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CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By :: Pt. Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj
स्वयं को पहचानना बोध है। स्वयं क्या है? यह अपना आत्मरूप है। मैं कौन था कौन हूँ क्या होऊँगा। यह जानना बोध है। 
महात्मा बुद्ध को बोध हुआ, वे बोधित्स्व कहलाये और पीपल का वृक्ष बन गया बोधि वृक्ष। उनका कहना था कि वीणा के तार उतने ही कसो जितने से मधुर, कर्णप्रिय मधुर स्वर-ध्वनि-सुर प्रवाहित हो। मन को उद्वेलित-आनन्दित करे-आल्हादित-प्रफुल्लित करे-उत्साहित करे-उमंग से भर दे-मन नाचने को करे और सारा कलुष-मेल-द्वेष निकल जाये।
Self recognition-identification-understanding is Bodh. Who am I, who was I, what will I be? this type of retrospection helps one in understanding the self.
Mahatma Buddh attained this state and the doctrine is called Bodhitsv. The Peeple tree under, which he achieved asceticism is called Bodhi Vraksh. He said that the strings of Veena should be tuned in such a way that they produce melodious-rhythmic-touching tunes-sounds-music, which is liked-admired by the ears or the one who listens to them. He was addressing the human behaviour. Our dealings with others, should be aimed at giving pleasure to them. It should be capable of releasing tensions. One should be able to produce a cordial-pleasant atmosphere. The inner self should become free from defects-vices-wickedness.
इन्द्रिय संयम के लिए ज्ञान ही काफी नहीं है, अपितु दृढ संकल्प-निश्चयात्मक बुद्धि, विवेक भी चाहिए। 
Human incarnation is meant for performing for the sake of purification and salvation to facilitate assimilation in the Almighty.
आत्म बोध : भगवान् के नवम् अवतार महात्मा बुद्ध ने मानव शरीर को गन्दगी-मैल-मल का घर-जनक बताया है। यह शरीर नष्टप्राय है। जो पैदा हुआ है वो मरेगा अवश्य। माँ के गर्भ में वह मल-मूत्र से घिरा पड़ा थाकेश, रोम, नख, दांत, त्वक्, मांस, स्नायु, अस्थि-मज्जा, यकृत, क्लोमक, प्लीहा, फुस्फुस, आत, उदरस्थ मल-मूत्र, पित्त, कफ, रक्त, पसीना, चर्बी, लार आदि, बदबू के घर, नष्ट प्राय सड़ने वाली वस्तुएं हैं।इसमें सौंदर्य की कल्पना तो स्वयं के साथ धोखा-अन्याय है।सौंदर्य तो सिर्फ चेतना में है। स्नान-सफाई-इत्र-फुलेल-उबटन शरीर की प्राकृतिक बदबू को दबा-छिपा नहीं पाते। कितना ही इत्र से छिडको, फिर  भी इसकी दुर्गंध नहीं जाने वाली। कितना ही सुंदर वस्त्रों में ढांको, तो भी इसका असौंदर्य नहीं ढकता है। कितने ही सोने के आभूषण पहनो, हीरे-जवाहरात से सजाओ, तो भी मांस-मज्जा अस्थियाँ वैसी की वैसी ही बनी रहेंगी। मृत्यु  के पश्चात चेतना नष्ट हो जाती है। आत्मा शरीर को  छोड़ देती है। नातेदार-रिश्तेदार, बंधु-बान्धव, मित्र-परिचित सभी शरीर को शीघ्रातिशीघ्र श्मशान में ले जाने की कोशिश करते हैं। शरीर  में स्थित चेतन सौंदर्य का द्योतक है। चेतन को ध्यान-मनन, पूजा पाठ के माध्यम से परमात्मा में लगाओ।चेतन परमात्मा का अभिन्न अंग है। परमात्म बोध धीरे-धीरे शरीर से तादात्म्य-सम्बन्ध तोड़ देगा और चेतन को परमात्मतत्व से  जोड़ देगा। वही  परम सुन्दर स्वरूप है और वही परमानन्द है। 

Who am I? Minutest-smallest component-unit-cell-molecule of the Almighty, like the droplet in ocean.
[One gram of water has 6.023 X 1023 molecules.]
What for am I born? Under go the un spent/left over results-outcomes-rewards-punishments-fruits of  innumerable previous births i.e, destiny.
Where have I come from? Its not possible to ascertain, since I had innumerable births before.
What is my identity? No specific indication-information- hunch. It keeps on changing according to the shape-size-species of the present birth. Still there are some sign of Satvik Yog.
What is the goal-target-aim-ambition in my life? To be virtuous-righteous-pious-devotion to God and ultimately attainment of Salvation-PERMANAND.
What am I, up to ? Wish to perform righteous deeds/jobs/functions to improve my destiny, which are Satvik in nature.
What is my duty ? Nothing specific is visible, yet I have adopted myself to this blog writing for the welfare of the devotees of the Ultimate.
What are my deeds in previous birth? A mixture of righteous and evil. It appears that more of it Virtuous-Satvik-Pious.
What is my destiny-based upon innumerable deeds in  innumerable previous lives-births? For some more births I will/may have to be a human being. If the Satvik Karm persists, I may find my path to Salvation-ultimate freedom, ultimately.
What are accumulated deeds in present-current birth: Good/bad, virtuous/evil..? More of Satvik, less of evil.
What will be the impact of my current deeds in present or future rebirths ? It will certainly improve my Karm. In fact its improving.
What are the things which angers/perturbs/disturbs me ? There are people all around, who were/are bend upon moving ahead of others-me, at all costs-most of them, evil. I was reduced to sadness due to the guilt of others-may be destiny. In fact it disheartened me, at times. Still, I prefer to continue with my mission. May be that the success comes, at last by the blessings-goodwill like minded people.
Why do I get perturbed? When pressed too hard-teased-disturbed-tortured by some one, un necessarily-without visible fault-mistake-guilt-misdeed.
What gives me relief-relaxation peace-solace-tranquility-pleasure-enjoyment-happiness ? Recitation-reading-listening-prayers-remembering-recollecting the: Almighty-God-Allah-Khuda-Rab-Ultimate-Permanand.
What makes me unrealistic in life ? High dreams-the goals-desires, which can not be achieved, through legal-genuine-honest-pious-righteous-genuine 
Why did  I took birth? To under go the fruits-rewards-punishments of innumerable previous births.
What is the reason behind my birth ? It seems that the Almighty wants me to improve the deeds in present birth to Satvik-virtuous-righteous-pious, realize follies of this births and under go/experiences penances with own will and determination.
What will I become after my death? I wish to be a Brahmn in some dignified-virtuous family. There is an understanding that one become what he desires.
Why should I be honest-generous-pious-righteous-virtuous ? To get rid of the sins/misdeeds/evils of the past births.
Why should I donate money ? When one donates money earned through pious/righteous/honest means, his quantum of evils-sins-misdeeds is  reduced, to some extent automatically. 
Why do I believe in charity-generosity-donations ? It gives me happiness-pleasure-satisfaction-mental peace.
Am I, doing some thing for the sake of others-society-religion-nation-poor-helpless ? If, not Why not ? Yes, if I am correct. My endeavor is free from the desire of rewards/fruits/gains. Charity-charity and charity and the welfare-betterment-progress of mankind towards the Ultimate.
What is the reason behind pain-grief-sorrow in my life ? Own sins-mistakes -blunders, others prejudice/envy/discomfort.
Why should I think of others ? What makes me selfish ? We all are alike. If I do some thing for the one who appears to be different, actually I am doing my own welfare, only.
Why did I take birth in India ? I took birth in the plains between the Holi rivers Ganga and Ymuna which is considered to be the only place on earth where a  pious deed converts into Satvik Yog  leading to heavens and sins changes to Tamsik deeds leading to Hells, automatically.
Why did I travel abroad ? Destiny wished me to realize that I had been there only to bear the fruits-rewards of my previous deeds. Places looked familiar.
What is my connection with the country, I visited ? Present connection: My son was posted there. Previous connection: It appears that I had been there earlier, in one of my previous births. I could recognize a few structures which were not seen by me in this birth.
What were the things/buildings/structures, which I recognized without having visited it before, before ? A few buildings, railway track, a river side, banana go-down.
Why do I loiter in old destructed forts in the dreams ? Might be presence of previous memory.
Why do I see railway trains very frequently in the dreams-running without tracks ? Might be that I had some connection with trains in previous births. There is certainly no connection in this birth, except travelling.
Why do I miss these trains, during the dreams ? Missing trains tell me that I am not able to realise my goal/targets/ambitions/success in life.
Why I find me with the serpents in early childhood, in dreams ? In fact they represent deities and my fear reveals my sins.
Why did the cobras frequented me in dreams ? When ever this happened I found that my opponents were trying to corner me.
Why my feet gets submerged in water-water bodies during the dreams ? Still not clear. Might be it represent confusion/botheration/tensions.
 How do I swim in water in dreams, without learning it ? It might be that the God is giving me strength to swim over the tides/difficulties/troubles/difficult period-phase.
Why am I writing all these things ? Intuition-insight-God's desire-my interest-social welfare-humanity-better coordination of human beings.
Why do I read/study/learn so much ? My interest-Gods desires-destiny-impact of previous births.
What makes success slip out of my hands ? Impact of previous births-planetary configuration.
What is preventing me from attaining my goal in life ? Bad luck-time.
Am I virtuous-pious-honest-exercise self restraint ? To some extent, I feel.
Am I doing something for others/society/religion/poor/helpless/down trodden/nation ? Too little.
Do I possess virtues-ethics-moral-culture-values ? Yes.
What makes me courageous-bold-enthusiastic-self sufficient-independent ? My mother's impact-courage, inheritance.

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