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SANYAS YOG संन्यास योग

SANYAS YOG संन्यास योग 
By :: Pt. Santosh Bhardwaj  
SANYAS :: Sanyas (religious, anchorite,  solitairian, यति  eremite, ascetic) is the path of renunciation as per Mundak Upnishad. A Sanyasi is one who has risen above the mundane ambitions of a householder and also the silence and penance of a recluse. It is relinquishment of actions arising from desires and Tyag is the relinquishment of fruit-reward-out put of all actions, according to Bhagwat Gita. The Sanyasi is eligible to pursue the path of knowledge, Gyan, enlightenment. He is not bound to perform ritual or tend the sacred fire-Agnihotr-Hawan. [अतएव चाग्निन्धनाद्यनपेक्षा |[Brahm Sutr 3.4.25]
SANYAS YOG :: Sanyas Yog in refers to the astrological configuration of plants birth chart of the individual. is the planetary situations or combinations in certain nativities (horoscopes) indicating Sanyas Yog. This is an auspicious configuration in the birth chart. True Sanyas Yog is very rare. It arises when four or more strong planets combine in one house or sign, the nature or kind of Sanyas adopted depends upon the strongest planet in that particular group of planets.
DOMINANT SUN :: If the Sun be the strongest planet the possessor will be a person of high morals and intellectual prowess. He will choose severe and difficult practices in remote places.
DOMINANT MOON :: The possessor will remain in seclusion to study scriptures.
DOMINANT MERCURY :: One will be easily influenced by the philosophy-thoughts-mentality of others.
DOMINANT MARS :: The possessor would choose to wear saffron or yellow coloured clothes and struggle to control his temper.
DOMINANT JUPITER :: The possessor will have complete control over his senses and sense organs.
DOMINANT VENUS :: The individual will be a wandering mendicant.
DOMINANT SATURN :: One will opt for severe practices. 
The involvement of the lord of the 10th house in this conjunction of four or more planets is a stronger indicator of Sanyas.
SALVATION-MOKSH ::  If those four or more planets happen to conjoin in a Kendr-center or in a Trikon-triangle, then the person attains Moksh-Salvation.
YOG BHRASHT :: If they conjoin four or more planets in the 8th house there will be deviation from the path of Salvation-spirituality. i.e., there will be break in Yog-operation and fall from the final state of emancipation. If strongest of the conjoining planets is com-bust, then there will be no Sanyas and if it is defeated in planetary warfare, one returns to worldly life after taking Sanyas. 
Sanyas is also indicated when the Moon in a drekkan of Saturn is aspected by Mars and Saturn or is in a Navansh of Mars aspected by Saturn. A person takes to Sanyas if the dispositor-the planet which is the ruler of the sign or house that is occupied by any another sign or house lord; of the Moon is aspected by Saturn and not by any other planet or if aspected by all planets occupying a single house or sign or if Jupiter is in the 9th house and Saturn aspects the Lagn (Ascendant), the Moon and Jupiter, such a person will write on Shastr and found a school of philosophy and in case Saturn not aspected by any planet & is in the 9th house, then one will be born as a king, but turn to Sanyas.
IMPLICATIONS OF SANYAS YOG :: It is formed by benefice planets in dignity bless a person with an evolutionary elevation of the total personality and sublimation of primeval urges. When four or more planets combine in one house Sanyas Yog does arise. 
Mahatma Buddh had five planets situated in the 10th house  at the time of his birth, which included a weak Saturn occupying its sign of debilitation, or when the Ascendant lord is aspected by Saturn alone or Saturn aspects a weak Lagn lord or when the Moon in a dreshkan or drekkan (द्रेष्काण, द्रेक्काण)  of Saturn occupies a Navansh of Mars or Saturn and is aspected by Saturn in which situation according to Fal Deepika (फलदीपिका) if the lord of Lagn aspects a weak Moon, the Sanyasi-hermit-recluse will lead a very miserable life but if there be a Raj Yog obtaining, he will be venerated by rulers of the world. If the Sanyas Yog is afflicted by malefic influences then the person with that Sanyas Yog will take up Sanyas but prove a shame to that order being vulnerable to baser instincts and lowly conduct and acts.
Benefice planets in the 3rd or 6th house from Arudh (Moon) Lagn gives rise to Sadhu Yog which makes the native a saintly person undertaking pious activities. Research has also found that Parijat Yog can also act as Parivraj Yog, sometimes.
Four planets conjoining in the 10th house from the Lagn or four planets aspecting the 10th house or if the lord of the Lagn and the lord of the 10th join with any three planets any where, give Sanyas but if Saturn joins, there will be no Sanyas. And, in case the Moon and Jupiter join Mercury and Mars in the 10th or in Pisces sign, then Moksh becomes assured. If more than one planet is powerful out of four there will be no Sanyas Yog, when two planets are powerful then one takes Sanyas of the kind indicated by the more powerful one only to discard it to take up Sanyas of the kind indicated by the less powerful. One of the four or more planets conjoining must be very strong to confer Sanyas but if the Sanyas causing planet is com-bust or if it is defeated in Grah Yuddh (planetary warfare) and aspected by other planets there will be no Sanyas but the person will worship Sanyasis i.e., those who have taken up Sanyas.
SIGNIFICANCE OF SANYAS YOG :: Sanyas Yog compel a person to give up all wealth and material possessions; he then becomes a mendicant and begs for alms. These Yog are a class apart, they are Shubh-Yog (शुभ, auspicious Yog) and are not av-Yog (अवयोग, evil Yog) indicating poverty. They compel a person to renounce the world and seek the Ultimate Truth. Raj Yog obtaining along with Sanyas Yog make a person a world-renowned Dikshit (दीक्षित)  and may be a pious ruler who is widely worshipped. A weak Saturn casting its aspect on the weak lord of the Ascendant generally makes one take to the path of renunciation. If the lord of the Bhav in which the Sanyas Yog occurs is associated with Rahu or combines with Gulika in a cruel ansh or if benefice do not aspect the said lord, then that Sanyas Yog will be defunct. Changez Khan (चंगेज खान), the mighty Mongol warrior, was born at 1.30 A.M on 16.09.1186 A.D. with six planets combining in one sign and house i.e., in Virgo in the 3rd house from the Lagn which grouping included a strong Uchchabhilashi (उच्चाभिलाषी, strong-high desires) Saturn, he did not take to the path of renunciation. He was a ruthless warrior and a wandering conqueror as foretold by Saravali for this conjunction and a powerful ruler as ordained by Laghu Jatak Sarwasw vide Verse 537 which states that if all planets are in the 12th from the Moon and aspect the 6th house from the Moon then a Raj Yog is caused and the person lives for 68 years; Changez Khan lived for 68 years.
Varah Mihir states that if the Lagn falls in an even sign and the three natural benefice along with Mars are all powerful to do good then a woman becomes a famous Vedantin (वेदान्तिन) and if the 7th house is tenanted by a cruel planet and the 9th by mild benefice then she will embrace the kind of Sanyas as is indicated by the planet occupying the 9th house. In a Capricorn Lagn nativity that had Rahu in the 5th, Mars in the 6th, Saturn in the 7th, the Sun and the Moon in the 8th, Venus and Mercury in the 9th, Jupiter and Ketu in the 11th despite a powerful Bhagy (भाग्य, luck) Yog obtaining and all three natural benefice being placed ahead of the Sun and the Moon the lady did not receive Diksha (दीक्षा) because Saturn did not aspect the Moon or its dispositor and Mars did not aspect the 9th house.
Jatak Bharnam (जातक भरणम्) reiterates that if Jupiter is either in the 5th house or in the Lagn and the Moon is situated in the 10th house, then the person will be a Tapasavi (तपस्वी, ascetic) i.e., the one who has conquered his senses and who possesses the finest of intelligence, is persevering, hardworking and successful. This is a Yog of a very high order and gives excellent results provided both Jupiter and the Moon gain favourable varg (वर्ग और नक्षत्र). and Nakshatr The significant factor in this Yog-formation is the lord of the sign of exaltation for Dev Guru Vrahaspati-Jupiter, occupying the all-important Karm Sthan-house of action.
SANYASI-THE WANDERING ASCETIC-RECLUSE :: Human life is divided in four stages called Ashrams in Hinduism. Brahmchary (the life of a celibate), Grahasth (the life of a householder), Vanprasth (the life of retirement or a forest recluse) followed by Sanyas (sage, saint, hermit, sadhu). One who adopts the Sanyas or renunciation leads very austere and ascetic life, without the desire for comforts-luxuries. He remembers the Almighty with barest possible needs preparing for the next birth. One discards ownership, doer-ship, renounces all desires, relationships, attachments-possessions and self preservation, ego, identity. Equanimity, selflessness are integral features of Sanyas. Pains, sufferings, ridicule and criticism have no place in this Ashram.
Renunciation, Relinquishing, Retirement seems to be synonymous. In the 3rd stage called Vanprasth (the Hermit), one withdraws him self from active life, leaving behind his family and household; goes to a forest or hermitage where he prepares himself for the hardships of the next stage, which is the life of renunciation and self-negation. It is said that he should opt for this after becoming grandfather. An individual spends his life in acquiring knowledge-1st stage :- Brahmchary and becoming a household; Grahasth-2nd stage, performing obligatory duties towards himself, parents, family and the society.
Sanyas is the stage, which is like the preparation for Moksh-Salvation-Assimilation in God-Liberation. Desire for achievement-attainment of Salvation-Moksh assimilation in the Ultimate-too distract the devotee from the Almighty; since Bhakti Yog  weighs supreme to both to Karm Yog (performance-deeds) and Gyan Yog (enlightenment). One who has renounced shall not target-aim anything, how so ever high or valuable, it might be.
One, who enters this stage, is forbidden from maintaining any social or family contact. He is advised not to perform the sacrificial holy fire, Hawan-Agnihotr. One becomes Tapasvi-ascetic, an embodiment of fire-glow that manifests him as a radiant spiritual energy. One is also forbidden from the use of fire either for cooking-heating-warming or for ritualistic purposes. One is expected to subsist on whatever food he could find from begging only once a day and also progressively reduce his intake of food to become free from the desire to live or survive.
The Vaishy and Shudr communities are not bound-subjected to this obligation. In present times one cannot think of it either. It is however not compulsory for a person to become a Sanyasi only at this stage. While this is an ideal prescription in scriptures-Shashtr, there is no hard and fast rule for a person to enter the life of a Sanyasi. One can become Sanyasi at any stage in his life. One may seek guidance-advice-patronage from the enlightened-gurus-spiritual mentors, blessed with wisdom-enlightenment-prudence and ability. Their advice is useful-valuable for the ascetic life, leading to the spiritual path-journey.
The distinguished Brahmns generally follow this path to Salvation. One such may be found in one langoti-loin cloth or saffron robes. 

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