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One who realises that he is neither body nor mind, but the eternal self, obeys the divine principle of existence; finds the source of all joy and live in joy-bliss abiding virtues. The gates of joy open up for him. [Katha Upnishad]
परमानन्द परमात्मा-परमात्म तत्व का मूल है। मनुष्य को इसकी प्राप्ति के लिए अथक-अनवरत प्रयास करने चाहिये। इसके ऊपर-आगे-सम्मुख कुछ भी नहीं है। कर्म, ज्ञान और भक्ति मार्गी को यह स्वतः प्राप्त हो जाता है यदि वह निर्लिप्त-निर्विकार-बन्धन मुक्त है। मनुष्य में प्रणियों, कर्मों में, पुण्य-पाप, जीवन-मृत्यु में समता का अहसास होने लगे तो समझो कि बेडा पार है। पुण्य और पापों की साम्यावस्था उसे परमात्मा के और करीब ले जाती है। इसके बाद ना लाभ न हानि, ना दुःख है और ना सुख, ना रोग-राग है और ना द्वेष।  मात्र परमानंद ही पमानन्द है। 
Bliss is the Ultimate Happiness-Pleasure; one must crave for in his life time and the lives there after. There is nothing beyond this. It comes to the devotee automatically, when he finds equanimity in all the creations of God, life and death as well. He understands that all religions lead to the same the Ultimate. This is the state when all the sins and virtuous deeds are over. Nothing is left to undergo-bear, be it the reward or punishment. There is no desire, no pain or pleasure. Eternal devotion-bliss fills his soul. There is happiness everywhere.
केवल ज्ञान ही काफी नहीं है। उसको उसकी मूल भावना-अर्थ को समझना भी जरूरी है। इस बात का ज्ञान होने से मनुष्य को परमार्थ में मज़ा आने लगता है। मनोवृति को बदलना अति आवश्यक है। काम क्षणिक आनन्द प्रदान करता है। उम्र ढली और चाहकर भी कुछ नहीं कर पाते। सुख सुविधाएँ भी कुछ समय तक अच्छी लगती हैं। वैसे भी ये अस्थाई है। वक्त बदला सुख-सुविधाएँ-रौब-अधिकार-प्रभुत्व सब छीन गये। समय रहते जो चेत गया  वो सत्कार्य-परमार्थ में लग गया। भगवत-भक्ति में मन लगेगा तो स्वतः आनन्द आने लगेगा। 
Mere acquisition of knowledge pertaining to God is not enough. One has to change his attitude-bent of mind. Running after momentary pleasure-sex-sensuality-passions-monetary gains will move one in an opposite direction.Make use of the knowledge to deviate towards the service of the man kind. This will grant unlimited pleasure-satisfaction-realisation of the reason, why one got this birth. It’s inherent desire of all individuals to have pleasure-comforts-luxuries. It makes them materialistic-pragmatic-practical in life. They become ambitious, set goals-targets-deadlines to achieve, what they wish to acquire-gain-attain. They make plans-programs-schedules. 
They make relations-friends-contacts-companions to reach their target. They find ways and means, methods-procedures to reach the top of their carrier.Innovations-research-new methods-discoveries are made to become successful. 
A bit of success in his venture, fills one with happiness. He at once try to share his emotions-feelings with others. His eagerness has no bounds-limits. He is willing to do anything, at this moment. Sometimes these moments become unforgettable-worth remembering.
The means are important for achieving success. It may be either pious-virtuous-righteous-honest or crookedness-dishonesty-evil-wickedness-forgery-fraudulent tactics etc.
Pious-virtuous-righteous-honest means always lead to happiness-pleasure sooner or later.
Crookedness-dishonesty-evil-wickedness-forgery-fraudulent tactics may yield temporary enjoyments but ultimately they result in pain-worries-torture-tensions-troubles.
One may find pleasure in Dharm-Arth or Kaam.
One, who relishes the activities pertaining to Dharm-religion, definitely gets awarded through enjoyment in present life, in addition to reincarnations, since he will take birth as a human being only. In fact birth as a human being is more rewarding as compared to birth in higher abodes as deities-farishta-(-फ़रिश्ते) angels-prophets, since one cannot perform deeds-asceticism-meditation-prayers, in them. One who acts against the religion always finds his way to hell.
One must earn his livelihood through righteous means, permitted by the religion. Money earned through pious means and spent over the charity: helping others-poor-needy-one in destitute, will definitely relieves one from accumulated sins in present or past lives. It gives enormous happiness-satisfaction, when one does something for the upliftment of society by utilising his resources for charity-donations-liberty.
Kaam-sex, though essential for the continuance of our race yet it's the source of extreme pleasure, if enjoyed in controlled manner, through socially-religiously accepted modes; otherwise, it opens gate to hells.
हंसी-मजाक, मखौल ठट्ठा मनुष्य को सामयिक ख़ुशी प्रदान  करता है। मनुष्य कभी खुद का तो कभी दूसरों का  मज़ाक़ बनाता है। खुद भी खुश रहो और औरों को भी खुश रखो। 
Go out for a walk, pleasure trip, world tour, visit Indian Temples and one is full of joy-enjoyment. Plan the tour in advance with care with the help of some experienced tour operator.
See a good movie-stage play-circus-match-film shooting and you are relaxed.
Enjoy meals in good restaurant-hotel and be happy.
Talk to your friends-relatives-colleagues-childhood friends and observe the difference in you.
You may opt for a long drive as well.
Go to the market-sea shore-river bank and relax. Take a stroll in some mall even if you don't intend to buy anything. 
वो केवल ढ़ाई की है। घर में तूफान मचाती है। कभी रोती है-कभी हँसती है सामान-खिलौने फैंकती-बखेरती है। अपनी पसन्द की चीजें खाती है अन्यथा बखेर देती है। खूब बोलती है कभी समझ में आता है कभी नहीं। उसकी सब सही दूसरों की सब गलत। उसे गुस्सा करने, तोड़-फोड़ के लिए किसी कारण की आवश्यकता नहीं है। फिर भी अच्छा लगता है मजा आनन्द आता है। 
CONVERSATION BETWEEN BHAGWAN VED VYAS & DEV RISHI NARAD :: Bhagwan Ved Vyas questioned Dev Rishi Narad-the divine Saint, how could he retain his memory of his previous incarnations!? Dev Rishi described the events of the previous Kalp, when he was born as a Shudr-low caste child and had the opportunity to serve the saints-great souls-Mahatma, who described the figure-looks-image, of the Almighty. Soon after the death of his mother due to snake bite, he started travelling towards north, passing through various dense cities, deserted places and forests. Ultimately, he settled in side a deep forest due to divine impetus-urge-intuition-stimulus-incitement and channelised all his energy into the Almighty and experienced him there, in his inner self. It generated bliss in him and the desire to keep looking into him. Soon he heard the divine voice-message to keep-continue his endeavour, so that he could become eligible to see him-the Almighty, as one of his emissaries. This Ultimate experience-bliss made his memory intact. Soon after the divine day of Brahma Ji ended and the whole universe started shrinking, he too entered into the creator through his nostril and evolved again as Narad. He took birth as a Shudr due to the curse laid by Brahma Ji when he sang the songs of Almighty in a rather rough-raw mode all over the earth leading to various disturbances. Before being born as a Shudr, he was a divine creation as a son, of the Brahma Ji.
As soon as he visualised the Almighty his heart was filled with ultimate pleasure-bliss. The ultimate experience filled his body with joy. The heart became calm & quite. This experience involved him beyond limits to such an extreme that he lost his own self existence and the Ultimate target-the Almighty.
देवऋषि नारद: व्यास जी! उस समय प्रेम भाव के उत्पन्न होने, अत्यन्त उद्रेक से मेरा रोम-रोम पुलकित हो उठा। ह्रदय शांत और शीतल हो गया। उस आनन्द की बाढ़ मैं में ऐसा डूबा की मुझे अपना और ध्येय (परमात्मा) का तनिक भी भान नहीं रहा। [श्री मद् भगवत 1.6.18]
That image of the Almighty was capable of destroying-vanishing-removing all pains-sorrow-grief-tensions. This was extremely lovable-attractive-pleasant.
भगवान् का वह अनिवर्चनीय रूप समस्त शोकों का नाश करने वाला और मन के लिए लुभावना था। [श्री मद् भगवत 1.6.19]
The Almighty said the desire to attain him kills all the defects, lusts, sensuality, passions, sexuality, attachments.
परमात्मा ने कहा कि मुझे प्राप्त करने की आकाँक्षा से युक्त साधन धीरे-धीरे ह्रदय की सम्पूर्ण वासनाओं का भली-भाँति त्याग के देता है। [श्री मद् भगवत 1.6.23]
मन की प्रसन्नता :: मनः प्रसादः सौम्यत्वं मौनमात्मविनिग्रहः। भावसंशुद्धिरित्येतत्तपो मानसमुच्यते॥ [श्रीमद भगवतगीता 17.16॥ 

मन की प्रसन्नता, सौम्य भाव, मननशीलता, मन का निग्रह और भावों की भली-भाँति शुद्धि-इस प्रकार यह मन सम्बन्धी तप कहा जाता है। 
Control of mind is essential for austerity-asceticism involving mind with the happiness-serenity of mind, gentleness, equanimity, self-control-restraint and the purity of thought & ideas. 
मन की प्रसन्नता तब पैदा होती है, जब जातक अशान्ति, हलचल, राग-द्वेष, स्वार्थ-अभिमान से मुक्त है। दया, क्षमा, उदारता आदि भाव उसके मन-अन्तःकरण में हैं। वह सदा दूसरों का हित चिंतन करता है। परमात्मा को सदैव स्मरण करता है। दुर्गुण-दुराचार उसके मन-बुद्धि को कभी प्रभावित नहीं करते। कम खाना, कम बोलना कम सोना और जरुरत के अनुरुप और यथासम्भव कम घूमना उसके नियम हैं। उसके मन में कुटिलता, हिंसा, क्रूरता, असहिष्णुता, द्वेष का कोई स्थान नहीं है। वह शरीर के लिए हितकर एवं नियमित भोजन करता है। किसी के पूछने पर उसके हित की बात कह देता है। वह अपने प्रति तिरस्कार, व्यर्थ के दोषारोपण, अनुचित व्यवहार की परवाह नहीं करता। किसी से वैर भाव नहीं रखता। धन, मान-सम्मान, महिमा की आदि की हानि से कभी परेशान-दुःखी  नहीं होता। मन की मूढ़, क्षिप्त और विक्षिप्त वृत्तियों का त्याग करता है। उसने अपने मन को वश में कर रक्खा है। वह शास्त्र की मर्यादा के अनुकूल जीवन निर्वाह करता है। उसके भाव शुद्ध हैं। उसे भगवान् पर विश्वास है और वह स्वयं को उसी के आसरे-सहारे रखता है। इस प्रकार की क्रियाएँ होने पर वह मानसिक तपस्वी है। 
An ascetic remains happy in adverse conditions, circumstances & place. His heart is free from all sorts of disturbances, enmity, selfishness, ego-pride, distortions. His heart is full of pity-pardon, liberty, for others. He is kind hearted. He always thinks of others welfare. He is always busy remembering the God. Foul deeds, characters, passions never affect him. He eats little just to survive, do not loiter-roam aimlessly or stalk any one. He sleeps around 6-8 hours a day. He takes a balanced diet. He advises only when asked for. He heart is pure-free from enmity, violence, conspiracy, wickedness, cruelty, intolerance, crookedness. He do not mind falls-baseless accusations, slight, (तिरस्कार, scorn, contempt, taunt, ignominy), improper behaviour. He does not enter into rivalry-enmity, anguish with any one. Loss of wealth, respect-honour, galore do not create tension-distortions in his mind. He has rejected ignorance-stupidity, insanity, instability in him. His mind and heart are under his firm control. He lives according to the guidelines of scriptures. He has firm faith in the God. He has surrendered himself to the asylum of God. These are some of the qualities-traits-characteristics associated with the mental ascetic.
SALVATION-मोक्ष :: It’s the ultimate state of bliss, when the soul merges with the God-Almighty-Allah-Khuda-Rab, like the drop let of water, which merges with the ocean and becomes ocean. Bliss brings out tears in the eyes of the devotee expressing Ultimate Pleasure-Permanand. Nothing remains to attain thereafter.
BLESSINGS आशीर्वाद :: When someone in distrust-turmoil, is helped by you, blessing may be showered upon you. Old people-elders in need of help and care too, bless those who extend helping hand. The blessing which comes out of the inner self-soul shows mesmerising impact over the one who obtained the blessings. Blessings are capable of changing-improving the destiny of those, who help others.
People are found/observed vising shrines/priests/enlightened to seek their blessings. Such blessings are merely of ritualistic nature. They rarely impact the destiny of any one. 
Help one who in need, not the one, who has plenty of everything. 
Gandhari refused to bless her son Duryodhan, with success before Maha Bharat because he had acquired the Empire of Pandavs through treachery, cheating, cunningness, fraud, crookedness and was not willing to return it without war with the misconception that he was more powerful than Pandavs. 
Pindaris use to visit the temple of Maan Kali before departing to loot/kill travellers for seeking her blessings. They all were killed by the British. Those who bless sinner/criminals/anti socials acquire their sins over them and suffer along with them.
Will you bless a person, who has come to seek your blessings? No, never. But Bhishm Pitamah did this by blessing Arjun with success.

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