very difficult to find out whether a person is right-genuine-correct or not, one should have-enjoy his company or not. Stale food invite disease-illness and quarrelsome wife keep the husband tense/haunting-bothered. Idiot-moron son bring uninvited trouble and widowed daughter becomes unmanageable and wicked people keep flocking in and around the house.

किं तया क्रियते धेन्या या न दोग्धी न गर्भंणी। कोSर्थ पुत्रेण जातेन यो न विद्वान् न भक्तिमान्॥4-9॥
No one would like to maintain a cow  which does no conceive-barren-unproductive and provide-yield milk. Its no use having a son who is neither learned-intellectual-enlightened-scholar nor respectful-obedient to the elders-parents-relatives-intelligentsia.
Death of a cow at the place-home of a Hindu is considered to be a sin. As soon as if it stops yielding milk and becomes unproductive-barren its sold, obviously only the butcher will buy such cows.  Son is being compared to the cow, which is a timid animal. One without knowledge-intelligence-skill-understanding is like an animal and if he dishonor-defy his parents, they become disillusioned and the son is no more desirable in the family.

संसारतापदग्धानां  त्रयो विश्रांतिहेतव:। अपत्यं च कलत्रं च सतां  संगतिरेव च॥4-10॥
One attains-obtains peace-solitude-tranquility from these three: good son-children-progeny, loyal-caring-faithful wife and gentle people-sages.  
An obedient, intelligent, prudent, working, caring son provides a lot of satisfaction-happiness, relaxation-relief to the father. He solders-shares parents responsibilities. He brings honor-name-fame-glory-recognition to the family. The wife, who is gentle and looks after the family's daily chores-needs, looks after the children and the elders, cooks good meals; wins the heart of her husband. She provides comfort to the husband. In fact she becomes the pivot-center pole of the family commanding a lot of respect and admiration from the family and the society as well. Gentle people-saints-sages are regarded-respected-honored and admired by the people alike. Their company-advise-teaching's open up large vistas of future for them.

सकृज्जल्पन्ति राजान: सकृज्जल्पन्तिपण्डिता:। सकृत् कन्या: पृदीयन्ते त्रीण्येतानी सकृत् सकृत् ॥4-11॥ 

The emperor-king, the philosopher-scholar-learned and the bride's father sick to what they say.
The emperor should not order any thing which has to be changed/modified/altered later, since what he says become law-precedent which is quoted time and again. It looses relevance-significance, if the kings words are ambiguous-double meaning.
Words of scholars/pundits/gurus/philosophers are taken in high esteem and followed by the masses. What had been taught by Guru Vrahaspati by regarded by Guru Shukrachary as well.
Once the marriage of a girl is fixed by the father he should stick to his words/promise.
In all these three cases failure to keep the words bring trouble, unlike today's world/western culture. Even the Supreme Court's order/judgments/verdict are subjected to revision/scrutiny, since either they are not clear or can be interpreted differently.  Two separate benches passes different orders on identical matters.  Some of the orders are majority orders and are subject to scrutiny at one or the other stage. The government first makes a law and then repeal it, under pressure from the masses or a section of the society. Common civil code is absent in India in the name of religious freedom, which  leads to differentiation/discrimination among the citizens and is against the basic spirit of constitution. Two separate set of laws govern separate communities in the matter pertaining to reservations, which is a bad omen, leading to conflict and disaster sooner or later.

एकाकिना तपो द्वाभ्यां पठनं गायनं त्रिभि:।चतुर्भिर्गमनं  क्षेत्रं  पंचभिर्बहुभी  रण:॥4-12॥
Ascetic practices are held in solitude when/where the devotee is alone, studies becomes better when two sit together, for singing three are enough, travel becomes easy when four people are associated, five people are essential for sowing a field, while for war more people are needed. 
Meditation, asceticism need solitude-a place from disturbances, away from the hustle and bustle  of cities. Sages adopted caves over the mountains and deep-dense  forests, which could not be penetrated by the living  beings foe peace. Studies too need silence and no disturbance. However for the sake of company one more person may join. Hostels have single as well as double bed rooms. Vocal music practice is easy when one is alone and its quite all around. How ever for instrumental music a band of three or more people may be required. These days films music is composed with the help of hundreds of musicians working together, for various effects. Travelling alone is torturous-boring-frustrating, travel in a group is admirable-comfortable-enjoying. Sowing can be done just by one person using a tractor or tiller, unlike the past. Defence services needs battalions constituting of air force, navy and the artillery in addition to back up from civilians.

सा भार्या या शुचिर्दक्षा सा भार्या या पतिव्रता। सा भार्या या पतिप्रीता सा भार्या सत्यवादिनी॥4-13॥ 
An ideal wife is one who is mentally pure-pious (-from mind and heart), speech and deeds; devoted-dedicated, loved-liked by the husband and who speaks the truth. 
For peaceful family life the lady/wife should be dedicated to the welfare of her husband and family. She is expected to be able to cook in addition to performing all rituals/chores/deeds/duties pertaining to her family and maintain it in the absence of the husband. She should not quarrel/harass/torture/insult the husband. She must not make relations/gossip/cut jokes/enjoy/mix up/stay alone with any other person. She should not create any chance/opportunity for her husband to suspect/doubt her character or modesty. She does not hide any thing from the husband and speaks the truth. Woman having these qualities is loved, respected, admired, honored by her husband.
One must not expect these qualities from the wife, in the current age/era i.e., Kal Yug, these are the things of the past. She deserve equal status. [Please refer/Log to: Woman's Loyalty-fidelity to husbandपतिव्रता स्त्री - Pati Vrta Stri on]

अपुत्रस्य गृहं शून्यं दिश: शून्यास्त्वबान्धव:। मूर्खस्य ह्रदयं शून्यं सर्वशून्या दरिद्रता॥4-14॥
A home/family without a son is like a deserted place, the heart of an idiot-fool is without feelings-sentiments /affections /attachments and every thing is barren-non existent for a poor. 
Its a matter of experience that a person having no son feel alone/deserted/deprived since he is aware that he will not be entitled for salvation unless until his son lit his funeral pyre.[Read more: Log on to-Traumatizing parents,]
The idiot neither understand nor realize the sentiments/feelings/expectations of family-society. He do not understand, what is good or bad for him or the others.  He may hurt any one through  his senseless-reckless -crude behavior. He will neither  feel sorry nor realize the gravity of his misconduct. He is unable to distinguish between good or bad, true or false, right or wrong, stone or gems, money or trash. Does it mean he is close to salvation? No, certainly not. His misconduct will drag him to undefined hells for millions of years. He becomes liability for the parents/every one.
Poverty stricken does not find any charm in this world unless he is content/satisfied with his condition. Poverty is a curse. Nothing can be done without it.

अनभ्यासे विषं शास्त्रमजीर्णे भोजनं विषम्। दरिद्रस्य विषं गोष्ठी वृद्धस्य तरूणी विषं॥4-15॥
Regular practice-reading/learning-understanding-application is essential for participating in discourses/discussions, food should  be taken only when stomach is in proper order i.e., there is no indigestion, poverty stricken should avoid parties/functions/celebrations and an old man should avoid marrying a young girl/woman; if he does so it will be like poison for him. 
There has been a practice-doctrine debate, in India pertaining to discussions over the interpretation/meaning of scriptures/Shastr. The winner was considered to be an enlightened-virtuous-intelligent person. Certain professions like teaching/judicial counselling-arguments, which involve debate. One must adopt to rigorous practice to be successful in these trades. 
In case of indigestion one must not take food and opt for treatment.
A poor person will not be honored in any gathering/party/congregation where rich, well to do people assemble. One may be insulted by the high and mighty. So he should desist from attending such places. 
An old man looses health, vigor and potency. His desire for sex will put him in danger, since a greedy woman may marry him  for money but will never satisfy him and indulge in illicit relations with young people of her own age, when ever/where ever there is an opportunity. She will try to eliminate him for wealth as well. 

त्यजेद् धर्म दयाहीनं विद्याहीन् गुरुं त्यजेत्। त्यजेत्  क्रोधमुखीं भार्या नि:स्नेहान् बान्धवाँस्त्यजेत्॥4-16॥
The religion which is devoid of affection/love pity/pardon/mercy, the teacher devoid of learning, wife with anger in her nature and the relatives, who are devoid of love/affection, should be rejected/discarded/deserted.
Mercy-pity-pardon are integral components of religion. One should reject/discard a religion which is devoid of mercy. Terrorist's/murder's/killer's/butcher's faith-religion deserve to be abandoned by the common masses. 
The teacher/preacher who is not enlightened/learned/prudent deserves to be abandoned by the disciples//students/followers/devotees. Such people are imposers-hypocrites-heretic, crafty-cunning-deceitful-villains-corrupt, disguised-dissembling-malicious-insincere, in the grab of scants, religious person.
The woman who is filled with rage-anger can not do good to her husband/family.
The relatives who do not have concern for one, who are devoid of sympathy/love/affection will not turn in an hour of need. Its of no use having such relatives. If the son do not turn up to care /look after one his existence is of no use for the father. Its better to be without them.

अध्वा जरा मनुष्याणां वाजिनां बन्धनं जरा। अमैथुनं जरा स्त्रीणां वस्त्राणामातपो जरा॥4-17॥
Its harmful/dangerous  for the man to walk continuously with out rest and food, for the horse to be tied continuously in the stable, for the women not to have sex and for the clothes to be spread in the sun for long.
 Rest is essential for the human body. Those who work continuously for long hours and without proper food become older than their age. Their capability to work and perform sex reduces considerably.  One can maintain his vitality-vigor-strength-potency, if perform the job at regular intervals. One may take light breakfast, in between. This is true for performing duties at odd hours, as well.
The house can maintain its power-vitality-vigor-strength, if allowed to run every day.
It has been stated that the desire/need of sex, for the woman is 8 times more than a man. If the woman is deprived of sex, she start becoming aged and fragile quite earlier.
Its a well known fact the sun light fades the color of cloths. Its just an example. One will note that the color of the humans being turn dark/tan on being exposed to heat and light. One is aware of the fact that people in European countries are not capable of facing high temperatures unlike Indians.

क: काल: कानि मित्राणि को देश: को व्ययागमौ। कश्चाहं का च मे शक्तिरिति चिन्त्यं मुहुर्मुहु:॥4-18॥
One who is intelligent, will repeatedly think/analyse of his present, friends, place of residence, income, expenditure, himself, capabilities-strength-power-capacity, for his welfare-upliftment-progress, physically-socially-economically-spiritually.
One has to analyse the plus points of the place of his residence-work, since he has to survive with those living in and around him.Its no use living in the company of the wicked-notorious people, who will only look to exploit/extract him, instead of helping him. He should identify and examine, his friends-relatives-well wishers, since these are the people who may help him in an hour of need and vice versa. His income-expenditure-savings-investments-donations should be well planned. [Log on to: Economics-on].Its good to identify/evaluate/examine, oneself. One is a reality or just a soul, independent or a slave; are the questions, which haunt him time and again.
As a matter of fact one should continuously think/asses/analyse these questions which arise in his mind time and again/repeatedly. Self introspection helps one to come out of difficult situations-adversaries-difficulties. It helps in paving the way to salvation.

अग्निर्देवो द्विजातीनां मुनीनां ह्रदि दैवतम्। प्रतिमा स्वल्प बुद्धीनांसर्वत्र समदर्शिनां ॥4-19॥
Out the four castes in Hinduism the first three are supposed to have second birth in the form of various rituals-values-virtues, pertaining to learning/education/enlightenment, failing which he is just comparable to a layman. The Agni (-Demy God of Fire) reside in their heart. The enlightened finds existence of the Almighty in each and every thing created/crafted by him. He do not consider the statue to be the God, its symbolic.
[ For further reading/understanding, please read chapters devoted to Hinduism of these blogs]  

गुरुरग्निद्विर्जातिनां वर्णानां ब्राह्मणों गुरु:। पतिरेव गुरु: स्त्रीणां सर्वस्याSभयाग्तो गुरु:॥5-1॥ 

Agni is the deity of the Brahmn, Kshatriy and Vaishy.  Brahmn being the Guru of all the Vern (-castes/sub castes) deserve to be respected-honored-regarded. Husband is the Guru-guide of a woman. Guest is also considered to be a Guru, since he comes at random and goes back.

Brahmn, Kshatriy and Vaishy perform agnihotr-pious fire/Hawan/Yagy to pray to the God and offer scrifices to the deities at all auspicious occasions (-there is no ban on such sacrifices by other Vern/castes, provided they are performed with devotion). Its, Agni-holy fire, who accepts sacrifices for all the angels/deities from the man kind, for their welfare, be it a candle, incense stick or dhoop.
A woman should abide by the wishes of her husband instead of others, since he is more concerned about her as compared to them.Wife should not dominate her husband. Those women who dominate the husband give birth to female child.  Husband may seek her opinion/consult  her, time and again, pertaining to vital matters. Her thoughts/suggestions should be regarded/kept in the mind by the husband. She must not interfere with the day to day working of her husband. She should not allow unknown-known, person to stay at her home, in the absence of her husband under any circumstances. Earlier there used to be two sections of the house Ghar (-घर)-meant for women and children and Gher (-घेर, enclosure) meant for the male, animals, agriculture equipment in addition to guests.

यथा चतुर्भि: कनकं परीक्ष्यते, निघर्षण-च्छेदन-ताप-ताडनै:।
तथा चतुर्भि: पुरुष: परीक्ष्यते, त्यागेन, शीलेन, गुणेन, कर्मणा॥5-2॥ 
The character of a man can be ascertained/verified/examined through four factors/parameters: desire-wish-willingness to sacrifice, high character and morale, ultimate qualities-benefactors-ability-enlightenment-prudence and virtuous-pious-righteous deeds just as gold is checked for its purity by cutting, melting, beating, powering.
Gold shines when melted repeatedly to burn off the impurities. Purity of gold makes it shine -glitter more-further. When one is subjected to rigors/difficulties/problems in life he becomes more experienced/seasoned/mature. His qualities are reflected in his behavior-modelities-moralities. 

                   तावद् भयेषु भेतव्यं यावद् भयमनातम्। आगतं तु वीक्ष्य प्रहर्तव्यमशंकया ॥5-3 
One should be afraid only till the fear/trouble/difficulty/encounters/comes forward. Once it in front of him, he should fight-resist it will full vigor-energy-strength-will-capacity. As soon as one is face to face with fear will not help. One should make up his mind, think-analyse-visualize-identify and do each and every thing to find a solution. The difficulty will and one will find a solution to it then, will not help. The intelligent remain well prepared to face the un foreseen. "हारिये न हिम्मत बिसारिये न राम" Don't loose steam and forget the Almighty. Your endeavors/efforts will be fruitful-yield the desired, sooner or later.
The wise is always ready to face the challenges. He is quick to come out of the difficulty. His preparedness always helps him. The administrator/head of state should be vigilant. The enemy is always busy in planning to attack him/country.

एकोदरसमुद्भूता: एकनक्षत्रजातका:। न भवन्ति समा: शीले यथा बदरी कंटका: ॥5-4॥
The way the fruit of berry and the thorn are born together with opposite characters, twins too may not have identical characteristics/behaviour. 
Berry fruits nourishes the eater while its thorn produce extreme pain, when pierce into the body. No two people born together or otherwise may be alike.
One may be gentle-polite-refined-diligent-polished-down to earth, but he must have potential to harm-eliminate his detractors-opponents-rivals-competitors, who are after his blood, un necessarily or due to selfish ness. How ever force-power-strength-energy, should be utilized only as a last resort or when the things go out of control.

   नि:स्पृहो नाSधिकारी स्यान्नाकामीमंडनप्रिय:। नाSविदग्ध: प्रिय: ब्रूयात् स्पष्टवक्ता न वञ्क:॥5-5 
One who is not desirous of any high position/dignity/status, will not care for his clothing. Duffer-imprudent-moron-idiot is not polite. He can not speak any thing which is sweet, admired/praised/liked by others and  the one who speaks the truth/straight forward, can not be cunning-cheat-deceit. 
Don't you see leaders of today! They seldom speak the truth, like the lawyers-lairs. Thugs-crooks-cheats behave very gently in a refined manner. One will be impressed immediately to be looted-ruined. Film stars-actors-models wear good/high quality/fashion garments just to cover them selves up. None can find out their real nature.
In fact no one is willing ready to listen to logic or face the realities of life. The administrator must listen to the reasonable words even if harsh-crude-impolite-unpolished, for the benefit of  the masses.

           मूर्खाणां पंडिता द्वेशया अध्नानां महाधना: वारांगना:। कुलस्त्रीणां सुभगानां च दुर्भगा: ॥5-6 

Traditionally, by virtue of their nature the idiot-imprudent-duffer envies the scholar, the poor envies the wealthy, the prostitutes-whore-socialites-wretched women envies the women devoted to their husband and the widows envy the women having their husband. 
Inferiority complex engulfs the person who has some thing missing from him or who has lost it. Such people find fault with others and their luck. Women looses their sovereignty-fidelity, if they are too bold, negligent or imprudent.

आलस्योपगता विद्या परहस्तगतं धनम्। अल्पबीजं हतं क्षेत्रं हतं  सैन्यमनायकम्॥5-7॥ 
Laziness and lack of  regular-rigorous-continued practice leads to lapse-forgetting-utility of education/learning/knowledge. Money/wealth transferred-handed over to some one else/others can not be used/recovered by the owner. A field which has not been sowed properly does not yield sufficient/requisite crops and an army without  commander fails to win the battle.
There are many skills acquired by one which does not function at random. Take the case of soft ware/
computers/hardware one succeeds only when he up dates his knowledge and working, incorporating the new-latest advancements, developments. Knowledge explosion has taken place, which makes it essential to keep/remain in touch with the up gradation of knowledge/technology, in one's field/expertise. Practice makes a man perfect. 
If you rent out a property, you must have a proper registered lease deed. Inspect the property time and again and get it vacated as soon as the term/tenure is over. If the lease/tenant fails to pay rent in time, force him to vacate it at once. Do not be generous with him. You may cut his electricity and water supply as well, in addition to in forming the police, by lodging FIR.
For regular yields the field needs preparation and proper seeding, watering, prevention from insects, rodents, fungus etc. Crop rotation/protection is a must. This is equally applicable to ones endeavors-efforts in one or the other field.
In the absence of head of the institution/company/state/family it all becomes lisazy ferry-just going-polling on.

अभ्यासाद्धार्यते विद्या कुलं शीलेन धार्यते। गुणेन ज्ञायते त्वार्य: कोपो नेत्रेण गम्यते ॥5-8॥
Repeated practice help in retention/sustaining of knowledge. Virtues, high character, moral and values embedded/protected leads to good name to the family/ancestors, possession of characters/ability leads to excellence and the eyes reveals the anger. 
One has to continuously stress/insist the need of goodness, wisdom, learning; since only this  can keep the progeny disciplined/under control preventing him from acquiring evils.विद्या ददाति विनयम्।One is honored on the basis of his ability-learning-wisdom-politeness, not the wealth. In fact one is passing through the phase/period when when is recognized by the possessions he has, not the qualification.  One may argue that highly qualified and learned people are bowing in front of the rich and mighty. Remember this is Kalyug, but what has been stated here and before is equally true. Learning, enlightenment, wisdom  is to keep the anger under control, since it is reflected from the eyes helping the other person to see/find out what  is going inside the brain. This too needs a lot of practice.
The ministers, billionaires, industrialists are respected/appreciated(-मुंह पर गुण गन किया जाता है, अन्यथा सब जानते हैं की वो कितने पानी में है ) just to win their favor, otherwise no one will ever regard them. They have accumulated most of their possessions through corruption.

         वित्तेन रक्ष्यते धर्मो विद्या योगेन रक्ष्यते। मृदुना रक्ष्यते भूप: सन्नार्या रक्ष्यते गृहम्॥5-9
Wealth/money is essential for the protection of religion/culture/values, education is protected trough Yog-addition learning more and more, again and again/practice, politics is saved through politeness-kindness-softness and the owner/master/head of the family is protected through the women having high character, moral and values.
Construction of temples, shrines, ponds, roads, hospitals, wells, inns or any such religious/social/cultural activity  meant for the welfare of others, one examine; needs lots and lots of money. One can not donate or do the acts of charity.
Yog connects one to the God. Karm, Gyan, Bhakti are the three dimensions of Yog. Out of these Gyan which stands for awakening, comes through learning, listening to the great saints-sages-enlightened, reading, analyzing also helps one attaining Salvation. One who prepares for Salvation automatically handles the learning and his environment.
Politeness-softness in behavior, sweet-soothing-relaxing words keeps the family/society united. The people in power should learn this. They should never become harsh. They should do their best to solve the problems with in their capacity-capability. There are the occasions/chances when the person in authority can pardon using his discretion/power, without harming others.
As a matter of rule wife's fidelity gives strength to her husband. Her character-moral-values-virtues-wisdom-intelligence-enlightenment are automatically transferred to her children, since they learn from the family atmosphere as well. Mother is the first Guru-teacher. 
 सती, सावित्री, सीता, अनुसूया  को इसीलिये याद किया/पूजा जाता है। कैकेयी, सत्यभामा, मंदोदरी, तुलसी  को इस वजह से सम्मान मिलता है।

      अन्यथा वेडपांडित्यं शास्त्रमाचारमन्यथा। अन्यथा वदत: शान्तन् लोका: किल्श्यन्ति चान्यथा॥5-10 
Those who censure-blot the extract-essence-concepts of the scriptures, code of conduct-moralities-modalities discussed-described in them, virtues-righteous-pious-model character of the saints-rishis (-devrishi-brahmrishi-mahrishi)-scholars-philosophers-pundits as farce-fake-dubious; undergo-face trouble in the present as well as in the next births. 
Scriptures have described Vern Dharm-duties of the king as well as masses at great length.There are the people who show disrespect either due to ignorance/lack of knowledge or their pride-imprudence-disloyalty-idiocy  and commit moral turpitude. Others find charm in going just against them. A section of people has no faith in religion at all. Their actions against divinity leads them to perish-loose all their possessions. They invite slur-defame and fall from grace. 

              दारिद्रय्नाशनं  दानं शीलं दुर्गतिनाशनम्।अज्ञाननाशिनी प्रज्ञा भावना  भयनाशिनी॥5-11 
Donation/Charity vanishes poverty, moral conduct protects fall from grace, enlightenment-wisdom kills idiocy and positive feelings destroys fear.
There are innumerable instances described in scriptures pertaing to those who preferred to help those who were in immediate need of help as compared to them selves. There are some people who help others even if they have to face turmoil/disaster/ruin. Its always praise worthy. Shshtr forbids such charity/sacrifice which is at the cost of family. Children are hungry-crying for food, clothing and shelter and one is bent upon giving away his last possessions for charity, is not advisable. In fact there were the people who were subjected to tests by the Almighty himself and cleared all hurdles along with their family. Still discretion is advised.
Moral character-righteous/virtuous/pious behavior are praise worthy. In fact such people are subjected to difficulties-descent-down fall, but they not only face them, survive and they save others as well. They are honored-respected by the society. Their significance importance boosts/enhances automatically.
One who enjoys the company of the prudent-intelligent-able people too become practical-wise prudent to some extent. Change in behaviour is noticed by colleagues and family members, as well.
Root cause of fear-doubt  is lack of faith in others. Co existence, mutual understanding, interaction to some extent fills a person with confidence. Positive attitude towards the coworkers-companions-society makes a person acquire self confidence and self respect, which alleys-kills-vanish-removes his fears.

नास्ति कामसमो व्याधिर्नास्ति मोहसमो रिपु:। नास्ति कोपसमो वह्िर्नास्ति ज्ञानात्परं सुखम् ॥5-12॥
No disease  is as dangerous as the sexuality-sensuality. Ignorance provokes one to lust and immorality which, makes one incompetent, weak and fragile. Attachment to such wicked actions is the worst possible/dreaded enemy, one can have. It leads to anger-frustration, which engulfs and destroys the possessor. Prudence-enlightenment helps one overcoming/over powering them all. 

Bad company/companions are the root cause of various evils-wicked acts-actions. One must desert them.Its better to be aloof as compared to the people, who lure one to sexuality. One must control his passions to be on the safe side. He should not be furious and maintain his cool/calm, in such situations. 

       जन्ममृत्यु हि यात्येको भुनक्त्येक: शुभाSशुभम्।नरकेशु पतत्येक एको याति परां गतिम् ॥5-13

One was born alone and will die alone. None will accompany him to the hell or heavens. He alone will qualify for salvation as per his deeds.[Salvation-Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta-Chapter-18 on this blog-along with other chapters attributed to Salvation]
No two people are alike. Even the twins-triplets-quadruplets have to under go different cycles/phases/strokes of luck, by virtue of destiny. His deeds accumulated since birth, to the present moment and those performed currently will decide his destiny further. His evil/wicked actions will render him in the hells and virtues-pious-righteous actions will award him heavens. Further purification-sublimation of the sins, equanimity, asceticism will bring him closer to the Ultimate, the Eternal. Karm-Gyan and Bhakti Yog will help him achieving the Param Pita Par Brahm Permashwer-the Almighty. 

तृण ब्रह्मविद: स्वर्गस्तृण शूरस्य जीवितम्। जिताSक्षस्य तृण नारी नि: स्प्रहस्य जगत् ॥5-14॥
One who is blessed with Brahm Gyan finds heavens too small since they  too are momentary-useless/
purposeless/illusionary. The comforts, passions, pleasures, pains, sensuality, sexuality, lust, attractions, worldly attainments are immaterial/non existent for the one who has overcome himself/attained self realization.
One who is brave has no value for the life. He can sacrifice his life for the mother land. One who has controlled passions-sensuality-sexuality has no value for the women. One who has explored-identified himself finds/compares comforts, riches/wealth, to the pebbles-tones-dust.
Nothing is more beautiful, attractive, dear, pleasant, charming, comforting, perfect than the Almighty.

विद्या मित्रं  प्रवासेषु भार्या मित्रं  गृहेषु च। व्याधितस्यौषधं मित्रं धर्मो मित्रं मृतस्य च॥5-15॥ 
Knowledge/Education/Learning is the true friend of the one who is abroad. One who is at home finds true friend in his wife. Medicine is the friend of the diseased-ill, while the Dharm is the true friend one on the death bed.
Dharm is the basis of all goodness. It builds the destiny one after another birth-rebirth. It modifies the destiny simultaneously. Enlightenment, devoted-friendly-virtuous wife, medicines and care during illness; all comes through the earnings made in the form of Dharm. [May go through Dharm on this blog]

वृथा वृष्टि: समुद्रेषु वृथा तृप्तेषु भोजनम्।वृथा दानं धनाढ्येषु वृथा दीपो दिवाSपि॥5-16॥
Its  of no use to rain over the ocean, donate to the rich, offer food to the person who is not hungry-has no appetite, lit a lamp during the day-sunlight.
Those who are rolling in billions, still accept money/donations for charity. As a matter of fact this money is utilized by the recipients for the sake of luxury-personal comforts. Not a single bit of it goes to the poor/ down trodden.  Donations made by high and mighty are finding way to the terrorists organisations. Help made by the first world too goes to the terrorists states like Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the head quarters-training camps of these organisations are located. During the recent past hundreds of such cases came to light, in which money was wasted for ulterior motives, not for charity. Don't you see donations made to the temples keep on piling till some dacoit/intruder comes loots it and goes away. Hundreds of billions have been lying un used in the store houses/basements/go downs of religious centers-churches/mosques/ temples/gurudwaras/ashrams. This money could be utilizes for running schools, inns, plantations of trees, digging of ponds-lakes-water bodies, roads, houses for the poor, sanitation, hospitals. But its not possible to convince the trusties of these organisations.
Water is essential for the famine struck/drying fields, deserts or the places where there is no rain, not the places which are facing the threat of flood. Provide free meals, mid day meals to the ones who are below poverty line or have nothing to eat. Over eating/Eating without hunger leads to illness. In India goods meant for the poor/poverty stricken are being sold in the open market at a profit. One sees street lights lit during broad day light which shows callousness/wastage/failure to perform duties.

नास्ति मेघसमं तोयं नास्ति चात्मसमं बलम्। नास्ति चक्षु: समं तेजो नास्ति धान्य समं प्रियम्॥5-17॥
Rain water is pure as compared the one obtained from the other sources. Self confidence gives more strength to one. Visibility is more essential than the light from any source. No food is comparable to food grain.
 Water from each and every source needs to be treated, desalinated, boiled, purified as it may be contaminated. First rain shavers constitute of acid rains. There is plenty of water in the ocean but one can not drink it. One may be blessed with all sorts of defense equipment but in the absence of inner strength, self confidence and courage they are useless. The blind can not see/visualize any thing. One may have plenty to eat but satisfaction comes only when he eats bread made of grain or rice.

अधना धनमिच्छन्ति वाचं चैव चतुष्पदा:। मानवा: स्वर्गमिच्छन्ति मोक्षमिच्छन्तिदेवता: ॥5-18॥ 
Poor wants wealth, animals desire power to speak like humans, humans desire heavens and deities desires Salvation-Liberation.
One desires-wants something which is not possessed by him. Each and every organism irrespective of his abode, lacks one thing or the other and wish to acquire it. One who has acquired equanimity, merge his all desires in eternity-the Ultimate. His sole desire is to attain Salvation. But there are those as well, who just want Bhakti-devotion to the God, and nothing more-else. They are content with what ever they have. No desires are there. No requirements are there. This is the state of extreme pleasure: PERMANAND.

सत्येन धार्यते पृथ्वी सत्येन तपते रवि:। सत्येन वाति वायुश्च सर्वं सत्ये प्रतिष्ठितम् ॥5-19॥ 
Power of the truth prevails-maintains a balance, all over the universe to keep the earth revolving round the sun- in its orbit, release of heat and light along with gravitational pull by the sun and keeps the air blowing.
Sun lies at the core of this universe providing essentials like gravitation, heat and light to all the abodes including heavens. The invisible force behind this is obtained through the truth practiced by the humans over the earth. A human is alive only till air-Pran Vayu (-5 in all) is present in him. Truth prevails. One who practice truth is like Brahm and ultimately merges in him-the Creator-Nurturer and the Destroyer: Brahma-Vishnu- Mahesh.

चला लक्ष्मीश्चला: प्राणाश्चले जीवित-मन्दिरे।चलाSचले हि संसारे धर्म एको हि निश्चल:॥5-20॥ 
Each and everything in this universe-world is perishable, expect Dharm (-Truth lies at the core of Dharm). One is not supposed to be wealthy for ever. Single-shear stroke of luck demolishes the biggest citadels- business empires/dynasties. Who so ever is born is sure to die, one day or the other. Every thing in this world under goes transformation-transmutation, after the lapse of one day (-including night) of the Brahma Ji's-ONE KALP.
The gist-essence-conclusion is that one should do pious-righteous-virtuous acts, remain struck to the truth, remember the God, maintain equanimity in all livings beings, do his duty whole heartedly.

नराणां नापितो धूर्त: पक्षीणां चैव वायस:। चतुष्पदां श्रगालस्तु स्त्रीणां धूर्ता च मालिनी॥5-21॥ 
Barber among the humans, crow amongest the birds, jackal amongest the animals and wife of garner (-mali -Gardner मालिन) amongest the women are considered as crooks/clever.
These four categories of the living organism are supposed to create differences amongest the others, make them quarrel, put in trouble un necessarily for their own sake. With the changing times and breaking of caste-religion-region-political-social bonds/barriers, this phenomenon is very very difficult to identify, as far as human beings are concerned. Genetic variations, chromosomes,  DNA may surface in any of the generations, when ever it becomes dominant. 
Still one should deal with extreme care while dealing with those who have some physical deficiency.Still one should deal with extreme care while dealing with those who have some physical deficiency.
One should be aware of the people around him who entangle/indulge others in back biting, controversies  infighting, quarrels, differences like the Britishers did in India. Its better to keep aloof as compared to be in the company of such people.
जनिता चोपनेता च यस्तु विद्यां प्रयच्छति। अन्नदाता भयत्राता पञ्चैते पितर:  स्मृता:॥5-22॥ 
These five people are considered/regarded/respected like  father, (i) one who gave birth, (ii) one who awarded with sacred thread round the neck-second birth of Dwijati, before starting schooling, (iii) the Guru who taught, (iv) one who gives grain/food to survive and (v) the one who protects are considered to be father.

राजपत्नी गुरो:पत्नी मित्रपत्नी तथैव च। पत्नी माता  स्वमाता च पञ्चैता  मातर: स्मृता:॥5-23॥ 
Traditionally the wife of the king-queen, wife of the teacher-priest-Guru, wife of a friend, wife's mother are to be treated as own mother.
 Its assumed that if one develops-generates the feeling/respect/honor for these relations,  like-equivalent to a mother, his mind will not be polluted with vices-wicked ideas-sensuality, sexuality, passions. It has been noticed that some people call the daughter of the priest/Brahmn,  "mother". It a part of training which begins in early child hood in some families in India.

श्रुत्वा धर्म विजानाति श्रुत्वा त्यजति दुर्मतिम्। श्रुत्वा ज्ञानमवाप्नोति श्रुत्वा मोक्षमवाप्नुयात् ॥6-1॥ 
One can reject the evils-wickedness just by listening to scriptures-discourses by the philosophers-scholars-pundits-learned-enlightened-Guru and acquiring the knowledge-understanding-true nature of Dharm-religiosity ultimately leading to Salvation.
राजा बाहु बलि ने पूर्व जन्म में सत्संग में उपदेशक को सुनने मात्र से ही धर्म में रूचि प्राप्त कर ली।भगवान अनंत ने सत्संग को तपस्या से भी श्रेष्ठ माना है। 
 Explanation of the tenets of scriptures by the narrator Guru makes it easy to grasp. The treatise constitutes of listening/reading, understanding and application in life. Interest in discourses modifies attitude and metamorphosis begins. 

पक्षीणां काक्शचाण्डाल: पशूनां चैव कुक्कुर:। मुनीनां पाप्शचाण्डाल: सर्वेषां चैव निन्दक:॥6-2॥ 
Crow amongest the birds , dog amongest the animals and a Chandal amongest the civilians are considered to be the worst. Crow and dog do not mind eating excreta and putting their head/mouth in rubbish.
Chandal is a sub caste in the Shudr Vern in Hindus who have adopted to cremation of dead. These people used to remain in the cremation ground. They generally behave like nocturnal beings. they are adopted to drinking wine, eating meat. They collect clothes and goods rejected by the family which belonged to the dead person. They may eat those things which one would not eat under any circumstances-even under the threat of death-murder.
Any one who has such tendencies resembling with these three categories must be isolated or at least one should remain away from their company.

भस्मना शुद्धय्ते कांस्यं ताम्रम म्लेन शुद्धय्ते।रजसा शुद्धय्ते  नारी नदी वेगेन  शुद्धय्ते ॥6-3॥ 
Bronze rubbed with ash starts shining. Copper needs bitter/sour fruits like lemon/unripe mango. The woman attains purity after the menstrual cycle/menses/periods and the river cleans-purifies itself when it flows with high seed.
Stagnant water becomes impure-unfit for drinking/cooking/washing. A river takes away all the pollutants with it after the rains due the high speed of flowing water. Women are considered to be unfit-impure for domestic works/chores, prayers-rituals-Yagy-hawan, cooking etc. unless until the menses are over. With changing times high quality cleaning powers/detergents/soaps are used for cleaning of utensils, flooring, statues etc. The rivers are becoming more and more polluted, because of the ever increasing influx of population/
population explosion in cities/metros/down towns.
One should care to be pure trough washing/bathing and attending to religious discourses/prayers/asceticism/
visit to shrines holy places. Purity of body mind and soul will help him merging with the Almighty, which should be the Ultimate goal of any living being.

भ्रमन् सम्पूज्यते राजा भ्रमन् सम्पूज्यते द्विज:। 
 भ्रमन् सम्पूज्यते योगी भ्रमन्ती स्त्री तु नश्यति॥6-4॥ 
Its in the benefit-to the advantage, of the King/Emperor, Philosophers-scholars-learned-Brahmn-Pundits and the Yogis to roam amongest the masses and dangerous for the woman to do so.
It has been a practice/routine from time immemorial for the mighty kings to roam amongest the people/subjects/masses of the state, without being recognized-identified, guised as civilians to identify the problems, difficulties, troubles, grievances,  experienced by them and eliminate them. Some times it helped in justice as well. King Vikrmaditya of Ujjain-Avanti was one such king. Akbar too tried to follow him, successfully. These days the head of state prefer to remain aloof from the subjects and just complete his tenure. Even the members of municipalities never bother for the problems of the masses. Security reasons are more pronounced these days, as compared to the past.
The learned, scholar, pundit, Brahmn, philosopher who take part in conventions, discourses, meetings, gatherings along with interaction with the common people-masses is liked-regarded-respected-honored by them, unlike those who live in citadels.
Yogi should travel to address the problems-troubles faces by the common people and help them as and when essential.घोड़ा अड़ा क्यों पान सड़ा क्यों ? फेरा  न था। Why did the horse refuse to move and the  beetle leaves decayed ? They were not moved.
On the contrary a woman, who loiter-roam-move freely without a proper-significant reason is more likely to become a pray to the anti social elements. She will fall from grace by becoming pray to the predators-anti socials-criminals-undesirable people, hovering all around.
One should his daughter not to loiter like a vagabond.  She must be taught to be properly dressed so that the body is not exposed.

यस्यार्थास्तस्य मित्राणि  यस्यार्थास्तस्य बान्धवा:।  यस्यार्था: स पुमांल्लोके यस्यार्था स च पंडित:  ॥6-5॥
One blessed with wealth-money-property-riches is surrounded by the relatives/friends, considered to be honorable-respectable-revered and enlightened-learned-prudent-intelligent.
Its believed that  Goddess/deity of education and learning Saraswati and  Goddess/deity Laxmi of wealth drag a person in opposite directions. There are some exceptions as well, like Demon King Prahlad, Bahu Bali and Ravan along with Duryodhan etc. 
Nomenclature-name of a person changes with the flow of money in his pocket/coffers. Initially Persi-when extremely poor/ no means of subsistence-survive-may beg, Persa-on getting some money to survive, Parsram-having acquired some property and Persram Ji on showing his riches in the society. माया तेरे तीन नाम: परसी, परसा, परसराम। 
In present context there are Ministers in India, who have turned from rags to riches and facing disproportionate assets cases in Supreme Court. One can identify thousands of criminals/drug lords/smugglers/politicians/traffickers all over the world who are respected because of the wealth they have acquired through dubious means.They turn out to be God fathers/role models for millions of aspirants all over the world in all walks of life. How ever history proves that the one who acquired a kingdom/riches/wealth on the edge of sword/foul means perished the same way.

तादृशी जायते बुधिर्व्यावसायोSपि तादृश:। सहायास्तादृशा एव यादृशी भवितव्यता॥6-6॥  
One gets his associates-companions-partners, profession trade-industry-job-endeavors-deeds along with his thoughts/programs/opportunities, turn up/become favorable or against, according to his fortunes-luck.
At first glance, it appears to be true. One may be disheartened and stop working if he fails to understand the basic theme/idea behind this. This writ up does not ask the person to discontinue efforts. It only ask him to have patience. It takes 9 months for the child to born and 18-25 years to grow and become self dependent/
independent. Crops too take one season to harvest. सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य मुखे प्रव्शन्ति  न मृग:। Deer has to be killed by the lion for food. It will not enters lion's mouth by virtue of destiny, as food. अजगर करे न चाकरी, पंछी करे न काम।  दास मलूका कह गये, सब के दाता राम॥Python serves none and the birds does no work; still they get their food, by the grace of God. They don't work but still make efforts so get food.
Bhagwat Geeta is thought to be religious book, pertaining to Hindus (-though there is no title copy right over it) just tell/guides us to make efforts to achieve our goal.[Salvation-Bhagwat Geeta on this blog] How ever there is no denying the fact that planetary combinations, have their impact over the individuals.[Palmistry on this blog] 

काल: पचती भूतानि काल: संहरते प्रजा:। काल: सुप्तेषु जागर्ति कालो हि दुरतिक्रम:॥6-7॥
Time never waits for any one. It keep on moving ahead, since evolution to the dooms day. Who so ever is born has to go one day or the other. This is a never ending phenomenon. While one keep sleeping the time remain awake. 
Time is synonym to death as well. Effort has been made to illustrate the significance of time through the chapters on Hinduism: Divine calendar of this blog. All efforts/blessings/medicines fails, once the time of death approaches.

न पश्यति च जन्मांध: कमान्धो नैव पश्यति। न पश्यति मदोन्मत्त: ह्यर्थी दोषं न पश्यति॥6-8॥ 
One who is  blind by birth, blinded by sex-sensualities-passions whether intoxication or selfishness can't see reason/logic/argument.
Impact of sexuality, sensuality, passions is so powerful that one can't stop himself from committing sinner most actions/crimes. Those who indulge in watching porn, nudes, blue films; and reading indecent-sexy-vulgar literature forgets all morality-culture-values-traditions. Magazines  films, news papers, internet, TV shows, media have found a means to success/increased earnings. They incite/fuel passions leading to hell. Bad company too is behind such acts. One must listen to teachings of saints/scriptures/philosophers to improve himself. narcotics/drugs/alcohol fuel the vicious desires. So, one must not consume them. Listen to your inner self-search your soul, if you want to come out of these vicious circles. A selfish person can cross every limit pertaining to vulgarity for his own benefit. Its better to dissociate  from his company.

स्वयं कर्म करोत्यात्मा स्वयं तत्फलमश्नुते। स्वयं भ्रमति संसारे स्वयं तस्माद् विमुच्यते॥6-9॥ 
One commits all sorts of good or bad deeds-actions himself and he himself undergoes reward or punishment for them him self. He himself get illusionsed and comes out of it, himself.
There is no way out for the human being. He has to bears the fruit of his doings whether good  or bad, fair or foul, wicked or pious, virtuous or wretched. His desires allure him due to ignorance-passions imprudence. He has a way to come out of this vicious circle. He should perform his duties/responsibilities, with firm faith in the Almighty and pave the way to Salvation-Liberation. [For better understanding one may be enlightened by the text on Salvation on this blog]

राजा राष्ट्रकृतं पापं राज्ञ: पापं पुरोहित:। भर्ता च स्त्रीकृतं पापं शिष्यपापं गुरुस्त था ॥6-10॥
If the public in a state indulge in sinful acts the king is responsible for that, if the king indulge in sins the ministers-advisers-courtiers-priest (-Purohit) are responsible for it, if the wife-woman follows improper  path (-goes out of limits, becomes vulgar, indisciplined) the husband is responsible for it and the Guru will be held responsible for the misdeeds of his students-disciples-taught. It is the righteous-virtuous duty of the king, priest, husband and the teacher respectively to keep the public, king, wife and the students to move on the right track-path. 
King/Emperor receives tax for the welfare of the state not for hos personal use. He must monitor the activities of his population-residents and maintain law and order under control and protect them from foreign aggression. The criminals have to be caught and punished simultaneously.
The spiritual head-priest, courtiers-ministers are duty bound to guide the king in the state administration. They should not bother for them selves and work for the safety of the state. The king may become angry with them and punish them as well. Their opinions, guidance should be based on facts-truth-diplomacy, meant for the welfare of the state.
Misdeeds of the woman results in the loss of the husband including prestige. The husband should be vigilant about her actions/moments/deliberations.
A teacher's duty is very important as far teaching-guiding the pupil is concerned. He must explain/narrate the intricacies of the text. Its prime duty of the teacher to show right-virtuous-righteous-pious direction to the taught.He must inculcate values-discipline-values in them.

ऋण कर्ता पिता शत्रु; माता च व्यभिचारणी। भार्या रूपवती शत्रु: पुत्र: शत्रुर पण्डित:॥6-11॥ 
The father who leaves behind debt  to repay and  a characterless woman are like enemies for their children. A beautiful woman for the husband and an idiot son for the father, too are like enemies.
The children who have to shoulder the debt of their parents are deprived of their youth and enjoyment of life. Such people become old prematurely. 
A character less woman can't give any thing, except misery, to her children. It has been observed that even the prostitutes-whores-socialites-actresses-destitute are trying hard to educate their children. In a society, where no one bothers about the origin/roots/religion is goes on. A new breed of people has come up, who can not say with certainty about their affiliations. They call them selves cosmopolitans. Over the hills, it has been found that some woman have as many as 10 husbands (-Panchali Pratha: Tradition of multiple husbands, for the reason of functional impotency and sub division of cultivable land and assets). A majority of girls enjoy sex during their college/school level. A word icon to morality is loosing its significance, it appears.
Beautiful woman attracts various people towards her creating trouble for the husband, time and again. Such woman are not safe if they move/remain alone. They should be protected/guarded continuously.
An idiot will always create tensions/troubles with his stupid acts/misdeeds for the parents.

लुब्धमर्थेन गृह्णीयात् स्तब्धमञ्जलीकर्मणा। मूर्खं छंदोनुव्रत्तेन यथार्थत्वेन पण्डितम्॥6-12॥ 
One can control-over power the greedy by bribing/offering money, stubborn-importunate-bigoted-fanatical can be brought to fore-order through negotiations/requesting/appeasement/bowing before him, an idiot can be lured by fulfilling his needs-desires and an enlightened can be pacified/satisfied/favorable by explaining the facts-truth-reality.
Greed has no limit. Greedy tries to obtain money trough fair-foul, righteous-wretched means. One can get things done by bribing/enticing/luring him, easily. This is the main reason why the politicians-bureaucrats are corrupt. Idiot/imprudent/stubborn just want his ego/pride to be satisfied. This is the reason behind mounting-pending court cases. Still negotiations and politeness works with such people.
Administrators/Managers/Supervisors/Entrepreneurs/Bureaucrats essentially need to learn how to get the work done-handle people working with them.

वरं न राज्यं न कुराज्यराज्यं, वरं न मित्रं न कुमित्रमित्रम्। 
वरं न शिष्यो न कुशिष्यशिष्यो, वरं न दारा न कुदारदारा:॥6-13॥ 
Its better to live in a state which do not have a  wicked-vicious-corrupt-vitiated villain king. One is better of alone in stead of  wicked-vicious-corrupt-vitiated-cunning-villain-depraved-evil minded friends. Its good not to have wicked-vicious-corrupt-vitiated-cunning-villain-depraved-evil minded students for the teacher and its preferably good idea to remain a bachelor instead of marrying a wicked-vicious-corrupt-vitiated-cunning-villain-depraved-evil minded woman.
There are the people  posted under corrupt officers, who force them to do undesirable things. One should better get himself transferred instead of dancing to the tunes of the corrupt bureaucrats. One day or the other down fall of the corrupt is imminent, how so ever high/mighty he be.such people.
A cunning-wicked friend will always exploit and harm you. An indisciplined student will not the teacher pay attention to the whole group. A characterless woman will ruin husband.
Therefore, one should avoid residing/working, friendship, teaching,marrying  or accompanying the individual, who is wicked-vicious-corrupt-vitiated-cunning-villain-depraved-evil minded-torturous-painful, to be safe.

कुराज राज्येन कुत:प्रजा सुखं, कुमित्र मित्रेण कुतो निवृत्ति:।
 कुदारदारैश्च कुतो गृहे रति:, कुशिष्य मध्यापयत: कुतो यश:॥6-14॥  
Public can not live happily in a state governed by wicked, wicked friends can not help in welfare, wicked wife can not add to happiness or sexual pleasure and wicked follower-student will never help the Guru in gaining respect. 
All over the world public revolt against the misrule-rising prices-corruption-external
aggression-atrocities on the common man. When free and fair elections are held such governments are wiped off. In Indian context it visualizes that more than 50% of the politicians are dreaded criminals-corrupt-power hungry-without devotion to the country. They acquire wealth through dubious means and deposit it in tax heavens, abroad. [Please refer to: Peoples Party of India and Karm of this blog]
One will not be able to find a friend these days. Acquaintance is a different phenomenon.
A wretched woman can not give either physical comfort or to her husband and children, what to talk of family-elders in laws.
It is seen that criminals/wicked become followers of well known-respected politicians, social workers, imminent philosophers-scholars and propagate their own agenda, bringing
 disrespect/dishonor/slur/bad name to the them.
Next, shlok 15-22 give gist/essence of what one can learn from the animals to become successful person-politician. A chapter dedicated to "Salvation मोक्ष : 24 versatile Gurus" on this blog, may please be referred to, for further elaboration-help-guidance-progress.

काकचेष्टा वकोध्यानं श्वाननिद्रा तथैव च। अल्पहारी गृहत्यागी विद्धार्थी पञ्च लक्ष्णम्॥  
A learner should be quick like a crow in grasping-actions, concentrate like a crane, vigilant a dog, eats less -just sufficient to survive and ready to leave home for the sake of learning. A diplomate-politician should behave like the learner. 
सिंहादेकं बकादेकं शिक्षेच्चत्वारि कुक्कुटात्। वायसात्पञ्चा षट्शुन स्त्रिणी गर्दभात्॥6-15॥
A diplomate-politician-civilian should learn/adopt/acquire specific qualities/characteristics from other creatures specially: 1 each from lion and crane, 3 from ass-donkey, 4 from from cock, 5 from crow and 6 from dog. 
As a matter of fact there is not a single species which has not been blesses with some quality which human being can adopt. Scientists are making researches just by concentration over the behavior of birds-animals, such as radar-bat, aeroplane-birds etc.उत्तम विद्या लीजिये यद्यपि नीच पे होए-One must not hesitate in acquiring excellence-art-expertise if it is available with the out/low caste/a person of low origin.

            प्रभूतं कार्यमल्पं वा यन्नर: कर्तुमिच्छति। सर्वारम्भेण तत्कार्य सिन्हादेकं प्रचक्षते॥6-16॥
One should make whole hearted efforts to accomplish a job undertaken by him be it small or big. Lion is considered an ideal in this case as he does his best to kill the animal he has targeted or to defeat rivals in his territory. 
One who leaves the job in between, loss-spoil-degrade-lower his good will, which will certainly harm his reputation and put him to losses one day or the other. One observes that contractors leaves the work incomplete/behind schedule, which spoils their image and they are black listed for the award of future assignments.  

इन्द्रियाणि च संयम्य बकवत् पण्डितो नर:। देशकालबलं ज्ञात्वा सर्वकार्याणि  साधयेत्॥6-17॥
One who concentrate with all his ability-strength-prudence-intelligence over his target-aim-goal-endeavor-project-ambition, like the crane; achieve success in life. 
Crane stands over one foot near the pond quietly and engulfs the fish as soon as it comes in its range.
As far as possible one must concentrate over one thing, at a time. With reference to a state it should not face-invite-target many enemies at a time or attack so many of them at a time. Isolate the weaker ones and handle them with care.
Let more people-who have specialization/perfection/mastery over it, be involved to accomplish the job. Keep the reins in your hands and review the out come and adjust the programs accordingly. Fine tuning of the project is desirable. Here decentralization
 works smoothly. 

सुश्रान्तोSपि व्हेद् भारं शीतोष्णं च न पश्यति। संतुष्टश्चरति नित्यं त्रीणि शिक्षेच्च गर्दभात्॥6-18॥
An intelligent-prudent-enlightened person can grasp/learn 3 things-traits-characters from the ass: (i) It keeps on carrying weight in spite of tiredness, (ii) It works through all seasons without worrying about cold or heat and (iii) He remain satisfied by grazing any where.
No doubt one gets tired after longer hours of duties/work and feels sleepy. He may commit blunders during this span of responsibilities.  Though its not easy, yet its not difficult as well. Practices helps a lot during such situations. It one has to tolerate strain for achieving his targets, he must do so.
One will find people working against all odds pertaining to season/weather. Its up to one how he trains his body. One will find people working in Sahara desert, Tundra, Siberia or the places, where temperatures touch -67 degrees centigrade. see the people who are at work at the 100th story of a mega structure. Nothing is difficult/impossible for the human beings once decision is taken. Determination will definitely bless with success.
As far food is concerned one can work with the help of little food or the one which is easily available. Over eating is always dangerous.

प्रत्युथानं च युद्धं च संविभागं च बन्धुषु। स्वयमाक्रम्य भुक्तं च शिक्षेच्चत्वारी कुक्कुटात्॥6-19॥
 An intelligent-prudent-enlightened person can grasp/learn 4 things-traits-characters from the cock : (i) It crows-shouts in the morning, before sun rise, (ii) Its always eager/ready to fight with the other cocks, (iii) It shares its food the chickens, (iv) It satisfies it mate during sexual behavior/intercourse.
Common phrase:early to bed early to rise makes man healthy wealthy and wise. In spite of all odds one must try to get up, before sun rise. But remember he should not crock like the cock or frog. Resort to exercise/morning rituals quietly. 
There is competition in all walks of life. Its the need of the hour. Reservation may help but not in every/all fields of life. One should be vigilant enough to counter the attacks from the enemy side/opponents/competitors.
What ever is earned should be shared with the family including elders, parents, grand parents unlike the present generation which throws out the parents, without understanding that they too will grow old and face the music. [Please log on to Traumatizing Parents]
If you want to be happy, satisfy your wife sexually. [Learn Longevity/Sex Education on above mentioned blogs]

गूढ़ च मैथुन धाष्ट्र्यं काले काले च संग्रहम्। अप्रमत्तविश्वासं पञ्च शिक्षेच्च वायसात्॥6-20॥ 
There are 5 traits-characters-properties which one can acquire/accept from the crow: (i) It perform sexual acts in solitude, (ii) It has remarkable brashness-presumptuousness-insolence-boldness-obstinacy-fearlessness, (iii) He collects meals for the future/lean season, (iv) He is not lazy and (v) He does not believe in any one. 
These 5 characteristics should be present in shrewd politicians/diplomats. For a common man too they are equally important.
 Shshtr-scriptures prohibit sexual acts in the open/in front of any one. One should not permit himself to be photographed/video graphed under any circumstances, since these things are counter productive. Even in grossly free-open societies, ministers had to resign due to this reason. If these acts are performed in front of any one/openly, they initiates
 impotency in the sexual partners. Such things should be essentially private.
One should be bold enough to snatch what belongs to him. It needs extreme caution and care and attentiveness. One should always store enough food/ration for at least 2-3 months. Governments should maintain stocks for 12 years with extreme care, unlike India where millions of tonnes of grain is wasted away every year due to carelessness-callous attitude of employees and they remain unpunished. There is yet another foolish act observed in India-first they permit exports at low prices and then they import them at much higher costs. During recent years sugar, onions, wheat are some of the commodities pertaining to this negligence/idiocy.
One must not be lazy, since it always harms him, since he losses as and when he is not quick to the need-demand of the situation. Targets are never met, leading to slipping of business in others pockets.
Faith is an essential component of human behavior. This society can never run/function without it. But one should be vigilant-cautious-alert. This is the reason trade secrets are passed on to the opponents by the employees-enemy. Plans-programs-ideas-secrets should remain close to the chest otherwise others will be benefited through them, not the one who profounded/discovered them.

बह्वाशी स्वल्प सन्तुष्ट: सुनिद्रो लघुचेतन:। स्वामीभक्तश्च शूरश्च  षडेते श्वानतो गुणा:॥6-21॥ 
One can acquire six characters from a dog: (I) It can digest large quantities of food, (II) It remains content-satisfied with whatever it can, (III) It has a sound sleep, (IV) It is alert enough to be awake with the slightest sound-noise, (V) Its faithful to his master, (VI) It attacks the enemy with full strength.
One should always avoid too much food since consumption of excess food makes him 
lethargic, lazy and fat/bulky. Such people sleep for longer hours and avoid /shirk work. Their capacity to do work becomes quite low as compared to others. They loss charm/attraction to woman and acquire impotency as well. Employers seldom like such people, specially in army, security and police. One should not expect them to fight.
A slim trim person is welcome every where specially in females. He is attractive, smart, energetic, dashing, full of energy, charm, strength and vigor.

य एतान् विंशतिगुणानाचरिष्यति मानव:। कार्याSवस्थासु  सर्वासु अजेय: स भविष्यति॥6-22॥  
One who adopts these characters-qualities can not be defeated by any one. Such people perform their duties/task with full strength-devotion-whole heartedly. Success comes to them automatically. They are liked-admired-respected by every one. Their leadership traits takes to highest echelons of power and society. They become role models and ideals for the next generations to come.

अर्थनाशं मनस्तापं ग्रहणी चरितानी च। वञ्चनं चाSपमानं च मतिमान्न  प्रकाशयेत्त॥7-1॥ 
One  tolerates the loss of wealth-money, sorrow/pain due to the infidelity of wife/woman,
cheating and  filthy/absurd/abusive/harsh language used by others and tries not to disclose this in front of others.
People laugh at one, who discloses the financial losses in front of every one. He does this to be consoled by others. But in stead of consoling him they laugh-make fun-cut jokes at him. No one would ever discuss infidelity of his wife, since more people may exploit this situation. Injuries inflicted on him due to cheating and foul words, too are cause of mental pain/
worries/grief. He feels humiliated/insulted/disgusted. He is ashamed and disgraced. 

धनधान्य प्रयोगेषु विद्या संग्रहणेषु च। आहारे व्यवहारे च त्यक्त लज्ज: सुखी भवेत्॥7-2॥ 
One should not hesitate or shy in money matters-lending/borrowing, learning/acquisition of knowledge/skill/ability, eating and personal relations.
One should never fail to get the deeds registered pertaining to purchase or sale, payment received or made, mutation of land in his name after purchase and registry of deed, will pertaining to his wealth/property after death, so the that descendants and wife are safe, nominate some one reliable to make money transactions in his absence-albeit with caution that he does not get hold over the wealth/property. Make it a rule that even if you deal with close relations-get receipt-bond-mortgage papers signed and witness properly. If you borrow, you must pay before death. जिसने की शरम उसके फूटे करम। One should be straight forward-speak with softness, truth, clearly. There should be no ambiguity.
You size/status will not diminish, if you learn from a capable person irrespective of his caste/religion/status/financial position. 
If you have to some party-feast-reception or like , never hesitate in eating food, lest you may remain hungry. No formality.

सन्तोषाSमृत तृप्तानां यत्सुखं शान्तचेतसाम्। कुतस्तद्  धन लुब्धाना मित श्चेत्श्च धावताम्॥7 -3॥
One who is content-satisfied blessed with peace-solace-tranquility is comfortable like paradise.  The person who runs after money is chasing mirage. He remain tense without peace of mind.
Contentment is like nectar/elixir/essence. Desires have no end. it does not mean that one should not earn or try to acquire money/riches. The point is that the people do all sorts of evil/wicked/criminal/vicious acts/corruption/murders/cheating unnecessarily for acquiring more and more and loss stability of mind in return.

सन्तोषस्त्रिषु कर्तव्य: स्वदारे भोजने धने। त्रिषु चैव न कर्तव्योSध्ययने जप दानयो:॥7-4॥
One should be content-satisfied with his wife, food and the job/profession, in stead of showing repentance/dissatisfaction all the time-muttering every moment.
Those who are not content-convinced with their wife and look to other women often acquire venereal diseases/HIV/aids by virtue of their sexual relations with whores/prostitutes/call girls, socialites.Their entanglement with women married to others is moral turpitude. As a matter of fact, a man who has sexual relations with multiple sex-mates leads to disturbance of their menstrual cycle, including his own wife. They may commit rape leading to jail/torture and all sorts of trouble. In fact one should be clear in his mind that he has to cooperate with the wife whether she is ugly/beautiful, un educated, or just an ordinary woman.
Whatever food is available, should be consumed with satisfaction and one should offer thanks /tributes to the God. If one consumes food with reluctance, it does not give him desired nourishment. 
Similarly, a person who keeps on changing trade/job/profession, never feel-find satisfaction and fails to attain proficiency. There are situations when he is left unemployed and a burden over the family/others. Time always keep on changing, rise and fall, good or bad, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are only phases of it.

विप्रयो विर्प्रवह्न्योश्च दम्पत्यो:स्वामिभृतय्यो:। अन्तरेण न गन्तव्यं हलस्य वृषभस्य च ॥7-5॥ 
One should not pass through-cross between two Brahmns, Agni (-fire) and Brahmn, husband and wife, employer and the employee, plough and the ox. 
It emphasis that one should  not  interrupt the process of discussion-debate between the scholars-enlightened, process of Agnihotr, quarrel-discussion between husband and wife, master and the slave, ox and the plough as its always dangerous. One invite curse, when he poke his nose between the religious debates/discussions/judicial process debate-arguments without understanding the point of order. When one comes between the fire and the priest performing the rites, there is a danger of burning-spoiling cloths in addition to curse. After a heated debate/quarrel the companions will compromise and the one who un necessarily interfere, will invite hatred. They will avoid him in future even if he is a well wisher.
 Trade unions which are not directly involved with the affairs of an enterprise-company harm both the employee and the employer. There are innumerable instances in India, where these trade unions/communists forced the employees to starve and the employers to loss/close their business. One can understand the fate of Russia/China driven due to these evils. The point to stress here is that the communists too were harmed in turn. Ox and the plough are like the working machine, which kills the person, who mishandles it.

पादाभ्यां न स्पृशेदग्निं गुरुं ब्राह्मणमेव च। नैव गां न कुमरी  च न वृद्धं न शिशुं तथा॥7-6॥
One should not touch Agni (-fire), Guru (-teacher), Brahmn (-scholar-learned, enlightened, priest, philosopher), cow, virgin-girl, old person-elders, infant.
These are the people who deserve respect-admiration-honor, love, sympathy and care. One should never show disrespect to them. Infant may be hurt if touched/pressed too hard.
Cow is revered because it gives us milk, dung, calf and has thousands of useful bacteria in her body, essential for the mankind. Its urine has remarkable curative effect-impact on several diseases. Those who eat her meat and flash acquire various incurable diseases like brain disease. Her skin, horns, goofs too are useful. Her milk is comparable to that of the mother.

शकटं पञ्चहस्तेन दशहस्तेन वाजिनम्। हस्तिनं शतहस्तेन देशत्यागेन दुर्जनम् ॥7-7॥
One should maintain a distance of 5 feet from cart, 10 feet from the horse, 100 feet from the elephant and migrate from a country inhabited by the cruel-wicked-insensible people.
This is true if one does not know how to handle them. Some times the bull-ox, horse, elephant become berserk and they attack the master/handler too. During mating season, they generally go out of control. Due to this reason their testicles are pressed too hard to unable them to experience the sex urge. 
As far as the cruel-tyrants are concerned, they are present each and every where. One should develop potential to control-crush them. Police-jail-armed forces are meant to crush, them only. Millions of people fee their homes when ugly situations/civil war/internal
 disturbances arise.

हस्ती अंकुशहस्तेन वाजी हस्तेन ताड्यते। श्रंगी लगुडहस्तेन खड्ग हस्तेन दुर्जन:॥7-8॥
Goad for the elephant, whip/hunter for the horse, cane for the bull and sword are essential to contain the tyrannical/cruel people. 
Wicked-anti social-tyrannical elements are controlled-crushed-tamed-handled by the use of  power/punishment.

तुष्यन्ति भोजने विप्रा मयूरा: घन गर्जिते। साधव: पर संप्त्तौ  खला: परविपत्तिषु ॥7-9॥
Brahmn-simple-innocent becomes happy just by having meals/food, peacock becomes happy by the thunder of clouds, decent people become happy by the welfare- of others and the corrupt-wicked-depraved-vicious-vitiated-villain-evil enjoys/find pleasure when he find others under trouble-tension-difficulty. 
One should try to appease others, if it can be done through gratitude, offering meals, polite talks or cleverness-diplomacy. Its advisable to keep the wicked at arms length. Their company-association is always harmful, since they find pleasure in teasing-harming-torturing others, including near and dear ones.

अनुलोमेन बलिनं प्रतिलोमेन दुर्जनम्। आत्मतुल्य बलन शत्रुंविनयेन बलेन वा॥7-10॥ 
One should talk politely if the enemy appears to be mightier than self. The wretched/cruel/bad elements should be treated in their style only to be safe. If one behaves politely the enemy will consider/assume him to be weak.
One should act as per the situation. Those mightier/powerful/capable than self can be potentially harmful. Therefore, one has to be cautious while dealing with such people. As a matter of fact one must be polite, soft spoken but firm in his dealings, as far as possible, since he has to deal with wretched people, as well. One must  be paid in the same coin. 

बाहुवीर्य बल राज्ञो ब्राह्मणो ब्रह्मविद् बली। रूपयौवनमाधुर्यं  स्त्रीणां बलमुत्तमम्॥7-11॥ 
Might-power of  the king lies in his physical strength, Brahmn's strength is his education-enlightenment and the strength of woman is her beauty, behaviour and deliberations.
The might strength of the king is assessed on the basis of his army/forces/happiness of the residents. Present day politics does not require the president/prime minister to have these qualities. In fact the most wretched person, with criminal background, are aspiring to reach these high positions, successfully.
Scholars-learned-philosophers-Pundits-Brahmns are respected, since they are enlightened.
A beautiful woman may be a center of attraction but such ladies, do not command any respect-reputation in the society. Only those who wish to extract some thing from them keep on flattering-praising them. Remember that the woman are capable of deviating the saints/ascetics/enlightened from the truth-divine path.

नाSत्यन्तं सरलैर्भाव्यं गत्वा पश्य वनस्थलीम्। छिद्यन्ते सरलास्तत्र कुब्जास्तिष्ठन्ति पादपा:॥7-12॥
One should not be too simple-down to earth-low lying, in this world. Trees in the forest which has straight stem are felled and those with bends are spared.
Simple people free from tricks/vices/clever ness are often deceived-cheated-be fooled. Therefore, one must remember the saying, "while in Rome do as Romans do". One should be honest, truthful, devoted to the God, but he should have the understanding to protect himself, as well.

यत्रोदकं तत्र वसन्ति हंसा:, स्तथैव शुष्कं परिवर्जयन्ति।
न हंसतुल्येन नरेण  भाव्यम्, पुनस्त्यजन्ते पुनराश्रयन्ते॥7-13॥ 
One should not behave like the goose/gender/swan/flamingo, who stays near water bodies-lakes-ponds only till they have water and desert them, as soon as these ponds becomes dry. 
These migratory birds (-goose/gender/swan/flamingo), move from one place to another, with the change of season. Humans should not behave like them. 
There are people who flock from one place-country to another. They are not loyal to any one. Once one takes shelter/asylum under some person-country, he should remain loyal-devoted to him. This is applicable to friendly relations-treaties between two person/countries, as well.
 This is the mentality of the young generation which keep on migrating from one company to another in search of better openings/opportunities. Even the employers are not eager to retain the employees for long, as it increases the burden over them.

उपार्जितानां वित्तानां त्याग एव हि रक्षणम्। तड़ागोदरसंस्थानां परिस्राव इवाम्भसाम्॥7-14॥
Flow of wealth-money is comparable to the stagnant water in ponds/lacks, which becomes polluted-contaminated. 
1/6th part of ones earnings should be reserved for charity. [Home Economics on]. Earnings in the present birth are the out come of pious/
virtuous deeds in previous births, as a part-constituent of destiny. One must resort to helpings the needy as per his capacity. Ensure that the donations made by you do not fall in the hands of criminals/terrorists, since the misdeeds carried out by them will through you in the hells, along with them.  

स्वर्गस्थितानामिह जीवलोके, चत्वारी चिह्नानि वसन्ति देहे।
 दानप्रसंगो मधुरा च वाणी, देवाSर्चनम् ब्राह्मण तर्पणं  च॥7-15॥ 
One, who is reborn on earth after a stint-stay in heaven, is recognized through 4 major characteristics (I) tendency to donate-charity, (II) sweet/consoling talks-speech, (III) prayers-devotion to deities, and (IV) offering of gifts, food and clothing to Brahmns.
Almighty has expressed/explained the tendencies-properties-behavior of those, who return to the earth after utilizing their virtuous-righteous-pious deeds, having failed to acquire Salvation-Liberation-Assimilation in the Ultimate. 

अत्यन्तकोप: कटुका च वाणी, दरिद्रता च स्वजनेषु वैरम्।
 नीच प्रसंग: कुलहीनसेवा, चिह्नानि देहे नरकस्थितानाम्॥7-16॥ 
There are 6 characters possessed by human beings, which make them experience the troubles-tortures-difficulties-tensions-pains-grief-sorrow of hell on the earth: (i) Extreme anger-fury, (ii) Speaking bitter-acrid-pungent-sharp-brackish-displeasing-coarse-crude, (iii) Poverty, (iv) Anonymity with own people-relatives, (v) Company of the wretched-criminals-degraded-discarded-terrorists-murders, (vi) Serving a person of low origin-low caste.
One must desist from acquiring any one of them. Those who have these bad qualities-tendencies,  must try to get rid of them.

गम्यते यदि मृगेन्द्र-मन्दिरं-लभ्यते करीकपालमौक्तिकम्। 
जम्बुकालयगतेच प्राप्यते, वत्सपुच्छ-खरचर्म-खण्डनम्॥7-17॥
One may find expensive jewels, found over the head of the elephant, on entering the cave of the lion, but he will find the tails of ass, calf or the dried pieces of leather, on entering the den of a jackal.  
To elaborate, one find instances when a person gains-learns-acquires knowledge, understanding, skills, ability in the company of the mighty-brave people, but he looses every thing if he opt to remain in the bad company or the company of inferior people.

शुन: पुच्छमिव व्यर्थं जीवितं विद्या बिना। न गुह्य गोपने शक्तं न च दंश निवारणे ॥7-18॥ 
The life of one who is uneducated is just like-comparable to the tail of a dog, which does help it in protecting from insects-mosquitoes or cover its genitals.
Education is essential for securing a good job. Uneducated people get only manual work devoid of skills-talent-ability. They are often deceived by those, who employ them. They do not command any respect-prestige in the society. Often people treat them like animals.

वाच: शौ चं मनस: शौच मिन्द्रिय निग्रह:। सर्वभूते दया शौचं एतच्छौचं  पराSर्थिनाम्॥7-18॥
Purity of thoughts, voice-speech-ideas, heart-sentiments, control over passions-sensuality are meaningless, till one fail to  acquire pity over the creatures-God's creations. 
One must be ready to help others by all means-faculties-manners.

 पुष्पे गन्धं तिले तैलंकाष्ठेSग्नि पयसि घृतम्।इक्षौ गुडं तथा देहे पश्या SSत्मानं विवेकत:॥7-19॥
The way-manner, in which smell is present in the flower, oil is present in Til, fire in wood, ghee in milk, sweetness in sugarcane,  the soul is present in the body of the living beings, which can be realized through enlightenment-prudence-understood. 
A detailed study-discussion is present in the chapters titled Salvation over the three blogs:
Chapters on Salvation are attribute to the welfare of mankind and they have nothing to do with/pertaining to religion.

अधमा धन मिच्छन्ति धनमानौ च मध्यमा:।उत्तमा मानमिच्छन्ति मानौ हि महतां धनम्॥8-1॥
Low caste-below standard/status people, give importance-weightage to wealth-money, in this world. Middle-average level people, give significance-priority to money, in addition to grace-respect-honor.The enlightened person-higher category people, give importance to honor-reputation. 
Self respect-esteem is weighed by the people, as an important factor in their life. Social recognition-respect-honor is a prime concern for the enlightened person, in comparison to wealth-money. They can't bear insult-degradation-loss of reputation. They prefer to die in stead of living with shame-insult-dishonor.
There are instances when reputed-honorable people are un necessarily dragged into controversies and insulted by the mean people. Instead of running away. One must fight back and prove his innocence-mantle-might in addition to exposing the guilty-the people, who brought slur-dispute to their name and get them punished.

इक्षुराप: पयो मूलं ताम्बूलं फलमौषधनम्। भक्षयितवापि कर्तव्या: स्नानदानादिका: क्रिया: ॥8-2॥
Daily routine, prayers, rituals, rites, donations, charity can be performed even after consuming-taking sugarcane juice, sugarcane, medicines, milk, chewing of beetle leaves and fruits. 
There are people who do not take/eat any thing before taking bath/performing rituals-prayers. Such people remain firm during illness-hunger-fast. The scriptures do not ban-prohibit the use of medicine-water-milk-juice-fruits during illness.  It does not amount to sin-immorality.

दीपो भक्षयते ध्वान्तं कज्जलं च प्रसूयते। यदन्नं भक्ष्यते नित्यं जायते तादृशी प्रजा॥8-3॥
A lamp removes darkness and produces smoke side by side. Utilization of money earned through deceptive-sinful-corrupt-unlawful means by an individual or the government/king/business empire/administration in the name of development/progress, makes the mentality of the public alike. 
The money earned through righteous-virtuous-pious-honest means, generates Satvik characters in the individuals-masses paving their way to liberation. जैसा खाओ अन्न, वैसा होगा मन। The food which is obtained through righteous means produces good qualities in the humans, leading to divinity.

चांडालानां सहस्रेषु सूरिभि स्तत्वदर्शिभि:। एको हि यवन:प्रोक्तो न नीचो यवनात्पर:॥8-4॥
 A Chandal is equivalent to thousands of Yavan-Greek-Ionian-foreigner-barbarian-mallech-intruders in habits, manners-ethics-behaviour. A single Yavan is capable of creating so much trouble-tensions-botheration, which thousands of Chandals could do if they united together.
A chandal constitute the lowest rank-rung amongest the Hindus, since he lives in the cremation ground and survives over the money and goods belonging to the deceased left there by the relatives of the dead. He eats meat and consume wine along with immorality. In one way emphasis is over the superiority of Hindus pertaining to ethics-culture-moral-behavior-honesty. Today's Hindu is no way different than the Yavans. Still one should remember that all are not alike. Five fingers constituting the hand are never equal.

वित्तं देहि गुणान्वितेषु मति मन्नान्यत्र देहि क्वन्चित्,
प्राप्तं   वारिनिधेर्जलं  घनमुखे  माधुर्ययुक्तं  सदा। 
जीवान् स्थावरजंगमांश्च सकलान् संजीव्य भूमण्डलम् ,
भूय: पश्य तदेव कोटिगुणितं  गच्छन्तमम्भोनिधिम्॥8-5॥
Donations made to the deserving returns thousand folds to the one who has been doing charity-if made to the one who will utilize  it for the welfare of society-weaker sections-down trodden-help poor-person in destitute. Water flows from the rivers to the ocean which has salt but returns in the form of rains which is sweat in taste and nourishing. Rain water nourishes the entire living world by offering more water than the quantum of it, which had moved through the rivers to the ocean.
Donations made by one should never be revealed to any other person. Donation-charity should always be made to the needy-deserving. In today's world trillions of dollars goes to the coffers of those people, who are actively associated with subversive activities. Money received by the NGO's in India is used for personal benefits and luxuries by the patterns who are either politicians or businessmen, in the grab of social workers. In fact most of the NGO's or Bhagidari schemes launches in India are meant to dodge-be fool, the income tax authorities.

तैलाभ्यंगे चिताधूमे मैथुने क्षौर कर्मणि। तावद्भवन्ति चांडालो यावत् स्नानं नाचरेत्॥8-6॥
One must take a bath after massage, return from the cremation ground (-smoke of the funeral pier), sexual intercourse and shave.
After sexual intercourse there should be some gap before one goes for a bath. Oil used on the body after the massage  and sperms after intercourse will soil cloths and give smell. A man who return from the cremation ground has the smell of burning bodies, just like the Chandal who lives there and help in performing last rites.

अजीर्णे भेषजं वारि जीर्णे वारि बलप्रदम्। भोजने चामृतं वारि भोजनान्ते विषं भवेत्॥8-7॥
Water functions as a medicine in case of indigestion,  when the food is digested it helps in release of energy and boost strength-power, water sipped in between food intake, works like nectar-elixir, but it acts like poison if consumed after eating food.
Water is an important component-ingredient of our diet. 2/3 of body constitutes of water. Its quantity in the body has to be maintained. When ever one suffers from indigestion, he has to consume more water so that acidity is reduced. One must take water regularly while eating, since it helps in formation of digestive juices, enzymes, sugars which can be absorbed easily by the small as well as large intestines. On completion of eating one resist his urge for drinking more-excess water, since  it pushes the water faster in the stomach, resulting in mal functioning of the digestive system.

हतं ज्ञानं क्रियाहीनं हतश्चाज्ञानतो नर:। हतं निर्नायकं सैन्यं स्त्रियो नष्टा ह्यभतृका:॥8-8॥ 
Acquisition of knowledge is useless if one does not acts accordingly-utilizes it. Life of illiterate-imprudent-uneducated-unskilled is useless, too. Army becomes function-direction less in the absence of Army Chief. Life of a woman is useless for want of a male-husband-partner.
School-college-university education today, wastes more time, since it is directionless. A number of subjects are taught which do not find any relevance in one's job-life-trade-profession. One can find the children acquiring engineering-medical degree and then opting for management courses, since one can earn more money there. No one really cares for the attitude and aptitude of the child, which leads to gross 
dissatisfaction in all walks of life. A number of people are switching there profession trade continuously, without satisfaction in any one of them. Result is, disharmony in life.
Its essential for every one to identify his taste and utility of the trade-profession in life. Every one needs a guide-a person-mentor-patron, who can show him right direction. Life of a woman may become miserable in the absence of her husband or some male member, in the family to look after her.

वृद्धकाले मृता भार्या बन्धुहस्ते गतं धनम्। भोजनं च पराधीनं तिस्र: पुंसां  विडम्बना॥8-9॥
Death of wife in old age, snatching-taking away-controlling one's wealth by relatives-others, dependence for food over others are extremely painful for a man.
Woman is the true friend-associate in old age, since she takes care of food, health, wealth of a man. After her death, he has to depend over others for food-well being. Son or daughter in law may not take care of the old man. They target his property-wealth and  just wait for him to die, so that it is transferred to them quickly. This may a reason why they neglect the person, who took their care and did every thing for them even without being asked. The current generation is behaving rather like rouges and do not skip a chance to traumatize the old parents. Its therefore essential for a human being to make proper arrangements for his old age so that either he  or his wife has  not depend over others.  [Please read Traumatizing Parents over:]

नाग्निंहोत्रं विना वेदा न च दानं विना क्रिया। न भावेन विना सिद्धिस्तसमाद् भावो हि कारणम्॥8-10॥
Reading-learning-recitation of Veds is useless-does not yields the desired result, without the performance of Agnihotr (-sacrifices in fire)-Yagy-rituals, and donations-charity, thereafter. If these performances are made as routine, without faith-dedication-feelings-inclination-sentiments-confidence-belief, just for showing off and earning the goodwill of the people-masses, they turn out to be useless.
One must have faith-belief in God and the methods adopted to please him. The dedication of the devotee is important-essential, while carrying out these sacrifices and procedures.

काष्ठ-पाषाण-धातूनां कृत्वा भावेन सेवनम्। श्रद्धया च तयां सिद्धिस्तस्य विष्णो: प्रसादत:॥8-11॥
One performs prayers before the statues made up of wood-stone-metals, just by assuming the presence of God-deities-demigods, in them, through the feelings-sentiments. The success-achievement comes through the blessings of  Bhagwan Vishnu.
The statues-temples are symbolic. Everyone is aware/knows that they do not constitute the God, yet just as to concentrate-meditate they are essential.The fact is that the Almighty is present in each and every component of the universe, be it a drop of water, a straw or a sand particle. 

शान्तितुल्यं तपो नास्ति न सन्तोषात् परंसुखम् । न तृष्णाया: परा व्यार्धिन च धर्मो दयापर:॥8-12॥
No asceticism-meditation-Yog is comparable to peace, extreme pleasure-comfort is not comparable to satisfaction, desire to achieve-attain extreme success-maximum wealth is worst possible disease and no faith-religion is comparable to take pity over the poor-needy.
The core of this shlok-verse constitute the idea of peace, satisfaction and pity, for the well being of an individual. There is no restraint over righteous earnings. But desire of too much of every thing is bad-harmful-painful.

गुणों भूषयते रूपं शीलं भूषयते कुलम्। सिद्धिर्भुषयते विद्यां भोगो  भूषयते धनम्॥8-13॥
Beauty has to be matched with grace-radiance-splendor, virtues-moral-character-decent conduct/qualities- 
should match hierarchy-nobility,  education/learning/knowledge is decorated-recognized on receiving money and wealth is useful if it provides  worldly comforts/utilities.
A woman who is beautiful but devoid of grace-manners-shame-good character is not respected in the society. People of high origin/noble families are expected to show stable-balanced behaviour/conduct with the common man. Learning-education-skills-knowledge is useful only when it helps one in earning livelihood bread and butter. Wealth-money is of no use if is not subjected to further earning-utilization-meeting the daily needs/essentials. धन पर साँप बन कर  बैठना उचित नहीं है। इसके सदुपयोग
 होना ही चाहिये। कहते हैं, जोड़-जोड़ मर जायेंगे मॉल जमाई खायेंगे। One must not sit on wealth like a snake. There are people-misers, who keep on earning through out the life and their wealth is utilized by son in laws.

निर्गुणस्य हतं रूपं दु:शीलस्य हतं कुलम्। असिद्धस्य हता विद्या ह्यभोगने हतं धनम्॥8-14॥
A beautiful/handsome man devoid of qualities,  a characterless person from a noble family, education which do not help in employment and the wealth which can not be used for meeting requirements-needs are useless. 
One should behave gracefully, maintain high moral character-standards, make use of learning for earning and utilize wealth-money properly, thoughtfully. Money should never be wasted under any circumstances.

शुद्धं भूमिगतं तोयं शुद्धा नारी पतिव्रता। शुचि: क्षेम करो राजा सन्तोषी ब्राह्मण: शुचि:॥8-15॥
Water driven out of earth, wife dedicated to the husband, king devoted to the welfare of citizens and the Brahmn, who is satisfied-content with himself are considered to be pure.
One must remember that the water driven out of the earth-well-tube wells these days is highly contaminated, due to the pollutants present in the water, through the drain, rivers or stagnant in water bodies.The era of kings has passed away, replaced by highly criminalized politics. Women copy-follow the wretched women and the Brahmn is no more a Brahmn. Details pertaining are available to these are available on different write ups of these blogs, listed on the top. 

असंतुष्टा: द्विजा नष्टा: संतुष्टाश्च महीभृत:। सलज्जा गणिका नष्टा: निर्लज्जाश्च कुलांगना॥8-16॥
The Brahmn-scholar-philosopher-enlightened who is unsatisfied-content parish-loss respect in the society. A king who is content with himself may loss his kingdom. A prostitute who feels ashamed in doing her job may loss her customers and a housewife who does not feel shy-ashamed in dealing with the other person may loss her modesty.
One who is enlightened will never run after money-wealth. His efforts to make more and more money bring him at par with the greedy, money minded people. Kings who do not make efforts for the betterment-prosperity of their citizens do not command respect. A film star-actress socialite-society woman-prostitute is not liked by the people. Their films become flop. A homely woman-housewife who feels attraction-allurement in wretched people/towards vices-wickedness becomes like a whore, if she becomes shameless.

किं कुलेन विशालेन विद्याहिने न देहिनाम। दुष्कुलीनोSपि विदुषो देवैरपि सुपूज्यते॥8-17॥ 
A person of high lineage-noble family is of no use if he in illiterate-uneducated. On the contrary, a learned-enlightened person born in a low status-standard family, commands respect in the society.
There is no doubt that the people who take birth in dignified families but fail to attain education are not respected by any one, including their wife or children. They are more or less like animals. Rote memory-cramming is not learning. One should understand the meaning of what has been learnt and utilize-apply it in his life. It involves understanding, application, skill, ability, interest, appreciation, and change in aptitude.

विद्वान् प्रशस्यते लोके विद्वान् सर्वत्र पूज्यते विद्या लभते सर्व विद्या सर्वत्र पूज्यते॥8-18॥
Enlightened is respected-honored-revered every where. An educated person can achieve all which is rare-precious-valuable. Education is more valuable than any thing else, as it is in demand all over the world. 

मांसभक्षै: सुरापानैर्मूर्खेश्चाक्षरवर्जितै:। पशुभि: पुरुषाकारैर्भाराक्रान्ता हि मेदिनी॥8-19॥
Those who eat meat and drink wine without discriminating between what to eat and what should not be eaten, are like the illiterates-uneducated  who behave just like the animals. Such people are overloading the earth with their weight-sinful wicked acts-vices.
These people lack prudence, since the human body is unfit for meat eating and digesting. Their gestures are more or less similar to animals. The characters which are common between such people and animals are: eating and drinking, sexual intercourse, sleeping and awakening. It has become a common feature in all communities, religions, regions, societies to consume meat be it beef or pork.

अन्न्हीनो दहे द्राष्ट्रं मन्त्रहीनश्च ऋत्विज:। यजमानं दानहीनो नास्ति यक्षसमो रिपु:॥8-20॥
Yagy-Hawan-Agnihotr (-scrifices in pious fire) should be accompanied with donation of food grain. Enchantment of the Vedic Hymns-Shloks should be accurate (-pronounced correctly) failing which it becomes counter productive and start harming the person who organised this pious ritual/activity, along with the priest.
Improper-incorrect pronunciation of Vedic Mantr-Hymn-Shlok alter the meaning and purpose for which the rituals were being carried out. Extreme care is stressed over the correct notes-rhythm-spellings, in such performances. 

मुक्तिमिच्छसि चेत्तात! विषयान् विषवत् त्यज। क्षमार्जवंदया शौचं सत्यं पीयूषवत् ॥9-1॥ 
One who is desirous of attaining Salvation-renunciation-Liberation should reject/discard sensualities-sexuality-lust-passions like poison. One should accept forgiveness  prayers-asceticism, truth,pity, purity-piousness-righteousness-virtuousness as nectar-elixir.
Religion means faith in God. Faith is a factor which always keeps one tied to the welfare of others. The Ultimate goal of a faithful is assimilation in the Almighty-Permanand (-extreme pleasure). Nothing is left to be attained once we taste the Ultimate Pleasure. Salvation is the core of religion. One who is desirous of understanding Salvation may log on to: 

परस्परस्य मर्माणि ये भाषन्ते नराधमा: । त एव विलयं यान्ति वल्मीकोदरसर्पवत्॥9-2॥ 
Those who are aware of mutual weaknesses/secrets and reveal them in public-before others to bring slur/blot/bad name/insult, perish the way a snake is killed when it enters the ant hill/snake hole and gets struck find no way/means to come out of it.
There are occasions when close/bosom friends (-married couple), separates and/or are not able to reconcile must not revel any thing to others in their own benefit. Those who learn their secrets often exploit/black mail them and extract money from them. Money is not everything in life, their opponents finds an opportunity to finish them. If the confidentiality is maintained there is always a chance to reproach-reconcile-negotiate and come to friendly terms again.

                                गन्ध: सुवर्णे फलमिक्षुदण्डे, नाSकारि  पुष्पं खलु चन्दनस्य।
                               विद्वान् धनाढ़यश्च नृपश्चिरायु: कोSपि न बुद्धिदोSभूत्॥9-3॥  
Its a tragedy/irony that the gold has no fragrance, sugar cane is without fruits, chandan tree has no flowers, enlightened are not rich, the kings are not blessed with long life.
No one is perfect in this world. Every one lacks on or the other quality.

                                     सरवौषधीनाममृता प्रधाना, सर्वेषु सौख्येष्वशनं प्रधानम्। 
                                    सर्वेन्द्रियाणां नयनं प्रधानं, सर्वेषु गात्रेषु शिर:प्रधानम्॥9-4॥ 
Nectar-elixir is the best medicine, food constitutes the main comfort, eyes are most important among all the sense organs and head is the major organ-system in the body.
Elixir cures all ailments and makes a person long lived without any disease. Unless until one consumes food-meals, he do not find comfort in any of the riches-wealth collected by him. Hunger accompanied with thirst are to be satisfied first. Without eyes, one can not experience-enjoy the world.  Smell, taste, hearing and even sex are inferior to seeing-vision. Head has the brain which controls the body, organs and systems. Without head the living being is non existent.

                      दूतो न ञ्चरति  खे न चलेच्च वार्ता पूर्वं न जल्पित मिदं न च संगमोSस्ति ।
                 व्योम्नि स्थितं रविशशिग्रहणं प्रशस्तं जानाति यो द्विजवर: स कथं न विद्यान्॥9-5॥
Those people who found-discovered the solar and lunar eclipses are certainly intelligent-enlightened. No one can visit the whole solar system or the entire universe to decode the mysteries surrounding us. 
Continuous efforts are there to explore the mysteries pertaining to the creation-existence-perpetuation of the universe.  Observation-explorations are made, recorded and preserved. Data is made available to the next generations to explore-develop-advance it further. Scientists are busy decoding the mysteries of Egyptian, Inka, Mayan and other civilizations. Its needless to say that all fine details are already present in Purans. The irony is that they are edited to 1/6th. Most of the details are willfully removed from them so that they do not fall in improper-undesirable  hands.

     विद्यार्थी सेवक: पान्थ: क्षुधाSSर्तो भयकातर:। भाण्डारी  प्रतिहारी च सप्त सुप्तान् प्रबोधयेत्॥9-6॥
Student-learner, servant, traveler, hungry, frightened, storekeeper-caretaker of kitchen and the gatekeeper-guard are the people who should be awakened if they are sleeping, at undesirable-unreasonable time-period.
A student sleeping during the class will not be able to listen-understand, what has been taught. The servant-employee, who is paid for working is not supposed to sleep during working hours-at work. A traveler will loss his belongings if he sleeps or is careless during the journey-thieves will decamp with his luggage. One who is hungry will not be able to eat, since the food items will be consumed during the period of his sleep. One who is frightened-afraid of some one, is sure to be caught, if he sleeps instead of finding a safe place for hiding-protection. The cook will not be able to prepare the meals according to the recipe as he will commit mistakes in the use of spices, oil, water, additives ; which will spoil the recipes.  At occasions people, who are opposed to him mix poison in the food. If the guard-gate keeper sleeps enemy-miscreants-thieves will sneak into the place protected by him.

             अहिं नृपं शार्दूलं वृर्हि च बालकं तथा। परश्यानं च मूर्खं च सप्त सुप्तान्न बोधयेत्॥9-7॥
One should not awake the sleeping lion (-cats), wasp-hornet (-honey bee), king, snake, child, dog belonging to others and the idiots-brainless people, as it is dangerous.
Snake and lion become angry and may attack the one, who disturbs them. The king may become furious and punish the guilty. The wasp and dogs attack at once and the culprit may be hurt. The child will start weeping and it will be difficult to calm him. The idiot is idiot, he can react in peculiar manners.

     अर्थाSधीताश्च यैर्वेदास्तथा शूद्रान्न भोजिना:। ते द्विजा: किं करिष्यन्ति निर्विषा इव पन्नगा:॥9-8॥
Brahmns who are considered enlightened and enjoys the respect in the society looses all the divine powers to grant boons or curse if they either earn money by teaching the Veds-scriptures-epics or eat the food offered by the low category people, just like a snake who has no poison in his fangs.
The current cosmic era-age is Kalyug, which will witness the degradation of religion-values-ethics-piousness-righteousness-virtuousness and acceptance of corruptions-wickedness-voluptuousness-immorality etc. by the human beings as a way of life.
More details are available over this blog in the form of Brahmns today.

    यस्मिन् रुष्टे  भयं नास्ति तुष्टे नैव धनाSSगम:। निग्रहोSनुग्रहो  नास्ति स रुष्ट किं करिष्यति ॥9-9॥
Those who are neutral (-discarded), neither harm nor help any one. Their pleasure of displeasure never turn to money losses. People don't care for the happiness or anger/anonymity of such people. 
One can never remain aloof in the society. He is bound to interact with the fellow people. He should see that he has his say-voice pertaining to the matters of common interest. He should prove his worth as and when required. Neutrality or turning back to the burning issues is never good or advisable. Children start discarding their elders in old age, if they do not maintain their independence-mantel-worth-value. People care those people only whom they fear or respect.

         निर्विशेणाSपि सर्पेण कर्तव्या महती फणा। विषमस्तु न चाप्यस्तु घटाटोपो भयंकर:॥9-10॥
A poison less snake too raise it's hood/head to create fear. His hissing is sufficient to raise terror in the minds of people, failing which people will through stones over him, tease him.
Those people who want to maintain their dignity-respect should show their mantel-worth-value to the the people. 

        प्रातर्ध्यूतप्रसंगेन  मध्यान्हे स्त्रीप्रसंगत:। रात्रौ चौर्यप्रसंगेन कालो गच्छते धीमताम्॥9-11॥

People who idle away/waste/pass their time in inauspicious activities like gambling in the morning, rape-sex-vulgarities-lust-passions-sensualities at noon and thefts-robberies kidnapping-terrorism-murder like activities in the evening/night waste their life. This life is precious and obtained after 84,00, 000 incarnations in species like insects, birds, reptiles, animals etc.One should never waste it. Its invaluable.
One should start his day with the remembrances of Maha Bharat which forbid gambling/
betting/sinful activities, day with the learning-understanding Ramayan and the evenings with the knowledge analysis of Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta, can certainly purify his sins and previous one after another incarnations to achieve Liberation-Salvation. Maha Bharat teaches how to live during the current era/age, Ramayan teaches how to be a model person in this world and Geeta teaches how one can face-survive the tortures of the opposite situations.

       स्वहस्तग्रथिता माला स्वहस्तघृष्चन्दनम्। स्वहस्तलिखितं स्त्रोत्रं शक्रयापि श्रियं हरेत्॥9-12॥

One who pray to the Almighty with the help of self made garland, chandan paste, rhymes-hymens-poems-rituals becomes capable of attaining-acquiring all riches of the heavens.
There may be instances when the rich hand over the services in the temple-church-mosque-gurudwara to the servants. One must perform these activities by himself as and when he gets time, in addition to prayers, change of cloths of the prayed-God, cleaning, brooming, offering sacrifices, incense sticks-candles etc. As a matter of fact one must spare time for these rituals every day in the morning and evening. During the morning prayers he should face the east and during evenings the north directions. Sun rises in the east and the north is the magnetic alignment for purity-success-virtuous activities.

           इक्षुदंडास्तिला: क्षुद्रा कान्ता हेम च मेदिनी। चन्दनं दधि ताम्बूलं मर्दनं गुण वर्द्धनम्॥9-13॥

More one squeezes/rub/crush/purify/clarify sugar cane, til, woman, gold, idiot, the earth, chandan, curd and the beetle leaves, more useful they become.
Its a process to make some one more useful-acceptable for the society. An idiot or a woman become more useful if they are trained seriously. In fact its applicable to all of us. Training, teaching, preaching improve the behavior of all human beings.Sugar cane yield more juice, til yield more oil, gold acquire more luster-shine, earth yield more/better crops-minerals, chandan make better paste for the forehead, curd yield more butter-ghee and beetle leaves yield more extract to improve digestion.

                                  दरिद्रता धीरतया विराजते, कुवस्त्रता शुभ्रतया विराजते।

                          कदन्नता चोष्णतया विराजते, कुरूपता शीलतया विराजते॥9-14॥  
Poverty become painless if one has patience. Poor quality cloths look good if they are washed. Food made of raw grain-cereals become tasty if served hot. A person with good nature and character is admired-liked by every one even if he is not beautiful-handsome. 
One who has qualities-virtues-righteousness-abilities, which can win the hearts of the people is accepted by every one even if his features are not good. 

One who is poor is not considered poverty stricken if he is educated-skilled-learned-enlightened. A rich-wealthy person is in fact poor if he is devoid of learning-education-knowledge.||10-1||

There are numerous instances where the skilled people have reached the peaks of their field-profession.Side by side we find people who lost every thing obtained by them through inheritance because they were unable to negotiate with the business empire for the lack of expertise-knowledge.

One must put forth his foot (-next move) cautiously-carefully, drink filtered (-purified) water and speak as per the directions-dictates of the scriptures-epics, thoughtfully.||10-2||
One must be careful-cautious in life at each and every step. Proper planning is a must before execution.Pros and cons must be weighed. proper research-field surveys must be done before taking over-undertaking a new venture-project. This process is icon to filtration. One should drink filtered-potable water. Impurities are rejected-eliminated. Similarly, negativities of the project should be avoided. This is equally good-applicable to speech. One should not hurt the sentiments through harsh words. One should control the anger-fury-anguish-furor before he pronounce something.

One who is desirous of learning can not afford comforts-luxuries-pleasures and vice-versa.||10-3||

Learning-education-enlightenment is a process which needs dedication, concentration and whole hearted efforts. This is the reason very few people reach the highest level of learning in universities or the trade they adopt. The trend is changing now a days. People prefer those schools for their children which provide all sorts of amenities like air conditioning-excellent meals. They select the school by the size and appearance-looks of the building, facilities-amenities. Education standards, curriculum, staff, content are minor things for them. One simple question they generally ask is the reputation of the institution.

The poet (-fiction writer) can imagine anything, a women can dare anything without restriction, a drunkard can speak anything and a crow can eat anything.||10-4|

The crow eats worst possible things, similarly the other three categories of people become unmanageable if they do not control them selves.

Mysterious are the ways of God, due to sheer luck-mercy of God a pauper turn rich-wealthy over night and the king loss his throne. |10-5||

One can see the presidents, prime ministers, kings loosing their chairs over night due to coops. There a number of people who were penniless and today they are multi-millionaires. Though luck has contributed a lot towards their success but we must remember that the Karm-Deeds-labor-industriousness is also a factor, behind their success.

One who ask for money/make demands, is considered to be an enemy by the miser. One who guides-show path to the idiot is his biggest enemy, the characterless woman finds her biggest enemy in the husband, while moon (-light) create obstruction in the working of the thief.||10-6|| 
A miser earns money, protects it, do not spend it over his needs-essentials and considers his relatives-friends-sons-children-wife etc as his enemy if they request some money for their basic needs. Such people die without making proper use of the wealth. Those who were deprived of it make use of it later. Such people do not believe in mercy, charity, donations. he is more or less an idiot.
An idiot never pays attention to the guidance-advice-help offered by the well wishers. He repent later and curse his luck for the trouble-tensions he create for him self.
The women who are sex blind,daring, bold, dare devil are exploited by the depraved-corrupt-villain-vicious-wicked-vitiated time and again.they loss their virginity and respect in the society. People may praise them in front but talk differently on their back. any one-who tries to show them the righteous path is treated as a villain, be it father or the husband.In the present cosmic era such women are praised for their beauty, manners, style, cleverness, resourcefulness, maneuvers, moves, glory. they have fan clubs, admirers all over the world. Their photographs are published in news papers, net, media. such women are often seen reaching the parliament and occupying the reins/echelons of power, reaching highest position. as well.
The thief has become more devil  He has started snatching/stealing valuables in broad day light. Don't you see the hackers stealing all sorts of information and making us bankrupt.Cyber crimes are on the rise, day by day.

One is like an animal and burden over earth if he is illiterate-uneducated-has no knowledge or excellence in one or the other field, do not donate or believe in charity,do not take pity-mercy over others, lacks politeness and religiosity-has no faith in God.|| 10-7||

Birth in human species is extremely rare. Its a God gifted opportunity to do good or reduce the burden of sins.One can correct-improve-purify himself through good deeds.

Its no use teaching-preaching the people whose inner self is empty-those who do not possess any quality-wisdom. The effort will go waste just as the air bearing the scent of sandal wood from Malyanchal hills is unable to transfer it to the bamboo.||10-8||

This situation is icon-similar to those people who are crude-raw-hardened criminals-outlaws. They are brutal-criminal minds. Their mentality can not be changed. You can not turn an ass into a cow even after washing it with 100 quintals of soap.

A person who do not possess intelligence (-brain power, mind), capacity to think-analyse-adopt, can not be improved-educated-enlightened by using the scriptures-epics Its just like showing mirror to the blind.||10-9||

Such people always react in opposite direction. They consider scriptures to be fake-fraud-taboo-useless. One can not wash the brains of these narrow minded-misguided people.

Its not possible to convert-improve-reform a depraved-wicked-vicious-corrupt-villain-vitiated exactly the way the anus can not be converted into mouth.||10-10||

Hard core criminals, jihadies, terrorists can not be civilizes. They just needs to be eliminated.

Anonymity with the soul-sages-saints-philosophers-enlightened-Rishis-Munis leads to death, with others money losses, with the state-king-judiciary leads to suicide-spoiling life and with Brahmns  it leads to the loss of entire family-virtues.||10-11||

Its not a secret but a matter of experience. Those who tease the holy people face their curse leading to innumerable period in hells. Once you file a suit in the court for redressal of your trouble with the state or the police or the mighty entire time/life will be lost paying to the counsel for his fees and wastage of time. Justice is like illusion. One keeps on fighting court cases all over his life and then the next generation is burdened to do the same.

One should live in a jungle-forest, amongest the lions-tigers, over the tree, surviving over the leaves, fruits and water, sleeping over straw, wearing torn balk of the tree; instead of living as a pauper-dependent over his brothers-relatives, devoid of wealth-riches.||10-12||

Its a matter of bitter experience. The poor has to bear the insult by his close relatives-blood relations. Its rightly said that "poverty is a curse".

One should treat the Brahmn (-enlightened, sage, philosopher, Rishi, Muni, Mahrishi, Brahmrishi, Devrishi, saint, ascetics) cautiously-carefully-honorably-respectfully and make efforts to protect-save him, since he is like the roots of tree, which constitutes of prayers-both morning and evening Sandhya, Veds constitutes the branches, Dharm-Karm (-religions and auspicious-virtuous-righteous deeds) are like its leaves. The tree will perish-die if the roots are destroyed.||10-13||

The person who educates the whole society deserve protection and help at each and every step.

The devotee is like the child of the Goddess Laxmi and Almighty Bhagwan Vishnu, three abodes (-Heavens, Earth and Patals) are like his home and the devotees of the God are like his relatives-brothers.||10-14||
The soul is a component of the Ultimate soul and all other souls are related to him.

Birds of all species-colors-sizes come and settle over the tree at night and fly in all the ten directions in the morning. There is nothing to grieve-worry-bother about it.||1015||

People take birth in a family, live together for a while and then they again move to heavenly abodes, after the death.

One who is blessed with intelligence has power-might-strength, like a rabbit who can eliminate the lion by making use of his brain power-mind.||10-16||
A lion used to kill animals indiscriminately in the jungle. Animals prayed to him that one of them will offer himself to the lion for food every day. The lion agreed. One day, it was the turn of rabbit. The rabbit made a plan to get rid of the lion. He became late knowingly. The lion grew angry with him, as soon as the rabbit reached his den. Rabbit explained that he was interrupted by another lion on the way and that the rabbit had promised to return with the lion to  him. The lion at once moved with him in a fit of anger-rage. Ultimately they reached a deep well. The rabbit told that the other loin was there inside the well. Lion growled-roared at his shadow in the well. The echo returned louder. Lion jumped into the well to take revenge from the his shadow  and died.

Chanky prayed to the lord of the three abodes and bowed to serve the humanity by offering himself-committing repeatedly-again and again. He thought that the it was the Almighty who is taking care of the organisms for food, shelter and protection. Had it not been so, how would have milk come in the breast of the mother to feed the child.||10-17||

One should be committed to his job-work-functions-deeds, like Bhagwan Vishnu who nurtures us all. We believe that the one who has created us will provide us with all that we need. In return the human beings must thank him and seek asylum under him. We should commit over selves to the service of the humanity -man kind tirelessly, voluntarily, piously-righteously-honestly.

One loves Sanskrt being a perfect scientific language along with the desire, to learn other languages as well like the demigods, who wish to roam-enjoy-flirt, with the Apsras of the heavens.||10-18||

Its essential to know the other world around if one wish to survive. Communication with the foreigners is a must for trade, business, development and growth. Migration becomes essential when one finds it difficult to earn at home and alternate opportunities are available abroad. One must not hesitate in doing so but maintain his culture-ethics side by side.

Flour has 10 times the strength of the grain, milk has 8 times the nourishment as compared to flour, meat provides 8 times more nourishment as compared to milk and Ghee has 10 times the nourishment than the meat.||10-19||

Grain is raw. When it is turned to flour, it becomes easy for the intestines to absorb the nutrients from it. Milk is considered to be a balanced diet, full of nutrients. Ghee-clarified butter, is a wonderful ingredient for the body, as it boost muscle power along with brain power, provided that one performs exercise-manual labour Yog everyday.  Ghee increases the taste of the food. It corrects the eye sight side by side. Its extremely good for the brain cells and boosts intelligence. For sedimentary workers, it leads to deposition of fat in the body. So, they should consume ghee in a  restricted quantity, only. Its a better substitute for meat-fish-egg. As a matter of fact there is no substitute for vegetarian meals.

Eating of sag (-green leafy vegetables) enhances illness-diseases, milk makes the body fat, Ghee increases the sperms-strength-potency, while meat increases the meat in the body. ||10-20||

Doctors advocate eating of sag (-shak) green leafy vegetables because they rich in iron-minerals forgetting that the vestigial organ in the human body-appendix, which digests the chlorophyll in the body is not working/functional less. The leaves are more prone to carry insecticides-pesticides, larvae-worms over them.

One has four inborn tendencies-donation, polite speech, tolerance-patience-bravery and capacity to analyse right-wrong. These faculties can not be acquired or adopted through practice.||11-1||

One acquires such tendencies by virtue of his deeds in previous births. Unless until one surrenders-offers himself to God's domain, virtuousness does not reflect in his behaviour-working.

One seeks help from other communities by rejecting his own people, is destroyed just like the king who joins the religion of others.|| 11-2||

One should remain faithful-devoted-loyal to his people for survival-progress, otherwise his down fall is imminent. The king's duty is to protect his citizens. if he forbids this prime concern, he is sure to loss the throne. The ministers who are entangled-involved in corruption are not only rejected by the public, they go to jail as well.

Elephant is bulky, but it can be controlled through a goad, which is too small as compared to it. The lamp removes the darkness, is the lamp of the size of the darkness? Is the Thunder volt (-Vjr) which reduces the mountains to dust, of the size of mountain? Size is immaterial as compared to the sprit-majesty-dignity-strength-energy-power possessed by one (-object) not the bulky body.||11-3||

A small dynamite stick is sufficient to destroy large buildings/hills. An ant can create trouble for the elephant. extremely low quantity of Uranium or Thorium can produce more quantum of energy as compared to oil , wood or coal. One with intelligence can defeat voluminous-large armies. Size does not matter. Its the courage-intelligence-patience-presence of mind-cleverness, which matters.

Its believed that the God leaves the earth after the expiry of 10,000 years, Deity mother Holy river Ganga leaves for her heavenly abode after the expiry of 5,000 years and the deity of the village leaves it after the expiry of 2,500 years for the inhabitants to them selves-to take their own care or to mange their affairs themselves. ||11-4||

This is destined to happen in the last Manvanter. Bhagwan Vishnu will take 10th incarnation only after the expirary of around 2 Lakh years. He is sure to return to set every thing right. Til then mis management will persist. Corruption-wickedness will become the order of this cosmic era. Devil will show his impact. One with money will be the lord. Greed, passion, covet will become the order of the times. Culture, ethics, morality will take the back seat. Dharm will reach its extremely low levels.

One who has attachment for home, can not attain education, meat eaters do not have mercy, greedy do not have truth and those who who are wicked-adulterators-amorphous-wanton-lustful-passionate-blinded by the desire of sex, lack purity-piousness.||11-5||
One should not expect religiosity from sinful-lustful-depraved-corrupt people. Those who eat meat can not have mercy-pity over the others. Cruelty is a part of their nature. One who eats meat can not claim to be kind.

Neem (-Melia azadirachta-Margosa tree) which is known for its bitter taste, does not change in spite of nourishing with milk and Ghee-clarified butter. The depraved-corrupt-vitiated-vicious-villain does not change their behaviour, cruelty wickedness, how so hard your efforts may be.||11-6||
On the contrary these things are taught to the innocent from the early child hood. Own nature added with teaching makes them hardened criminals, anti social-terrorists.

The way a pot containing wine remains impure, even after putting it in fire repeatedly, one having lust-devil-malice-cruelty-disorder-abnormality-vices-wickedness-addiction-adultery-scorn-slender-darkness in his inner self (-heart, mind and soul) does not change even after bathing in holy rivers or visiting holy places-shrines-temples.||11-7|| 

Exceptions are always there. Unless until one has inner desire to modify its not possible to reform him. But there are people who change due to the impact of good company. A time comes in the life of the people when they realize the truth and comes under the shelter of the Almighty. One must be given a chance to reform-improve. Even dreaded criminals are found to change heart and seek asylum-refuge-patronage under the God.

One who is incompetent to recognize the excellence-qualities-characters of others and always abuse-scorn-censure-defame-criticize-blaspheme-blame them, does not exclaim-astonish-wonder-surprise any one. This is icon to Bhilni (-tribal women) wearing garland made up of berries instead of pearls present in the head of elephants.||11-8||

One do not know the value-cost of a commodity, can not preserve/save/respect it. The ignorant often insult the sages-saints-learned-enlightened.

One eats the food-meals quietly for one year is respected-honored for 1,00,00,000 years in the heavens.||11-9||

Most of the people finds it as an opportunity to discuss matter over the dinning table. Parties are hosted to bring the people together. Its always advised to take the meals quietly-silently. Those who talk during meals fail to chew the meals and swallow it as such. Even the animals chew the food repeatedly-silently. Silence is significant as it saves energy and protects from useless talk-gossip-wastage of time. Its another kind of asceticism (-Tapsya), mode of attainment of God.

A student has to reject-forget sex, anger, greed, desire to eat tasty food, make up, recreation-entertainment-games-plays-shows, excess sleep and flattery.||11-10||
These things are mis match for studies-learning. He should be eager-ready-anxious to learn-understand and apply, what has been learnt. Rote memory-cramming is of no use. There is no place for back biting, rest for a learner. He should devote him self to the Guru-teacher-master.

The Brahmn (-learned, enlightened) who survive over the fruits-roots-bulbous roots grown over un cultivated  land not meant for farming-agriculture, in the jungle-forest and make offerings every day for his ancestors-pitres is called a Rishi.||11-11||
Rishi-Brahm Rishi-Mahrishi-Dev Rishi are titles of the Brahmn who are engaged in asceticism-meditation-devout/profound meditation. Some depend over leaves of plants others over fruits-bulbs-roots or simply air. Kshtriy (-marshal castes in India) too undertake rigorous asceticism-meditation-fasting for the cleansing of body-mind and soul. fasting is very common practice in India. Almost every mature Hindu believes in it.

The Brahmn who takes single meal to keeps the body fit-fine-tuned to maintain the purity-piousness of brain-mind, do his duties-rituals-prayers-agnihotr regularly and contact the wife/woman only for producing children without lust, not as an object of sex, is called a Dwij (-born twice, first from the womb and then through Jneu-sacred thread ceremony-education).||11-12||
Its really difficult for the Brahmn to follow the code of conduct meant for him in recent times. In the Kal Yug its quiet impossible. Still, exceptions are always there. Brahmns are Brahmns only for the name sake. They have started eating  meat, drinking wine, smoking, trading and other acts which were taboo hither to, for them.

The Brahmn who rear-breed animals, engage him self in trade, animal husbandry, agriculture is termed as Vaishy (-businessman-trader)||11-13||

This is how the caste system originated.People who turned to such activities never turned back to Brahmnism. The exodus is continuing at a much faster rate these days.

The Brahmn who engage him self in trading of lac-shellac-sealing wax, oil, Neel (-blue), cloth coloring-dying-printing-weaving-tailoring, honey, Ghee, wine, meat-egg-fish,etc. is termed as Shudr (-last/lowest caste-Vern-segment in Hinduism).|| 11-14||

This is how Brahmns lower down/degrade them selves in caste hierarchy.We often quote Manu Smarti as the propagator of caste system in India which says the caste is determined by birth. Here we see how the caste system is formed due to the greed-needs-requirements of individuals. Its a fact that once a person adopted lower caste, he never went back to Brahmnism.

One who spoils works/efforts/projects of others, is an impostor-dissembling-hypocrite-heretic, busy in own selfish motives, like a sharp knife/weapon from inside, cheat/envy others, but shows off as polite-soft-quiet is termed as a male cat.||11-15||

One should be careful-cautious with such people, having realized-identified them. One should remain at an arms length-away from them. They are cunning-deceiving people. Cruelty lies in their brain.

The Brahmn who destroy water bodies, ponds, wells, reservoirs, orchards, gardens, parks, public utilities, with out fear-shamelessly is described as a Mallechhe-a category below the Shudr-Chandal in Hinduism.||11-16||

There is no place for destructive minds-people in Brahmnism-Hinduism. Such people are called out caste. They were made to stay out of the village.

One who steals the wealth of deities (-from the temples, donations, charity) and Brahmns (-cheating, snatching, looting), have intercourse-sex with the woman of others, lives-survives with all animals (-pigs, donkeys, snakes etc.) is termed as a Chandal-lowest category of castes in Hinduism.||11-17||

The money offered to the deities-temples-Brahmns is in return for the protection/release from sins-pains-grief -sorrow, one has been suffering-undergoing. even the Pujari (-Brahmn performing prayers at the temples)are afraid of taking it, as it results in un told miseries-troubles. Those who snatched-looted temples wealth from the temples in India had to face disasters be it intruders-barbarians-Ghauri-British.

The honey bee have to repent-remorse since they just collects it but do not donate-share it with others, the miser-wealthy too repent as they do not use for charity. Those who offer-contribute their earnings  for charity-social works-helping the poor-down trodden qualify for Salvation.||11-18||

Bahu Bali, Karn, Vikramadity are the people remembered for the charity they had done, through out their lives. Chanky him self never collected money, even though he was maintaining the empire established by him under Chandr Gupt Maury.

The way a pitcher-jug-jar is filled by the continuous drops of water falling into it, the same way wealth, education-learning and Dharm are attained.||11-19||

Continued efforts brings enlightenment, riches and purity-truth to the one who wants them.

One who is wretched-villain-cunning-cruel-corrupt-depraved, remains unchanged in spite of his growing age just like the fruit of Indrayan which remains sour in spite of ripening.||11-20||

Modification of behaviour is possible through rigorous efforts and devotion only and only when one is willing to do so. 

मुहूर्तमपि जीवेच्च नर: शुक्लेन कर्मणा। न कल्पमपि कष्टेन लोकदव्य विरोधिना॥ 
One must discharge his duties in pious-decent ways even he gets a little bit of time of one Muhurt (-nearly 48 minutes). since this type of living is considered to be excellent by the scriptures. Survival by performing depraved-wicked -vicious vitiated deeds is useless even for thousands of years.||12-1||
The theme behind this is that the humans should devote their lives to virtuous-pious-righteous deeds which helps the needy-poor-down trodden.

गते शोको न कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिन्तयेत्। वर्तमानेन कालेन प्रवर्तन्ते विचक्षणा:॥ 12-2॥
One must not bother-grieve over the past and the future. The intelligent always takes care of the present.
The one who has died will not return if you grieve-sorrow-repent. Its advisable to analyse the past and modify-improve the deeds in the light of the mistakes of the past. Always try to do good to have good.

स्वभावेन हि तुष्यन्ति देवा: सत्पुरुषा: पिता। ज्ञातय: स्नानपानाभ्यां वाक्यदानेन पण्डिता:॥12-3||
Enlightened, gentle men and the father become happy by the pleasing-decent behaviour, relatives-friends become happy through the good meals-breakfast-welcome while the pundit (-philosophers, scholars) can be pleased through sweet-pleasing talks.
This is a established fact that decent behavior can win even the dreaded-worst possible enemy.

अहो बत विचित्राणी चरितानी महाSSत्मनाम्। लक्ष्मीं तृणाय मन्यन्ते तद्भारेण नमन्ति च॥ 12-4||
Its surprising-amazing that the great souls-enlightened-sages become even more liberal-polite-quite with the accumulation of wealth, which they consider to be a piece of straw. 
The neorich-newly elected legislatures and their children along with other family members are full of ego-pretense-hypocrisy-deceit-pride-arrogance. They do not care for the feelings-sentiments-liberty of others. The learned-philosophers-Pundit rarely become aggressive as and when there an addition in their assets. On the contrary their behaviour become even more friendly.

यस्य स्नेहो भयं तस्य स्नेहो दुःखस्य भाजनम्। स्नेहमूलानि दु:खानि तानि त्यक्त्वा वसेत्सुखम्॥ 12-5||
 One is afraid of the person with whom he has affection-love. Love and affection are the root cause of sorrow-pain-grief and behind each and every trouble. One should reject-renounce-cut these attachments-bonds-sentiments to become happy-fearless-tension less-trouble free.
Its easy to say than doing it. Its extremely difficult to eliminate the family bonds-attachments through out the life. You over come one problem and the other welcomes you. Till the end comes humans remain busy with their routine. One should find time for prayers-worship-social service and helping others. These are the acts which help him in relinquishing the world without pain.

अनागत विधाता च प्रत्युत्पन्नमतिस्तथा। द्वावेतौ सुखमेधेते यद्भविष्यो विनश्यति ॥12-6॥
One who is prepared-ready to face the trouble and the other who finds solutions to remove-eliminate the trouble as and when it comes, are capable to increase-enhance-boost their pleasure-comfort-happiness.The one who thinks that what ever is the destiny, will happen, will not survive and destroy-perish.
It has been stressed that the destiny will mold the future events. But it has been explained that one must make efforts to come out of the trouble. There is no point in sitting idle and waiting for the destiny to do more. Destiny provides guide lines only and the humans find their way out from stress-difficulties. You know nothing is impossible in this world for those who strive for success.

अनागत विधाता च प्रत्युत्पन्नमतिस्तथा। द्वावेतौ सुखमेधेते यद्भविष्यो विनश्यति ॥12-6॥
One who is prepared-ready to face the trouble and the other who finds solutions to remove-eliminate the trouble as and when it comes, are capable to increase-enhance-boost their pleasure-comfort-happiness.The one who thinks that what ever is the destiny, will happen, will not survive and destroy-perish.
It has been stressed that the destiny will mold the future events. But it has been explained that one must make efforts to come out of the trouble. There is no point in sitting idle and waiting for the destiny to do more. Destiny provides guide lines only and the humans find their way out from stress-difficulties. You know nothing is impossible in this world for those who strive for success.

राज्ञि धर्मिणी धर्मिष्ठा: पापे पापा: समे समा:। राजानमनुवर्तन्ते यथा राजा तथा प्रजा:॥12-7॥ 
People-subjects-population-citizens of a state become righteous-virtuous-religious-pious, if the king is religious, the subjects become wicked-sinners-criminals if the king is wretched-sinner, the population become neutral if the king is neutral; since the subjects follow-copy the behavior of the king.
This is but natural. The mentality of the subjects is always guided by the working of the government. In a democratic set up, we observe that corruption is on the rise, since those who come to power wish to acquire un limited wealth for their descendants. Indian premiers, ministers, legislatures always try to find ways to boost their income through fair or foul means. They are not scared by the law as they are able-capable of mending it according to their designs.
The reigns of government are in the hands of those, whose family has allegiance to various religions. As a result of this, inter cast marriages are on the rise, leading to frequent divorces.

जीवन्तं मृतवन्मन्ये देहिनं धर्मवर्जितम् । मृतो धर्मेण संयुक्तो दीर्घजीवी न संशय:॥12-8॥
One who is devoid of religion (-Dharm) is comparable to the dead, though living. There is no doubt that the one  who is religious remains alive (-in the memory-minds of others).
The good deeds of the people remains for generations to come, as tales-stories and guide the people. The scriptures are full of such stories which inspire us to do virtuous-pious-righteous-brave deeds.

धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणां यस्यैकोSपि न विध्यते। अजागलस्तनस्येव तस्य जन्म निरर्थकम् ॥12-9॥ 

The life-survival of one, who is without Dharm (-religion), Arth (-money, purpose to live/survive), Kam (-reproduction) and Moksh (-Salvation-Liberation-Assimilation in the Ultimate-the Almighty), is comparable to the breast-nipple-teats of goats hanging around their necks, which serve no purpose-useless.

Birth as humans is very rare. Its God's gift to us to perform our useful-virtuous deeds. We should understand this and modify our lives accordingly.

दह्यमाना: सुतिव्रेण नीचा: पर-यशोSग्निना। अशक्तास्तत्पदं गन्तुं ततो प्रकुर्वते॥12-10॥ 
Depraved-wicked-vicious-corrupt-villain can never tolerate the rise-success-honors of a righteous hard working person, since they are jealous-incapable and therefore they start blaming-censure-scorn-abuse-slander-criticism-blasphemy against him.
Its very common and seen almost all walks of life. One should be extremely careful, recognize them and alienate from them. He should take curative -remedial measures against such people. Today's business world is full of these tendencies leading to hostile take overs. Politics is polluted and degraded to the worst possible levels.

बन्धाय  विषयाSSसक्तं मुक्त्यै निर्विषयं मन:। मन एवं मनुष्याणां कारणं बन्धमोक्षयो॥12-11॥
One is a slave of his thoughts and finds himself bonded-attached and the purity of thoughts liberate him from the illusions-worldly-sensual enjoyments-pleasures. When these bonds are cut-broken, he is liberated-relinquished to attain Moksh-Salvation-the Ultimate.  
Detailed discussion is available along with mythology on this blog on chapters pertaining to SALVATION, for the virtuous readers.

देहाभिमाने गलिते विज्ञाते परमात्मनी। यत्र तत्र मनो याति तत्र तत्र समाधय:॥12-12॥
With the elimination of the ego, of having this human incarnation and recognizing oneself to be a component of the Almighty, one should consider himself to be present at the place, where ever the brain wave takes him, associated with asceticism and profound meditation (-smadhi समाधि).
Profound meditation is attained when the individual concentrate all his energies-brain power, devote-surrenders-takes asylum/shelter under the God. His body is still, respiration comes to minimum possible level, yet he is alive. Reciting-remembering-offering himself to the dictates of the creator, which continues for thousands and thousands of years-eras. This process continues in isolated places-caves-peaks of mountains, where no one dare reach. Identity of the devoted merges with that of the God.

ईप्सितं मनस: सर्व कस्य सम्पद्यते सुखम्। दैवाSSयत्तं यत: सर्व तस्मात्सन्तोष्माश्रयेत्॥12-13॥  
All-each and every desire of a person can never be fulfilled, since everything is controlled by destiny. Therefore one must satisfy with what ever has been attained by him.
Destiny plays its role in the life of each and every individual, but do not debar him from making efforts. In fact one must not make un reasonable desires-demands. If each and every person desire to become a king then chaos will develop. Desires are un limited and have no end.

यथा धेनुसहत्रेषु वत्सो गच्छति मातरम्। तथा यच्च कृतं कर्म कर्ता रम नुगच्छ्ति॥12-14॥ 
The way a calf is able to reach-find-chase-discover his mother from amongest thousands of cows the Karm (-deeds-actions) too chases the one who has committed them.
Deeds performed in a particular incarnation-body remain  attached to the soul, since the body is perishable and the soul is eternal-divine.  For further elaboration please read/consult Salvation : Chapter 18 Bhagwat Geeta on this blog.

अनवस्थित कार्यस्य न जने न वने सुखम्। जने दहति संसर्गो वने संगविवर्जनम्॥12-15॥ 
One who does not carry out/perform/do his duties properly, do not find pleasure neither in the society nor in the jungle-forest. Contact with the people troubles him in the society while the loneliness troubles him in the forest.
Man is a social entity. If he fails to discharge his duties properly he will not be awarded work/contracts any more, leading to no earnings. In the absence of earnings he will not be able to survive.

यथा खात्वा खनितेत्र भूतले वारि विन्दति। तथा गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति॥12-16॥ 
The way-manner in which water oozes out of the soil by digging it with spade-mattock, the student-learner attains-acquires education from the teacher by serving him.
In today's context one should not expect the student to serve him any way, except paying him for coaching-tutorials-tuition. Today's teaching is life oriented, meant to prepare the child for earning by acquiring some skills-ability-knowledge-understanding-application. Impact of one person is seldom observed over the personality of the child.
However the internet-books-TV have become very strong medium which are shaping-affecting the over all development of child (-probably in negative direction). Parents should be extra cautious-careful in this regard.

कर्मायत्तं फलं पुंसां बुद्धि: क्रमानुसारणी।तथापि सुधिश्चाSSर्या:  सुविचार्येव कुर्वते ॥12-17॥ 
One gets reward-fruits of labor, according to his deeds, still the intelligent and gentle person thinks pros and cons of their endeavors-efforts before undertaking them.
One may consult specialists in the field in which he wants to venture out. Its always useful to investigate the project one wishes to adopt as his carrier.

एकाक्षर प्रदतारं यो गुरुं नाभिवन्दती। श्वानयोनिशतं भुक्त्वा चाण्डाललेष्वभिजायते॥12-18॥
A person who do not worship the one-single alphabet OM, which represents the Almighty and bow before him born 100 times as a dog and there after in the family of Chandal. 
ॐ is made up of three syllables: अ(-ae), ऊ(-oo) and म(-me).
अ represents the creator Bhagwan Brahma Ji, ऊ represents the nurturer Bhagwan Vishnu and म stands for Bhagwan Shiv the destroyer. These three together constitute the God as one entity. At the time of birth cries creating this sound which is eternal.

युगान्ते प्रचलते मेरु: कल्पान्ते सप्त सागरा:। साधव: प्रति पन्नार्थान् न च  चलन्ति  कदाचन्॥12-19॥ 
Nothing is stable-stationary in this universe/world. At the end of Kalp (-Brahma's one day. Please refer to Chapter II on Hinduism-Divine Calender of this blog)) the ocean will cross its boundaries-limits.
This is termed as dooms day.
मुहूर्तमपि जीवेच्च नर: शुक्लेन कर्मणा। न कल्पमपि कष्टेन लोकदव्य विरोधिना॥13-1॥  
One must discharge his duties in pious-decent ways even he gets a little bit of time of one Muhurt (-nearly 48 minutes). since this type of living is considered to be excellent by the scriptures. Survival by performing depraved-wicked -vicious vitiated deeds is useless even for thousands of years.
The theme behind this is that the humans should devote their lives to virtuous-pious-righteous deeds which helps the needy-poor-down trodden.

गते शोको न कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिन्तयेत्। वर्तमानेन कालेन प्रवर्तन्ते विचक्षणा:॥13-2॥
One must not bother-grieve over the past and the future. The intelligent always takes care of the present.
The one who has died will not return if you grieve-sorrow-repent. Its advisable to analyse the past and modify-improve the deeds in the light of the mistakes of the past. Always try to do good to have good.

स्वभावेन हि तुष्यन्ति देवा: सत्पुरुषा: पिता। ज्ञातय: स्नानपानाभ्यां वाक्यदानेन पण्डिता:॥13-3||
Enlightened, gentle men and the father become happy by the pleasing-decent behaviour, relatives-friends become happy through the good meals-breakfast-welcome while the pundit (-philosophers, scholars) can be pleased through sweet-pleasing talks.
This is a established fact that decent behavior can win even the dreaded-worst possible enemy.

अहो बत विचित्राणी चरितानी महाSSत्मनाम्। लक्ष्मीं तृणाय मन्यन्ते तद्भारेण नमन्ति च॥13-4||
Its surprising-amazing that the great souls-enlightened-sages become even more liberal-polite-quite with the accumulation of wealth, which they consider to be a piece of straw. 
The neorich-newly elected legislatures and their children along with other family members are full of ego-pretense-hypocrisy-deceit-pride-arrogance. They do not care for the feelings-sentiments-liberty of others. The learned-philosophers-Pundit rarely become aggressive as and when there an addition in their assets. On the contrary their behaviour become even more friendly.

यस्य स्नेहो भयं तस्य स्नेहो दुःखस्य भाजनम्। स्नेहमूलानि दु:खानि तानि त्यक्त्वा वसेत्सुखम्॥13-5||
 One is afraid of the person with whom he has affection-love. Love and affection are the root cause of sorrow-pain-grief and behind each and every trouble. One should reject-renounce-cut these attachments-bonds-sentiments to become happy-fearless-tension less-trouble free.
Its easy to say than doing it. Its extremely difficult to eliminate the family bonds-attachments through out the life. You over come one problem and the other welcomes you. Till the end comes humans remain busy with their routine. One should find time for prayers-worship-social service and helping others. These are the acts which help him in relinquishing the world without pain.

अनागत विधाता च प्रत्युत्पन्नमतिस्तथा। द्वावेतौ सुखमेधेते यद्भविष्यो विनश्यति ॥13-6॥
One who is prepared-ready to face the trouble and the other who finds solutions to remove-eliminate the trouble as and when it comes, are capable to increase-enhance-boost their pleasure-comfort-happiness.The one who thinks that what ever is the destiny, will happen, will not survive and destroy-perish.
It has been stressed that the destiny will mold the future events. But it has been explained that one must make efforts to come out of the trouble. There is no point in sitting idle and waiting for the destiny to do more. Destiny provides guide lines only and the humans find their way out from stress-difficulties. You know nothing is impossible in this world for those who strive for success.

राज्ञि धर्मिणी धर्मिष्ठा: पापे पापा: समे समा:। राजानमनुवर्तन्ते यथा राजा तथा प्रजा:॥13-7॥ 
People-subjects-population-citizens of a state become righteous-virtuous-religious-pious, if the king is religious, the subjects become wicked-sinners-criminals if the king is wretched-sinner, the population become neutral if the king is neutral; since the subjects follow-copy the behavior of the king.
This is but natural. The mentality of the subjects is always guided by the working of the government. In a democratic set up, we observe that corruption is on the rise, since those who come to power wish to acquire un limited wealth for their descendants. Indian premiers, ministers, legislatures always try to find ways to boost their income through fair or foul means. They are not scared by the law as they are able-capable of mending it according to their designs.
The reigns of government are in the hands of those, whose family has allegiance to various religions. As a result of this, inter cast marriages are on the rise, leading to frequent divorces.

जीवन्तं मृतवन्मन्ये देहिनं धर्मवर्जितम् । मृतो धर्मेण संयुक्तो दीर्घजीवी न संशय:॥13-8॥
One who is devoid of religion (-Dharm) is comparable to the dead, though living. There is no doubt that the one  who is religious remains alive (-in the memory-minds of others).
The good deeds of the people remains for generations to come, as tales-stories and guide the people. The scriptures are full of such stories which inspire us to do virtuous-pious-righteous-brave deeds.

धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणां यस्यैकोSपि न विध्यते। अजागलस्तनस्येव तस्य जन्म निरर्थकम् ॥13-9॥ 

The life-survival of one, who is without Dharm (-religion), Arth (-money, purpose to live/survive), Kam (-reproduction) and Moksh (-Salvation-Liberation-Assimilation in the Ultimate-the Almighty), is comparable to the breast-nipple-teats of goats hanging around their necks, which serve no purpose-useless.

Birth as humans is very rare. Its God's gift to us to perform our useful-virtuous deeds. We should understand this and modify our lives accordingly.

दह्यमाना: सुतिव्रेण नीचा: पर-यशोSग्निना। अशक्तास्तत्पदं गन्तुं ततो प्रकुर्वते॥13-10॥ 
Depraved-wicked-vicious-corrupt-villain can never tolerate the rise-success-honors of a righteous hard working person, since they are jealous-incapable and therefore they start blaming-censure-scorn-abuse-slander-criticism-blasphemy against him.
Its very common and seen almost all walks of life. One should be extremely careful, recognize them and alienate from them. He should take curative -remedial measures against such people. Today's business world is full of these tendencies leading to hostile take overs. Politics is polluted and degraded to the worst possible levels.

बन्धाय  विषयाSSसक्तं मुक्त्यै निर्विषयं मन:। मन एवं मनुष्याणां कारणं बन्धमोक्षयो॥13-11॥
One is a slave of his thoughts and finds himself bonded-attached and the purity of thoughts liberate him from the illusions-worldly-sensual enjoyments-pleasures. When these bonds are cut-broken, he is liberated-relinquished to attain Moksh-Salvation-the Ultimate.  
Detailed discussion is available along with mythology on this blog on chapters pertaining to SALVATION, for the virtuous readers.

देहाभिमाने गलिते विज्ञाते परमात्मनी। यत्र तत्र मनो याति तत्र तत्र समाधय:॥13-12॥
With the elimination of the ego, of having this human incarnation and recognizing oneself to be a component of the Almighty, one should consider himself to be present at the place, where ever the brain wave takes him, associated with asceticism and profound meditation (-smadhi समाधि).
Profound meditation is attained when the individual concentrate all his energies-brain power, devote-surrenders-takes asylum/shelter under the God. His body is still, respiration comes to minimum possible level, yet he is alive. Reciting-remembering-offering himself to the dictates of the creator, which continues for thousands and thousands of years-eras. This process continues in isolated places-caves-peaks of mountains, where no one dare reach. Identity of the devoted merges with that of the God.

ईप्सितं मनस: सर्व कस्य सम्पद्यते सुखम्। दैवाSSयत्तं यत: सर्व तस्मात्सन्तोष्माश्रयेत्॥13-13॥  
All-each and every desire of a person can never be fulfilled, since everything is controlled by destiny. Therefore one must satisfy with what ever has been attained by him.
Destiny plays its role in the life of each and every individual, but do not debar him from making efforts. In fact one must not make un reasonable desires-demands. If each and every person desire to become a king then chaos will develop. Desires are un limited and have no end.

यथा धेनुसहत्रेषु वत्सो गच्छति मातरम्। तथा यच्च कृतं कर्म कर्ता रम नुगच्छ्ति॥13-14॥ 
The way a calf is able to reach-find-chase-discover his mother from amongest thousands of cows the Karm (-deeds-actions) too chases the one who has committed them.
Deeds performed in a particular incarnation-body remain  attached to the soul, since the body is perishable and the soul is eternal-divine.  For further elaboration please read/consult Salvation : Chapter 18 Bhagwat Geeta on this blog.

अनवस्थित कार्यस्य न जने न वने सुखम्। जने दहति संसर्गो वने संगविवर्जनम्॥13-15॥ 
One who does not carry out/perform/do his duties properly, do not find pleasure neither in the society nor in the jungle-forest. Contact with the people troubles him in the society while the loneliness troubles him in the forest.
Man is a social entity. If he fails to discharge his duties properly he will not be awarded work/contracts any more, leading to no earnings. In the absence of earnings he will not be able to survive.

यथा खात्वा खनितेत्र भूतले वारि विन्दति। तथा गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति॥13-16॥ 
The way-manner in which water oozes out of the soil by digging it with spade-mattock, the student-learner attains-acquires education from the teacher by serving him.
In today's context one should not expect the student to serve him any way, except paying him for coaching-tutorials-tuition. Today's teaching is life oriented, meant to prepare the child for earning by acquiring some skills-ability-knowledge-understanding-application. Impact of one person is seldom observed over the personality of the child.
However the internet-books-TV have become very strong medium which are shaping-affecting the over all development of child (-probably in negative direction). Parents should be extra cautious-careful in this regard.

कर्मायत्तं फलं पुंसां बुद्धि: क्रमानुसारणी।तथापि सुधिश्चाSSर्या:  सुविचार्येव कुर्वते ॥13-17॥ 
One gets reward-fruits of labor, according to his deeds, still the intelligent and gentle person thinks pros and cons of their endeavors-efforts before undertaking them.
One may consult specialists in the field in which he wants to venture out. Its always useful to investigate the project one wishes to adopt as his carrier.

एकाक्षर प्रदतारं यो गुरुं नाभिवन्दती। श्वानयोनिशतं भुक्त्वा चाण्डाललेष्वभिजायते॥13-18॥
A person who do not worship the one-single alphabet OM, which represents the Almighty and bow before him born 100 times as a dog and there after in the family of Chandal. 
ॐ is made up of three syllables: अ(-ae), ऊ(-oo) and म(-me).
अ represents the creator Bhagwan Brahma Ji, ऊ represents the nurturer Bhagwan Vishnu and म stands for Bhagwan Shiv the destroyer. These three together constitute the God as one entity. At the time of birth cries creating this sound which is eternal.

युगान्ते प्रचलते मेरु: कल्पान्ते सप्त सागरा:। साधव: प्रति पन्नार्थान् न च  चलन्ति  कदाचन्॥13-19॥ 
Nothing is stable-stationary in this universe/world. At the end of Kalp (-Brahma's one day. Please refer to Chapter II on Hinduism-Divine Calender of this blog)) the ocean will cross its boundaries-limits. This is termed as dooms day.The sage-decent-pious-honest-gentle-great-enlightened-virtuous people stand by their words. Once they take up some task in their hands they do their best to perform it.

पृथिव्यां त्रीणि रत्नानि जलमन्नं सुभाषितम्। मूढै: पाषाण खण्डेषु रत्नसंज्ञा विधीयते ॥14-1॥ 
The earth is blessed with only three jewels-water, grain and soothing-sweet-consoling words-showing right direction.  Stones are called jewels by the ignorant-fool-idiot.
Food and water are basic needs of human beings. One can not survive with out them. One obtains these from nature. In return he should adopt-modify his behaviour to speak truth-consoling-soothing language/words.ऐसी वाणी बोलिये मन का आपा खोय, औरन को शीतल करे आपहुं शीतल होय। 

आत्माSपराधवृक्षस्य फलान्येतानी  देहिनाम्। दारिद्रयरोगदुःखानि बन्धन व्यसनानि च॥14-2॥   
Poverty, illness-diseases, pain-sorrow-grief-rigors, bonds-attachments and troubles-disasters-tortures are the result of the misdeeds/irreligiousity/sins/wickedness in previous births-incarnations.
Had it not been so one have been rich-wealthy-prosperous-well known person. The difference in status-position-caste-echelon are based on our mentality-works-functions in infinite previous births.Having understood this one must make efforts to become pious-virtuous-righteous-honest-decent-truthful gentleman.

पुनर्वित्तं पुनर्मित्रं पुनर्भार्या पुनर्मही। एतत्सर्वं  पुनर्लभ्यं न शरीरं पुन; पुन:॥14-3॥  
Wealth-property-riches, friends, wife are obtained by a man again and again but the incarnation in human species is extremely rare.
Having obtained incarnation as a human being one must do good with others. He must perform his pious-virtuous -religious-righteous-Vern Dharm-duties without hitch-carefully-honestly. He should make efforts to obtain Salvation-Assimilation-Union with the Almighty. There should be no hesitation. Even if no guidance is available chapters on Salvation on this blog will enlighten you along with others. Start your journey now.

बहूनां चैव सत्त्वानां समवायो रिपुञ्जय:। वर्षधाराधरो मेघ स्तनैरपि निवार्यते॥14-4॥
A group of people united together win the enemy the way pieces of straw piled together stops the rainfall from entering the hut-mud house. 
 "Union is strength" is the story one has been taught from the early child hood. You can break one or two sticks when they are separate.  But when they are piled-tied together it becomes really difficult to break them.
जले तैलं खले गुह्यं पात्रे दानं मनागपि। प्राज्ञे शास्त्रं स्वयं याति विस्तारं वस्तु शक्तित:॥14-5॥
The oil over water, secret-confidential talks-matter made with the depraved, donation given to the deserving person, education-learning imparted to the intelligent spills-spreads automatically, because of their in born quality.
One should be extremely care while confiding in others, since he may leak out the secrets. A person should be tested for his integrity time and again. A close watch is a must even if he is a man of confidence-relied upon.

धर्माSSख्याने श्मशाने च रोगिणां या मतिर्भवेत्। सा सर्वदैव तिष्ठेच्चेत् को न मुच्येत बन्धनात्॥14-6॥
The pious thoughts which evolve in the mind while listen to religious discourses-sermons-preachings,  in the cremation ground-graveyard and on being ill persists, a person can achieve liberation-relinquish this world easily.
Virtuous-righteous-pious thoughts-ideas which evolve in the mind should be retained-preserved-stored in the mind and one must decide to act accordingly. Understanding-application and rigorous practice-meditation yield the desired results pertaining to renunciation-assimilation in the Almighty. Illusions-desires-passions-sensualities can be controlled through practice. One who has a strong will power aided by devotion is very close to Salvation. There is the need to analyze and identify the self.

उतपन्नपश्चात्तापस्य बुद्धि र्भवति यादृशी। तादृशी यदि स्यात कस्य न स्यान्महोदय:॥14-7॥ 
One who repents-remorse-penance, after doing-committing some misdeed due to the formation of the brain set up, may become free-liberate, if this stage could be attained-acquired-achieved before performing the crime-guilt.
Its not difficult to keep oneself free from mischief-bad ideas- negative thoughts. Purity-clarity-piousness of vision may prevent one from indulging in depravity. Those who understand that there is life after death should control them selves from such things, which are going to spoil his next births, by harming others.

दाने तपसी शौर्ये वा विज्ञाने विनये नये। विस्मयो न हि कर्तव्यो वसुन्धरा॥14-8॥ 
One should not be proud of being the greatest donor, warrior, ascetic, polite-humble, conducting oneself, right, moral conduct, morality, ethics, prudent counsel, policy, polity  (-of state), political wisdom, statesmanship, since its not surprising that the earth is full of the people, who are ahead of the others.
One should never consider-project himself to be the one who is greatest amongest the human beings. Ravan was caught and held in his arm pit by Bali for hours while he was praying to Sury Narayan his father and mentor. Bhim could not move the tail of Hanuman Ji, his elder brother. The bridge built by Arjun by his arrows could not survive, as soon as Hanuman Ji placed his leg over it.

दूरस्थोSपि न दूरस्थो यो यस्य मनसि स्थित:। यो यस्य हृदये नास्ति समीपस्थोSपि दूरत:॥14-9॥
One who is close to the heart, is extremely close-near, even he is at a distance-away from us and the one who is un liked-disliked-hated, is far away even if he stationed nearby. 
We often remember the ones who have moved away from us if we had good relations with them. One repeatedly recalls the memories of his friends, parents, siblings with whom he had close-pleasant-friendly relations.

       यस्य चाप्रिय मिच्छेत तस्य ब्रूयात् सदा प्रियम्। व्याधो मृग वधं कर्तुं गीतं गायति सुस्वरम्॥14-10॥ 

If you wish-want to harm one, talk to him in sweet-charming-pleasing voice-tone, just like the hunter who make attractive sounds to capture the deer.
Duck hunters have devised a gadget which can mislead them. The hunter lay nets to catch the pigeons. Traps are fixed inside the jungle to catch animals. The women make gestures to enchant the men. The thugs make attractive investment plans to deceive-cheat them. One must be alarmed-cautioned if he smells the rat.

अत्यासन्ना विनाशाय दूरस्था न फलप्रदा:। सेवितव्यं मध्यभागेन राजा वह्निर्गुरु: स्त्रियं:॥14-11॥

One must neither be too close nor  too far from the king (-officer/boss), fire, teacher (-preachers, people disguised as saints) or the females. One should choose middle path by maintaining a balance.
Mahatma Buddh said that the wires of musical instruments should be tuned properly so that right cords-notes-tones are produced. This is true in family life as well, when one is supposed to be at the right frequency with the wife. In fact balance is essential in all walks of life.

अग्निराप: स्त्रियो मूर्खा: सर्पा राजकुलानि च। नित्यं यत्नेन सेव्यानि सद्य: प्राणहराणि  षट्॥14-12॥ 
One should be  extremely cautious-careful while handling-dealing with the fire, female, idiot-fool-moron-imprudent, snake and the royals since they can cause death any moment.

स जीविति गुणा यस्य यस्य धर्म: स जीविति। गुणधर्मविहीनस्य जीवितं निष्प्रयोजनम्॥14-13॥
Only one who has ability/excellence (-pious characteristics) and Dharm associated with him survives in this universe. Its of no surviving without excellence and Dharm.

 Each and every human being is blessed with one or the other pious skill-ability-characteristics. One has to identify-recognize-develop it. What we try to do is to grasp-undertake even those trades-practices, for which we are not made up off-we have no interest; due to pressure from the parents-pear group-friends-circumstances. We meet failure and start cursing our selves or deviate to some un desirable activities. One should try to identify his abilities to proceed further.

यदीच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगदेकेन कर्मणा। परापवादसस्येभ्यो गां चरन्तीं निवारय॥14-14॥
One should not resort to blame-censure-scorn-abuse-defamation-slander-criticism-blasphemy, of others by controlling his tongue-speech if he has to enchant-win the world.
One should observe silence if he can not prevent him self from scolding-abusing others, without any reason. Even if their is trouble one should exercise restraint-control.
प्रस्तावसदृशं वाक्यं प्रभावसदृशं प्रियम्। आत्मशक्तिसमं कोपं यो जानाति स पण्डित:॥14-15॥ 
One who can talk as per the occasion/opportunity, speak the pleasant-attractive words as per his own status-position-respect-honor and anger according to his strength-power, is considered to be enlightened-prudent-learned.
Its essential to weigh the words before one speaks. Useless un necessary talks leads to degradation-trouble-tensions later. The present age politicians-administrators-businessmen should remain alert in this regard.

एक एवं पदार्थस्तु त्रिधा भवति विक्षित:। कुणप: कामिनी मांसं योगिभि: कामिभि: श्वभि:॥14-16॥
Same object is visualized by three people in  three different forms: The Yogi perceives it as the worst dead organism, the sensual-wretched person full of lust finds a beautiful woman in her and the dog finds a piece of meat in her.
Every one has his opinion-view-angle pertaining to the same object-commodity depending upon its use/
relation. Different people see at it differently. Its very rare to have same-common opinion about some one in the society. One should not bother about what people think of him. He should perform his duties honestly-consistently-regularly-tirelessly. जाकि रही भावना जैसी प्रभु मूरत देखि तिन तैसी। 

सुसिद्धमौषधं धर्मं गृहच्छिद्रं च मैथुनम्। कुभुक्तं कुश्रुतं चैव मतिमान्न प्रकाशयेत् ॥14-17॥ 
One must hide-should not reveal (-keep it as a secret) the accomplished medicine, religious-charitable acts, defects-troubles arousing in the family, intercourse-sexual behaviour with the woman, tasteless food and the slur in front of any one. 
One should not disclose-share his family-marital affairs with any one. He may be exploited by others because of these disclosures.

तावन्मौनेन  नीयन्ते कोकिलैश्चैव वासरा:। यावत्सर्वजनानन्ददायिनी वाक्प्रवर्तते॥14-18॥ 
Kukku's chirping-voice is not heard till the spring season. 
One should wait patiently till the difficult times are over.

धर्मं धनं च धान्यं च गुरोर्वचनमौषधम्। सुगृहीतं च कर्तव्य मन्यथा तु न जीवति॥14-19॥  
One should follow the religious practices, accumulate the wealth, store the food grains, follow the dictates of the Guru-elders-respected-honorable, collect  and store various medicines-herbs carefully so that he can lead his life comfortably.
The theme behind this that what has been learnt by the elders has to be passed from one generation to the other generation.

त्यज दुर्जनसंसर्ग भज साधुसमागमम्। कुरु पुण्यमहोरात्रं स्मर नित्यमनित्यताम्॥14-20॥
One should reject the company of the depraved and accept the company of the gentle, should resort to good-pious-virtuous-righteous deeds and remember the God by understanding that this world-universe is perishable.  
The common masses along with the royals are advised to understand the futility of this world and try to relinquish it. Its not difficult for one  to  distance him self from this world in spite of being a part and partial of it. The house hold is more close to the God as compared to the saints-ascetics. Its quite easy for him to attain Salvation.

यस्य चित्तं द्रवीभूतं कृप्या सर्वजन्तुषु। तस्य ज्ञानेन मोक्षेण किं जटाभस्मलेपनै:॥15-1॥ 
One who's heart is filled with mercy-pity over the organisms undergoing distress-difficulty, does not need enlightenment, Salvation, growing locks or rubbing ashes over the body i.e., asceticism.
Pity, mercy, charity are the basic tenets of humanity. One who is blessed with these qualities can achieve  enlightenment, Salvation,  asceticism automatically with out renunciation-relinquishing the world. Domestic life-life of a house hold added with these qualities is more blissful as compared to all amenities -pleasures-luxuries-joys of the world,  added together.

एकमेवाक्षरं यस्तु गुरु: शिष्यं प्रबोधयेत् । पृथिव्यां नास्ति तदद्रव्यं यद्दत्वा चाSनणी भवेत ॥15-2॥
The disciple can not repay to his Guru, who helped him  in identifying the Almighty. There is nothing in this universe which can be offered to the Guru to clear this debt.  
There are such debts which can never be repaid, like the one for giving birth by the parents, education by the teacher and affection received from the friends or relatives. One can do still better for his children-associates
-parents and the society as a whole.

खलानां कण्टकानां च द्विविधैव प्रतिक्रिया। उपानन्मुखभङ्गो वा विसर्जनम्॥15-3॥ 
Depraved and the spikes-thorns, deserve to beheaded or rejected all together.
There are the people in the society who should be kept away.One should identify and reject their company. such people always create trouble for others.

कुचैलिनं दन्तमलोपसृष्टं बह्राशिनं निष्ठुरभाषिणं च।
 सूर्योदये चास्तमिते शयानं विमुञ्चति श्रीर्यदि चक्रपाणि:॥15-4॥
One who wears dirty cloths, does not clean teeth, eats more than appetite, speaks rough-bitter-harsh words, sleeps after sunrise and at the time of sun set, is rejected by  Maan Laxmi-the deity-Goddess of wealth, health, beauty and radiance-splendor-grace even though he is Bhagwan Vishnu the Almighty.
Cleanliness is Godliness. Please refer to the chapter on Longevity of this blog.

                                       तयजन्ति मित्राणि धनैर्विहीनं दाराश्च भृत्याश्च सुह्रज्जनाश्च।
                                       तं चार्थवन्तं पुनराश्रयन्ते अर्थो हि लोके पुरुषस्य बन्धु॥15-5॥ 
When one become pauper friends-wife-brothers-relatives-servants desert him. They depend over him again with the acquisition of wealth.Wealth-money is the friend of human beings in this universe.
Money is essential in this universe. One can not survive with out it. One must earn his livelihood through pious-virtuous-righteous means.

              अन्यायोपार्जितं द्रव्यं दश वर्षाणि तिष्ठति। प्राप्ते चैकादशे वर्षे समूलं तद् विनश्यति॥15-6॥ 
The wealth earned-accumulated through unjust-foul-unfair-wicked means does not stay for more than ten years and there after in the eleventh year, it vanishes along with interest.
One should always try to earn and spend money in justified-socially acceptable-righteous means. Its a matter of experience and knowledge that who so ever tried to snatch-loot money from the others, could not survive for long and lost his identity. One can equate this to the invaders, who attacked the peaceful Indians and deprived them of their wealth, are no more. Those who decamped with the property of temples met with worst fate. The British empire has shrunk and will continue further till it it eliminated for ever. The terrorists who are using religion to snatch power, will also meet the same fate-sooner or later.

अयुक्तं स्वामिनो युक्तं युक्तं नीचस्य दूषणम्। अमतं राहवे मृत्युर्विषं शङ्कर भूषणम्॥15-7॥ 
Something wrong done by a powerful and capable person is reasoned/believed to be correct, while any thing genuine done by incapable-downtrodden may be objected/restricted. Nectar became the reason for the death of Rahu (-the demon's Army Chief during Mohini Avtar) death; while the dreaded poison-Kalkut became jewel in the throat/neck of Mahesh-Bhagwan Shiv.
The powerful-resourceful-capable-wealthy never tolerate the rise of a low origin person. There was a time in India when the low caste people were not allowed parity with the upper/higher caste people. They switched religion for the sake of identification-recognition, very frequently. Now the time has changed and even a down trodden/Chandal can dream of becoming the President/Prime Minister of India. We have seen the rise of several such people acquiring high positions. But the fact remains that one should not expect honesty-caliber-ability-efficiency-moral-values from them.

तद्भोजनं यद्  द्विज भुक्तशेषं तत्सौहृदं  यत्क्रियते  परस्मिन्। 
सा प्राज्ञता या करोति पापं दम्भं विना य: क्रियते स धर्म:॥15-8॥ 
True/real meal is one is accepted by the house hold-family members after feeding the Brahmn (-learned-guest), true love is one which is meant for others since every has love-affection for his relatives-friends, the prudent keeps off-away from sins-wickedness-evil and the religion is one which is free from deception-cheating-evils.
This has been a tradition to feed the Brahmn-Cow-Guest, before taking meals by the family of a house hold. Still it persists. But the wise-intelligent-prudent, should avoid the entry of any one in the house for such purpose unless-until sure of his antecedents. It may be dangerous. Its good to be friendly with others. Its good to have love and affection for every one, but one must be rational in this regard.

मणिर्लुंठती पादाग्रे काच: शिरसि धार्यते। क्रयविक्रयवेलायां काच: काचो मणिर्मणि:॥15-9॥ 
Under some specific circumstances the jewels might be rolling under the feet and glass might be put in the hands-arm (-bangles) or spectacles but at the time of selling, the jewels are valued like jewels and the glass like glass.
In our daily life we come across situations where the men with no ability-learning-enlightenment-prudence are valued-honored-respected-regarded and the able person are ignored-neglected-discarded. But they are identified and honored in an hour of need.

अनन्त शास्त्रं बहुलाश्च विद्या: अल्पश्च कालो बहुविघ्नता च। 
यत्सारभूतं तदुपासनीयं  हंसो यथा क्षीरमिवाम्बुममध्यात्॥15-10॥
The scriptures-learning-knowledge is infinite and the age of a man is finite-limited. He faces many tensions-troubles-difficulties in acquiring every piece of knowledge. Therefore, he should acquire-accept the gist-nectar-elixir-concept of all this, just like the crane who sucks milk from the mixture of water and milk.
Its no use for the eager to learn every thing. He should select the specific field of learning and knowledge. "Jack of all trades, master of none", is undesirable.

दूरागतं पथि श्रान्तं वृथा च गृहमागतम्। अनर्चयित्वा यो भुक्ते स वै चाण्डाल उच्यते ॥15-11॥ 
The house hold-head of the family, who takes-accepts meals, without offering-serving meals to the guest, who has come to him, from a distant place, without any selfishness-motive; is comparable to a Chandal.
A Hindu was supposed to honor-welcome guest and offer him food and resting place. Some people still respect this doctrine. But the times have changed and one should be extremely careful in dealing with the guests. Unknown person must not be allowed to enter the house under any circumstances. We should avoid guests at odd hours. The friends-relatives should also be aware of the difficulty faced by the host if they are visiting-troubling them at odd hours.

पठन्ति चतुरो वेदान् धर्म शास्त्राण्यनेकश:। आत्मानं नैव जानन्ति दर्वी पाकरसं यथा॥15-12॥ 
Those who remain unaware of the soul and the Almighty even after reading-learning the Ved-Shashtr-scriptures are without self realization. The are comparable to the spoon, which mixes the vegetables-spices but remains devoid of their taste.
There are the people who read-learn-study the scriptures but fail to understand the theme-gist-nectar-elixir in them.Its not enough to read. The imprudent fails to adopt according to the teachings of Ved-Shashtr. He remain without enlightenment.

धन्या द्विजमयी नौका विपरीता भवार्णवे। तरन्त्यधोगता: सर्वे उपरिस्था: पतन्तयध:॥15-13॥  
In this universe the boat in the from of Brahmn is praise worthy-virtuous-auspicious. It sails in an opposite/reverse direction in the ocean shaped universe. Those who remains below this boat-seek help-shelter-depend over it, sail across the ocean and those who discard it, no one knows what happens to them.
Brahmn forms the apex-peak of the population cone/pyramid. He is considered to be virtuous and honorable. [Read more in Brahmn Dharm-Brahmns of today in this blog].Those households who behave gently-favorably-diligently with the deserving Brahmns definitely improve their next incarnations.

अयममृतनिधानं नायकोSप्यौषधीनां, अमृतमयशरीर: कान्ति युक्तोSपि चन्द्र:। 
भवति विगतरश्मिर्मण्डलं प्राप्य भानो:, परसदननिविष्ट: को लघुत्वं न याति ॥15-14॥  
One who visits others-with/without out any reasonable purpose/task loss his respect/honor and he is diminished in status.Moon is considered to be the possessor of Amrt-nectar-elixir-Swami/Owner of all medicines. Its image-light is considered to be equivalent to the Amrt-elixir. But once it goes under the impact-impression of the Sun, it losses its glow-impact.
Its no use, roaming from the home/office of one person to another without any reason-logic. A casual-friendly visit is different.

अलिरयं नलिनीदलमध्यग: कमलिनीमकरन्द  मदालस:।
 विधिवशात्पर देश मुपागत: कुटजपुष्परसं बहु मन्यते॥15-15॥ 
Black beetle sucks the nectar while sitting and enjoying in the petals of the flowers. When it moves to other places in search of nectar it suffers from the thorns over the plant.
One is comfortable at home with little or no amenities.He finds trouble-tensions-difficulties when he moves away from home in search of earnings-job. One should not be disheartened with the adverse situations-circumstances and face them boldly.

पीत: क्रुद्धेन तातश्चरणतलहतो वल्ल्भो येन रोषाद्;
आबाल्याद्विप्रवर्यै: स्ववदनविवरे धार्यते वैरिणी मे। 
गेहं मे छेदयन्ति प्रतिदिवस मुमाकान्त पूजा निमित्तं; 
तस्मात्खिन्ना सदाहं द्विजकुलनिलयं नाथ युक्तं त्यजामि॥15-16॥ 
Bhagwan Vishnu asked Maa Goddess Lakshmi, the reason of her anger towards the Brahmns. She said that August Rishi-a Brahmn sucked the Ocean-her father, due to his anger. Bhragu again a Brahmn struck you on the chest with his foot. The Brahmn community keep praying your second wife Saraswati to seek her blessings in addition to plucking lotus flowers for offering to Bhagwan Shiv. 
The fact is that the Brahmns are neither greedy nor willing to acquire wealth by nature. The are devoted to learning and enlightenment. Their motto is to attain Salvation-next step in incarnation. 

बन्धनानि खलु सन्ति बहूनि प्रेमरज्जुदृढ़बन्धनमन्यत्। 
दारु भेद निपुणोSपि षंडध्रिनिर्ष्क्रियो भवति पङ्कज कोशे॥15-17
There are many bonds-attachments-attractions in this world, but the bond formed due to love is surprising-strange-peculiar-unusual-wonderful, explained by the black beetle who is capable of making a hole in the wood become inactive when enclosed by the petals of lotus flower. Its capable of releasing it self by cutting the lotus petals but due to its love for lotus, it does not act. 

छिन्नोSपि चन्दनतरुर्न जहाति गन्धं; वृद्धोSपिवारण पतिर्न जहाति लीलाम्। 
यन्त्रार्पितो मधुरतां न जहाति चेक्षु:, क्षीणोSपि त्यजति शीलगुणान्  कुलीन:॥15-18
Chandan-Sandal tree does not lose its smell-scent in spite of been cut/felling, elephant does not lose his playfulness, sugarcane does not lose its sweetness in spite of being crushed. Similarly on loosing his riches one belonging to a noble-decent family-back ground, betray his politeness-serenity-nobility-modesty. 

न ध्यातं पदमिश्वरस्य विधिवत्संसारविच्छित्तये, स्वर्ग द्वार कपाट पाटन पटुर्धमोSपि नोपार्जित:। 
नारी पीन पयो धरो रूयुगलं स्वपनेSपि नालिङ्गित मातु; केवलमेव यौवनवनच्छेदे कुठारा व्यम्॥16-1॥
One who did not pray to the Almighty for cutting-breaking the bonds of this world-universe (-Dharm) and failed to earn money to do pious-religious-righteous-virtuous deeds (-Arth), can not acts for seeking a position in the heavens, did not hug-embrace the thies and breasts of the woman even in the dream, is a person like the axe which fell-cuts the youth-young age of the mother (-Kam). 
One has 4 motives for the successful incarnation as a human being: Dharm, Arth, Kam, Moksh. If he fails to achieve the first three he can not attain the fourth-Moksh-Salvation. Kam releases from the Pitr Rin-(-पितृ ऋण), ancestral debt.

जल्पन्ति सार्धमन्येन पश्यन्त्यन्यं  स्विभ्रमा:। हृदये चिन्तयन्त्यन्यं न स्त्रीणा मेकतो रति:॥16-2॥ 
The whore-prostitute do not have love for any one. They talk to some one but look to the other person for attracting-luring him to her and think of yet another person in her heart. In fact such women do not love for any one. One who think so, is imprudent-idiot-fool.
Those women who are in sex business can not afford to have love-soft corner for any male. Their only target is money till they are young and are able to extract money. One should be cautious while in contact with them.

यो मोहान्मन्यते मूढो रक्तेयं मयि कामिनी। स तस्य वशगो भूत्वा नृत्येत् क्रीडा-शकुन्तवत्॥16-3॥ 
The imprudent-duffer who thinks that the prostitute loves only him, keep dancing to her tune like a puppet. 
During the current cosmic era a new breed of women is developing-coming forward, who are ready to expose them for money-popularity. They do not mind having sex with multiple partners. There are the people who are willing to do any act for sexual favors from them. They are identified in the grab of society girls, call girls. There are the women who are married and they too indulge in sex trade for sexual pleasures-lust-extra money. This category of women is more dangerous than the whores.

कोSर्थान् प्राप्य न गर्वितो विर्षायेण: कस्या पदोSस्तं गता: ;
 स्त्रिभि: कस्य न खण्डितं भुवि मन: को नाम राज्ञां प्रिय:।
क: कालस्य न गोचरत्वमगमत्कोSर्थी  गतो गौरवं ;
को वा  दुर्जन वागुरासु पतित: क्षेमेण यात: पथि॥16-4॥ 
There is no one in this universe who did not become arrogant-proud on acquiring wealth-comforts-luxuries. There is no one who did not undergo/face pains-worries-displeasure-trouble. There is no one, who did not controlled-trapped by the beautiful woman. The beggars never get respect. There is no one, who remain unaffected after falling under the control of wicked people.
A human being has all sorts of desires. He tries to fulfill them. Accomplishment-fulfillment of desires make him proudy. Comforts-luxuries-beautiful women-begging-wicked people bring all sorts of troubles-tensions for him. One should remain unaffected-normal-calm on acquisition of wealth; fulfillment of worldly desires.

न निर्मित: केन न दृष्टपूर्व: न श्रूयते हेममय: कुरङ्ग:। 
तथाSपि तृष्णा रघु नन्दनस्य विनाशकाले विपरीतबुद्धि:॥16-5॥ 
Neither one has ever evolved-produced a deer made of gold nor any one has seen it. Still Bhagwan Ram became eager-lured to catch it. Therefore its rightly said that when difficult times come, one start thinking in adverse/opposite direction.
Illusions often come in the life of each and every one. The prudent always comes out of them safely. What has been quoted here is a Leela-act of the God to warn the human beings of mirages-illusions-compassion.

गुणैरुत्तमतां याति नोच्चैरासन संस्थिता:। प्रासादशिखरस्थोSपि काक: किं गरुडायते॥16-6॥ 
One acquires greatness-high position due to his virtuous-righteous-good-honorable characters/deeds-activities-actions. He can not be termed great if he sits over a high platform-seat-position. The crow can never become Grud (-an incarnation of God in the shape of a bird, capable of acquiring human body at will and used by the Almighty himself as a means of transport), just by sitting at the highest point of a palace.
The crow can never match a swan while flying, a Grud while raising-scaling heights in the sky. A human being can not become great just by showing off. Had it been so, all actors-actresses-artists-characters of stage-cinema must have been revered by the society. There are some actors who are known for their wonderful acting-not for the characters portrayed-played by them.

गुणा सर्वत्र पूज्यन्ते  न महत्योSपि सम्पद:। पुर्णेन्दु किं तथा वन्द्यो निष्कलङ्को यथा कृश:॥16-7॥
One is honored-revered due to his ability-qualities-characteristics. A wealthy-rich person, devoid of ability-qualities-characteristics (-enlightenment-prudence-piousness-righteousness-virtues), seldom attain respect. Second phase of the Moon is revered as compared to the full Moon, since it is free from blots.

पर-प्रोक्त गुणो यस्तु निर्गुणोSपि गुणी भवेत् । इन्द्रोSपि लघुतां याति स्वयं प्रख्यापि तैर्गुणै:॥16-8॥ 
One who is appreciated for his virtues is deemed to be a able person, even though without significant virtues-good qualities-specialties. But if Indr (-Brahmn king of deities-demigods)  praises himself, he is considered to be a low statured.
Its often said that self praise is no praise. What has been said is true, but there are people who are always bent upon degrading a man of virtues-self esteem and take the credit of his deeds. In such a situation one is left with no alternative but to explain-expose, their game plan and inform the public that he is the person who did all that for the service of man kind and not the ones who are taking credit/claiming for his valuable-remarkable works-deeds-ventures. In fact it becomes essential in such situations to take stand and elaborate. In India political parties often stake claim to the virtuous deeds of other political parties.

विवेकिनमनुप्राप्ता गुणा यान्ति मनोज्ञताम् । सुतरां रत्नमाभाति चाकीर  नियोजितम् ॥16-9॥
The manner in which a jewel looks better-attractive-praiseworthy, one is also desired to be more attractive by developing his virtuousness-prudence-might-glory-kind hearted ness-honesty.

गुणै: सर्वज्ञतुल्योSपि सीदत्येको निराश्रय:। अनर्ध्यमपि माणिक्यं  हेमा श्रयम पेक्षते ॥16-10॥ 
One is destitute-unsupported and remain worried in spite of being comparable to the God, in his qualities-characteristics-ability, just as the valuable diamond desires to be fixed in gold, man too desires to be supported. One who is deserving, does not get recognition without the support in the society.
Its the inherent desire of every one to be recognized-appreciated-honored by the society. He does various acts to attract the attention of the people, around him. He want to make records and scale peaks. His desire for name and fame lead him to achieve unbelievable feats. Its purely craze and does not lead one to any where and distract-align him from the God and attaches with the worldly comforts more and more.

अतिक्लेशेन ये चार्था धर्मस्यातिक्रमेण तु। शत्रुणां  प्रणिपातेन  ते ह्यर्था मा भवन्तु मे॥16-11॥ 
One should not crave-desire for the wealth-riches-money, obtained by crushing-harming others, doing wicked acts against the Dharm or by begging the enemy.
The mode of earning is extremely important for the humans. Money earned through monopoly, teasing-harming-crushing others-innocent, criminal acts always lead one to hells. 

किं तया क्रियते लक्ष्म्या या वधूरिव केवला। या तु वेश्येव सा मान्या पथिकैरपि भुज्यते ॥16-12॥ 
The wealth which is used like a wife-not shared with any one, is of no utility. Property-wealth which is put to use of others-social service-public utility is appreciable. Only that wealth is admirable which is put to utility just like a prostitute (-do not treat this as an appreciation for prostitution).
One notices that a lot of wealth is accumulated in the chambers of temples-churches-mosques-gurudwara-religious places, to be looted by invaders just as Som Nath temple was looted. Had it been used for public utilities like digging of ponds, inns, roads, hospitals, schools, colleges, roads,building of shelters-houses for the poor-down trodden, tree plantation; it could yield more. Its a matter of concern that millions are dropped in the chests of a number of temples in India every day. This money is not put to public service by the trustees. On the other hand the trustees put it to person use and buying luxuries-comforts for them selves.

धनेषु जीवित व्येषु स्त्रीषु चाहार कर्मसु। अतृप्ता: प्राणिन: सर्वे याता यास्यन्ति यान्ति च ॥16-13
Money-wealth put to various uses-comforts-luxuries can never initiate-inhibit satisfaction-saturation-contemplation. There is not even a single person who could find complete rejoice-satisfaction through wealth. Though money is essential in this world, yet it should not be the target-goal-objective-aim of ones life.

क्षीयन्ति सर्व दाना नि यक्ष होम बलि क्रिया: । न क्षीयते पात्र दानम भयं सर्व देहिनाम् ॥16-14॥ 
Every thing-activity in this universe will perish one day or the other but the donation-charity and protection-shelter-asylum given-made to the deserving.
Prathviraj Chauhan incarnation of Dhrashtr Rashtr, pardoned-gave asylum to Mohammad Ghouri. But the invader-traitor ultimately caught hold of him, blinded him, took to Kabul and there he was killed mercilessly. First priority while making donations should be given to verification of the antecedents of the one who is receiving it. Donation should be made only if he is able-deserving otherwise not.

तृण लघु तृणात्तुलं तूलादपि च याचक:। वायुना किं न नीतोSसौ मामयं याचयिष्यति॥16-15॥
A straw is light, and the cotton is lighter than the straw, but one who begs is the lightest of them all.  
One who begs, loss his prestige-esteem and self respect.

वरं प्राण परित्यागो मानभंगेन जीवनात् । प्राण त्यागे क्षणं दुःखं मानभंगे दिने दिने ॥16-16॥ 
One should prefer death to survive with the life on being insulted. death cause momentary pain but the insult kills the person every day.
One must not indulge in such activities which lead to insult. Its really very painful to bear insult. Chanky was insulted by Maha Nand, yet he preferred to live and take revenge, leading to the elimination of Nand dynasty. One should not commit suicide, since its considered to be the worst possible sin.Life and death are determined by the Almighty, not by the individuals.One who is insulted may reason out-analyze and find out the cause. If the defect lies in him, he should make efforts to eliminate the weaknesses instead of seeking revenge. 

प्रियवाक्य प्रदानेन सर्वे तुष्यन्ति जन्तव:। तस्मात्तदेव वक्तव्यं वचने का दरिद्रता॥16-17॥ 
One who talks sweet, pleases every one.Therefore one should always speak in pleasant voice-tone-mode-intensity-loudness, liked by the ears. He should make efforts to speak such words which functions as nectar-Amrt. One should not be poor-miser in  speaking pleasant-soothing words.
ऐसी वाणी बोलिये मन का आपा खोय, औरन कौ सीतल करे आपहुं सीतल होए। Harsh word, insulting tone, tough talking seldom help a person. A diplomat-emissary-ambassador should be blessed with this quality. 

संसारविषवृक्षस्य द्वे फले अमृतोपमे । सुभाषितं च सुस्वादु संगति: सुजने जने॥16-18॥ 
Though this universe is like a bitter tree, yet its two fruits are like the nectar-Amrt: The first one is the sweet attractive pleasing voice and the second is the company of virtuous-righteous-pious person.
जन्म जन्मन्यभ्यस्तं दान मध्ययनं तप:। तेनैवाSभ्यास योगेन तदेवाभ्यस्यते पुन:॥16-19॥ 
The human being had practiced charity, learning, asceticism in various early incarnations-births which helps him redoing such things-practices again and again in present and various next incarnations.
One should devote himself to pious, virtuous, righteous behaviour. He should always try to help the deserving needy person.पुस्तकेषु च या विद्या पर हस्तेषु यद्धनम्। उत्पन्नेषु च कार्येषु न सा विद्या न तद्धनम्॥16-20॥
The knowledge which is limited to books-scriptures without being learnt-utilized and the wealth which is held-possessed by others and can not be utilized in an hour of need, is of no use.  
Efforts should be made to obtain learning-enlightenment-knowledge through books-scriptures-epics for their proper utilization. A sincere effort has been made through these blogs to bring the knowledge stored in Hindu mythology, before those who do not know Sanskrt. All the events-learning is scientific and true to the word, if understood-grasped.

पुस्तकप्रत्ययातं नाधीतं गुरु सन्निधौ। सभामध्ये न शोभन्ते  जारगर्भा इव स्त्रिय:॥17-1॥
Those who are not blessed by learning through the Guru-teacher, but acquire learning by self studies-at home; do not get recognition in the council-meetings-gathering of the learned-philosophers-enlightened; the way a women impregnated through dubious means, do not get honor-respect in the society.
This is true to the extent that one is able to come in contact of learned people, masters, philosophers who have command/specialization over the discipline-faculty-subject and is blessed with learning. The time is changing now. People are learning through various means like internet, distance learning, correspondence courses, TV etc. When there is one to one contact with the teacher one can clear his doubts-confusions and ask questions. Discussions-seminars-institutes are held organised to resolve personal difficulties of the learners. As far as pregnancy of an un married woman is concerned is has become a fashion, now.

कृते प्रति कृतं कुर्याद् हिंसने प्रतिहिंसनम्। तत्र दोषो न पतति दुष्टे दुष्टं समाचरेत् ॥17-2॥
Tit for tat. One should behaves in a manner similar to that behaved by the others with him. The one who behaves as an obliged person should be reciprocated as being obliged and the one who behaves like a violent person he deserve reciprocation as a violent person. This mode of reciprocation does not sin a person.
Unless one talks in the same voice as that of opponents they will try to crush him. Be strong and repel them. Terrorists can not be handled on the conversation-discussion table or in a conference hall/chamber. They must be crushed with force-might-confidence. Retaliation-repulsion is a must. Be bold and act.

यद्दूरं यद् दुरा राध्यंयच्च दूरे व्यवस्थितम्। तत्सर्वं  तपसा साध्यं तपो हि दुरति क्रमम् ॥17-3॥ 
Its difficult to pray to an  object-some one, who at a distance or at a height. Some thing which is beyond our reach at present, can be obtained through asceticism-efforts-rigorous practice. Nothing is impossible in this world.
Accomplishment, fulfillment of desires, attainment, success are not difficult. What appears to be difficult-impossible is not away from the reach of the humans, who are dedicated to their purpose. One should be dedicated to the Ultimate, instead of worldly pleasures-comforts-riches-prosperity-successes.

लोभश्चेदगुणेन किं पिशुनता यद्दस्ति किं पातकै: ;
सत्यं  चेत्तपसा च किं शुचि मनो यद्दस्ति तीर्थेन किम्। 
सौजन्यं यदि किं गुणै: सुमहिमा यद्दस्ति किं मण्डनै: ;
सद्विद्या यदि किं धनैरपयशो यद्दस्ति किं मृत्युना ॥17-4॥ 
One who is greedy does not any other wickedness-defects, if he is a back biter it is the gravest sin, if his life is categorized by honesty-truth etc. he is not required to undergo-practice asceticism, if his heart-mind-soul are pious-virtuous-pure its essential for him to visit various Tirth (-holy places)  and take a holy bath there, if he has love in his heart he is not required to have other qualities, if his name is spreading in the universe he is not required to have any other ornaments, if he possesses good-quality education he is not in need of wealth, if he name is associated with wickedness-injury-insult he is like a dead. 

पिता रत्नाकरो यस्य लक्ष्मीर्यस्य सहोदरा। शङ्खो भिक्षाटनं कुर्यान्नाSदत्तमुपतिष्ठते॥17-5॥
Conch, moon and Maan Laxmi took birth in the ocean. Conch shines like the moon. If the beggars sound the conch, one should understand that its not possible to gain honor reputation without donation-charity. 
Ocean is called Ratnakar, the deity who provides jewels. Mother Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth and still if one has to seek the help of conch for begging, its really shameful-below dignity. One who is born in a reputed family is not supposed to act below his standard. One is advised to donate freely if born in honorable families.

अशक्तस्तु भवेत्साधुर्ब्रह्मचारी च निर्धन:। व्याधिष्ठो देवभक्तश्च वृद्धा नारी पतिव्रता॥17-6॥
When one becomes week-helpless he portraits himself as a descent person, poor as an ascetic, diseased-ill prayers to God and the old woman shows off to be fidelity-loyalty-faithfulness-dedicated to her husband.
Those who hide their real behavior are hypocrites-impostors. One should be cautious while handling such people.

नाSन्नोदकसमं दानं न तिथीर्द्वादशी समा। न गायत्र्या: परो मन्त्रो न मातु: परं दैवतम्॥17-7॥
No donation-charity is comparable to the donation of food grain and water, no date is more auspicious-virtuous-pious as compared to dwadashi (-12th day from ful moon and no moon), no chant is more powerful as compared to Gaytri Mantr and no deity-demigoddess is greater-superior to the mother.
            Om Bhu Bhuwasvh Tat Switur Varenium; Bhrgo Devsy Dhi Mahi Dhiyo Yonh Prechodyat.
 ॐ भू भुवस्व: तत सवितुर वरेनियम। भर्गो देवेस्य धीमहि धियों योन: प्रचोदयात्॥ 
One who believes in charity make regular donations. We should always help the needy and poor who deserve it. For the purpose of donation 12th night from ful moon or no moon are considered as auspicious. Recitation of Gaytri Mantr at both Sandhya's (-evening and morning prayers) is auspicious. One who cares for his mother (-parents) is praiseworthy; since parents are comparable to the Almighty. Mother is the first teacher.
MORNING-EVENING SANDHYA PRAYERS: Following Mantr is recited in the morning & evening, as a part of prayers  to seek the blessings of the Almighty to get the desired.
Twmev Mata Ch Pita Twmev, Twmev Bandhusch Sakha Twmev; 
 Twmev Vidyasch Drvinm Twmev, Twmev Sarwam  Mam Dev Dev.
त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव; त्वमेव बंधुश्च सखा त्वमेव।
 त्वमेव विद्याश्च द्रविनम त्वमेव; त्वमेव सर्वं मम देव देव॥ 

तक्षकस्य विषं दन्ते मक्षिका यास्तु मस्तके। वृश्चिकस्य विषं पुच्छे सर्वाङ्गे दुर्जने विषम्॥17-8॥ 
Snake's poison is present in his teeth-fangs, bee's poison is there in its head, scorpions poison is present in its tail, while poison is present in the entire body of the depraved. 
Human body is controlled by the brain-mind, through nervous system. The wicked-Shaitan-depraved is always active against the holy-virtuous-normal person. His character is dubious -doubtful. One should be extremely careful with such people as they may harm him any moment.

पत्यु राज्ञां विना नारी उपोष्य व्रत चारिणी। आयुष्यं हरते सा नारी नरकं व्रजेत्॥17-9॥
A woman who observe fast without the permission-sanction of her husband becomes instrumental in reducing his age and is bound for the hells. A woman who calls her husband by his name too does the same feat. 

व्रत(-Vrt), संकल्प, वायदा, fast, commitments, vows, sanctions, agreeing, promise, approval are synonymous and the woman should always avoid them without the consent of her husband. 

न दानै: शुध्यते नारी नोपवास शतैरपि। न तीर्थ सेवया तद्वद् भर्त: पादोद कैर्यथा॥17-10॥
The woman can not attain purity-piousity by making different-various types of donations-charity, fasts and visiting holy places. She attains Salvation-purity piousity just by serving her husband whole heartedly, with dedication.   
The woman desirous of Salvation-Liberation-assimilation in the Ultimate should dedicate herself to her husband only. This may not appeal to the modern women who wish liberty-freedom. She is bold and daring. She wish to maintain relations with many simultaneously. Its rubbish for her. For her sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, passion, comfort, wealth is every thing, till she is young and unable to realize the truth. When realization will come it will become too late to mend.

दानेन पाणिर्न तु कङ्कणेन; स्नानेन शुद्धिर्न तु चन्दनेन।
 मानेन तृप्तिर्न  तु भोजनेन; ज्ञानेन मुक्ति र्न तु मण्डनेन॥17-11॥
Hand is decorated by donations-charity, not by jewelry-ornaments; body is cleaned by bathing, not by rubbing sandalwood over the body/forehead; contentment comes through honor-fame-respect-prestige, not by the food and the Humans attain Salvation through enlightenment not by pasting sandal wood over the forehead (-ornamental marks, sectarian marks with saffron-sandal, sign of consecration or investiture).
Salvation can be attained through Karm, Gyan-Enlightenment-Sankhy, Bhakti and Kaam Yog. These are the different routes to achieve Liberation-assimilation in the Ultimate.

सद्य: प्रज्ञाहरा तुण्डी सद्य: प्रज्ञाकरी वचा। सद्य: शक्तिहरा नारी सद्य: शक्तिकरं पय:॥17-12॥ 
Eating of Kundru-a vegetable, leads to destruction-contamination of mind-brain and eating of sweet flag (-Acorus calamus-orris root)enhances-boosts the brain power, the woman sucks the physical-mental strength and drinking milk increases the strength.

परोपकरणं येषां जागर्ति हृदये सताम्। नश्यन्ति विपदस्तेषां सम्पद: स्यु: पदे पदे ॥17-13॥
The virtuous-gentleman who nourish the feeling of helping others lose their troubles-tensions-difficulties and they are able to earn wealth through all virtuous means. 
कर भला हो भला, अंत भले का भला। Those who are inclined to help others find people who are alike. He will also find people ready to help him. One should not expect any one to return-reciprocate.

आहारनिद्राभयमैथुनं च सामान्यमेतत् पशुभिर्नराणाम्। 
धर्मेहितेषामधिको विशेषो धर्मेण हीना: पशुभि: समाना:॥17-14॥
Eating, sleeping, fear and sex are common in animals and the human beings. Dharm-devotion to duty/religion differentiate-distinguish between the humans and animals. In the absence of dedication to work-Dharm, man is just like the animals.
Those who resort to rape, sex with siblings, close cousins and close relatives-blood relations are worst than the animals. They can not escape hells.

दानार्थिनो मधुकरा यदि कर्ण तालौर; दूरी कृता: करि वरेण मदान्ध बुद्ध्या। 
तस्यैव गण्डयुगमण्डनहानिरेषा; भृङ्गा: पुनर्विकचप  द्मवने वसन्ति ॥17-15॥
Intoxicated elephant repels the black beetle by moving his ears which do not affect them and they move to the lotus flowers to collect the nectar, but the elephant lose the glory-show accorded to his head by the beetles. 
People often come to the one to request for some thing-favor-money. Its the donor who is  a looser not the beggar if he refuses, shows his inability-helplessness, since he losses the people who could have praised him, increasing-enhancing his reputation-honor-fame. One should help as far as possible, within his limits-means. If you can do something for the individuals-society, you should do it without hesitation, if it does not harm you in any manner.

राजा वेश्या यमो ह्यग्नि स्तस्करो  बाल याचकौ। परदुःखं न जानन्ति अष्टमो ग्रामकण्टक:॥17-16॥
The king, prostitute, Yam Raj-the deity of death, thief, child, beggar and those who torture the common people, are very rigid-tough-hardened people who do not understand the trouble created by  them to others.

अध: पश्यसि किं वृद्धे पतितं तव किं भुवि। रे रे मुर्ख न जानासि गतं तारुण्यमौक्तिकम् ॥17-17॥
Young chap jokes with the woman with bent back if she is searching some thing fallen over the ground. She calls him stupid and says that she is searching her lost pearls in the shape of youth. 
There are people who often make fun-cut jokes with the old people who find it difficult to perform their normal daily chores without realizing that soon they will also fall in their category.

व्याला श्रयाSपि विफलापि सकण्टकाSपि; वक्राSपि पङ्किल-भवाSपि दुरा सदाSपि। 
गन्धेन बन्धु रसि केतकि सर्व जन्तोर; एको गुण: खलु निहन्ति समस्त दोषान् ॥17-18॥
Screw pine-Pendanus odoratissimus,  is tied by snakes-serpents, do not bear fruits, has thorns, is without smell, is born in mud and its rare-difficult to find-trace it, has fragrant flowers the fragrance of which  attracts each and every one.
Its a well known fact a single defect shadows the qualities of the reputed people. There are instances when a single quality of one, covers all of his defects. One should always make efforts-endeavors to be virtuous-righteous-religious-honest-diligent-pious-god fearing.
The human being should make efforts through out his life, so as to achieve-attain Salvation-Liberation-Assimilation in the Almighty-Ultimate.
Today, the 31st January, 2014; efforts to complete the preaching of Acharya Chanky have been achieved. The virtuous readers deserve whole hearted appreciation for their desire to learn and and attain enlightenment. Its dedicated to the readers.
I bow before Krashn Dwae Payan-Ved Vyas Ji, Guru Vrahaspati, Guru Shukra Chary, Ganpati, Maa Saraswati, Maa Bhagwati and the Almighty to have blessed me to perform this pious deed.
मरते वक़्त रावण द्वारा लक्ष्मण जी नीति ज्ञान :- भगवान्  श्री राम ने लक्ष्मण जी से कहा कि महा पंडित-विद्वान रावण मरणासन्न अवस्था में है। वह नीति, राजनीति और शक्ति का महान ज्ञाता है। अतः तुम उसके पास जाओ और उससे जीवन की सार्थक करने हेतु शिक्षा ग्रहण करो। भगवान् श्री राम के आदेशानुसार लक्ष्मण जी मरणासन्न अवस्था में पड़े रावण के सिर के नजदीक जाकर खड़े हो गए।रावण ने कुछ नहीं कहा। लक्ष्मण जी वापस राम जी के पास लौटकर आए। तब भगवान् ने कहा कि यदि किसी से ज्ञान प्राप्त करना हो तो उसके चरणों के पास खड़े होना चाहिए न कि सिर की ओर। यह बात सुनकर लक्ष्मण जाकर इस रावण के पैरों की ओर खड़े हो गए। उस समय महा पंडित रावण ने लक्ष्मण को तीन बातें बताई जो जीवन में सफलता की कुंजी है।
(1). पहली बात जो रावण ने लक्ष्मण को बताई वह ये थी कि शुभ कार्य जितनी जल्दी हो कर डालना और अशुभ को जितना टाल सकते हो टाल देना चाहिए यानी शुभस्य शीघ्रम्। मैंने भगवान् श्री राम को पहचान नहीं सका और उनकी शरण में आने में देरी कर दी, इसी कारण मेरी यह हालत हुई।
(2). दूसरी बात यह कि अपने प्रतिद्वंद्वी, अपने शत्रु को कभी अपने से छोटा नहीं समझना चाहिए, मैं यह भूल कर गया। मैंने जिन्हें साधारण वानर और भालू समझा उन्होंने मेरी पूरी सेना को नष्ट कर दिया। मैंने जब ब्रह्माजी से अमरता का वरदान मांगा था तब मनुष्य और वानर के अतिरिक्त कोई मेरा वध न कर सके ऐसा कहा था क्योंकि मैं मनुष्य और वानर को तुच्छ समझता था। मेरी मेरी गलती हुई।
(3). रावण ने लक्ष्मण को तीसरी और अंतिम बात ये बताई कि अपने जीवन का कोई राज हो तो उसे किसी को भी नहीं बताना चाहिए। यहाँ भी मैं चूक गया क्योंकि विभीषण मेरी मृत्यु का राज जानता था। ये मेरे जीवन की सबसे बड़ी गलती थी।
नीति :- भगवान् विष्णु ने देवताओं से कहा कि यदि कोई बड़ा काम करना हो तो शत्रुओं से भी मेल मिलाप कर लेना चाहिए। यह आवश्यक है कि काम बन जाने के बाद उनके साथ साँप और चूहे वाला बर्ताव के सकते हैं। [श्री मद्भागवत 6-8-20, समुद्र मन्थन का प्रसंग] किसी मदारी की पेटी में साँप तो पहले से ही बंद था। संयोगवश एक चूहा भी उसमें जा घुसा। चूहे को भयभीत देखकर सांप ने बड़े प्रेम से उससे कहा कि यदि वह पिटारे में छेद कर देगा तो वे दोनों ही भाग निकलेंगे। चूहे को शंका तो बहुत हुई मगर उसको बच निकलने का एक अवसर दिखाई दिया तो वह तैयार हो गया। उसने पिटारे में जैसे ही छेद किया साँप उसे निगल गया। 



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