Friday, January 24, 2014

PURITY-PIOUSITY-VIRTUOUSNESS बाह्य व आन्तरिक पवित्रता

 बाह्य  व आन्तरिक पवित्रता
 CONCEPTS & EXTRACTS IN HINDUISM By:: Pt. Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj
Internal purity is connected to the mind-thoughts-ideas-concepts-visualization of things-happenings. Our soul perpetuate from one life to another vibrating between one incarnation to another, depending upon the deeds, our performances in respective births. Often we think-act through our perception of likes or dislikes, what do not please us make us react, otherwise. We give more weightage to our relations, determined by heart-attachments. Warnings come from the brain but we prefer to discard them. As a matter of fact one should think twice before acting. Ethics-virtues-purity of thoughts-righteousness-honesty leads to holiness, higher abodes, closer to the God.
PhotoExternal purity is equally important. It involves our behaviour-actions-dealings with others-society. What we speak is important.We should not hurt the sentiments of others. One should not insult others. One should avoid watching-listening-mixing with the wretched-vulgar-indecent. Avoid commenting over them as well. Try to adhere to truth-honesty. 
Bathing in holy rivers, shrines, holy places do help us. Regular bathing is equally important, since it keep one free from germs, fit and fine.When ever one visit a shrine-holy place-holy river-temple-place of worship he must discard negative thoughts-ideas-actions-wretchedness-meat-wine-woman-vulgarity. It ensures protection from hell and placement in higher abodes-heavens. 
मन चंगा तो कथौती में गंगा। बाह्य व आन्तरिक पवित्रता, दोनों ही मनुष्य के भविष्य का निर्धारण करतीं हैं, उसके अगले जन्मों को तय करतीं हैं। 

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