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MAKING FUN OF DEITIES-DEMIGODS देवी-देवताओं का अपमान

 देवी-देवताओं का अपमान 
CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By:: Pt. Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj
PhotoHinduism is associated with extreme level of tolerance. No other religion preaches tolerance. It is the reason behind the jokes-fun-insulting films, made and shown in the theaters. Hindu deities-demigods-teachers are the target of some of the most  disgruntled film makers, who indulge in anti religion-anti social practices. If one resent this, he is surely going to be rebuked or even sent to jail, since the producer-financiers have links up to top level. The general public is aware that the money invested in films often comes from corrupt politicians, terrorist organisations, money launderers etc. 
As a matter of fact the majority community is treated like aliens, in its own land. It can be crushed-imprisoned for years, without any proof-bail out.
Those who do this here in India can not dare else where.
Some people from the minority communities are criticizing the printing motifs-pictures of Veshno Devi shrine  on Rs. 5 coins, in circulation now.
Those who make fun-insult, the deities are bound to be lodged in hells.
One must not criticize the faith-religion of others. Stop making fun of deities-demigods-Dharm-Gurus.
Never humiliate or acts against the sentiments of others. Be neutral. Live and let live.
आजकल कुछ सरफिरे-राजनीति  बाज "हर हर मोदी "का नारा बुलन्द कर उसकी पार्टी के लोगों का ही नहीं -उनकी धर्मिक भावना-आस्था -भक्ति के साथ-साथ  पूरे हिन्दु समाज -धर्म व भगवान का अपमान भी कर रहे हैं। 

INSULT अपमान: One should not insult any one. Don't give a chance to others to insult-humiliate you. One should not react to insult aggressively. Cool down and think why did happen to you. Always avoid visiting others places uninvited. Never interfere or speak when two people are talking-discussing-arguing some matter-issue.
वरं प्राण परित्यागो मानभंगेन जीवनात् । प्राण त्यागे क्षणं दुःखं मानभंगे दिने दिने ॥
One should prefer death to survive with the life on being insulted. Death cause momentary pain but the insult kills the person every day.
One must not indulge in such activities which lead to insult. Its really very painful to bear insult. One should not commit suicide, since its considered to be the worst possible sin. Life and death are determined by the Almighty, not by the individuals. 
One who is insulted may reason out-analyze and find out the real cause. If the defect lies in him, he should make efforts to eliminate the weaknesses instead of seeking revenge. 
Chanky was insulted by Maha Nand, yet he preferred to live and take revenge, leading to the elimination of Nand dynasty. 
Laxman insulted Surpnakha and cut off her nose and ears, which resulted in the abduction of Maa Sita and the war between Ram and Ravan.
Drupad insulted his child hood friend Dronachary (-son of Bhardwaj) and his kingdom was snatched by Arjun for his Guru as Guru Dakshina.
Dropadi insulted Duryodhan which resulted in the loss of empire by Yudhistr for 12 years exile.
Duryodhan insulted Dropadi which resulted in the 18 days war between evil and virtues, known as Maha Bharat.

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