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MAHA BHARAT  KATHA महा भारत  कथा 
Mother earth under great distress due to the cruelty-tortures-extortion of the masses by the Kings-emperors and the mighty people, approached Brahma Ji for help. Subjects were tortured-taxed and punished unreasonably. Injustice prevailed all around. Brahma Ji and all the Demigods, deities went to Gau Lok-the abode of Bhagwan Shri Krashn for relief to the Earth. Bhagwan Vishnu and Bhagwan Shiv too accompanied them for seek a solution. Bhagwan Vishnu immersed in Krashn immediately. Earth took the form of a cow to present her self before the Almighty. They were assured that the Almighty will take Avtar-incarnation and appear himself to address the problem.
PhotoMAHA BHARAT narrated-dictated by Bhagwan Ved Vyas and written by Ganesh Ji, only after grasping-understanding the wisdom beneath it, is the epic of the avatar-incarnation of Bhagwan Shri Krashn, including the complete story of the Pandav and Kaurav. Its significance lies in the importance of its  being referred to, as the 5th Ved. It unveils the secrets of the Ved, contains the essence-nectar-elixir of the Upnishad. It elaborates the Itihas-History and Puran, astrology, morality and ethics, life science, medicine, charity and generosity. It is a description of holy places of pilgrimage, rivers, forests, oceans and mountains. It is the greatest epic of mankind, rich with knowledge and applied knowledge, contains 6,00,000 Shlok-verses, out of which only 1,00,000 are available on earth. It is a book on theology, administration, political philosophy; a scripture of devotion and action and is the synopsis of the Aryan-Hindu scriptures. The Bhagwad Gita is a small part of this epic. One learn-understand the gist, will successfully sail through this cosmic era called Kalyug.
Raja Shantnu was a great mighty king who had conquered the earth up to the limits of the oceans. He was an incarnation of the Samudr-Ocean, who himself an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. He married Maan Ganga due to the divine plan-strategy to reduce the weight of earth. Ganga had to Liberate the 8 Vasus-demigods, who were cursed by Mahrishi Durvasa, for bathing naked in the river unashamed in front of him. She drowned 7 of them soon after their birth. But the king could not resist him self, when she prepared to drown the 8th Vasu. Maan Ganga left him immediately, there after. This Vasu grew as Prince Devvrt and educated by Bhagwan Parshu Ram. He was recognised as Bhishm Pitamah and achieved Sayujy Mukti-Moksh as soon as left his body.
PITAMAH BHISHM पितामह भीष्म: He was a Vasu-a demigod in his previous birth and took this incarnation due to the curse inflicted upon him and the other Vasus, while bathing naked in the open shamelessly-carelessly. He became 8th son of the king of Hastinapur Maharaja Shantnu (-an incarnation of Samudr (-ocean-sea) who himself is an incarnation of the Almighty Vishnu) and the divine holy river Maan Bhagwati Ganga-daughter of Himalay. Shantnu married Satywati-a girl born out the embryo of a fish who became the mother of Bhagwan Ved Vyas, who grew up like an 8 year old child, immediately after his birth, born out of the relation between Rishi Parashar and Satywati, while crossing the river.
He was called Devwrat as a child and sent to Bhagwan Parshuram by Maan Ganga for acquiring education. When the father of Satyawati objected to the marriage of Shantnu with her on the ground that the children of Devwrat might snatch the kingdom from Satyawati's sons, Devwrat took the oath not to marry throughout his life and protect the son of Satyawati who became king.
Bhishm Pitamh is designated-addressed by Duryodhan as eldest of Kaurav family clan by virtue of his position-seniority-capability, as the chief of the army, religiosity-chastity-asceticism, enlightenment, being a Vasu-a Demi God in previous life and being the son of Maan Ganga (-the divine connection), disciple of Bhagwan Shri Parsuram Ji, winner of many-many battles and capability to fight and satisfy his mentor-Guru Parshuram Ji in the fight, though Bahilk (-Shantnu's brother-Bhishm's uncle), was the eldest amongest the Kauravs.
He abducted the three daughters of the king of Kashi for marrying his step brothers, by defeating all the kings, who gathered there. He had full command over weaponry and scriptures. He was blessed by his father to leave the human body according to his own will-desire. He was the best disciple of Bhagwan Parshuram Ji. Bhagwan Shri Krashn endorsed him, so that Yudhister could satisfy his quarries related to Dharm-duty-mode-art of living-dealings with citizens.
He obtained Salvation after his death. 
भीष्म पितामह द्वारा काशिराज की दो कन्याओं का विवाह चित्र वीर्य और विचित्र वीर्य से करा दिया गया।शान्तनु और सत्यवती के वे पुत्र क्षय ग्रस्त और रोगी, सन्तान उत्पत्ति में असमर्थ थे। सत्यवती ने ऋषि पराशर से उत्पन्न अपने पुत्र व्यास जी से इन कन्याओं से नियोग द्वारा बच्चे पैदा करने को कहा। बड़ी राजकुमारी ने शर्म से ऑंखें मूँद लीं और उससे अंधे धृतराष्ट्र पैदा हुए। दूसरी कन्या शर्म से पीली पड़ गई और उससे पाण्डु उत्पन्न हुए। राजकुमारियों द्वारा अपने स्थान पर दासी को भेजने से विदुर उत्पन्न हुए।  दासीपुत्र होने से विदुर को राज्य नहीं मिल सकता था और एक अँधा राजा बन नहीं सकता था। अतः पाण्डु राजा बने। 
Shantnu spotted a girl called Saty Vati over the banks of the river rowing a boat. He got attracted towards her and showed his desire to marry her. Saty Vati took birth from the fetus of a fish and smelt like fish till she lured Mahrishi Parashar. She gave birth to Bhagwan Ved Vyas an incarnation of the Almighty Bhagwan Vishnu to divide the Veds into 4 parts and write Maha Bharat containing the essence of the four Veds.
Moon developed illicit relations with the wife of his Guru Vrahaspati's wife Tara, resulting in the birth of Buddh-Mercury. Mercury entered into relations with the Ikshvaku dynasty-clan king Ila, who turned into a woman for six months, due to his entry in the sacred forest inhabited by Maan Parwati and Bhagwan Shiv. King Puru was the outcome of this relationship.He was a mighty king who entered into relationship with Urvashi an Apsara of Heaven, resulting into the beginning of Kuru clan. This clan witnessed majestic kings like Bharat-son of king Dushyant and Shkuntla-the daughter of Raj Rishi turned Brahm Rishi Vishwamitr, who ruled the earth for 27,000 years.
धृतराष्ट्र, पाण्डु और विदुर के जन्म कि कथा :- महाराज शान्तनु समुद्र के अंश थे और समुद्र स्वयं भगवान् विष्णु के अंश हैं। आठवें वसु भीष्म पितामह माता गंगा और महाराज शान्तनु से उत्पन्न हुए। सत्यवती का जन्म मछली के गर्भ से हुआ और उन्हें मत्स्य गंधा के  नाम से जाना जाता था। ऋषि पराशर से उनके महाराज शांतनु से विवाह से पूूर्व भगवान् वेद व्यास का जन्म हुआ जो कि स्वयं भगवान् विष्णु के अंश हैं। वे जन्म लेते ही 8 वर्ष के बालक के समान हो गए और उनका पालन-पोषण बद्री  वन में हुआ। 
हस्तिनापुर नरेश शान्तनु और रानी सत्यवती के चित्रांगद और विचित्रवीर्य नामक दो पुत्र हुये। शान्तनु का स्वर्गवास चित्रांगद और विचित्रवीर्य के बाल्यकाल में ही हो गया था इसलिये उनका पालन पोषण भीष्म पितामह ने किया। भीष्म पितामह ने चित्रांगद के बड़े होने पर उन्हें राजगद्दी पर बिठा दिया। कुछ समय ही गन्धर्वों से युद्ध करते हुये चित्रांगद मारा गया। इस पर भीष्म ने उनके अनुज विचित्रवीर्य को राज्य सौंप दिया। अब भीष्म को विचित्रवीर्य के विवाह की चिन्ता हुई। उन्हीं दिनों काशीराज की तीन कन्याओं, अम्बा, अम्बिका और अम्बालिका का स्वयंवर होने वाला था। उनके स्वयंवर में जाकर अकेले ही भीष्म पितामह ने वहाँ आये समस्त राजाओं को परास्त कर दिया और तीनों कन्याओं का हरण कर के हस्तिनापुर ले आये। बड़ी कन्या अम्बा ने भीष्म को बताया कि वह अपना तन-मन शाल्व राज को अर्पित कर चुकी है। उसकी बात सुन कर भीष्म ने उसे राजा शाल्व के पास भिजवा दिया और अम्बिका और अम्बालिका का विवाह विचित्रवीर्य के साथ करवा दिया।
राजा शाल्व ने अम्बा को ग्रहण नहीं किया अतः वह हस्तिनापुर लौट आई और उसने भीष्म पितामह से स्वयं को स्वीकार करने का अनुरोध किया। भीष्म ने अपनी प्रतिज्ञा के कारण उसके अनुरोध को स्वीकार नहीं किया। अम्बा रुष्ट हो कर भगवान् परशुराम के पास गई और उनसे अपनी व्यथा सुना कर सहायता माँगी। परशुराम जी ने अम्बा से कहा कि वे अपने शिष्य भीष्म से उसका विवाह करायेंगे। भगवान्  परशुराम ने भीष्म को बुलावा भेजा किन्तु भीष्म उनके पास नहीं गये। इस पर क्रोधित होकर परशुराम भीष्म के पास पहुँचे और उन्होंने उनसे युद्ध करने को कहा। दोनों वीरों में भयानक युद्ध छिड़ गया। दोनों ही अभूतपूर्व योद्धा थे इसलिये हार-जीत का फैसला नहीं हो सका। आखिर देवताओं ने हस्तक्षेप कर के इस युद्ध को बन्द करवा दिया। अम्बा निराश हो कर वन में तपस्या करने चली गई।
विचित्रवीर्य अपनी दोनों रानियों के साथ भोग विलास में रत हो गये किन्तु दोनों ही रानियों से उनकी कोई सन्तान नहीं हुई और वे क्षय रोग से पीड़ित हो कर मृत्यु को प्राप्त हो गये। अब कुल नाश होने के भय से माता सत्यवती ने एक दिन भीष्म पितामह से वंश को नष्ट होने से बचाने के लिये दोनों रानियों से पुत्र उत्पन्न करने का आग्रह किया तो भीष्म पितामह ने उन्हें अपनी प्रतिज्ञा का स्मरण कराया। 
इस अवस्था में माता सत्यवती ने अपने ज्येष्ठ पुत्र भगवान् वेदव्यास का स्मरण किया।स्मरण करते ही वेदव्यास वहाँ उपस्थित हो गये। सत्यवती ने उन्हें पूरी स्थित से अवगत कराकर नियोग द्वारा संतान उत्पन्न करने का आदेश दिया।वेदव्यास जी उनकी आज्ञा का पालन करने को तैयार गए। सबसे पहले बड़ी रानी अम्बिका और फिर छोटी रानी छोटी रानी अम्बालिका उनके पास आई। अम्बिका ने उनके तेज से डर कर अपने नेत्र बन्द कर लिये जबकि अम्बालिका वेदव्यास को देख कर भय से पीली पड़ गई। वेदव्यास जी माता को बताया कि अम्बिका का बड़ा तेजस्वी पुत्र होगा किन्तु नेत्र बन्द करने के दोष के कारण वह अंधा होगा जबकि अम्बालिका के गर्भ से  पाण्डु रोग से ग्रसित पुत्र पैदा होगा। यह जानकार इससे माता सत्यवती ने बड़ी रानी अम्बिका को पुनः वेदव्यास के पास जाने का आदेश दिया। इस बार बड़ी रानी ने स्वयं न जा कर अपनी दासी को वेदव्यास के पास भेज दिया। दासी बिना किसी संकोच के वेदव्यास के सामने से गुजरी।   इस बार वेदव्यास ने माता सत्यवती के पास आ कर कहा कि दासी के गर्भ से वेद-वेदान्त में पारंगत अत्यन्त नीतिवान पुत्र उत्पन्न होगा। इतना कह कर वेदव्यास तपस्या करने चले गये। समय आने पर अम्बिका के गर्भ से जन्मांध धृतराष्ट्र, अम्बालिका के गर्भ से पाण्डु रोग से ग्रसित पाण्डु तथा दासी के गर्भ से धर्मराज के अवतार धर्मात्मा विदुर का जन्म हुआ।
Satywati's father who was a sailor and brought her up, imposed strict conditions for the marriage of Shantnu and Satywati. Only Satywati's son could be the king of Hastina Pur, which was impossible, till Devvrt was there. Devvrt took the vow not to marry throughout his life and remain an ascetic maintaining his chastity. All the directions reverberated the moment his took this oath. He pledged to serve the throne of Hastina Pur, irrespective of the fact that who so ever was the king. Shantnu blessed him with the boon of desired death and prolonged-perpetual life. Since then he got the name BHISM.
Shantnu and Saty Vati had two sons named Chitr Viry and Vichtr Viry. Bhishm abducted the three daughters of Kashi Raj-king of Banaras-Varanasi, as per tradition, by defeating all kings and princes, who had gathered to take part in Swayambar-selection of groom by the princess bride. Two of them were married off to Chitr Viry and Vichtr Viry and the third remained unmarried. She asked Bhishm to marry her. On being refused, she went to the lonely forest for ascetic practices added with chastity. Bhagwan Shiv asked her desire for boons. She prayed that she should become the cause of the death of Bhishm to take revenge. She died and in the immediate next incarnation, she took birth as an impotent; but turned into a male by a Yaksh. She became a mighty warrior with the highest degree of chariot born commander-Ati Rathi, of Arjun's army and became instrumental in Bhism's death, since Bhism being aware of his past, still considered him either as a women or impotent.
Chitr Viry and Vichitr Viry were incapable of producing children. Saty Vati called the sage Ved Vyas, her son from Parashar to bless the women with progeny, through Niyog Pratha (-traditional method of selecting a suitable male for progeny in case the woman fails to conceive from her husband due one or the other reason). Seer Krishna Dvaipayan Vyas engendered Pandu and the blind Dhratrashtr in order to preserve the lineage. The first queen closed her eyes on seeing the sage and thus the child born was blind named as Dhrastrastr. Being blind, he was unfit for the crown. The second queen tuned yellow due to fear, on having a look over the sage. Her son was born with yellowish skin and named Pandu (-suffering from jaundice-Peelia disease and deficiency of blood). But he recovered from the illness and ruled the earth with might for more than 500 years. The two queens, first sent the maid to the sage from whom Dharm Raj-Yam Raj-the deity of death and religion, took birth as Vidur due to the curse of Mandvy Rishi.
Ancestral Bharat kingdom had its capital in the City of the Elephant-Hastinapur, on the banks of the mighty Ganga river, in north central India, now Meerut (-the ancient city inhabited by May Danav, a giant and mystic architect, millions of years ago prior to Treta Yug, who married his daughter Mandodri to Ravan over the advice of Brahma Ji).
None was willing to give his daughter for marriage to Dhratrashtr being blind and unfit to become king of Hastina Pur. Bhism compelled the Sindhu Naresh-king of Sindh-former Gandarbh empire. The king did not refuse to give his daughter Gandhari to Dhratrashtr but his son, Shakuni took it to his heart and decided to go along with his sister to Hastina Pur to take revenge from Bhism, who protected Hastina Pur. Gandhari blindfolded her eyes immediately after marriage. Shakuni was the master at manipulating the game of Chousar (-चौसर)  and its dice (-passe पासे).
Pandu married Kunti a Nag Kanya and Madri. While hunting in the jungle Pandu killed a sage by mistake, who was mating with his wife, in the grab-form of a deer. The sage died at once. His wife cursed Pandu to die, when ever he would be taken over by lust-sexuality. Pandu did not indulge in sex with his wives soon there after, due to the fear of death. Kunti was given a Mantr which could invite-attract any demigod to her. She tried to test its power due to ignorance over Sun. He came to her and as a result Karn was born to unmarried Kunti. Kunti is worshiped as Chir Kumari, since she never had intercourse with any one. Now it was the time to have sons. She invited Dharm Raj, Pawan Dev and Indr to bless her with sons with the permission of Pandu, before his death. Madri too utilized the Sammohan Matr and requested Ashwani Kumars to get two sons. Yudhister, Bheem and Arjun were born due to the blessings of Dharm Raj, Pawan Dev and Indra-king of deities, respectively. Madri's sons were called Nakul and Sahdev. He could not control him self, when he saw Madri in playful mood-partially nude, with wet garments-saree, due to sensuality-passion-sexuality and the game was over. He died. 
Yudhistr was another incarnation of Dharm Raj along with Vidur. Arjun was an incarnation of Nar rishi meditating in Badrikashrm Dham. Bheem was blessed with the power of 10,000 elephants.
Madri preferred to become Sati with her husband. She somehow  convinced Kunti to live and take care of the children, who too was going to enter the pyre. All these events took place in the Ashram located in deep-dense forests. Vidur who had been working as prime minister, brought the 5 boys back to Hastina Pur with the permission of Bhism.
Dhratrashtr was nominated to become a care taker king, till Yudhister grew to take the reins of the kingdom. Dhratrashtr was a crooked person with deep rooted wickedness in his mind. He never found himself convinced with the status of a blind person dependent over Pandu for meals-perks. He had 102 children. One daughter and 100 sons from Gandhari and one son from the woman who took care of him. Duryodhan was the eldest amongest his sons. His daughter was to married to Jaidrath. Duryodhan had a special enmity-jealousy-hatred for Bheem.
It was the time for educating the kids. Bhism witnessed Dron bringing out a ball from the well with the help of reed arrows shooting one over the other. Ultimately, he held the last one in his hand  and pulled out the ball gently. He became charmed by the arts of archery, being him self a wonderful archer and great soldier. Dron described his antecedents in a gradual manner. Bhism was extremely pleased to find that Dron too was a disciple of Bhagwan Parshu Ram. And thus Dron became Dronachary-Achary Dron. 
Dron was born through the sperms which were ejected by Bhardwaj Rishi, when he was exited by the presence of an Apsara from heaven. He kept the sperms in a china clay pot. He married Krapi, who was abandoned by her father along with her brother Krap in the reeds in a jungle. A king spotted them at once recognised their lineage from Brahmn family being informed in advance and took them to his palace to nourish them. 
Dron had a son called Ashwasthama, since he laughed like a horse immediately like a horse (-हिनहिनाना). Dron was an incarnation of Dev Guru Vrahaspati. He could not bear the tears of his son, when he cried for cow's milk. Krapi mixed dough-wheat flour in water and served it to him. Dron first went to Drupad his class mate at Guru's Ashram. Drupad insulted him and refused to accept him as his friend. But asked him to pray for a few cows as charity to him, being a Brahmn. Dron's feelings were hurt. He could not bear the insult. He became revengeful and frustrated. He at once decided to come to Hastina Pur, where he thought his ability would be recognised & respected and it worked.
Ashwasthama is an incarnation of Bhagwan Shiv. He along with his mama-maternal uncle Krapa Chary are blessed to be Azar-Amar (-to remain alive for one Kalp-Brahma's one day).
He gave complete knowledge of weapons and weapon systems to all the princes. Yudhister mastered in throwing spear, Bheem mastered mace, Arjun became an archer. He learnt to use Brahmastr-guided missiles, hidden in space and made it active just by recitation of a few sacred words (-mantr). Nakul and Sahdev excelled in swords and other related techniques including animal husbandry and horse breeding. Duryodhan was too good in using mace. But he could never compete with Bheem and became jealous with him and turned into his dreaded enemy. He was a frustrated man and made many unsuccessful attempts at Bheem's life along with his brothers and mother Kunti.
He gave complete knowledge of weapons and weapon systems to all the princes. Yudhister mastered in throwing spear, Bheem mastered mace, Arjun became an archer. He learnt to use Brahmastr-guided missiles, hidden in space and made it active just by recitation of a few sacred words (-mantr). Nakul and Sahdev excelled in swords and other related techniques including animal husbandry and horse breeding. Duryodhan was too good in using mace. But he could never compete with Bheem and became jealous with him and turned into his dreaded enemy. He was a frustrated man and made many unsuccessful attempts at Bheem's life along with his brothers and mother Kunti.
*Dronachary completed the education of all the princes to the entire satisfaction of Bhism. He did not permit Eklavy (-एकलव्य) and Karn to join the Ashram, because of the exclusiveness of princes. Now it was the turn of the princes to grant Dakshina (-fee for teaching).He wanted to punish Panchal (-modern Punjab) Naresh Drupad. The Kauravs could not capture him. Now Dronachary turned to Arjun. He won Drupad and brought him in front of the mighty Guru. Dronachary was kind enough to return half of the kingdom to Drupad. Bhishm inducted Dronachary as a minister in the court of Hastinapur. 
Now Drupad had a fierce enemy in the form of Dronachary. He performed Putryeshti Yagy. Draupdi and Dhrastdyumn came out of the sacrificial fires of the Yagy Kund. Dhrastdyumn had to kill Dronachary.
Karn was the eldest son of Kunti, who was left by her in the river waters in a floating basket with all signs over his body, to be taken out and nourished by a chariot driver in Kaurav's court. He was born with the shield and rings from the treasure of heavens over his body. He could not not be killed till he was wearing these two gifts from his father the Sun. Karn went to Bhagwan Parshuram for education by hiding his identity and presenting him self as a Brahmn. He learnt all weapon systems from Parshuram Ji, but unfortunately he was exposed when he resisted the pain from insect bite and the flow of blood, from his thy, over which Parshuram Ji had placed his head for sleeping. Parshuram Ji cursed him to forget all lessons at a moment, when he would need them to protect his life. He grew angry with  Guru Dronachary and did not compromise with him, till end. He became friendly with Duryodhan and joined his court. He proved to be a mighty & brilliant archer and solider. Still he was no match to Arjun. He was jealous with Arjun and turned into his worst enemy.
Eklavy was a Bheel-jungle boy. He learnt everything taught by Dronachary to the princes except the most secret Brahmastr, by hiding cleverly. He was noticed and had to pay Dakshina to Guru in return. He agreed and presented hid right hands thumb. He too became a mighty commander in Duryodhan's army but never fought against his Guru even though he had practiced to use the bow and arrow with left hand with distinguished skill and ability.
POISONING OF BHEEM: Duryodhan's jealousy towards Bheem led to his poisoning. Bheem was thrown into the river Ganga. He was taken to Nag Lok by a Nag through one of the holes in the river. He was immediately recognised by the Nag Raj as his sister Kunti's son. Kunti was a nag Kanya. Poison was neutralized and he was honored by the Nag community. He was offered a drink, which provided him with the strength of 10,000 elephants. Bheem came back and narrated the story to Kunti and brothers. They became cautious.
PANDAVS IN LAKSHA GRAH-THE HOUSE OF SHELLAC: Duryodhan was no match to the strength, power, intelligence, valor, fame of Pandavs. Dron admired their affection, love and obedience. Bhism loved them a lot, being with out father. Duryodhan's attempt of eliminating Bheem by poising and throwing him in Ganga had failed. He along with Shakuni & Karn decided another plan to kill them all, with Kunti. Dhratrashtr remained neutral towards their misdeeds. internally he too desired to get rid of them. 
They selected Varnavrat-a popular religious place, where they paid their obscene every year, as family tradition. Vidur was vigilant all along and kept a watchful eye over their plans. Yudhistr was very obedient. He agreed at once.
Purochan was a trusted aide of Duryodhan. He was entrusted with the task of making the palace with Shellac-Lac-flammable materials. Purochan hired 5 masons and their mother too stayed with them, to build the palace. Vidur sent a reliable messenger who warned them of the whole affair and a labourer-a skilled miner, to dig out a tunnel for their safe escape, to foil Duryodhan's wicked plan.
Pandavs reached the palace and showed neutrality and waited for the fire. As soon as the fire was lit, they entered the tunnel and left it safely into the forest. However the family of masons got burnt. Kauravs found the 6 charred bodies to their extreme pleasure & satisfaction. But, Dhratrashtr was slurred by this inhuman act. Resentment started brewing in the kingdom against Duryodhan.
*Yudhistr accompanied by his mother and brothers roamed through the forest. Vidur soon contacted them. They were planning to appear unscathed from fire at a suitable opportunity, which came in the form of Swayambar organised for Draupdi's marriage by Drupad, the king of Panchal. He always desired to have Arjun as his daughter's husband. He had heard of the demise of Pandavs in Laksha Grah. His soul did not accept it. Pandavs too heard of the Swayambar and reached in there. Duryodhan, Karn and most of the suitable princes-kings-prospective grooms were present. The eye of a revolving mechanical device in the form of a fish at a height, had to to be shot looking into a pot full of oil below it, just by viewing the image. Draupdi boldly refused Karm to perform the feat. Duryodhan was not so good at archery. None of the other invited mighty kings could do the desired. Bhagwan Shri Krashn and Balram were also present in the Swayambar. Drupad was extremely sorry & worried not find a suitable match for his daughter. He expressed his displeasure-dismay in the court. At this occasion, Bhagwan Shri Krashn signaled Arjun to come forward and perform the act. Draupdi considered Krashn & Balram to be her brothers. Drupad could not refuse a Brahmn to do the act. He was impressed by the gestures and body built of Arjun. Marks of bow and arrow were clearly visible over Arjun's body but none other person recognised him. He moved like a mighty lion.He easily did the desired. The other invitees, who were unsuccessful resented the victory and obstructed the Pandavs to take Draupdi along with them. It was quite easy for Bheem to repel them in the august present of the Almighty Bhagwan Shri Krashn. 
They reached the hut on the out skits of the city and called Kunti by saying that they had brought the alms. Kunti did not see what was brought by them as alms. She said that they should distribute it amongest them as usual.Now Draupdi was in trouble. She had to marry 5 brothers. Dhrastdyumn, her brother alighted from sacrificial fire along with her, was chasing them since the moment they moved out of the court. The situation was extremely critical, how could they divide Draupdi into 5 parts. Unable to find a solution they turned to Yudhister to cite scriptures, if any thing-solution was there. He quoted a case a single woman had to marry 10 Rishis, in the past to honor promise. 
Bhagwan Krashn and Balram Ji descended over the scene and described what Draupdi had demanded from Bhagwan Shiv in her last birth as a Brahmni, after being the Indrani of 7 Indr in the past. She asked Bhagwan Shiv to have a husband having the qualities in Yudhister, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev. Bhagwan shiv laughed and said she would marry 5 virtuous men having these, desired qualities-characters being a virtuous woman she could remember what had happened and she accepted the deed willingly. The matter was resolved. Message was sent to Hastina Pur and preparation made to welcome the Pandavs with their bride, now having the support of Drupad-a might king.
Hastinapur gave rousing welcome to the future queen Draupdi and the Pandavs. Duryodhan and his associates were perturbed by the developments and started working over new plans to get rid of Pandavs. But there was no way out. Dhratrashtr had to declare Yudhistr as the crown Prince-Yuvraj, since he was only a representative of Pandu. Pandavs had grown up and wanted their kingdom back. Yudhistr was very pious and honored Dhratrashtr. BY now people had started calling him Satywadi. He remained dedicated and obedient to Dhratrashtr. Dhratrashtr was afraid of Bhism. Still, notorious Shakuni, Duryodhan, Dushashan, Karn and Ashwasthama were busy making plans, hatching conspiracies. Vidur was alert and cautious. Bhism, Dronachary, Krapachary, Vidur and Gandhari though aware of their crookedness and wretched plans, were more or less helpless. They maintained their cool and neutrality. 
At last it was impressed upon the people that two Yuvrajs-Princes could not be there in one kingdom and hence a plan to split the kingdom into two was finalized. Yudhister in consultation with Bhagwan Krashn agreed to the proposal. The region called Khandav Prasth around present Delhi was given to Yudhistar. This was the region where snakes were residing for a very long period of time. Kunti being a Nag Kanya-Pratha, there was no difficulty in occupying this place except a few stray incidents. Burning of jungle led to the burning of a few snakes, whose progeny became revengeful and started looking for suitable opportunities.The region was named as Indraprasth after Indr-the king of demigods. Arjun soon managed to clean and turn it into human habitat. Indr provided each and every help. Dev Shilpi constructed such palaces which could make one envious with Pandavs. Yudhister became king of Indraprasth. He was advised to conduct Ashwmedh Yagy. He did this and the empire was extended up to the seashore and Himalay, under the patronage of Bhagwan Shri Krashn. Now was designated Samrat. Huge chunks of wealth were brought to Indraprasth. 
It was time to cherish the title of Samrat to Yudhistr. All relatives and the mighty kings were invited to Indraprasth to see the glory. It was time to offer first prayers. Bhism, who was aware of Bhagwan Shri Krashn real status, proposed that he should be prayed first. Shishu Pal not only objected to it but also furled worst abuses over the Almighty, in human garbs. As soon the number of abuses crossed 108, Bhagwan Shri Krashn recalled his Sudarshan Chakr and beheaded him. He was liberated from the curse finally and returned to Vishnu Lok. Narad Ji welcomed him. He was the elder custodian of Vaikunth Lok called Jai, when he invited curse from the Brahma's sons, who always remained as children. Initially Hirany Kashyap, then Ravan and now Shishupal. The curse was over.
Bhagwan's little finger over which he rested Sudarshan got hurt. Draupdi saw it and rushed to tie it by tearing a part of the saree for bandage, she was bearing at that moment. Krashn kept it in his mind and to rushed to help her as and when she remembered him in an hour of need.
***Duryodhan started looking around the gigantic palace built by Dev Shilpi. He could not distinguish between water and glass. The place which was dry was conceived by him as flowing water and the flowing water confused him as a dry place. In confusion he slipped and fell into a small water pond. Draupdi laughed at him and called him, "andhe ka andha"-The blind son of the blind king. Duryodhan kept these words in his heart and started planning ways and means to snatch the kingdom from Yudhister. His wicked company headed by Shakuni asked Dhratrashtr to invite Yudhistr for gamble. Yudhistr could not control the temptation and lost every thing to Duryodhan through the corrupt dices. He put his brothers and Draupdi at stake. It was the punishment to the incarnation of Dharm Raj as a curse. Draupdi was in her periods and was dragged to the court by Dushashan by catching hold of her hair. Still the revenge was not over. Duryodhan asked her to sit in his lap. Karn incited Duryodhan further. Ultimately, they asked Dushashan to un cloth her in full view of courtiers. Dhratrashtr did not oppose the move. Bhishm though ashamed could not spell a word against them, due to the oath of his loyalty to the thrown. Dron and Krapachary could not speak, being on the rolls of Dhratrashtr as a minister. Only Vidur raised his voice. Draupdi prayed to Krashn and the length of Saree kept on increasing and increasing till Dushashan fell down due to fatigue. Understanding-realizing this Dhratrashtr got cautious and afraid of Draupdi's curse. Unrealistic terms were imposes upon Yudhistr to keep him off the kingdom for 13 years in exile. The last year of the exile had to be spent in isolation-secret residence, without letting any one find-trace them. They moved to Virat-Matsy Desh in the last leg of their exile.
VIRAT PARV-DISGUISE (-विराट पर्व-अज्ञात वास-छद्मवेश)दुर्योधन और मामा शकुनि ने बेईमानी-छल-कपट से पाण्डवों का सारा  राज्य छीन लिया और वे तेरह वर्ष के लिए वन में चले गए। इन तेरह वर्षों में तेरहवाँ वर्ष अज्ञातवास का था। अर्जुन को इस दौरान स्वर्ग में इन्द्र द्वारा बुला लिया गया। वहाँ उन्होंने सभी दिव्य अश्त्र-शस्त्रों की शिक्षा ग्रहण की। साथ ही उर्वशी से नपुंसक होने  श्राप भी ग्रहण किया, जो कि गुप्तवास उनके में काम आने वाला था। अर्जुन को अस्त्र-शस्त्र के अलावा नृत्य-सँगीत का अच्छा ज्ञान व अभ्यास था, जिसकी शिक्षा उन्हें स्वर्ग के संगीत, नृत्य शिक्षक चित्र सेन से प्राप्त हुई। 
Duryodhan invited emperor Yudhister to participate in the gambling, which he could not deny due to his taste for gambling and the tradition of accepting the invitation for gambling. He was unaware of the conspiracy hatched by Duryodhan, Karn and Shakuni-the king of Sindh and maternal uncle of Duryodhan, who preferred to stay back with his sister to avenge the forcible marriage of Gandhari with blind Dhratrashtr. He deceived Yudhister during the gamble and the emperor lost every thing to the cheater Duryodhan for a period of 13 years. Pandavs were exiled for 13 years. It was a pre conditioned that they had to hide them selves during the 13th year. If they were recognised-identified or traced during this period they would be back in the jungles for the next 12 years.
युधिष्टर को जुए और पासों का शौक तथा वृहद ज्ञान था। भीमसेन खाना खाने और बनाने के शौकीन थे। नकुल और सहदेव को पशुओं की देखभाल-उपयोग का पर्याप्त ज्ञान था। द्रौपदी को प्रसाधन का अच्छा अभ्यास था। Yudhishtr had good knowledge-understanding of the game of gambling with the help of dice-lump-cube by throwing them freely. He was an expert of the game. The Pase-dice were manipulated, in order to behave-dance to the tune of Shakuni. Yudhistr lost the game and was subjected to exile, along with Draupdi and his brothers. Now, it was essential to hide themselves after the expiry of 12th year. They spent  the difficult period as hermits. During this period Indr called Arjun to Heave to train him thoroughly, in the use of divine weapons. These weapons remained invisible till the expert opened them up-activated them with precision-perfection, by using secret codes in Sanskrat language in the form of rhymes-Shlok-verses. During his stay he was lured by the Apsara Urvashi. The flirtation was gently rejected by Arjun. She in turn cursed him to become impotent. Indr explained the cause of Arjun's presence in the Heaven and so, Urvashi turned it into a vow to be utilized for one year during his stay in hiding.
अज्ञात वास के लिए उन्होंने मत्स्य देश को उसकी भौगोलिक रचना-सामरिक महत्व-स्थिति के कारण और दुर्योधन के साथ राजा विराट के सम्बंधों के कारण चुना। विराट अपने सेनापति के कारण दुर्योधन पर भारी पड़ते थे।
It was decided that they would hide in disguise in Matasy Desh in the kingdom of Virat, due to its strategic importance and fear of Keechak-kings brother in law and the army chief to Duryodhan.
Yudhishtr disguised as a Brahmn named Kank and presented himself in the court of Virat as the expert of the game of dices; in the court of emperor Yudhistr.
Bheem was an expert in cooking, he too pretended to be out of job after the exile of Emperor Yudhister. Besides being a cook he talked of himself as being a good wrestler and convinced the king and his courtiers.
Arjun who had acquired the looks, voice, walking style of eunuchs too represented himself as Vrahanla the dance master and an expert of dance and music. He said that he was a disciple of famous Gandharv Chitr Sen. He in fact attended to Chitr Sen during his stay in Heaven on the advice of Indr. Virat employed him as the dance teacher and guardian of Uttra, his daughter.
Both Nakul and Sahdev were good at Animal Husbandry, art of breeding excellent horses, taking care of cattle. Nakul acquired the name of Granthik an expert in the art of training equines. He became the in charge of royal stable.
Sahdev's knowledge of cattle breeding became handy and he assumed the name of Tantripal. He had learnt the art of training oxen-bovine.
Draupadi presented herself as the cosmetic expert-beautician of Draupdi by the assumed name of Saerandhri and was assigned the duty of dressing of the queen, Sudeshna. She explained how she was sent to Draupdi by the Vrashni, Satya Bhama-Bhagwan Shri Krashn's wife. She requested that no man would see or touch her during her stay in the queen's palace. Draupadi introduced her self as the wife of 5 mighty Gandharvs. The queen became friendly with her.
Whole exercise was planned and knit carefully under the guidance of Panchal's (-present day Punjab) Brahmn priest Dhaumy. They would remain aloof and ignore each other in case, they ever met. They had to guard Draupdi side by side and protect her from the people like Keechak. They had to control themselves and avoid rashness, anger and fury. They had to be humble, polite and soft spoken. They had to cover up their might. They had to place their weapons safely over a huge and haunted Saami tree, having twisted branches, at the outskirts of the city. A corpse was hung on the tree, to keep people away.
Yudhishtr prayed to the goddess Maan Kaali before entering Virat. She blessed them with her protection during the period of disguise. 
Keechak was killed by Bheem Sen. His death aroused suspicion and provoked Duryodhan to attack Matsy Desh. The period of disguise was over and 13 years of exile was over by the prevailing 4 calenders. Bhishm Pitamh asked Duryodhan to desist from the adventure, but he did not listen to any one. Arjun defeated the entire army of Duryodhan including, Karm, Achary Dron, Bhishm Pitamh etc. Still Duryodhan did not buzz and stressed over a battle culminating into the famous war of Maha Bharat. 
Duryodhan was defeated.
KURUKSHETR कुरुक्षेत्र: Daksh Prajapati evolved from the toe of the right leg and his wife got her birth from the left toe of Brahma Ji. They had 60 daughters. 13 of these were married to the sage Kashyap, who was the son (-Manas Putr) of Mahrishi Marichi the son of Brahma Ji. had emerged from Brahma Ji. These were divine creations. Brahma Ji entrusted the job of creating life through sexual intercourse to Kashyap. Kashyap moved to Kurukshetr and established his Ashram here and started ascetic-profound meditation at Himaly Parwat-Kashmir. Kashmir got its name from Kashyap. He created all life forms through his wives. He had some more wives, other than Daksh's daughters. These life forms include Demigods-Devgan, Daity-giants, Rakshas-demons, Yaksh, Gandharv, Kinner, Humans etc. In all 12 creations got birth which moved over 2 legs. This is place in the galaxy where the the material life forms were evolved. These life forms moved to various abodes in the galaxies. This is the reason this region is called Kshetr (-vagina, क्षेत्र-योनि). 
कुरुक्षेत्र में सरस्वती नदी (-वर्तमान काल में लुप्त) के पवित्र तटों पर ऋषियों ने सर्वप्रथम वेद मंत्रों का उच्चारण किया, ब्रह्मा तथा अन्यायन्य देवताओं ने 
यज्ञों का आयोजन किया। महर्षि वशिष्ठ तथा विश्वामित्र ने ईश्वरीय ज्ञान प्राप्त किया। पाण्डवों तथा कौरवों ने इसी को महाभारतीय समर का युद्धांगन बनाया। भगवान श्रीकृष्ण ने विश्व को अपनी गीता का अमर संदेश सुनाया तथा महर्षि वेदव्यास ने इसी से संबंधित महाभारत की रचना की। महाराज कुरु ने इसी को अपनी कर्म भूमि बनाया और पुराणों ने इसकी महिमा का विस्तारपूर्वक वर्णन किया।
वर्तमान भारत के हरियाणा राज्यमें स्थित कुरुक्षेत्र अति प्राचीन तीर्थों में से एक है।प्राचीन कुरुक्षेत्र न केवल एक
पवित्र सरोवर था, न केवल एक शहर, बल्कि एक विस्तृत क्षेत्र था, जिसमें बहुत से शहर व गांव आबाद थे। लगभग पचास मील लम्बा तथा इतना ही चौड़ा था।यह दक्षिण में वर्तमान पानीपत और जींद तक, पश्चिम में वर्तमान पटियाला तथा पूर्व में यमुना  एवं    उत्तर में  सरस्वती नदी तक फैला था।कुरुक्षेत्र दिल्ली से 160 किमी की दूरी पर है। रेल मार्ग या बस मार्ग से कुरुक्षेत्र पहुंचा जा सकता है।
पावन सरस्वती नदी के तट पर ऋषिगण अपने आश्रमों में सहस्रों विद्यार्थियों सहित निवास किया करते थे तथाऋषि आश्रम ही धर्म तथा संस्कृति की शिक्षा के सर्वोत्तम केन्द्र थे। भगवान श्रीकृष्ण ने महाभारत युद्ध के जिस पावन स्थान पर गीता का यह अमर संदेश दिया, सरस्वती नदी के तट पर यह पुण्य स्थान ज्योतिसर के नाम से विख्यात हुआ तथा आने वाली  सन्तति  के  लिए  तीर्थ  बन गया। इस घटना का साक्षी वह स्थान तथा वट वृक्ष वर्तमान कुरुक्षेत्र रेलवे स्टेशन से लगभग पांच मील दूर पेहोवा जाने वाले मार्ग पर स्थित है थानेसर सरस्वती नदी के तट पर बसा  है  तथा  धार्मिक  शिक्षा एवं व्यापार का प्रमुख केन्द्र है। यहां का समस्त वायुमण्डल वेदमंत्रों की ध्वनियों से परिपूर्ण है। 
वर्तमान में कुरुक्षेत्र के अन्तर्गत ब्रह्मसरोवर, सन्निहित सरोवर, स्थाणीश्वर तीर्थ, भद्रकाली मंदिर, नाभि कमल तीर्थ, कुबेर तीर्थ, चन्द्रकूप, बाणगंगा, कर्णटीला, आपगा तीर्थ, विमल तीर्थ, बिरला मंदिर, गीता भवन, रत्नयक्षतीर्थ, मारकण्डा तीर्थ, दधीचि तीर्थ, ज्योतिसर तीर्थ, काम्यक तीर्थ, अभिमन्यु टीला आदि बहुत से प्राचीन तीर्थ स्थल हैं, जो अपनी ऐतिहासिकता से सबको सराबोर कर रहे हैं।
यहां पर ब्रह्मा जी ने सृष्टि रचना से पूर्व यज्ञ किया था जो उत्तरवेदी के नाम से जाना जाने लगा  तथा यहाँ पर स्थित  विशाल सरोवरको  ब्रह्मसर या ब्रह्मसरोवर भी कहा जाता है। वर्तमान में इसके दो भाग कर दिए गए हैं, जिसके पूर्वी भाग की लम्बाई 1,800 फुट व चौड़ाई 1,500 फुट तथा पश्चिमी सरोवर या भाग की लम्बाई व चौड़ाई 1500 फुट है। इन दोनों जलाशयों की गहराई 15 फुट है। दोनों सरोवरों के चारों ओर लाल पत्थर से निर्मित 40 फुट चौड़ा परिक्रमा पथ है। सरोवर के चारों ओर यात्रियों के ठहरने के लिए बरामदों का निर्माण भी करवाया गया है।
सूर्य ग्रहण के अवसर पर ब्रह्मसरोवर में  बहुत  बड़ा भारी मेला लगता है, जिसमें भारत व विदेशों से श्रद्धालु यहां 
स्नान के लिए आते हैं। श्री मद्भागवत महापुराण के दशम स्कन्ध में भी उल्लेख मिलता है कि महाभारत युद्ध से पूर्व सूर्य ग्रहण के अवसर पर भगवान श्रीकृष्ण सभी यदुवंशियों सहित द्वारका से कुरुक्षेत्र पधारे थे। यहीं पर उनकी भेंट नन्द बाबा, यशोदा, रोहिणी तथा अन्य बाल शाखाओं के साथ हुई थी। 
सोमवती अमावस्या को ब्रह्मसरोवर में स्नान करने से सभी तीर्थों के स्नान का फल प्राप्त होता है।
ठीक इसी प्रकार यहां पर सन्निहित सरोवर नाम से एक और सरोवर है। पौराणिक मान्यता के अनुसार पृथ्वी परजितने भी पवित्र जलाशय व नदियां हैं, वे प्रत्येक अमावस्या को सन्निहित सरोवर में आकर मिलती हैं, इसलिए इस सरोवर का नाम सन्निहित पड़ा। 
उपरोक्त तीर्थ स्थलों के अतिरिक्त यहां पर सप्तवन (काम्यक वन, अदिति वन, व्यास वन, फलकी वन, सूर्य वन, मधु वन, शीत वन), चार कूप (-विष्णु कुप, रुद्र कूप, चन्द्रकूप, देवी कूप), सप्त नदियां (-सरस्वती, वैतरणी, आपगा, मधुस्रवा, कौशिकी, दृषदवती, हिरण्यवती) विद्यमान हैं। कालान्तर में नदियां तो लुप्तप्राय: हो गई हैं। आज भी इस भूभाग पर 360 प्राचीन तीर्थस्थल हैं।
महाभारत काल से लेकर महाराजा हर्षवर्धन पर्यन्त यह क्षेत्र सांस्कृतिक तथा सामाजिक दोनों  ही  दृष्टिकोणों से  उन्नति  के शिखर पर था। थानेसर,  तरावड़ी,  कैथल  तथा  करनाल, पानीपत इत्यादि प्रसिद्ध युद्ध मैदान कुरुक्षेत्र की इस पवित्र भूमि पर स्थित हैं। 326 ई.पू. से लेकर सन् 480 ई. तक प्रथम तो यह क्षेत्र मौर्य राजाओं के अधिकार में था। तत्पश्चात् इस पर गुप्त राजाओं का अधिकार हुआ, जिनका शासनकाल भारतीय इतिहास में स्वर्ण युग कहा जाता है। उस समय भी थानेसर ऐश्वर्यशाली तथा वैदिक साहित्य की शिक्षा का सर्वश्रेष्ठ केन्द्रमाना जाता था। हर्ष के दरबारी कवि बाणभट्ठ ने अपनी पुस्तक 'हर्षचरितम्' में इस क्षेत्र के ऐश्वर्य का विस्तार से वर्णन किया है। 
कुरुक्षेत्र बर्बर आक्रमणों एवं पैशाचिक विनाश का केंद्र बिंदु रहा है। इसने यवन, मुग़ल, म्लेच्छों के आक्रमणों को सहा है।  इसके पुनीत स्थल आततायियों द्वारा बार-बार ध्वस्त किये गये।
कुरुक्षेत्र देवराज  इन्द्र, भगवान् विष्णु, भगवान् शिव तथा अन्यान्यनेक देवताओं की यज्ञभूमि  है। [यजुर्वेद]
कुरुक्षेत्र ब्रह्माजी की उत्तरवेदी नाम से विख्यात था। महाराज कुरु ने इस क्षेत्र को आध्यात्मिक शिक्षा का महान केन्द्र बनाया। महाराज कुरु ने पावन सरस्वती नदी के किनारे  इसस्थान  पर आध्यात्मिक शिक्षा  तथा अष्टांग 
धर्म (तप, सत्य, क्षमा, दया, शौच, दान, योग तथा ब्रह्मचर्य) की कृषि करने का निश्चय किया। राजा यहां स्वर्ण रथ में बैठकर आए और इस रथ के स्वर्ण से कृषि के लिए हल तैयार किया। उन्होंने भगवान शिव तथा यमराज से  क्रमश:  वृषभ  तथा  महिष  लेकर खेती प्रारंभ की। उस समय देवराज इन्द्र ने आकर राजा कुरु से प्रश्न किया,
राजन्! क्या करते हो? राजा ने कहा,"मैं अष्टांग धर्म की कृषि के लिए भूमि तैयार कर रहा हूँ"। देवराज इन्द्र ने पुन: कहा, "राजन्! बीज कहांहैं"? राजा कुरु ने निवेदन किया, 'देवेन्द्र! बीज मेरे पास हैं।' देवराज इन्द्र हंसने लगे तथा अपने स्थान को लौट गए। 
तदुपरान्त राजा कुरु निरन्तरछह कोस भूमि प्रतिदिन तैयार करते रहे। कहा जाता है कि इस प्रकार उन्होंने 48 कोस भूमि 8 दिनों में तैयार की। 
उस समय भगवान विष्णु वहां पधारे तथा उन्होंने भी राजा कुरु से प्रश्न किया कि 'राजन! क्या कर रहे हो?' 
राजा कुरु ने इन्द्र के प्रश्न करने पर जो उत्तर दिया था, वही इनसे भी निवेदन कर दिया। 
भगवान  विष्णु  ने  कहा, "राजन! आप बीज मुझे दे दें, मैं इसे आपके लिए बो दुंगा"। इतना सुनकर राजा कुरु ने 
अपनी दाहिनी भुजा फैला दी। भगवान विष्णु ने अपने चक्र से उसके सहस्रों टुकड़े किए तथा उन टुकड़ों को कृषि क्षेत्र में बो दिया। इसी प्रकार राजा ने बीजारोपण के निमित्त अपनी  बायीं  भुजा,  दोनों  पैर तथा अन्त में अपना 
सिर भी भगवान विष्णु को अर्पण कर दिया। 
भगवान विष्णु ने राजा से अत्यन्त प्रसन्न होकर उनसे वर मांगने को कहा। 
राजा ने निवेदन किया हे भगवन!  जितनी  भूमि  मैंने  जोती  है  वह  सब  पुण्यक्षेत्र,  धर्मक्षेत्र  होकर मेरे नाम से 
विख्यात हो, भगवान शिव समस्त देवताओं सहित यहां पर वास करें तथा यहां किया हुआ स्नान, उपवास, तप, यज्ञ शुभ हो तथा अशुभ जो भी कर्म किया जाए वह अक्षम हो जाए, जो भी यहां मृत्यु को प्राप्त हो, वह अपने पाप-पुण्य के प्रभाव से  रहित  होकर  स्वर्ग  को प्राप्त हो। भगवान ने 'तथास्तु' कहकर राजा के वचनों का अनुमोदन किया। [वामनपुराण] 
कुरुक्षेत्रंगमिष्यामि कुरुक्षेत्रेवसाम्यहम्।अप्येतांवा चमुत्सृज्यसर्वपापैप्रमुच्यते॥ 
ब्रह्मज्ञानं गया श्राद्ध गोग्रहेमरणं ध्रुवम्।वासपुंसाकुरुक्षेत्रे मुक्तिरुकता चतुर्विधा॥ 
"मैं कुरुक्षेत्र जाऊंगा अथवा कुरुक्षेत्र में वास करूंगा" मनुष्य के द्वारा इस प्रकार के मानसिक संकल्प या वचनोच्चारण से सम्पूर्ण पाप दूर हो जाते हैं। ब्रह्मज्ञानगया में 
श्राद्धगोगृह में मृत्यु और कुरुक्षेत्र वास ये चारों ही मुक्ति-मोक्ष के हेतु कहे गए हैं।[वामन पुराण]

पांसवोपि कुरुक्षेत्रे वायुना समुदीरिता:अपि दृष्कृत कर्माणं नयन्ति परमां गतिम्॥ 
वायु द्वारा उड़ा कर लाई गई कुरुक्षेत्र की धूलि भी यदि शरीर पर पड़ जाए तो वह पापी मनुष्यों को भी परमगति प्राप्त करवा देती है।[महाभारत ]
कुरुक्षेत्र में सरस्वती नदी के जल से पूरित बिन्दुसरोवर वह स्थान है जहाँ अपने शरणागत कर्दम ऋषि के प्रति उत्पन्न हुई अत्यधिक करुणा से भगवान् के नेत्रों से अश्रु की कुछ बूँदें गिरी थीं। यह तीर्थ बड़ा पवित्र है। इसका जल कल्याण मय और अमृत के समान है। [श्री मद्भागवत ]
द्रोणाचार्य के जन्म की कथा :  द्रोणाचार्य कौरव व पाण्डव राजकुमारों के गुरु थे। एक समय गंगा द्वार नामक स्थान पर महर्षि भरद्वाज रहा करते थे। वे बड़े व्रतशील व यशस्वी थे। एक दिन वे महर्षियों को साथ लेकर गंगा स्नान करने गए। वहां उन्होंने देखा कि घृताची नामक अप्सरा स्नान करके जल से निकल रही है। उसे देखकर उनके मन में काम वासना जाग उठी और उनका वीर्य स्खलित होने लगा। तब उन्होंने उस वीर्य को द्रोण नामक यज्ञ पात्र (यज्ञ के लिए उपयोग किया जाने वाला एक प्रकार का बर्तन) में रख दिया। उसी से द्रोणाचार्य का जन्म हुआ। द्रोण ने सारे वेदों का अध्ययन किया। महर्षि भरद्वाज ने पहले ही आग्नेयास्त्र की शिक्षा अग्निवेश्य को दे दी थी। अपने गुरु भरद्वाज की आज्ञा से अग्निवेश्य ने द्रोणाचार्य को आग्नेयास्त्र की शिक्षा दी। द्रोणाचार्य का विवाह शरद्वान की पुत्री कृपी से हुआ था।
कृपाचार्य व कृपी के जन्म की कथा :भम् र्याश्र्व के पुत्र मुद्गल से यमज-जुड़वाँ संतान हुई। उनमें पुत्र का नाम दिवोदास और कन्या का नाम अहल्या था अहल्या का विवाह गौतम से हुआ। गौतम के पुत्र हुए शतानन्द। शतानन्द का पुत्र सत्यघृति था वह धनुर्विद्या में अत्यन्त निपुण था। सत्यघृति के पुत्र का नाम था शरद्वान्।  वे बाणों के साथ ही पैदा हुए थे। उनका मन धनुर्वेद में जितना लगता था, उतना पढ़ाई में नहीं लगता था। उन्होंने तपस्या करके सारे अस्त्र-शस्त्र प्राप्त किए। शरद्वान की घोर तपस्या और धनुर्वेद में निपुणता देखकर देवराज इंद्र बहुत भयभीत हो गए। उन्होंने शरद्वान की तपस्या में विघ्न डालने के लिए जानपदी नाम की देवकन्या भेजी। वह शरद्वान के आश्रम में आकर उन्हें लुभाने लगी। उस सुंदरी को देखकर शरद्वान के हाथों से धनुष-बाण गिर गए। वे बड़े संयमी थे तो उन्होंने स्वयं को रोक लिया, लेकिन उनके मन में विकार आ गया था। इसलिए अनजाने में ही उनका शुक्रपात हो गया। वे धनुष, बाण, आश्रम और उस सुंदरी को छोड़कर तुरंत वहां से चल गए।
​उनका वीर्य सरकंडों पर गिरा था, इसलिए वह दो भागों में बंट गया। उससे एक कन्या और एक पुत्र की उत्पत्ति हुई। उसी समय संयोग से राजा शांतनु वहां से गुजरे। उनकी नजर उस बालक व बालिका पर पड़ी। शांतनु ने उन्हें उठा लिया और अपने साथ ले आए। बालक का नाम रखा कृप और बालिका नाम रखा कृपी। कृपी का विवाह द्रोणाचार्य से हुआ और वह अश्वत्थामा की माँ बनी। कृपाचार्य और अश्वथामा दोनों ही अमर हैं। जब शरद्वान को यह बात मालूम हुई तो वे राजा शांतनु के पास आए और उन बच्चों के नाम, गोत्र आदि बतलाकर चारों प्रकार के धनुर्वेदों, विविध शास्त्रों और उनके रहस्यों की शिक्षा दी। थोड़े ही दिनों में कृप सभी विषयों में पारंगत हो गए। कृपाचार्य की योग्यता देखते हुए उन्हें कुरुवंश का कुलगुरु नियुक्त किया गया।
द्रौपदी व धृष्टद्युम्न के जन्म की कथा : द्रोणाचार्य और द्रुपद बचपन के मित्र थे। राजा बनने के बाद द्रुपद को अंहकार हो गया। जब द्रोणाचार्य राजा द्रुपद को अपना मित्र समझकर उनसे मिलने गए तो द्रुपद ने उनका बहुत अपमान किया। बाद में द्रोणाचार्य ने पाण्डवों के माध्यम से द्रुपद को पराजित कर अपने अपमान का बदला लिया। राजा द्रुपद अपनी पराजय का बदला लेना चाहते थे था इसलिए उन्होंने ऐसा यज्ञ करने का निर्णय लिया, जिसमें से द्रोणाचार्य का वध करने वाला वीर पुत्र उत्पन्न हो सके। राजा द्रुपद इस यज्ञ को करवाले के लिए कई विद्वान ऋषियों के पास गए, लेकिन किसी ने भी उनकी इच्छा पूरी नहीं की।
अंत में महात्मा याज ने द्रुपद का यज्ञ करवा स्वीकार कर लिया। महात्मा याज ने जब राजा द्रुपद का यज्ञ करवाया तो यज्ञ के अग्निकुण्ड में से एक दिव्य कुमार प्रकट हुआ। इसके बाद उस अग्निकुंड में से एक दिव्य कन्या भी प्रकट हुई। वह अत्यंत ही सुंदर थी। ब्राह्मणों ने उन दोनों का नामकरण किया। वे बोले- यह कुमार बड़ा धृष्ट (ढीट) और असहिष्णु है। इसकी उत्पत्ति अग्निकुंड से हुई है, इसलिए इसका धृष्टद्युम्न होगा। यह कुमारी कृष्ण वर्ण की है इसलिए इसका नाम कृष्णा होगा। द्रुपद की पुत्री होने के कारण कृष्णा ही द्रौपदी के नाम से विख्यात हुई।
DRAUPADI (-द्रौपदी): She was a virtuous woman who originated from the sacrificial fire of the Hawan Kund. She had been Indrani of the 7 Indrs in previous Kalps. She sought a vow from Bhagwan Shiv to let he marry with the person having 5 unmatched characters. Bhagwan said that it was possible for a human being to have all these qualities in one person, so she will have to marry 5 person. She was one of the most beautiful woman on this earth with very long hair.
ASHWASTHAMA अश्वस्थामा :: द्रोणाचार्य, भारद्वाज ऋषि के पुत्र और भगवान परशुराम जी के शिष्य थे। कृपि उनकी पत्नी थीं। अश्वस्थामा पैदा होते ही वे अश्व की भाँति हिनहिनाये-आवाज की। अश्व की भाँति स्थाम (-शब्द, आवाज) करने के कारण उनका नाम अश्वत्थामा पड़ा। जो पैदा होते ही घोड़े के तरह हिनहिनाया, अतः अश्वस्थामा कहलाया। द्रोण उसके लिए अपने जान तक न्यौंछावर करने को तैयार रहते थे। अस्त्र-शस्त्र की शिक्षा उसको, अपने पिता द्रोणाचार्य से मिली। अश्वत्थामा द्रोणाचार्य के पुत्र हैं। उनकी माता का नाम कृपी और मामा का नाम कृप था जो कि कृपाचार्य के नाम से विख्यात हैं।अश्वत्थामा और कृपाचार्य दोनों ही अमर-मृत्युंजय-दीर्घजीवी हैं। 
उनके पिता द्रोणाचार्य अन्य ब्राह्मणों के समान ही निर्धन थे। उनके पास अपनी पत्नी और बालक के पालन-पोषण के लिए भी पर्याप्त धन, गाय आदि नहीं थे। अश्वत्थामा दूध माँगते थे तो माता कृपि उन्हें आटा घोलकर पिला देती थीं। उनकी इच्छा पूर्ति और अभाव को दूर करने के लिए ही द्रोणाचार्य ने कौरवों और पाण्डवों को शिक्षा-दीक्षा देना स्वीकार किया था। अर्जुन ने द्रुपद को युद्ध में परास्त करके गुरुदक्षिणा में उन्हें द्रुपद का पाञ्चाल राज्य प्रदान किया; परन्तु आचार्य ने आधा राज्य द्रुपद-पाञ्चाल नरेश को लौटा दिया। 
अश्वत्थामा महान योद्धा, महारथी, धनुर्धारियों में श्रेष्ठ, विचित्र युद्ध करने वाले और दृढ़ प्रहार करने वाले तथा युद्ध क्षेत्र में साक्षात यमराज जान पड़ते थे। वे साहसी, निर्भीक और पराक्रमी भी थे। कौरवों सहित कर्ण भी उनसे डरता था। अश्वत्थामा बड़े खरे स्वभाव के व्यक्ति थे। उनका चाटुकारिता में विश्वास नहीं था। दुर्योधन तक को स्पष्ट बोलने में वे कभी नहीं हिचकते थे। 
पाण्डवों के वनवास के 13 वर्ष पूरे हो चुके थे। उनका वनवास छलपूर्वक तोड़ने के लिए कौरवों ने विराट की नगरी पर आक्रमण करने का विचार किया। उस समय बहुत से अपशकुन होने लगे, जिन्हें देखकर आचार्य द्रोण ने कहा कि समय युद्ध के लिये अनुकूल नहीं है। अर्जुन द्वारा स्वर्ग जाकर अलौकिक अस्त्र-शस्त्र प्राप्त करने के बारे में सबको पता ही था। भीष्म पितामह सहित आचार्य द्रोण और कृपाचार्य को भी पता था कि अब अर्जुन को पराजित के पाना सम्भव नहीं रह गया था।अर्जुन की यह प्रशंसा द्रोणाचार्य के मुख से सुनकर कर्ण के हृदय में आग-सी लग गई। उसने आवेश में आकर द्रोणाचार्य से कटु वचन कहे और अपनी वीरता का दंभ भी भरा।अश्वत्थामा ने बिगड़कर सभी कौरवों तथा कर्ण से पूछा कि निर्दयी दुर्योधन के सिवा कौन क्षत्रिय कपट के जुए से राज्य पाकर संतुष्ट हो सकता है? बहेलिए की तरह धोखेबाजी से धन-वैभव प्राप्त करके कौन अपनी बढ़ाई चाहेगा? क्या कौरवों ने आमने-सामने युद्ध में पाण्डवों को हरा कर उनका सर्वस्व हड़पा था? निर्लज्ज कौरवों ने द्रौपदी को अन्याय पूर्वक सभा में घसीटा था?
उन्होंने कर्ण से पूछा कि वो अपनी वीरता का दम किस आधार पर भरता था ? अर्जुन बल और पराक्रम में उससे कहीं अधिक श्रेष्ठ थे। उन्होंने कहा कि अगर हिम्मत है तो अर्जुन का सामना करो। उन्होंने कपटी-जुआरी मामा शकुनि को भी युद्धक्षेत्र में पराक्रम दिखाने को कहा। कौरवों में से कोई भी पराक्रमी अर्जुन से मुकाबला करने में समर्थ नहीं था। उन्होंने स्पष्ट कर दिया कि वे दुर्योधन से मित्रता के बावजूद अर्जुन से आमने-सामने का युद्ध नहीं करना चाहते थे। 
कर्ण अपने ईर्ष्यालु स्वभाव और डींग मारने की आदत के कारण अपने पराक्रम को बढ़ा-चढ़ाकर कहता था।उसने कहा कि अर्जुन अगर उसके सामने आये तो वो क्षण भर में परास्त कर देगा। यद्यपि कर्ण सहित सारी सेना की विराट युद्ध में पराजय हुई थी; तथापि वो दम्भ भरी बातें करता ही रहा। कृपाचार्य ने इस दंभ के लिए कर्ण को फटकारा तो उसने कृपाचार्य के टोकने पर तलवार से जीब काटने की धमकी दे डाली। अश्वत्थामा ने क्रोधावेश में कर्ण को सूतपुत्र और अधम कहा। उन्होंने कर्ण से पूछा कि जिस समय अर्जुन ने जयद्रथ को मारा था, उस समय उसकी वीरता और युद्ध कौशल कहाँ गए थे ? अगर वो एक सच्चा शूरवीर था तो उसी समय पराक्रमी अर्जुन का सामना करता और उसको धराशायी करके जयद्रथ की प्राण रक्षा करता। कटु वचन सुनकर कर्ण को गुस्सा आ गया। वह प्रहार करने के लिए उठ खड़ा हुआ। कर्ण पर रुष्ट होकर अश्वत्थामा अपनी जान की परवाह न करते हुए तलवार लेकर उस पर झपट पड़े। झगड़ा बढ़ते देख दुर्योधन और कृपाचार्य ने आकर बीच-बचाव किया। दुर्योधन ने दोनों को समझाया और कहा कि वे दोनों ही उसके मित्र और शक्ति थे। 
गुरु द्रोणाचार्य ने धर्मराज युधिष्ठिर से यह सुन कर कि अश्वत्थामा मारा गया, शस्त्र त्याग दिए और अपने रथ पर बैठ गए। धृष्टद्युम्न ने उनका सिर काट कर पाञ्चाल नरेश द्रुपद की इच्छा का सम्मान किया।उसका जन्म ही इस हेतु हुआ था और यह सभी जानते भी थे। द्रोणाचार्य स्वयं निहत्थे अभिमन्यु के वध में शामिल थे। वे द्रोपदी के चीर हरण में मूक दर्शक बने रहे। नमक का भार-कर्ज चुकाने के लिए उन्होंने दुर्योधन के किसी भी अनैतिक कार्य का विरोध नहीं किया। उनकी हत्या के तत्पचात अश्वत्थामा को अपने को पिता की हत्या अन्यायपूर्ण तरीके से करने की बात मालूम हुई, तो उनको बड़ा दुख हुआ और उन्होंने क्रोध के आवेग में पाँडवों और पाँचालों को समूल नष्ट कर डालने की प्रतिज्ञा की। दुर्योधन ने उन्हें इसके लिए और भी उत्तेजित किया।  
अगले दिन अश्वत्थामा ने नारायणास्त्र का प्रयोग किया यद्यपि भगवान् श्री कृष्ण के युद्ध भूमि में रहने से किसी का कुछ अनिष्ट होने वाला नहीं था। भगवान् श्रीकृष्ण ने सभी सैनिकों को युद्ध रोककर पृथ्वी पर लेटने के लिये  कहा। अर्जुन ने गौ, ब्राह्मण और नारायणास्त्र के विरुद्ध गाण्डीव धनुष के प्रयोग से इंकार कर दिया। श्रीकृष्ण की बात मानकर सभी योद्धा अपने-अपने वाहनों से उतरकर पृथ्वी पर लेट गए। अर्जुन और श्री कृष्ण ने भीमसेन के हाथ से अस्त्र छीने और उनको रथ से उतार लिया और  नारायणास्त्र शान्त हो गया। वार विफल होते देखकर अश्वत्थामा ने नारायणास्त्र का प्रयोग दुबारा नहीं किया। 
अन्यायपूर्वक गुरु का मारा जाना अर्जुन और सात्यकि को अच्छा नहीं लगा। वे दोनों धृष्टद्युम्न को बुरा भला कहने लगे। गुरु की मृत्यु का उन्हें बहुत शोक हुआ।  सात्यकि तो गदा तानकर धृष्टद्युम्न को मारने के लिए आगे बढ़ आये।  भगवान् श्री कृष्ण का संकेत पाकर भीमसेन ने जाकर उन्हें किसी तरह रोका। गुरु की हत्या के लिए युधिष्ठिर ने स्वयं को दोषी माना। धर्मराज ने आवेश में आकर धृष्टद्युमन से  पाँचालों की सेना लेकर युद्ध भमि से जाने को कहा। वृष्णी, अंधक आदि वंशों के यादवों को सात्यकि के साथ जाने को कहा।उन्होंने आत्मदाह तक की बात कर डाली और कहा कि  वे अपनी जान देकर अर्जुन को सुखी करना चाहते थे। उन्होंने गुरु द्वारा किये गए अन्यायों को गिनाया और कहा कि आचार्य ने पाँडवों के साथ अच्छा व्यवहार नहीं किया था। अनेक महारथियों ने अकेले अभिमन्यु को निहत्था करके मारने में आचार्य शामिल थे। चक्रव्यूह की रचना उन्होंने ही की थी और युधिष्टर को कैद करने के लिए अर्जुन को युद्ध भूमि से दूर ले जाना भी उन्हीं की युक्ति थी। दुर्योधन के थक जाने पर आचार्य ने ही उसे अभेद्य कवच बांधकर पाण्ड़वों पर आक्रमण करने के लिए भेजा था। जयद्रथ की रक्षा करने का उन्होंने हर संभव प्रयास किया। 
अश्वत्थामा ने अमोघ आग्नेयास्त्र का प्रयोग किया।  उनका विचार अर्जुन और भगवान् श्रीं कृष्ण सहित सारी पाण्डव सेना को नष्ट कर देने का था। अर्जुन ने शीघ्र ही उस अस्त्र को शांत कर दिया, यद्यपि क्षण-भर में ही आग्नोयास्त्र एक अक्षौहिणी सेना को तो भस्म कर गया।  जब अश्वत्थामा का कुछ भी वश नहीं चला तो वह निराश होकर युद्ध-भूमि से लौट पड़ा और धनुर्विद्या की निंदा करने लगा। रास्ते में उन्हें महर्षि वेद व्यास मिले। उन्होंने समझाया और कहा कि अर्जुन और श्रीकृष्ण को मारने की सामर्थ्य किसी में भी नहीं थी क्योंकि वे स्वयं नर-नारायण हैं। व्यास जी के समझाने से अश्वत्थामा के हृदय का संताप मिट गया। 
कौरव-वंश के सभी प्रमुख योद्धा धराशायी हो चुके थे, केवल दुर्योधन शेष था।  पाण्डव सेना बड़ी वेग से बढ़ रही थी। उसकी मार से घबराकर कौरव-सेना पीछे भागने लगी।  दुर्योधन के भी पैर उखड़ गए और वह  द्वैपायन सरोवर में छिप गया। पाण्डव वीर दुर्योधन को खोजने लगे और जब उनको पता चला कि वह तो जाकर सरोवर में छिप गया है तो सरोवर के किनारे पहुँचकर उन्होंने दुर्योधन को कायर कहकर ललकारना प्रारंभ किया।  दुर्योधन चुनौती सुनकर बाहर निकल आया और भीमसेन से उसका गदा-युद्ध हुआ।  उस युद्ध में भीमसेन ने भगवान् श्री कृष्ण के इशारे से उसकी जांघ पर गदा मारी, जिससे वह आहत होकर पृथ्वी पर गिर पड़ा, लेकिन यह कार्य युद्ध के नियमों के विरुद्ध था।  अन्यायी के साथ अन्याय करना बुरा नहीं है। 
पाण्डवों के प्रस्थान के पश्चात अश्वत्थामा, कृपाचार्य और कृतवर्मा उक्त स्थल पर गए। भीमसेन के इस कृत्य को देखकर अश्वत्थामा को बड़ा क्रोध आया।  दुर्योधन असह्य पीड़ा से कराहता हुआ पृथ्वी पर पड़ा था। अश्वत्थामा ने प्रतिज्ञा की कि वह पाण्डवों का नाश करके ही संतोष की लेंगे। दुर्योधन ने अश्वत्थामा को सेनापति नियुक्त कर दिया।अश्वत्थामा, कृपाचार्य और कृतवर्मा तीनों व्यक्ति भयभीत होकर  वन की ओर चले गए, क्योंकि उनके ठहर जाने पर पाण्डवों  के आमने-सामने युद्ध होने की आशंका थी, जिसके लिए पर्याप्त शक्ति उनके पास नहीं थी। अश्वत्थामा वन के एकांत में पाण्डवों से किसी प्रकार बदला लेने की बात सोचने लगे। सोचते-सोचते रात हो गई, लेकिन फिर भी उसको नींद नहीं आई।  जब रात के एक-दो पहर निकल गए तो उसने देखा कि उसी बरगद के पेड़ पर, जिसके नीचे वे लेटे  हुए थे, एक उल्लू आया और सोते हुए कौओं का शिकार करने लगा। कौओं के बीच कोलाहल मच गया। उल्लू ने बहुत से कौओं को मार दिया। अश्वत्थामा के मस्तिष्क में विचार आया कि यदि वह पाण्डवों  से आमने-सामने आकर मुकाबला करेंगे  तो उनको पराजित करना संभव नहीं होगा। हाँ अगर उल्लू ने के समान नींद में अचेत पाण्डवों का रात्रि के समय संहार करे तो उनकी प्रतिज्ञा पूर्ण हो सकती है। रात्रि में सोए हुए शत्रु पर आक्रमण करना युद्ध के नियमों और नीति के विरुद्ध था। 
उनके इस विचार का कृपाचार्य और कृतवर्मा ने समर्थन नहीं किया। कृपाचार्य ने धर्म और नीति के माध्यम से उन्हें समझाने की व्यर्थ कोशिस की। अन्ततोगत्वा वे तीनों पूरी तरह दृढ़ होकर पाण्डवों के शिविर में जा घुसे।भगवान् श्री कृष्ण जान बूझकर पाण्डवों को स्नान-शुद्धि हेतु ले गए थे। वध के समय द्रोपदी के पुत्र अचेत होकर सो रहे थे। अश्वत्थामा ने धृष्टद्युम्न को पशुओं की तरह पीट-पीट कर मार डाला। द्रौपदी के पाँचों पुत्रों को पाण्डवों के भ्रम में मार डाला गया। अश्वत्थामा ने  क्रोध में आकर बर्बरता और निर्दयता का इन्तहा कर दी और न्याय, दया, धर्म को पूरी तरह भुला दिया। भीषण हाहाकार  मचाकर वे दुर्योधन के पास पहुँचे और बताया कि उन्होंने अन्याय का बदला ले लिया है। 
अपने पाँचों पुत्रों के शवों को देखकर द्रौपदी दुख के कारण करुण क्रंदन करती हुई युधिष्ठिर के सामने आकर गिर पड़ी। इसी समय भीमसेन ने उसे संभाल लिया। द्रौपदी ने कहा कि जब तक उनके पुत्रों का हत्यारा वह पापी और दुराचारी अश्वत्थामा नहीं मारा जाएगा, तब तक वे अन्न-जल ग्रहण नहीं करेंगी। अश्वत्थामा   पीछा करते हुए भीम सेन, अर्जुन, भगवान् श्री कृष्ण सहित सभी लोग भगवान् वेद व्यास के आश्रम में पहुँचे। अश्वत्थामा ने ब्रह्मास्त्र का प्रयोग पाण्डवों को नष्ट करने के लिए किया। ऋषियों की प्रार्थना के बाबजूद उन्होंने अस्त्र को वापस नहीं किया, क्योंकि उन्हें ब्रह्मास्त्र वापस लेना आता ही नहीं था। अर्जुन ने ब्रह्मास्त्र का प्रयोग कर उसे रोका और विश्व की रक्षा की। अश्वत्थामा ने उसे उत्तरा के गर्भ की ओर मोड़ दिया जिससे गर्भस्त शिशु की मौत हो गई, जिसे भगवान् श्री कृष्ण ने कुन्ती की प्रार्थना पर जीवन दान दिया। 
द्रोपदी ने गुरु पुत्र के वध से युधिष्टर को रोका; परन्तु उनके मस्तक की मणि निकाल कर, उन्हें निश्तेज कर दिया गया। अश्वत्थामा को निर्दयता और अमानुषिकता का पूरा-पूरा दण्ड भोगना पड़ा। उन्हें कुन्ती पुत्रों की सोते में हत्या करने  कारण बहुत क्रूर और दुष्ट बुद्धि वाला माना जाता है, यद्यपि उन्हें इस कार्य के लिए भगवान् शिव की सहमति प्राप्त थी। उन्हें भगवान् शिव का अंशावतार माना जाता है। उन्हें तीन हजार वर्षों तक  निर्जन क्षेत्रों में अकेला भटकना पड़ा। उनकी देह से पीव और रक्त की दुर्गंध निकलती रही तथा उनका जीवन एक अभिशाप बन  गया। वे महृषि वेद व्यास के आश्रम में चले गए। 3000 वर्षों तक उनके मस्तिष्क के जख्म से पीव निकलता रहा। वे अब भी पृथ्वी पर भटक रहे हैं।
Ashwasthama is an incarnation of Bhagwan Shiv. He was a staunch supporter-friend-fan and a king under Duryodhan. He was a great warrior-archer and courageous person. He used Brahmastr to kill Abhimanu's son Parikshit when he was in the womb. Dron warned him not to use it over the human beings. He taught him how to use it. Still it was not possible for him to revert it back, because he was not a virtuous person and lacked chastity-asceticism. He killed the 5 sons of Draupadi after the war, when they were asleep. He was willing to perform any act for Duryodhan. The jewel (-mani मणि) was removed from his forehead as a punishment for the cold blooded murders. He was spared from being killed, being a Brahmn and AZR (-अज़र)-AMAR (-अमर)-IMPERISHABLE.
द्रोणवध के लिये युधिष्टर से यह कहलवाया गया "अश्वस्थामा मृत्यो नर हो वा कुंजरो"। अश्वस्थामा मृत्यो के कथन के साथ ही तेज शंख ध्वनि की गई। आचार्य द्रोण ने हथियार रख दिये। वे "नर हो वा कुंजरो" को सुन नहीं पाये और द्रष्टद्युम्न ने उन्हें मर डाला। (नर-मनुष्य, कुञ्जर-हाथी) 
DHRAT RASHTR धृतराष्ट्र: अपने पहले जन्म में भी वो राजा था। उसके रसोइये ने उसके रक्षित हिरन शावक को उसके देखते हुए ही पकाने के लिए काट दिया।इस अपराध के कारण वो धृतराष्ट्र के रूप में अँधा बनकर पैदा हुआ। उसका पुनर्जन्म पृथ्वी राज चौहान के रूप में हुआ जब उसने 17 बार गौरी को हराया और अन्त में राज काज को छोड़कर अपने से चौथाई उम्र की भतीजी के साथ रास-लीला करते हुए  गौरी द्वारा पछाड़ा गया और काबुल में लेजा कर मारा गया।  इस बार भी उसे अँधा कर दिया गया। इसे कहते हैं कर्म गति। 
Its the guilt which makes a man worry about the outcome of his vices-vicious-wicked deeds. He often return to the seen of the crime committed by him or try to keep him informed of the developments thereafter. He would try to acquaint himself of the results of his malicious designs. Dhrastrashtr was not an exception. He was blind since birth. He was uneducated, stubborn, extremely selfish, self centered and criminal minded crooked person. 
It was the luck which provided him the guardianship of Pandu's sons to him. Instead of working as a caretaker he considered himself to be the emperor and did his best to eliminate Pandavs. He made all efforts, so that his son Duryodhan become crown price and take the reins of the empire, built by Pandu. He wanted to keep Pandavs off the administration by hook or crook. 
His example is cited to prove that a person with physical-mental deficiency is born with crooked ness. He can go to any extreme to gain importance-recognition-prominence-authority. He makes efforts to seek-draw the attention of other people. Soul searching comes but when its too late.
NAR-NARAYAN (-नर नारायण) :: ब्रह्मा जी के ह्रदय से  देहधारी धर्म उत्पन्न हुए जिनका विवाह दक्ष प्रजापति की पुत्री मूर्ति से हुआ। उनके चार पुत्र थे: हरी, कृष्ण, नर और नारायण। नर और नारायण, बद्रीनाथ (-कुरुक्षेत्र का भाग) में तपस्या करने लगे। वे दोनों भगवान विष्णु के अंशावतार हैं। नर ही अर्जुन और नारायण स्वयं श्री कृष्ण के रूप में प्रकट हुए। विशाल रूप प्रकट करते समय उनमें वैकुण्ठ निवासी भगवान विष्णु और गौलोक निवासी भगवान  श्री कृष्ण का समावेश हो गया। अतः उन्हें परमात्मा का पूर्णावतार माना जाता है। 
Dharm emerged from the heart of Brahma Ji. He was married to the daughter Murti of Daksh Prajapati.  He had 4 sons namely Hari, Krashn, Nar and Narayan. Nar and Narayan are incarnations of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu residing in the abode called Vaekunth Lok. They moved to Badri Nath a region under Kurukshetr for rigorous ascetics and profound meditation. Arjun got his birth from a fraction of Nar, while  Narayan got the incarnation as Krashn. Bhagwan Shri Krashn illustrated-showed his large form to Arjun, in the battle field, where Bhagwan Shri Krashn from Gau Lok, Bhagwan Vishnu from Vaekunth Lok assimilated in him and presented the complete form to Arjun-who himself was an integral component of the divinity-eternity.
MAHA RATHI-GREAT CHARIOTAR SHIKHANDI शिखण्डी: Shikhandi, who was the 3rd daughter of Kashi Raj, whom Bhishm picked up for marrying Chitr Viry and Vichitr Viry, his step brothers from Saty Vati, in her previous birth. She requested Bhishm to marry her. Under oath Bhishm could not marry her. She went to forest and begun asceticism-meditation-chastity and prayers to seek boon, from Bhagwan Shiv to kill Bhishm. In the current birth, he again took birth as the daughter of King Drupad, sister of Draupdi and Dhrashtdyumn. Later he was converted into a male by a Yaksh called Sthulakarn. Bhishm had vowed not to kill Kinner-Woman in the war. He was aware of his past identity.
When Arjun went to ask him the manner through which he could be relieved from the war, he advised him to put Shikhandi against him, so that he could avoid use of weapons. Arjun could utilize the opportunity to relieve Bhishm to retire from the battle field with grace.
GANDEEV-THE MIGHTY BOW OF VARUN गाण्डीव धनुष :: Arjun received the divine bow from Varun for the battle of Maha Bharat. The bow was created by Brahm Ji, the Creator of Universe. Brahm Ji held it first for a thousand divine years, then Prajapati held it for five hundred & three divine years, Indr the king of heaven-demigods, for five hundred and eighty divine years and Som-Moon for five hundred divine years. After that Varun-the demigod of water held it for a hundred divine years before handing it to Arjun along with a Kapi-Vanar (- a species with the face of money, bearing a tail and identical of humans. Hanuman occupied the Dhwaja-flag mast of the chariot and two inexhaustible quivers, as requested by Agni during the Khandav-Dah (-burning) Parv. (-Khandav is the ancient name of the forest occupying present Delhi and Vishwkarma Ji built the Indraprasth-the capital of emperor Yudhistar  over this land. It was the abode of the mighty snakes & serpents. The bow was decorated with hundreds of gold bosses and had radiant ends. The bow was worshiped by Devs-demigods, Gandharvs and Danavs-demons & giants. Arjun used it in Kurukshetr war and he was invincible. No ordinary person could wield the Gandeev bow. When fired, the bow made the sound of thunder. It has special qualities like being indestructible, having 100 bow strings. Which always gave the wielder a heavy advantage over his opponent. After the war, in Swarga-rohanika Parv (-स्वर्गारोहण पर्व, rise to the heaven)  Agni reappeared before Arjun and asked him to return Gandeev along with the quivers to Varun.
Agni, the demigod of fire, wanted to devour the Khandav forest, in order to regain his power and splendor. He had enlisted the help of Bhagwan Shri Krashn and Arjun. The latter was one of the greatest archers of all time and demanded Agni for a bow which would suit his strength, skill and the power of celestial weapons.
Agni provided the desired weapons. He gave the Gandeev bow to Arjun, as well as two quivers which would provide an inexhaustible amount of arrows.
The weapon was dreaded by many during the Kurukshetr war, having defeated and killed many great warriors.
The bow was itself created from a heavenly tree called the Gandi. It was about as tall as a palm tree and was so heavy, very few people could truly wield it (Besides Arjun, the ones who were believed to be worthy of wielding it were Bhagwan Shri Krashn, Bheem, Karn, Bheeshm Pitamah and Bhagwan Parshu Ram).
Aside from its great proportions and tremendous weight, the bow had a double curve. It possessed 108 strings, one of them being of celestial origin and therefore, unbreakable. The strings were known to make a deep rumble, resembling that of thunder, inspiring dread amongest enemies. Every time an arrow was fired, the bow glowed so brightly, not many people could look at it properly.
The Gandeev could fire hundreds of arrows, with a great range of over several miles. It could amplify the strength of a normal arrow by a thousand times. The body of the Gandeev was unbreakable. Wielded in the hands of Arjun, the greatest warrior of Dwapar Yug, its glory reached new heights. Arjun, other wise also known as Vibhatsu, (वीभस्त,  Arjun was so called because he created scenes of Vibhats-cruel, creating fear-terror) during war with his enemies. The Just, wielded Gandeev and was invincible and being the re incarnation of Nar was guided by Narayan i.e., Bhagwan Shri Krashn to cleanse earth of divine weapons and establish an Dharm Rajy so that earth and humanity might have a fresh start when dark Kali Yug arrives.
In the Dwapar Yug, there were only three Celestial Bows in earth, Gandeev of Arjun, Vijay of Arjuna's Elder Brother and arch Enemy Karn and Shrang, the bow wielded by Bhagwan Shri Krashn the almighty. Among these three bows, Gandeev is almost synonymous with Arjun since he was the only mortal to wield it. Vijay Bow was wielded most of the time by Bhagwan Parshu Ram who later gave it to Karn, who wielded it in Kurukshetr war. Bhagwan Shri Krashn did not wielded any weapon in Kurukshetr war and hence Shrang does not makes appearance in Kurukshetr war.

At the end of Dwapar Yug, Bhagwan Shri Krashn left his mortal shell and left for Gau Lok. Bhagwan Shri Krashn and Arjun were the reincarnation of the ancient sages Nar and Narayan, still performing Tapsya in Badri Nath Dham. Hence after Narayan left World, his other half Nar i.e. Arjun lost his powers. He could not even lift the famed Gandeev with which he conquered three worlds. Hence after Bhagwan Shri Krashn left world and returned Gau Lok, Pandavs went out for Maha Prasthan in the Himalay. Arjun returned Gandeev to Varun by immersing in a lake. Thus the most famous celestial bow of Dwapar Yug left earth keeping behind the greatest warrior of Dwapar Yug with whom its name has become synonymous in Mythology.
ABHIMANYU: He was the component-partial incarnation of the son deity-demigod Chandr-Moon, born with long arms. He learnt the art of penetrating into the cyclic formation of the army columns, while he was in the womb of his mother Subhdra. He could not learn the later part of relieving himself from the Vyuh. He was trained in the use of weaponry by Bhagwan Krashn himself. He was skilled by 6 stalwarts of the Kaurav's army through conspiracy by Jaidrath-who was killed by Arjun the same day. Dushasan's son struck his head with the mac against rules of war.
PRIKSHIT (-परीक्षित): वे अभिमन्यु के पुत्र थे। अश्वथामा के मस्तिष्क से मणिं निकाल लिये जाने और सर मुंड दिए जाने के बाद द्रौपदी ने उसे छोड़ने का आग्रह किया। भगवान् श्री कृष्ण की सहमति से महाराज युधिष्ठर ने उसे मुक्त कर दिया गया। बदले की आग में जलते हुए अश्वस्थामा ने उत्तरा के गर्भ में अभिमन्यु के शिशु पर ब्रह्मात्र का प्रहार कर ही दिया। गर्भस्त शिशु ने देखा कि अंगूठे के बराबर आकार धारण किये चतुर्भुज रूप धारी भगवान् श्री कृष्ण ब्रह्मास्त्र को अपनी गदा से रोक रहे हैं। 
ज्योतिषियों ने उनके जन्म से पूर्व ही उनके सर्वगुण सम्पन्न होने और परमात्मा का अन्यन्य भक्त होने की भविष्यवाणी  कर दी थी। उन्होंने अपने राज्य का प्रसार समस्त भारत में समुद्र की सीमाओं तक किया। उन्होंने कलियुग को आगे बढ़ने से रोका और उसका स्थान निश्चित किया। कलियुग ने स्वर्ण में अपने रहने का वरदान भी पाया। परीक्षित के मुकुट में स्वर्ण जड़ा था। एक दिन राजा परीक्षित को आखेट के दौरान बहुत प्यास लगी तो उन्होंने एक आश्रम में जाकर तपस्यारत ऋषि से पीने के लिए पानी माँगा। ऋषि को उनके आने का आभास तक नहीं हुआ तो उन्होंने क्रोधवश एक मरा सांप उनके गले में डाल दिया। वापस जाकर उन्हें अपने गलती का अहसास हुआ और उन्होंने बहुत अफ़सोस किया। ऋषि के पुत्र ने राजा को श्राप दे दिया कि सात दिन बाद महा सर्प महात्मा तक्षक उन्हें डस लेंगे। परीक्षित ने भागवत कथा का आयोजन किया और तक्षत के डसने से पूर्व ही शरीर का परित्याग कर दिया। ये यह विधि की लीला। जन्म से पूर्व  ब्रह्मास्त्र झेला और मृत्यु के बाद तक्षक का दंश। उन्हें सायुज्य मुक्ति प्राप्त हुई। 
युधिष्टर: युधिष्टर  और विदुर दोनों ही धर्मराज के अंशावतार थे। उन्हें पृथ्वी पर जन्म श्राप के कारण लेना पड़ा। युधिष्टर का जन्म धर्मराज से ही हुआ। वे कुन्ती के दूसरे पुत्र थे। पहला पुत्र कर्ण था। वे पाण्डवों में सबसे बड़े थे अतः पाण्डु का सिंहासन उनको ही मिलना था जो कि उनके छोटा होने के कारण वैकल्पिक व्यवस्था के लिये धृतराष्ट्र को सौंपा गया। वे भाला फैंकने-चलाने में माहिर थे। उन्हें जुए का शौक तो था ही, वे इसमें माहिर भी थे। वे सत्यवादी थे।उन्होंने अश्वमेध यज्ञ किया और सम्राट बने। 13 वर्ष वन में बिताने के बाद, उन्हें कौरवों से युद्ध के लिये मजबूर होना पड़ा। 
विदुर: महात्मा विदुर धर्मराज के अंशावतार थे और श्राप के कारण, उन्हें धर्म के रहस्यों को समझने के लिये एकदासी के गर्भ से  100 वर्ष के लिये व्यास जी के पुत्र के रूप में जन्म लेना पड़ा। एक मंत्री के रूप में उन्होंने अपने दायित्व का निर्वाह, बहुत समझ बूझ और चतुराई के साथ किया और साथ ही साथ पाण्डवों की रक्षा भी की। विदुर नीति संसार में विख्यात है और राजनीति शास्त्र के अध्याय के रूप में पढ़ाई जाती है।  उनकी आत्मा शरीर से अलग होकर युधिष्टर में समा गई। भगवान श्री कृष्ण ने दुर्योधन के यहाँ भोजन करने की अपेक्षा, उनके घर साग खाना पसन्द किया। 
महाभारत युद्ध शुरू होने से पहले की बात हैं, जब हस्तिना पुर के दूत संजय पांडवों का सन्देश लेकर आये थे और अगले दिन सभा में उनका सन्देश सुनाने वाले थे।  उस रात महाराज धृतराष्ट्र बहुत व्याकुल थे और उन्हें नींद नहीं आ रही थी, तब उन्होंने महा मंत्री विदुर को बुलवाया। धृतराष्ट्र ने विदुर से अपने व्याकुल मन की व्यथा बताई और कहा कि जब से संजय पांडवों के यहां से लौटकर आया है, तब से मेरा मन बहुत अशांत है। संजय कल सभा में सभी के सामने क्या कहेगा, यह सोच-सोचकर मन व्यथित हो रहा है और नींद नहीं आ रही है। यह सुनकर विदुर ने महाराज से महत्वपूर्ण नीतियों की बात कही और कहा कि जब किसी व्यक्ति चाहे वह स्त्री हो या पुरुष दोनों के जीवन में ये चार बातें होती हैं, तब उसकी नींद उड़ जाती है और मन अशांत हो जाता है।
(I) यदि किसी व्यक्ति के मन में काम भाव जाग गया हो तो उसकी नींद उड़ जाती है और जब तक उस व्यक्ति की काम भावना तृप्त नहीं हो जाती तब तक वह सो नहीं सकता है। काम भावना व्यक्ति के मन को अशांत कर देती है और कामी व्यक्ति किसी भी कार्य को ठीक से नहीं कर पाता है। यह भावना स्त्री और पुरुष दोनों की नींद उड़ा देती है।

(II) जब किसी स्त्री या पुरुष की शत्रुता उससे अधिक  बलवान व्यक्ति से हो जाती है, तो भी उसकी नींद उड़ जाती है। निर्बल और साधन हीन व्यक्ति हर पल बल वान शत्रु से बचने के उपाय सोचता रहता है,क्योंकि उसे हमेशा यह भय सताता है कि कहीं बलवान शत्रु की वजह से कोई अनहोनी न हो जाए।

(III) यदि किसी व्यक्ति का सब कुछ छीन लिया गया हो तो उसकी रातों की नींद उड़ जाती है। ऐसा इंसान न तो चैन से जी पाता है और ना ही सो पाता है। इस परिस्थिति में व्यक्ति हर पल छीनी  हुई वस्तुओं को पुन: पाने की योजनाएं बनाता  रहता है और जब तक वह अपनी वस्तुएं पुन: पा नहीं लेता है, तब तक उसे नींद नहीं आती है।

(IV)  यदि किसी व्यक्ति की प्रवृत्ति चोरी की है या जो चोरी करके ही अपने उदर की पूर्ति करता है, जिसे चोरी करने की आदत पड़ गई है, जो दूसरों का धन चुराने की योजनाएं बनाते रहता है, उसे भी नींद नहीं आती है। चोर हमेशा रात में चोरी करता है और दिन में इस बात से डरता है कि कहीं उसकी चोरी पकड़ी ना जाए। इस वजह से उसकी नींद भी उड़ी रहती है।

GANDHARI: Present day Gandhar-Kandhar-Sindh are the regions, where the Gandharvs once ruled-lived. Bhawan Ram's younger brother Bhart's son forced them to leave this place, in Treta Yug. During Dwapr, Bhishm Pitamah compelled the king of Gandhar to marry his daughter to Dhratrashtr-who was blind and who could not become ruler-king. Gandhari covered her eyes not to see anything throughout her life and spent her life praying to Bhagwan Shiv. She had 100 sons and one daughter. The daughter was married to Jaidrath, who was instrumental in the killing of Abhimanyu. She always tried to nurture good sense in her sons, without success. Her brother Shakuni came along with her to Hastinapur, to take revenge from Bhishm Pitamh. She opened her eyes only once, to make Duryodhan's body like the Vajr-thunder volt of Indr. Duryodhan had to appear naked before her. Bhawan Krashn met him in the way and rebuked him to be nude, before his mother at this age. So, Duryodhan covered his thies and hips with loin cloth. This made Duryodhan vulnerable to attack by Bheem Sen, when he attacked Duryodhan with mac.
KARN भगवान् सूर्य पुत्र कर्ण: Karn's mother Kunti was one of the sisters of Vasu Dev Ji-the father of Bhagwan Shri Krashn. Kunti had been granted a boon by Mahrishi Durvasa to be able to invoke any deity to give her a child. Karn was born to Kunti due to the blessings of Bhagwan Sury Narayan, who had been invited to test the power of the boon-Mantr granted by Mahrishi Durvasa, who was extremely pleased with her, due to the service rendered by Kunti. She invoked the Mantr by virtue of curiosity & became unwed mother, when she was still a child. She deserted him by putting him in a floating basket in Ganga. The child was born associated with armor (-कवच, Kavach) and a pair of earrings (-कुण्डल, Kundal). The child was found by Adhi Rath, a charioteer of King Dhratrashtr of Hastinapur, when the basket was flowing in Holy river Ganga. Adhi Rath and his wife Radha raised the boy as their own son and named him Vasu Sena. He came to be known as Radhey-the son of Radha.
कर्ण के जन्म की कथा : कर्ण का जन्म कुन्ती को मिले एक वरदान स्वरुप हुआ था। जब वह कुँआरी थी, तब एक बार दुर्वासा ऋषि उनके पिता के महल में पधारे। कुन्ती ने पूरे एक वर्ष तक ऋषि की बहुत अच्छी तरह से उनकी सेवा की। कुन्ती के सेवाभाव से प्रसन्न होकर उन्होनें अपनी दिव्यदृष्टि से ये देख लिया कि पाण्डु से उसे सन्तान नहीं हो सकती और उसे ये वरदान दिया कि वह किसी भी देवता का स्मरण करके, उनसे सन्तान उत्पन्न कर सकती है। एक दिन उत्सुकतावश कुँआरेपन में ही कुन्ती ने सूर्य देव का ध्यान किया। इससे सूर्य देव प्रकट हुए और उसे एक पुत्र दिया, जो तेज़ में सूर्य के ही समान था। वह बालक शरीर पर कवच और कुण्डल लेकर उत्पन्न हुआ था, जो जन्म से ही उसके शरीर से चिपके हुए थे। चूंकि वह अभी भी अविवाहित थी इसलिये लोक-लाज के डर से उसने उस पुत्र को एक बक्से में रख कर गंगाजी में बहा दिया।
Karn, Demon king Bahu Bali, his father Virochan and grand father Vishnu Bhakt Prahlad Ji, Sury Vanshi king Harish Chandr are some of the noted people, who will be remembered through the ages for the charity done by them. Their sacrifice, courage, charity,valor and selflessness are exemplary. Karn is still admired for his courage and generosity and founded the city of Karnal, in present day Haryana-India. 
Being the son of Bhagwan Sury, he was born with the traits-tendencies of a Kshtriy-fighter species. He had natural inclination, interest in the art of warfare. He had tendencies of both Sugreev, Ashwani Kumars and Shani Dev-Bhagwan Sury's sons. He had the strong desire of being taught by Dronachary who had committed himself to the education of Kauravs and Pandavs, only.  Socially, Karn was never recognised as a Kshtriy. He could never come out of the shadow-trauma, of the tag of the son of a chariot driver-a lower caste. His love for weaponry drived him to Bhagwan Parshu Ram Ji in the disguise of a Brahmn. He impersonated him self as a Brahmn and deceived him and got cursed, when exposed. He admired the vicious company of Duryodhan for his desire to seek recognition. He had strong ego and was proud of being an ace archer, in spite of being defeated by Arjun. He had reckless obsession for Dropadi, who had rejected him as a husband, being a low caste person. He supported Duryodhan, when she was brought to the court of Dhratrashtr and even provoked him & Dushashan to undress her in the presence of elders.
He developed un holy rivalry with Arjun, though he was not parallel-match to him in any way. Arjun was blessed with divine arms & ammunition, bow and arrow. Arjun had the support of Bhagwan Shri Krashn and he him self was a righteous, virtuous, pious incarnation of the Almighty as Nar-rishi, son of Dharm Raj. Even after knowing the fact that he was the elder brother of Arjun he did not yield-buzz. How ever he became more humble & polite and extremely soft and careful towards Pandavs. Occasionally he reflected leniency towards Arjun after the disclosure. He did not refuse to donate even when lying hurt in the battle field, when Bhagwan Shri Krashn &Arjun met him in disguise of a Brahmn. He broke his tooth which was embed with gold to donate it to the Brahmns. Arjun felt extremely sorry for hurting him, when came to know of his real identity.[This even of donation of gold to Arjun on the death bed has been reported in other scriptures as well, but with different characters.It is true, since the same event had taken place in different Kalp,Manvantr, Maha Yug-point of time]
Dronachary could not impart him education due to the dedication towards the Kaurav family. Karn knew of Bhagwan Parshu Ram Ji and approached him in the disguise of a Brahmn Brahmchari and some how persuaded him to impart him education. Though he did not disclose his identity Parshu Ram Ji was aware of the fact that he was the son of Bhagwan Sury Narayan. He nursed a guise against Dronachary, which intensified further when he declared Arjun as the best ace archer of the world. He nursed the desire to prove him self as the best archer of the three abodes. Parshu Ram Ji accepted him and trained him, in best possible manner. Earlier he had trained Bhism Pitamah and Dronachary as well. The divine connection was there behind accepting Bhishm Pitamah as his disciple and the same connection made him accept Karn as a disciple. Parshu Ram Ji developed affinity for him and slept by placing his head over Karn's thies. Indr who had always been opposite-anti to the sons of Bhagwan Sury (-Sugreev, Ashwani Kumars) took the form of a bee and stung Karn's thigh in to warn Parshu Ram Ji of his caste. With blood oozing from his wound, Parshu Ram Ji woke up at once deduced that Karn was not a Brahmn. The insect bite and boozing of blood from his thies awakened Parshu Ram Ji. At this juncture as well, Karn did not reveal his identity. He him self was not aware of his true identity, still he could tell he was brought up by a charioteer This led to the curse which disabled him from using the divine weapons in an hour of need, i.e., when he could mis use them. He would forget all the knowledge required to wield the divine weapon Brahmand Astr, at the moment of his greatest need. Parshu Ram Ji gave him the celestial weapon called Bhargvastr as well, along with his personal bow called Vijay, for being such a diligent student. Divine weapons are not meant to be used against the humanity.
Karn was also cursed by a Brahmn for killing his cow while practising his skills with bow and arrows. The Brahmn got angry and cursed him that he would become helpless in the same way the innocent cow had become, by his chariot wheels getting stuck in the ground. Karn once encountered a girl who was crying over her pot of spilt ghee. On asking her the reason for her dismay, she stated that she feared that her stepmother would be angry over her carelessness. Refusing to take new ghee from Karn, the girl insisted that she wanted the same ghee. Taking pity on her, Karn took the soil mixed with ghee in his fist and squeezed it with all his might, so that the ghee dripped back into the pot. During this process, Karn heard the agonized voice of a woman. When he opened his fist, he realized that the voice was that of Bhoo Devi-the Earth. Mother earth furiously chastised Karn for inflicting enormous pain on her for the sake of a girl and cursed him that at a very crucial moment in battle, his chariot wheel would be trapped as tightly as he had held that fistful of soil.
To display-demonstrate the skills of the Kuru princes, guru Dronachary arranged a friendly tournament.  Arjun was in deed a gifted archer. He attained lessons in archery from Bhagwan Shiv as well along with Pashupashtr. He had availed the knowledge of Divine weapons in heaven as well. Karn arrived at this tournament uninvited and challenged him to a duel. Krapa Chary refused Karn, his duel, asking first for his clan and kingdom. According to the rules of dueling, only a prince could challenge Arjun to a duel and due to his low caste, Karn could not be allowed to fight Arjun. He was further insulted by Bhim by comparing him to a stray dog, for his mixed caste and lineage. This incident marks the beginning of a feud between Karn and Pandavs. He was envious of Arjun, since Arjun was considered to be the best amongest Dronachary's disciples. He remained against Dronachary through out his life and fought under him half heartedly. His demand was unjustified and provoking. Duryodhan, the eldest of the one-hundred sons of the king Dhratrashtr, knew that his cousins Pandavs were better at warfare. Seeing Karn as a chance to get on even terms with them, he immediately offered Karn the throne of the kingdom of Ang, making him a king and hence eligible to fight a duel with Arjun. When Karn asked him what he could do to repay him, Duryodhan told him that all he wanted was his friendship.
Karn was a loyal and true friend to Duryodhan. Karn helped Duryodhan marry the Princess Bhanu Mati of Kaling. Duryodhan abducted Princess Bhanu Mati from her Swayamvar ceremony in a chariot and Karn fought with the rest of the suitors.Many legendary rulers like Shishu Pal, Jara Sandh, Bhishmak, Vakr, Kapot Raman, Nil, Rukmi, Shrang, Ashok, Shat Dhanwa etc. attended the ceremony and Karn easily defeated the pursuing Kings, who dejected and abandoned their pursuing after seeing the fighting prowess of Karn to protect his friend Duryodhan. Ashamed Jara Sandh-the king of Magadh later challenged Karn for a one to one fight. Jara Sandh was earlier defeated by Bhagwan Shri Krashn and Balram Ji 18 times. They did not kill Jara Sandh in order to bring more and more evil minded-wicked people to be killed by them. Ultimately, they ditched him and shifted their capital-base to Dwarka. Karn and Jara Sandh fought for 21 days continuously and Karn eventually defeated Jara Sandh. Jara Sandh gifted the city of Malini to Karn as a token of appreciation. Jara Sandh accepted and declared Karn as the greatest warrior in the world and thus Karn become the king of both Ang and Malini. The victory over Jara Sandh made Karn famous all over the world. Later, following his accession to the throne of Malini, Karn took an oath that anyone who approached him with a request, when he worshipped the Sun, would not leave empty-handed. Jara Sandh was later tore into two pieces and thrown in opposite direction by Bheem Sen, when Bhagwan Shri Krashn, Arjun & Bheem Sen met him and requested for a wrestling duel, on the direction of Bhagwan Shri Krashn. Jara Sandh selected Bheem Sen, for the duel.
Karn was a suitor for Draupadi at her Swayamwar, or her choosing of a marriage partner. Unlike, most other contenders, he might have easily wield and string the bow, but Draupadi refused to allow him to take part, rejecting him for being a Soot-Putr-son of a charioteer.The entire gathering of kings and the assembled people insulted Karn for his low birth and only Duryodhan supported and argued for Karn. The Pandavs were also present in the Swayamwar, disguised as Brahmns. Following the failure of the other princes, Arjun stepped into the ring and successfully hit the target, winning Draupadi's hand. After the marriage was over, the assembled Kings in the Swayamwar argued that a Brahmn could not attend the Swayamwar and they took their weapons and attacked Arjun disguised as Brahman. Arjun fought with all the assembled kings and defeated them easily. Karn entered the battle field to protect his friend Duryodhan and a terrible battle was fought between Karn and Arjun who was disguised as Brahmn. Karn never knew that the Brahmn was Arjun and this was the first time when these two ace archers fought each other. But Arjun recognized Karn and the two Maha Rathi's fought each other. The battle was so intense that sky was filled with arrows and visibility was lost in the cloud of arrows.With both archers not gaining upper hand, they turned to use celestial weapons and the sky as well as the earth trembled due to the usage of celestial weapons.With battle continued neither of them gaining upper hand news came to Karn that his nine-year-old son Sudama was dying. Karn praised the skill of the Brahmn and compared it with the skill of Dronachary and Krapachary. Not being interested in doing the sin of Brahm Hatya (-hurting or killing a Brahmn, which is considered as a grave sin as per scriptures; Karn withdrew from the fight and rushed to his son Sudama. It was then revealed that Sudama was hit by an arrow sent by the Brahman warrior when fighting earlier, with the other kings.The bystander, nine-year-old Sudama was deeply hurt by Arjun's arrows and died in the hands of Karn. When Arjun's identity was later revealed, Karn's feelings of hostile rivalry with him further intensified and he sworned to kill Arjun and his family.The fact remains that Arjun never used divine weapons which could easily eliminate Karn or the rival.
After Shakuni won a game of dice by trickery, Draupadi, now the queen to all five sons of King Pandu, including Arjun, was dragged into the court by Dusha San. Duryodhan and his brothers attempted to strip her. Karn insulted Draupadi by saying that a woman with more than four husbands is nothing but a whore and that the Pandavs were all like sesame seeds removed from the kernel and she should now find some other husbands. On the spot, Bhim, vowed that he would personally slaughter Duryodhan and his brothers in battle. Arjun subsequently swore to kill Karn.
Later after Pandavs were in exile, Karn took up the task of establishing Duryodhan as the Emperor. He commanded army that marched to different parts of the country to subjugate kings and made them swear allegiance to Duryodhan-the heir of Hastinapur Kingdom or else die in battle. In this military adventure, Karn waged wars and reduced to submission numerous kingdoms including those of the Kamboj, the Shak, the Kakey, the Avantey, the Gandhar, the Mad Raksh, the Trigart, the Tangan, the Panchal, the Videh, the Suhm, the Ang, the Vang, the Nishad, the Kaling, the Vats, the Ashmak, the Rishik and numerous others including Mallechh-Yavan and the forest tribes. In fact all the territories were under Emperor Yudhistr and they did not resist much.
After the failure of peace negotiations with Duryodhan, Bhagwan Shri Krashn  was driven back to the Pandavs by Karn. Bhagwan Shri Krashn utilized the opportunity to revealed to Karn that he was the eldest son of Kunti and therefore, technically, the eldest Pandav. Bhagwan Shri Krashn implored him to change sides and assures him that Yudhistr would give the crown of Indr Prasth to him and Draupdi would accept him as her husband. Karn was unwilling to change side even after knowing his identity. He understood that he was elder than Yudhistr. As such he would be the king, since Yudhistr will relinquish the throne immediately. He did not  desire to do injustice with Yudhistr as well. He was so deeply pressed under the burden of Duryodhan's obligations that he would immediately offer the throne to him, in case it came to him.Shaken from the discovery, Karn still refused these offers over Duryodhan's friendship. Bhagwan Shri Krashn appreciating Karn's sense of loyalty, accepted his decision, promising Karn that his lineage would remain a secret. Karn was elated to learn that his true father was none other than Sury Narayan-whom he worshiped.
Indr-the king of heaven & the father of Arjun, realized that Karn would be invincible in battle and unable to be killed as long as he had his Kavach and Kundal. He approached Karn as a poor Brahmn during Karn's sun-worship. When Indr came to ask him for the Kavach-armor and kundal, in the disguise of a Brahmn, he gave them off, in spite of extreme pain in removing the armor attached to his body though he was aware of Indr's identity. He asked for the shakti, on the advice of his father-Sury Dev, which he had to use against Ghatotkach (-घटोत्कच, son of Bheem Sen)  when he showered havoc over Kaurav army, under Karn. Bhagwan Sury had warned Karn of Indr's intentions, but Karn thanked Sury and explained that he was bound by his word and could not send anyone from his door empty-handed. When Indr approached, Karn revealed that he knew the Brahmn's true identity but assured that he would never turn him away. For Karn's generosity Indr decided to reward him and Karn asked for Indr's powerful weapon-the Vasavi shakti. Indr granted the boon, with the stipulation that Karn could use it only once.
As war approached, Kunti met Karn and in desperation to keep her children alive asked Karn to join the Pandavs. But Karn denied the offer again. Knowing that Arjun was under the divine aegis of Bhagwan Shri  Krashn, he would be invincible. Knowing that Karn will fight against Arjun with a motive to kill, Kunti extracted couple of promises from Karn that he will not kill any of the Pandavs and he will not use a same celestial weapon twice, against Arjun. This particular request by Kunti as suggested by Shri Krashn led to the death of Karn in the war as he did not use Nagastr and Rudrastr twice against Arjun. Bhagwan Krashn knew that Bhagwan Parshu Ram had gifted the celestial weapons to Karn. Karn was guided by revenge. He used the celestial weapons against Arjun which further deteriorated his powers. Arjun did not intend to use divine-celestial weapons against any one. Karn requested his mother to keep their relationship a secret till his death as Pandav brothers will not fight against their own brother, if she revealed the truth to them, due to Dharm and after his death she was supposed to reveal his birth identity to everyone and also promised that at the end of war she would still have five sons.
Bhishm Pitamah was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Kaurav army. But giving the reason that Karn had humiliated Draupadi and disrespected his guru Parshuram, Bhishm refused to take him in the Kaurav army. He secretly knew of Karn’s lineage and hence did not want him to fight his own brothers. At the tale of Rathi's (-रथी, distinguished warrior, chief-head-commander of Army-unit) and Atirathi's (-अतिरथी), Bhishm further insulted Karn and declared him as just an Ardh Rathi (-अर्धरथी, Half a Rathi) warrior. Karn was identified as a Maha Rathi warrior, compared to Arjun. Bhishm did this to demoralize him-weaken his spirit and extreme proud added with over confidence. He had deep attachment for Arjun. Only after Bhishm fell on the eleventh day did Karn enter the war. After the fall of Bhishm, Karn visited him on the bed of arrows and Bhishm Pitamah told him that he was one of the greatest warriors of his time. There was no match to him in charity.
Dronachary took the commander-in-chief position on twelfth day and the thirteenth day ended with Abhimanyu’s (-Arjun’s son) death in the specially organized Chakrvyuh-cyclic formation formation which permitted entry only but difficult to trace its outlet, except Arjun.. Uncharacteristically, the battle on fourteenth day extended into the dark hours. Taking advantage of that, Krashn introduced Ghatotkach, Bhim's half-Asur son, as asurs gained extraordinary power at night time. Ghatotkach destroyed the Kaurav forces and also injured Dronachary. Seeing the desperate situation, Karn used his Vasav Shakti, that was the boon from Indr, against Ghatotkach, thus killing him. Bhagwan Shri Krashn was however pleased with the fact that the powerful weapon could not be used against Arjun in future as Karn had only one chance to use it. Later, Shri Krashn told Satyaki that he always applied his maya or illusion on Karn in order to protect Arjun from Karn's celestial weapons.
Karn Parv describes sixteenth and seventeenth days of the Kurukshetr war where post Dronachary's death, Karn took over as the commander-in-chief. Anticipating a likely battle to the death between Karn and Arjun, Bhagwan Shri Krashn warned Arjun calling Karn to be the foremost of the heroes. He explained the secrets of Karn's strength-power-might.
 Karn aimed at killing only Arjun (-tough half heartedly, having known that he was elder than him). On the sixteenth day, he fought with all the Pandav brothers but Arjun and spared each one of them. After defeating them, he ordered his charioteer Maharaj Shaly to move towards Arjun. He used Nagastr, the same celestial weapon that was used by Indr Jit against Ram in Ramayan, in an attempt to kill Arjun, but Bhagwan Shri Krashn saved Arjun from certain death by lowering their chariot wheel into the earth. Karn and Arjun then waged a rough war against each other. As promised to Kunti, Karn used a celestial weapon only once against Arjun. Karn had a chance to kill Arjun but spared the later as the Sun was about to set. Other problem with Karn was that he was on the wrong side-Adharm and unaware of the fact that Arjun as Nar was a celestial warrior with invincible powers and protection of Dharm and the Almighty him self.
On the seventeenth day of battle the two foes faced each other once more. This battle between Arjun and Karn is perhaps the most cataclysmic and awesome of the great epic. The warriors on the battlefield and the Devas-deities-demigods in heaven watched the battle in speechless amazement and terrified admiration of the strength and skill of these greatest of warriors. On the seventeenth day, Karn cut the string of Arjun’s bow many times. As the battle intensified, Arjun pushed back Karn's chariot 10 steps backward every time by the energy of the arrows, but Karn was only able to push Arjun's chariot 2 steps backward. Seeing this Bhagwan Shri Krashn praised Karn and admired the skill of Karn. Arjun questioned Shri Krashn and asked why was he  praising Karn. Bhagwan Shri Krashn said it was impossible for any human ever to push his chariot backwards because the chariot of Arjun contains both Hanuman Ji Maha Raj and Bhagwan Shri Krashn and it holds the entire weight of the universe. Even to shake the chariot was an impossible task and Karn was pushing it 2 feet every time by the energy of his arrows. Krashn said no human ever had or ever will can attain this feat as it was impossible even to shake the chariot containing Maha Vishnu.The epic states that initially, the battle was even between the two foes, but then Karn's chariot wheel was trapped in the mud as a result of the curse he received earlier from a Brahmn. He still defended himself, but at the crucial moment forgot the incantations to invoke Brahmand Astr, as a result of his guru Parshu Ram's curse. Karn got down from his chariot to free the wheel and asked Arjun to pause, reminding him of the etiquette of war. But Krashn reminded Arjun of all the incidents-Abhimanyu’s death, the Laksha-Grah conspiracy, Draupadi’s insult and others - and attacked Karn while he was trying to lift his sunken chariot wheel. Karn defended himself and invoked Rudrastr against Arjun and this Astr hit Arjun on his chest. Arjun lost his grip on his bow, Gandeev, which fell down from his hand for the first time and Arjun fell down in a swoon. Following the rules of engagement of war, Karn did not try to kill him but instead tried to utilize the time in extracting the wheels of his chariot. Arjun recovered and using the Anjalika weapon decapitated the weaponless Karn, who was still trying to lift the sunken chariot wheel. Though it was highly forbidden according to the rules of engagement of the war to attack a weaponless warrior or to attack an enemy from the back, Arjun was spurred by Bhagwan Shri Krashn to do so. It was later revealed that Karn could be killed only when all the 3 curses acted upon him and this made Krashn employ deceit to kill Karn.
When it was revealed that Karn was actually Arjun's older brother, Arjun became haunted by Karn's killing and took it upon himself to treat Vrash Ketu, Karn's only remaining son, with great care.
Bhagwan Parshu Ram appeared in dream before Karn (-telepathy), during the period of the Kurukshetr War and Karn requested him to be relieved from the curse. Bhagwan Parshu Ram revealed that he had known all along, Karn was a Kshatriy-son of Sury Narayan. He was a worthy student. The incarnation of Bhagwan Shri Hari Vishnu explained to Karn that he would forget the process-method and the code to activate the Brahmand Astr; when he would be willing-ready to use it against the humans to settle revenge-personal rivalry-scores and it happened when the wheel of his chariot got struck in the earth, due to the curses laid by mother earth and the Brahmn, who;s cow was killed by his arrows. Parshu Ram Ji said that if he killed Arjun, Duryodhan would be the king instead of Yudhistr and chaos would ensue. Parshu Ram Ji asked Karn to accept the destiny and die at the hands of Arjun,so that the world might live in peace. Karn accepted his Gurus words and in return the the Guru, Parshu Ram Ji blessed Karn with immortal glory and everlasting fame. Bhagwan Shri Krashn asked also Karn to accept the fate to enable Dharm to triumph. Karn prepared him self and donated his life for the welfare of society and Dharm.  He accepted the divine verdict and submitted him self to be relieved from reincarnation-rebirth by Arjun so that Dharm might triumph. His death acted as a penance for being on the side of Adharm.
Karn lay dying in the battlefield, his father Bhagwan Sury and Arjun's father Indr, fell into a debate as to who among their sons was superior and decided to test Karn's generosity and appeared before him as Brahmns, asking for alms. Karn said that at this point, he had nothing to give them when one of the Brahmns reminded him that he had some gold in his teeth which could be donated to them. Karn on realizing this, promptly took a stone and broke his teeth handing them over to the Brahmns, thus proving his superiority as donor-generous person. They came to their real form and blessed him. Bhagwan Shri Krashn appeared as a Brahmn and asks for Karn's Puny (-Virtuous, righteous, pious deeds) and once Karn gifted his life's Puny to him, Krashn rewarded Karn with the Darshan of Krashn's Vishw Roop. Karn's wife Vrushali became Sati on Karn's pyre after his death. [The events quoted differ due to the actual happenings in different Kalps-Manvantr-Maha Yug-cosmic era]
Following the end of the war, Tarpan vidhi were performed for all the fallen. Kunti then requested her sons to perform the rites for Karn and revealed the truth of his birth. The brothers were shocked to find that they had committed fratricide. Yudhistr, in particular, was furious with his mother and laid a curse upon all women that they should never thereafter be able to keep a secret. Later Arjun built the Aranmul Partha Sarthy Temple during his conquest for Ashw Medh in South India, to expiate for the sin of having killed Karn in the battlefield, against the Dharm of killing an unarmed enemy.The temple is dedicated to Partha Sarthi-Bhagwan Shri Krashn's role as Arjun's charioteer in  Maha Bharat war.(Parth-Arjun & Sarthi-Bhagwan Shri Krashn)
After his death in the Kurukshetr war, Karn's soul ascended to Marut Lok-a section of heavens. It further acceded to Sury Lok. 
Karn was married to Vrushali. He had nine sons: Vrash Sen, Vrash Ketu, Chitr Sen, Saty Sena, Sushen, Shatrunjay, Dvipat, Ban Sen and Prasen; eight of them took part in the Kurukshetr war-Maha Bharat. Pra Sen was killed by Satyaki, Shatrunjay, Vrash Sen and Dvipat by Arjun, Ban Sen by Bheem, Chitr Sen, Saty Sen and Sushen by Nakul. Vrash Ketu was his only son who survived the war as he was too young to participate in the war.After the war when Pandavs were made aware of Karn's lineage, Vrash Ketu was offered to be the King of Indr Prasth, being the son of their eldest brother. He was under the patronage of Arjun and took part in various battles that preceded the Ashw Medh Yagy.
कर्ण नाग संवाद: खाण्डव प्रस्थ (-नाग भूमि, वर्तमान नौयडा, रावण की जन्म भूमि बिसरख) वन में एक महा सर्प रहता था जिसका नाम था, अश्वसेन।दुर्योधन ने  राज्य के बँटवारे में यह निर्जन वन युधिष्टर को दे दिया तो इसे रहने लायक बनाने की जिम्मेवाई अर्जुन को मिली। वन प्रदेश को साफ़ करने के लिए इसमें आग लगा दी गई। अग्नि काँड में अश्वसेन की माता चक्षुश्रक मर गई। इस पर उसे बहुत क्रोध आया और अर्जुन से बदला लेने के लिए घात लगाने लगा।
कुरुक्षेत्र के मैदान में महाभारत रचा गया। कर्ण और अर्जुन आमने-सामने थे। अश्वसेन ने उपयुक्त अवसर देखा और वह कर्ण के घातक बाण  का रूप धारण करके कर्ण के तरकस में जा घुसा। अर्जुन पर प्रहार करते समय कर्ण के हाथ में संयोगवश वही बाण आया जिसमें अश्वसेन समाया हुआ था। बाण का अटपटा पन देखकर महाराज शल्य ने कहा कि कर्ण यह बाण कुछ बेतुका सा है। धनुष पर दूसरा बाण चढ़ाओगे तो ठीक रहेगा। कर्ण ने दर्प पूर्वक कहा कि महाराज शल्य! मैं दोबारा लक्ष्य नहीं देखता और एक बार बाण को धनुष पर चढ़ा कर फिर उसे नहीं उतारता। ऐसा कहकर उसने धनुष साधा और बाण को लक्ष्य की ओर छोड़ा।भगवान् श्री  कृष्ण ने इस  महा भयंकर बाण को आते देखकर रथ के घोड़ों को जमीन पर बिठा दिया सो बाण के प्रहार से अर्जुन का मुकुट भर कटा उसका शिर बच गया। अश्वसेन का क्रोध शान्त न हुआ। अर्जुन के बच जाने से उसे बहुत दुख हुआ। अब की बार वह अपने असली स्वरूप में कर्ण के पास पहुँचा और बोला कि हे महाबली! पिछली बार तुमने मेरा पराक्रम जाने बिना ही बाण रूप में मुझे असावधानी से छोड़ा था उसी से अर्जुन बच गया। अबकी बार तुम ध्यानपूर्वक मुझे छोड़ो। इससे मेरा और तुम्हारा समान रूप से शत्रु-अर्जुन निश्चित रूप से मृत्यु के मुख में चला जायेगा।
कर्ण ने पूछा कि वो कौन था और किस निमित्त उसके तरकस में प्रवेश कर गया? अश्वसेन ने कहा कि  वो विकराल विषधर महासर्प था। अर्जुन ने उसका देश जलाया था सो वह  उससे बदला लेना चाहता था। अपने पुरुषार्थ से उसे डस नहीं सका सो अब वह कर्ण की सहायता लेकर अपने शत्रु से प्रतिशोध लेना चाहता था।
कर्ण ने बड़ा मार्मिक उत्तर दिया और बोला: हे नाग! मैं अपने ही पुरुषार्थ से विजय पाना चाहता हूँ। द्वेष बुद्धि से छद्म का आश्रय लेकर तुम जिस प्रकार मेरी सहायता करना चाहते हो उसकी अपेक्षा तो मुझे पराजय भी स्वीकार है। हे तात! जो होगा सो मैं भुगतूँगा, तुम तो सुख पूर्वक अपने घर चले जाओ। किसी भी मूल्य पर सफलता पाने और कुछ भी करके मनोकांक्षा पूरी करने की अपेक्षा असफल रहना और हारना श्रेयस्कर है। नैतिक मूल्यों का संरक्षण हर हालत में होना ही चाहिये, चाहे उससे अपने स्वार्थों को कितना ही आघात क्यों न लगता हो? [महाभारत कर्ण-पर्व के अध्याय 90] 
Ulupi was the daughter of Kouravy, a descendant of Nagraj Airavat. Her father ruled the underwater kingdom of serpents in the Ganga river. Ulupi was a well-trained warrior. These serpents were having divine powers to change them selves to humans or any other organism.
Arjun, exiled from Indr Prasth left for a one-year pilgrimage as a penance for violating the terms of his marriage to Draupadi, the brothers' common wife. Accompanied by Brahmns, Arjun reached Kam Rup-north eastern region of present-day India. One day when he bathed in the Ganga river to perform his rituals, the current pulled him inside the river. He later realised that it was Ulupi, the Nag princess, who grasped and pulled him into the river. She held him with her hands and travelled at her will. They finally ended up in an underwater kingdom, the abode of Kourvay. Arjun saw a sacrificial fire in the place and offered his rites in the fire. Agni was pleased with Arjun's unhesitating offering of oblations.
Delighted by her act, Arjun inquired Ulupi about her background. She revealed her lineage and admitted that she had fallen in love with him. Arjun, however, declined her proposal citing his celibacy on his pilgrimage. Ulupi argued that his celibacy was limited only to Draupadi, Arjun's first wife. Convinced by her argument, he married her and spent a night with her. A son named Iravan was born to them. Pleased by Arjun, Ulupi granted him a boon that all animals that lived under water would obey him and he would be invincible under the water.
The Vasus, Bhishm Pitamah's brothers, cursed Arjun after he killed Bhishm through treachery in the Kuru Kshetr War. When Ulupi heard of the curse, she sought the help of her father, Kouravy. Her father went to Maa Ganga, Bhishm's mother and requested her for a relief from the curse. Upon hearing him, Ganga said that Arjun would be killed by his own son, Babru Vahan-Arjun's son, through Chitrangada and brought back to life, when Ulupi placed a gem on his chest.
Following her father's advice, Ulupi instigates Babru Vahan to fight Arjun. When Arjun went to Mani Pur with the horse intended for the Ashw Medh sacrifice, the king Babru Vahan, as directed by Ulupi, challenged Arjun for a duel. In the fierce battle that took place between them, both were mangled by the other's arrows. Finally, Arjun was mortally wounded and was killed by his son when he shooted a powerful arrow at him. Chitrangada rushed to the spot and abused Ulupi for instigating Babru Vahan to fight Arjun. Repenting of his deed, Babru Vahan was determined to kill himself, but was promptly stopped by Ulupi. She went to her kingdom and brought the gem (Mani). When she placed the gem on Arjun's chest, his life was restored, thus relieving him of the Vasus' curse. When brought back to his life, Arjun became happy to see Ulupi, Chitrangada and Babru Vahan. He took all of them to Hastinapur.

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