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PALMISTRY (2): हस्तरेखा शास्त्र (प्रारंभिक ज्ञान)

 हस्त रेखा शास्त्र (प्रारंभिक ज्ञान)
By :: Pt. Santosh  Bhardwaj  
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A brief preview which follows, is a microscopic view of the most exhaustive work on this ancient art, making use of scientific learning, reading, practice and forecasts, made true to the word. The voluminous book having thousands of illustrations and sketches of hands of imminent people is almost ready for publication. One can easily find out his future with marked accuracy. It will be quite easy to learn the subject without external help and advise. The author has incorporated the research work carried out during the last 42 years, after examining thousands of hands and learning the books of imminent authors.This book contains the authentic versions of the Indian system and Western system. 
INTRODUCTION :: Palmistry is also called Chiromancy or Chiromancy Cheir means hand and manteia means divination) is the art of characterisation and foretelling the future through the study of palm. Those who practice Chiromancy are generally called Palmist, Palm reader, hand reader, hand analysts or Cheirologists. ANGA VIDYA: Yudh Khand in Balmiki Ramayan discusses hand reading. Duryodhan's hand is described in Maha Bharat  Brahat Sanhita: Varahmihir has discussed the lines on the hand. Samudr enunciated ANG VIDYA (-अंग विद्या) chronologically. Dev Rishi Narad, Garg, Parashar discussed it in great details. SKAND called Kartikay is the patron deity of Palmistry & Astrology. Art & Science of reading the Palm is Palmistry. Intuition plays a great role in it. Palmist’s motive and his devotion to God decide the accuracy of his predictions. It carries more weight ,if the Palmist happens to be a Brahmn by Mansa (mind, heart, thinking), Vachna (speech), Karmna (deeds). Lines on the forehead and the feet do speak.
palmistryPsychology, helps the Palmist in conveying the right message. It can be used to provide solace and consolation to the one, who has approached him for consultation. Shape of the hand, length of the fingers, separation between the fingers, location of mounts and their development do matter. Examine both the hands. Male’s right hand and female’s left are the Principal hands, which describe the current and future events accurately. Male’s left hand and female’s right hand are equally meaningful, as they describe the parents and family tree .In case of married person both the hands of the spouse carries weight. Future events on male’s right hand must be examined on spouse’s left hand and vice-versa. Female’s left hand is always a supporting hand for the male. Events marked on wife’s left hand have their impact on husband’s life and future.To be accurate all the four hands needs examination.
Drastic changes have been observed in the lines after marriage. Lines are always found to undergo  changes as per deeds. Children’s lines are more prone to change. Male's left hand gives precisely, the details regarding parents, uncle- aunt etc. Unmarried girl’s right hand also gives such precise details.Identical lines on both hands confirm the future event, beyond doubt. Some lines and marks appear on the palm, show off their impact and disappear. Such lines are called event lines and are generally minor lines. In case of deep impact they stay forever.
हस्त रेखा विशेषज्ञ)
Firmness, determination, willpower of the subject is the factors, which prevent mishappenings  diseases if told in advance. Unfortunate marriages can be prevented easily. Blessings, prayers, meditation, Yog, Bhakti, medicines do have their impact in such cases. Even the major lines are found to reappear and disappear. One can only postpone or propane the outcome of his deeds good or bad, in previous lives, but can't escape them altogether. We can skip them but can't escape them. Merely the presence of good sun line, line of fate doesn't guarantee good luck; shape of the hand and endeavour er of the subject are equally responsible for the future and growth.
Sufficient light-preferably Sunlight is essential for examining the hand. Use of hand lenses helps a lot. Lines become clearer by using powder. Right hand of the male subject should be held in the right hand and left hand of the female should be held in the left hand by the Palmist.It’s possible to find out the date of birth of the subject, by the careful examination of the Palm.
Though independent, yet Palmistry and Astrology are complementary of each other. The subject must be calm and alone, while examining the hand. If married, both husband and wife should sit together and the four hands should be examined carefully. Shape, size & formation of the Palm, Fingers, Nails, ridges, arches, moles, spots, signs, gaps, and spaces between the fingers and thumb are meaningful.
 In case the hand has just 2 or 3 main lines, these signs become even more significant for the Palmist. In such a situation mounts must be examined with regard to their location, development and elevation. Human palm represents the Divinity- the Deity, the Holy Places, the God the Holy Places and rivers on the earth. The life line, line of head and heart line represent the holy rivers Ganga, Yumuna and Saraswati. Mounts represents Mountains. Space contained by the forefinger and the thumb is Akhay Tirth – the ever surviving holy the place.The first thing to do after wake up is to see both hands in such a way that the heart lines form a crescent (figure matching rising moon).
COLOUR OF THE PALM :: Red coloured palm indicates a robustness. A red handed guy will be passionate, quick-tempered and ardent. A red line will indicate much of the same, but it will be modified by the function of the line, i.e. a red of Life Line will indicate a vigorous, robust health coupled with an active nature, while a red Line of Heart will denote overflowing and heartfelt emotions.
Yellow coloured palm is indicative of melancholy and morose character.
Pink hue in the palm denotes a hopeful, sanguine, enthusiastic and bright nature. One may consider it to be a less extreme manifestation of a red hand or line. This is the optimal colour for any line in a healthy and well-adjusted person.
White colour denotes a lack of interest in the outside world and those with whom the bearer may associate. White hands are egotistical, consequential in selfishness and a lack of sympathy for others. It is also a symbol for general ill-health and weakness.
Black coloured line denotes a trait of a person as grave, haughty, distant, and vengeful.

QUALITIES OF LINES :: A deeply-cut line strengthens the influence of the line over other traits. The deepest line on a palm signifies the most important aspect of their life, i.e. a deeply-cut Line of Heart would designate an emotional, passionate person, while a deep Line of Head would betray an individual enamoured with ideas and the intellect.
A thin line indicates the opposite, of a deeply cut line as would be expected. A thin line will have little influence over the bearer's life, just as a thin Fate Line would show little direction in life and a thin Life Line would show weakness of constitution and health.
A broad and shallow line is also a sign of weakness, but typically due to physical factors, either congenital or incidental.
A normal line is straight, firm, light pink in hue and clearly marked on the palm and it denotes a normal and average person.

Apart from the primary and secondary lines, there may be chance lines and influence which appear and disappear. One may ascertain whether a line is rising or falling by the varying thickness of a line.

Bracelet lines on the wrist in PalmistryRASCETTE LINES-BRACELET LINES (-मणिबंध रेखाएं) :अति विकसित, गहरे और स्पष्ट मणिबंध की उपस्थिति राजाओं के हाथ में होती है। ढीले, बिखर हुए और धुधंले मणिबंध  दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण, दुखी और गरीबी में जीवन को दर्शाते हैं।जब प्रथम मणिबंध का आरंभ हथेली पर होता है तो यह गर्भाशय जैसे आंतरिक अंगों में कमजोरी का बताता है। मणिबंध  रेखाएँ सीधी और स्पष्ट हों तो जातक को जीवन में सफलता की सम्भावना है। मणिबंध रेखाओं की  सँख्या सामान्यतया 4 तक होती है। यह रेखा आयु, स्वास्थ्य और संतान सम्बन्धी भविष्यवाणी मे सहायक है। 
* एक मणिबंध रेखा 25 वर्ष की आयु को दर्शाती है। दो हों तो 50 वर्ष, तीन हो तो 75 वर्ष और अगर चार हों तो जातक 100 की आयु प्राप्त कर सकता है। 4 मणिबन्ध रेखाओं से युक्त व्यक्ति बेहद सफल, संपन्न और दीर्घायु होता है। 
* मणिबंध रेखा से अगर कोई रेखा निकलकर चन्द्र पर्वत की तरफ जाए जीवन में विदेश यात्रा के योग बनते हैं। 
* दो या चार मणिबंध रेखाओं का होना जातक के जीवन में प्रथम संतान कन्या के होने का संकेत देती हैं और विषम जैसे एक और तीन मणिबंध रेखाएं  प्रथम संतान के पुत्र होने का संकेत देती हैं।
LIFE LINE: It starts between the thumb and first finger from the side-edge of the percussion. Moves into the palm, curves downwards, encircles Venus and tries to touch the Rascette-the region joining palm and the arm, in an arc towards the wrist. It reads the general health, vigor-vitality, strength, capability to fight illness, general well being. It reflects major life changes, including cataclysmic (-दुर्घटना) events like accidents, violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change, a violent and sudden change in the earth's crust or a devastating flood., physical injuries and relocation. It reads the life span as well, which may extend up to 105 years. A faded line, island ed line, ladder shaped line, line with cuts, line with breaks or moles describe health conditions at that juncture of age only, temporarily arresting its powers. A line running close to it, not only, repairs the defects, gives extra power/strength as well. People with only this line, on the palm are close to simians. Prediction of Longevity, needs the help of the Line of Head and Heart as well. People without line of head & heart line are more or less simians.The length of a person's life line is not tied to the length of a person's life. If the Line of Head is stronger than the life line it shows a person who is more active mentally as compared to his physical activity. Absence of Life Line on palm is very rare indicating that the life of the possessor is extremely precarious and death might occur at any moment.
Life Line is close to the thumb: Low vitality.
Wide curve formation: One is arduous (-कठिन onerous, taxing, difficult, hard, heavy, laborious, burdensome, strenuous,vigorous, back-breaking, stiff, uphill, relentless, Herculean) and Exuberant (-ebullient (-buoyant, cheerful, sunny, breezy, jaunty, light-hearted, in high spirits, high-spirited, exhilarated, excited, elated, exultant, euphoric, joyful, cheery, merry, jubilant, sparkling, effervescent, vivacious, enthusiastic, irrepressible, energetic, animated, full of life, lively, vigorous, zestful).
Pale and Thick: Poor state of health, envy and often bad instincts.
(1). Thickness & depth of the Life Line changes :: Capricious and fickle mood ups and down in health.
(2). Thickness of the Line of Life ends in a spot :: Sudden death, confirmed by other marks and signs on the Line of Heart, like breaks-gaps, cuts, bars or black spots.
(3). Broad and pale yellow line :: Defects in circulatory system, even bloodlessness.
(4). A broad dark colored line :: Poverty, laziness, lethargic nature.
(5). An abnormally deep line :: Rough and abrupt nature accompanied by violent actions, system wears out rapidly, leading to paralysis.
(6). A livid colored line :: Shows furious nature of anger-raving madness, morbidity–Presence of cancer or tumor.
(7). Life line is deep cut, well defined, sharp, and reddish in color :: Working capability of the bearer is quite high, health is generally good,  power of  resistance-immunity-potency level is quite high.
(8). Life Line is deeply marked, reddish in color, with high physical Mount of Mars :: Violent, brutal nature.
(9). Life line is shallow, broad, pale yellow in color :: Low energy level, weak constitution, lack of confidence-vitality-stamina-success.
(10). Thin Life Line :: Capacity-Capability to sustain is reduced considerably. Level of resistance is low. However a strong thumb and a good line of head may boost working capability and Longevity of the subject considerably.
Occurrence: It starts from the edge of the palm between thumb and first figure, Mars and Jupiter; moves straight or slightly curved for about an inch (2.54 cm.), curves, and moves between Mars–Rahu, Venus-Rahu, Venus-Ketu and Venus-Moon, Venus-Rascette.
(1). Life Line Encircles the Venus :: Life span will be more than 90 years. Life span is determined by of summing up the effects of, (I) Heart Line, (ii) Life Line and various other signs and indications, including Line of Head. Mere presence of the Life Line does not guarantee long life. Life Line during youth is governed by love & mating period and at the end spiritual aspect.
(2.1). Life line covers large Venus area :: Generally good health, high potency-sexuality level, attractive, excels in arts-crafts, likes high standards of living and worldly possessions. Happiness through parents-family descends from high family, long lived.
(2.2). Life Line originates between Jupiter and Mars, (i). Goes up to the Rascette :: Life span is around 70 years; (ii). encircles the Venus: Life span nearly 90 years.
(3). Life Line starts at Mars :: Long life, high strength and capacity to do work, riches but with a possibility of piles and blood contamination. A Life Line which starts from Mars, without cuts, islands, non wavy, encircles Venus, reaches Rascette is considered to be the best Life Line.
(3.1). Prominent Mars-thick and heavy Palm :: This indication leads to increased sexuality and aggression.
(4.1). Life Line sharp, slightly pointing to Jupiter, independent of Line of Head, still very close to it :: Honesty, honor, prestige, clarity of mind, good reasoning & understanding; upbringing in healthy and happy family.
(4.2). Life Line originates at Jupiter :: Person is ambitious, desirous of wealth-success-fame. He is a born leader, possessor of skills and qualities, enjoys high position-place-reputation in the society. But if this line starts up on Jupiter near the finger it will illustrate dictatorship and cruelty, excessive ego, blood defects, piles and genetic disorder. 
Jupiterian :: Ambitious for learning and high position.
Saturnian :: Ambition for occult powers, developing medicines, science, mining, farming
Apollonian :: Ambition, crave for success fame in public, as an actor, artist, administrator.
Mercurian :: Ambition for business, scientific pursuits.
(4.3). Straight Life line :: Cold irresponsible nature, lack of natural warmth-shows endocrine imbalance. 
(4.4.i). Line of Life beginning in a fork :: Reveals justice of soul, fidelity-loyalty to principals-religion-wife-leader, 
(4.4.ii). Line of Life beginning in a fork, with an exaggerated mount of Jupiter :: Indecision, fantasy-imagination with extravagance.
(5.5). Life Line runs close to thumb :: Low sexuality, no attraction for opposite sex, low potency and working capability, indication of baroness. A star at the intersection of Line of Head and Line of Mercury confirms difficulty in child bearing-childlessness.
(6.6). Life Line originates normally but moves to moon close to Rascette :: It points to serious female troubles. Exaggerated or much rayed Luna always indicates troubles of generative organs, in women.
(7). Ladder shaped life Line :: Low vitality, weak unstable and intermittent health.
(8). Is-landed, chained Life Line :: Poor health conditions, repeated annoying illness, delicacy extends to life span covered by chain. Genetic diseases- sure sign of bad health especially on soft hands. Health is regained with the recovery of evenness of by the Life Line.
(9). Wavy Life Line :: Poor-delicate health, illness during the period the line is wavy. It indicates Hereditary-Genetic diseases.
(10). Life Line made up of segments :: Indigestion, liver trouble, stomach trouble, bronchus trouble, piles, continued illness, behavior problems, and nervousness.
(11). Double or triple segments :: Weak constitution, lack of vitality, prolonged illness, irritable- short tempered.
(12). Life Line made up of triangles :: Genetic-Hereditary diseases, abdominal-stomach diseases, blood defects, gas trouble, dysentery.
(13). Life Line tassel shaped at the beginning :: Hereditary-genetic diseases, stomach disorders, loose motions in early childhood.
(14). Life Line tassel shaped at the beginning and termination :: Subject suffers from illness throughout the life and dies due to illness.
(14.1). Little hair lines found dropping from or clinging to the Life Line :: Weakness and loss of vitality generally observed at the end of the line itself.
(15). Life Line is cut by numerous small lines in the first half itself :: Stomach troubles, disputes-quarrels with relatives, interference of opposite sex.
(16). Life Line travelling to Luna for a while :: Death due to drowning or in an accident.
(17). OFF SHOOTS-UPWARD BRANCHES OF LIFE LINE TO MOUNTS :: These lines have been read as Luck lines as well. These are the signs of increased power, gains, and successes and make the bearer hard working rich and healthy. Subject gets job-promotion-financial up gradation.
(17.1). To Jupiter :: Fulfillment of ambition, high post-position in job-society, egotism-fear to show joy or sorrow-freedom in early life-freer life, studies in boarding house abroad.
(17.2). To Saturn :: Gives riches. Such people are found to help near and dear, needy; at least, till the age, shown by the rising branch on the Life Line .Increase of wealth and worldly possessions by subjects own energy and determination. Marital success in life is there due to one’s own efforts.
(17.3). To Sun :: Brings name, fame, success, riches; distinction in society, according to the class of hand.
LIFE LINE (17.8)
(17.4). To Mercury :: Brings success in Business-Science-Research-Innovations-Technology. Subject is gifted with the power to see future-sixth sense-future vision. Hook formation on Mercury by this line shows foolhardiness, greediness, angry temperament. Square hand: Success in business or science. Spatulate hand: Invention-Discovery-Innovations. Conic hand: Success in money matters. Soft and flabby hand: too lazy.
(17.4.i). Sloping Line of Head :: The subject has weak nature. 
(17.4.ii). Mercury Line :: Subject will sustain life, if this line does not touch Life Line.
(17.5). To Luna :: Success through travel.
(17.6). To Mental Mars :: New ideas, clarity in thought, farsightedness.
(17.7). To Physical Mars :: Use of strength for gains. (i). Highly developed  Mars : Misuse of strength.
(17.8). To the region between the Line of Head and the Line of Heart :: Astronomical success at ages indicated by the Life Line.
Lines are cut by influence-chance lines or crossing over to fingers-touch third phalanges of the finger :: Negative impact is shown and strength is reduced considerably.
Upward rising branch of Life Line to Sun sends off shoot to Jupiter and another off shoot to Saturn :: A distinguished person enjoying honor and success as a diplomat-politician.
Rising branch of Life Line going to Jupiter goes to a clear square :: The subject may be a teacher with the facility to explain make the students understand clearly; otherwise protection from egotism.
Rising branch of the Life Line does not reach any mount and is without cuts :: It brings success, good health and happiness. Presence of this rising branch of Life Line on the left hand of female spells progress of her husband, at her age shown by the hand.
Rising branch is obstructed by the Line of Head :: Success will continue till the age of 35 years. Obstruction indicates wrong judgment.
Rising branch of the Life Line is stopped by the Heart Line :: Success will continue till the age of 50 years. Here the obstruction shows interference by the relatives or family conditions.
Rising branches of the Line of Life, cut by lines from Mars or Venus :: It result in unhappiness, judicial separation, from married partner or a law suit–in case, they extends up to Line of Marriage and cuts it.
Fine lines from the mounts reaching Life Line :: (Offshoots of Life Line are thick in the beginning and narrow at the end, while the lines from the mounts are thick on the mounts and narrow at the Life Line, they are called hair lines as well).
(17.9). From Jupiter :: Lung and chest trouble, pleurisy, tuberculosis of lung-if island is present on it, disease is confirmed.
(17.10). From Saturn ::  Tooth trouble, deficiency of calcium, trouble in lower limbs (Rheumatism, Arthritis, Presence of island on Saturn-connected with this line, foretells danger from animals.
(17.11).  From Sun :: Eye trouble.
(17.12).  From Mercury :: Bilious trouble-nerve trouble.
(17.13). From Mars (Mental), with spots, islands on the Line of Head: Head injury.
(17.14). From plain of Mars, touching or cutting Life Line :: Accidents.
(18). Off shoots-Down ward branches of Life Line :: On Venus (i).: Dissipation of energy, loss of vigor-vitality, money losses and illness; (ii). A wavy broken line: Defective sperms, blood defects, child less, foolish behavior. (iii). A branch moving to Luna: Indicates travel abroad.
(19). Life Line starts at Mars, reaches Ketu away from Venus, without curving or very little curve with yellowish palm :: Bearer sexy, weak diseased, talks un- necessarily, looks for sexual pleasures and favors.
(20.1). Presence of two distinct, parallel Life Lines :: Subject will be a healthy, wealthy, happy and long lived person.
(20.2). Life Lines running parallel, like railway track in later period :: Death away from one’s own country.
(20.3). If the parallel segment cuts deep into Luna in the middle and keep moving till the edge of the hand :: Terrible tendency towards intemperance(-lack of modernization, lack of self control, behavior, modesty, habit of excessive drinking).
(20.4). Life Line terminates at Mars, another line parallel to it, connects line of head and the Rascette :: Long life.
Presence of parallel Life Lines on square-broad hand :: Extremely good health, fighting disposition, robust body and physical strength, bringing in fighting qualities. This is an excellent sign in soldier’s hand. Subject may engage in quarrels, leading to annoyance.
(21). Mars Lines are the lines running parallel to the Line of Life, separately :: These lines protect the individual from illness, accidents. Increased vigor, vitality, they covers the defects of the Life line, till the age they are presents and leads to increased vigor & vitality. These lines run very close to the Life Line, but do not touch or intersect them.
Identical lines are found on Mars or Venus, but they are lightly away from the Line of Life. A line starting from the Life Line moving over the Mars or Venus, show positive influence and protect the bearer.
(22). Line of Life is is landed near termination, towards Luna :: The subject may survive drowning due to protection from others. He has danger from water and cold weather conditions. Death may come due to cold.
(23). Life Line encircling Venus is cut by a bar :: Death at this age, confirmed by other indications on the Line of Heart.
(24). Life Line is broken :: (i). In left hand and joined in the right hand: Dangerous illness, (ii). In both hands: Death. In case Luck Line, Line of Mars or an Influence Line is running parallel to it, the subject may survive. To be sure, other defects should also be considered, (iii). After an island: Death at the age, where the island ends, (iv) Turns back towards Venus and the supporting lines are absent: Confirmed death.
(25). Life Line ends in a spot :: Death will occur at the age predicted by the spot.
(26). Life Line has red and white spots :: Individual will have stomach, liver or nervous trouble.
(27). Life Line has black spots :: Possibility of accident at that age.
Red, white or black spots on the line may be either temporary or permanent. They will remain on the physique if the impact is permanent, otherwise they will disappear.
(28). Life Line cut by small lines from the Mars or Venus :: Thin lines gives tensions, thick lines bring illness and diseases.
(28.1). Life Line is cut by a line starting from the Physical Mars and terminating on, (i). Saturn : Injury is caused by falling from a height-tree, bike, vehicle, horse etc., leading to financial losses. If there is a break-gap in the Line of Head or Heart at the point of cutting, possibility of death, (ii). Sun : Eye injury
(28.2). Life Line is cut by a line reaching Saturn and terminating in a grid :: The subject will have
Diseases related to Saturn. Conclusion can be drawn from the color of the nails.
(28.3). Life Line is cut by a line starting from Venus and reaching Mercury :: Accidents related to water, loss of potency, tooth trouble. The subject is expected to suffer from bad cold, piles. He will have a pale white look on his face.
(29). Life Line is cut by a line ending in a grid over the Luna :: Intestine trouble, stomach related diseases.
(30). Life line is cut by a line reaching mental Mars, ending in a grid :: Individual suffers from blood related diseases.
(31). Life Line is cut by a line, reaching middle Luna, ending in a grid :: Knee trouble, joint pain, gas trouble.
(32). Life Line is cut by a line, reaching lower Luna, ending in a grid :: Urine related diseases, urine trouble.
(33). Life Line is cut by a line; ending over Luna :: (i). which itself is cut by a bar : Serious urine trouble, swollen soft palm confirms the disease, (ii). in a star: Hypertension-hysteria or insanity, often of erotic (-Sexual desires, lust, passions, sensuality) character.
(34). Life Line is cut by a line, starting from an influence line :: Mental tensions, leading to illness- deeper the line, serious the illness.
(35). A line starting from an island over the Life Line, in a woman’s left hand, ending in a grid over the Luna :: Serious womb-uterus trouble, like child bearing or menses related problems.
(36). A line originating from an island over the Life Line ending in a grid over the (i). Sun : Heat related diseases-sun stroke, (ii). Mercury : Diseases related to Mercury.
(37). A line starting from a dot over the Life Line, reaching Sun, which has a dot or a cross :: Heart trouble.
(38.1). Forked Life Line reaches Neptune and its branch remains at Venus :: Subject loves loneliness, spiritual life; while his partner looks to worldly pleasures, which leads to disharmony and unhappiness in married life.
(38.2). Luck Line meets down ward branch Of Neptunian Life Line :: Dull ending of life.
(38.3). Small fork of Neptune Life Line on Venus and large fork on Luna :: Pleasure seeking, travel abroad, enjoyment at late-old age.
(38.4). Life Line is forked over Mars or Venus, on the right hand only :: The subject has to face grave illness-accident. If this indication is present on both hands it, predicts death after prolonged illness-failure to recover from accident.
(39). Life Line terminating in a small fork :: General weakening of the body; more rarely-over work and old age accompanied by poverty.
(40). Life Line terminating in wide fork ::  It’s an indication of rheumatism in old age. A rare implication of it is the end of life in poverty, away from own country.
(41.1). Longer prong of the wide fork, of the Life Line, crossing over Luna to the Percussion :: Possessor may under take long journeys.
(41.2). Life Line dividing at about the center of the hand and one prong shoots across, to the base of Luna :: It indicates a restless life, a great desire for travel and ultimate satisfaction of that desire, on a firm and well made hand, (i). On a flabby soft hand : It shows restless nature, craving for excitement, which is satisfied in vice or intemperance of some kind.
(42). Life Line has a tasseled longer prong, going deeper into Luna :: Prospective insanity, probably of a senile character.
(43). Life Line is approached by strong and deep horizontal lines from the root of the second phalanges of the thumb over the Venus :: Sexual desires. (i). Is landed lines : They show guiltiness. (ii). Lines touching life Line : They show fulfillment of desire. (iii). A line cutting Life Line : It shows bad effect on health,  (iii.a). If the Luck Line is cut : Probability of financial loss, (iii.b). If the Sun line is cut : Defamation-scandal. These lines are the Influence Lines showing negative impact on the character-health-finances of the bearer.
(44). Life Line is cut by horizontal lines starting on the Mars (Interference-Influence Lines, showing negative impact, date of such events is found on the Line of Life) :: These lines show worries and obstacles caused by the opposition and interference of others, generally relatives-friends-well wishers, in domestic life.
(44.1). Life Line and Luck Lines are cut by Interference Line :: It denotes a person who creates trouble in worldly interests-service of the bearer. Date of this event is shown by the Life Line.
(44.2). Life Line is cut by Interference Line, which further reaches the Line of Head :: It indicates the personnel who influence our thoughts-ideas.
(44.3). Life Line is by Interference Line which reaches the Line of Heart :: It shows interference in affections. This is more harmful since the Luck Line and Sun lines are also crossed by it on its way.
(44.4). Life line is cut by Interference Line which further reaches Sun Line and cuts-breaks it :: It represents those people who spoil our position in the society, leading to disgrace through mischief or scandal, at that juncture of life.
(44.5). Life line is cut by Interference Line, which advances to the Line of Marriage :: It causes divorce-separation. If this line is island-ed, the trouble creator himself faced scandal or disgrace in his life.
(44.6). Life Line is attacked by a ray line, rising on the mount of Mars :: On a woman’s hand, it denotes some un favorable attachment in her childhood/life, which caused her much trouble and annoyance at a date shown by the Life Line .On a man’s hand, a line starting over Mars, cutting Line of Life touches or cuts off the Line of Head, shows unusual sexual behavior and shamelessness on the part of the bearer, causing annoyance to him, for own fault
(44.7). Life line receives offshoots of a ray line in a woman’s hand :: The man is fiery, passionate and of animal temperament, with whom the bearer had intimacy, at the age given by the Life Line.
(45.1). Termination of Line of Life :: (i). Over Venus: Happy ending, blessed with good health, children, mutual cooperation and understanding in the family life, (ii). Encircling Venus: Happy ending around 90 years of age, (iii). Formation of hook-anchor-serpent’s head, on man’s right hand: Death due to deceit of lover.
(45.2). Termination of Life Line on Neptune :: Long life associated with spirituality, love for solitude. (45.2.i). Origin of Luck Line from Life Line on Neptune :: It adds to material success. Such people are born in well to do families. 
(45.2.ii). Origin of Sun Line from Life Line on Neptune :: It makes the bearer, a person who gives peace-solace to others.
(45.3.i). Termination of Life Line turning mid way to Luna, reaching Rascette :: Love for travel, leading life abroad, residence near water bodies, and desire for change, mentally unsteady.
(45.3.ii). Life Line suddenly turning to Luna at right angles :: Epilepsy. On a woman’s hand, it represents Gonad trouble and difficulty in child bearing.
(45.3.iii). Life line deviates further to cross Luna :: Accidental death, specifically due to drowning-water.
(45.3.iv). Life line suddenly deviates to cross over Luna, around the boundary of Mars :: The subject will be in deep trouble due to woman.
(45.4). Termination of Life Line on the Rascette :: It indicates a long life. On a woman’s hand with rayed Venus and vertical lines on Saturn, it shows trouble of genetic organs.
LIFE LINE 45.2-3
(45.5). An off-shoot of the Life Line, terminating in a star :: Sudden death.   
(45.6). Short and parallel lines-bars) at the end of the Line of Life :: Sudden death.
(45.7). Tassel at the end of Line of Life :: It predicts violent death-murder-execution. An offshoot of tassel moving to Luna foretells insanity, before death.
(45.8). Cross-bar-dot-mole at the end of Life Line :: Accidental-violent death.
(45.9). Island at the termination of the Line of Life :: Hysteria. Probability will increase, if it is associated by the Line of Mars.
(45.10). Fish formation at termination :: It shows religiousness, prosperity and comfortable life associated with power. Presence of small parallel lines gives protection.
(45.11). Presence of a triangle at the termination of the Line of Life :: Falsehood.
(45.12). an upward branch originating from the termination of the Life Line and merging with Luck Line :: Bad omen. Associated with other negative markings on hand, it makes the subject weak, careless- tends to loss of fame and power, making him a disturbed and worried man.
(45.13). Life Line suddenly encircles Venus, mid way and is cut by a vertical line-bar :: Desire to end life. Death will come when the Life Line is cut by the bar-vertical line.
(46). Mount of Venus Rayed, Criss-Cross lines, Grid formation :: Passionate disposition. With flat & hard Mount :: Heartlessness, immorality, loss of virtues, a worn out person, presence of a small grill is rare.
(46.1). SIGNS ON LIFE LINE :: 
SQUARE :: It’s a four sided closed figure and is a mark of preservation, where ever found on the Life Line : It protects from illness-death-accident at that age. But, if it is found at the termination of the life line, on both the hands, it will reflect death due to illness-accidentally. On one hand, it will reflect pain equal to death. It helps in rapid recovery from illness as well. Fragments of Life Line enclosed inside a square shows recovery from serious illness.
An independent square on Venus, lying close to the Life Line, indicates imprisonment. A cross inside a square will show a great danger coming without harming the possessor.
Triangle : Three sided closed figure, is a sign of brilliance. If it is found near the termination of Line of Life, it will show a liar-deceit, showy person or a useless talker.
Star : It represents a fatality, an accident, or even death. On an upward branch of Life Line, it will show pain comparable-equivalent to death.
Island : If the Line of Life starts with it, mystery of birth or inherited illness is reflected, elsewhere, on Life Line it describes illness.
Black spot-dot : If the Life Line is found to terminate abruptly, with a black spot at the end, death by violence or accident is indicated. To be sure, both hands should be examined.
Circle : Presence of two circles on the Life Line show complete blinding. One circle will indicate blinding of one eye only.
Semi circle-U formation : If this mark crosses the life Line, sudden grave illness-death is indicated.
LIFE LINE 45 (xii)
Cross : Its presence, at the termination of Life Line shows pain, comparable to death, if found on one hand only, on both hands it shows death. Two or more crosses near the termination of Life Line, near the Rascette, will illustrate an acute sexual, imaginative, useless talker.
Upward arrows: They show progress-improvement in health.
Down ward arrows : They illustrate dissipation of energy-health and down slide in wealth-accumulations.
Grid : It’s a negative sign irrespective of its location.
Thick and red: Brutish instincts.
Uneven thickness: Fickle mindedness.
Deep penetrating and long: Vitality and robustness continues throughout the life.
Narrow and thin: Less resistance to illness.
A short line: The quantity of the energy at the subject's disposal is severely limited but not necessarily short life.
Chained Line: Poor health in early life.
Drooping Offshoots: Weakness and loss of vitality.
Rising Offshoots: Increased power, gains and success.
Ladder like Line: Health is  not reliable, delicate constitution.
Rope like Line: An intensely nervous condition of health.
Branch to the Mount of Jupiter: Academic achievement-excellence, successful ambitions, leadership traits, high position.
Branch to the Mount of Saturn: A successful property transaction, works as another Luck Line.
Branch to the Mount of Apollo: Monetary gain, achievements in arts.
Branch to the Mount of Mercury: Business success, good health.
Breaks in Life Line: Worries and obstacles caused by the opposition and interference of others, loss of vitality, fatigue.
Deep cross Bar Lines: Severe illness.
Crossed by little lines: Innumerable worries.
Series of small breaks: Vitality impaired and delicate constitution.
Island: Illness or loss of health.
Square: Protection from accidents, death or bad health.
Star: Sudden death. Check the other signs over Saturn & Luna and confirm from the left hand.
Dot: Acute illness or accident
Black Spot: Poisoning, Sudden death.
Tassel: A complete breakdown-irreparable loss of  health at the fag end of one's life.
Medium space between Life Line and the Line of Head: Success in carrier, energy and a go-ahead spirit, free to carry out one's plans.
Very wide space between Life Line and the Line of Head: Over confidence, chances of taking wrong decisions, impulsive, hasty and usually not guided by reason.
Life Line, Line of Head and the Line of Heart joined together:  Very unfortunate sign, defect in temperament, sudden death, rushes blindly into danger and catastrophe. One may opt to become a recluse-hermit-Sanyasi-wanderer.
Upward branch reaching the Mount of Jupiter: Social status and power.
Upward branch reaching the Mount of Saturn: Success in worldly things, generally amassing wealth.
Upward branch reaching the Mount of Sun: Name, fame, wealth, vehicle, success art and literature.
Upward branch reaching the Mount of Mercury: Promises great success in business or science ensure good health as well.

LINE OF HEAD :: This is the second principal line on the hand. It reflects mentality, intelligence, temperament, talent, knowledge, logic, judgement, prudence, discrimination, discernment, conscience. It divides the hand into two components-the upper one mental and spiritual and the lower one material, practical, pragmatic and maintains the balance between the two. It’s found to commence from (i). The centre of Jupiter, (ii). The Line of Life, (iii). The Mount of Mars, inside the Life Line.
Course of the Line of Head: Same in both the hands-Carrier/Profession adopted by the possessor will be the same as that of the father, Slightest difference: Change in profession of the possessor, More difference: Altogether different profession. Presence of branches in the Line of Head will indicate a profession, which had never been adopted by the family or the ancestors.
RAJ YOG (LEADERSHIP TRAITS) ::  Excellent Line of Head with branches to the base of fingers, circular Line Life, upward branches of the Life Line moving to the mounts, presence of Special Luck Line, more than one Lines of Fate, presence of Sun Line, pink colored palm, beautiful hand, straight and beautiful fingers, broad and heavy hand, developed mounts, presence of circles on tips of all the ten fingers.    
(1). Presence of a wide gap, between the Line of Life and the Line of Head, risi ng high on the mount of Jupiter :: Egoistic, foolhardy, recklessness and conceit, inability to fore see danger. A short line shows lack of intelligence.
(2.1). Line of Head rising on Jupiter, slightly away from Life line, reaches mental mars or Luna :: Strong desires, high grasping power, talent-intelligence, capacity to control and diplomacy, finds opportunities in an hour of crises. But, hasty in decision, impetuous in action. Exaggerated Jupiter gives abnormal over confidence. Badly formed crosses in quadrangle, shows lack of enthusiasm.
(2.2). Line of Head rising on Jupiter, touching Life Line, passing through Rahu, ending beyond Mental Mars or Luna :: Strong desires, high grasping power and intelligence, capability to reason out, talented, managerial and administrative capabilities. Good for lawyers and judges. Subject is blessed with high degree of control and diplomacy. He does not misuse power.
(2.3). Line of Head Joined with Life Line at the commencement :: The possessor is sensitive with nervous temperament He is cautious and can see through cause and effect, being intelligent, full of etiquette, social behavior and good manners. He has many friends. He is capable of utilising opportunities. He possesses good physical & mental health and is blessed with logic, reasoning & prudence. Such people are found to rise in life astronomically.
(3.1). Independent origin of Line of Head and Line of Life, with narrow gap :: Subject has splendid energy, promptness and self confidence from the early childhood, can reach high positions.
(3.2). Independent origin of the Line of Head and Life Line, with wide gap :: Foolhardiness, egoistic character, tendency to hurt others by fault finding. In woman’s hand, independent nature often leads to more freedom-often loose character. Such people are imaginative, romantic, and impractical.
(4.1). Independent origin of the Line of Head, with curve under Jupiter :: Extravagance and conceit (-too much self pride, high opinion in own powers, ability).
(4.2). Independent origin of the Line of Head separated from the Life Line, sloping down the Luna with poor Line of Heart and short and broad first phalanges of thumb :: Obstinacy, quarrelsome disposition, restlessness, sensitivity, unreasonable behavior leading to danger and unhappy married life.
(5). Line of Head starting over Jupiter and joined to Life Line :: Leadership, dignity, ambition, ability, good memory, desire to be great .Small segments-lines, joining it with the Life Line, makes the subject listen to reason-advice and makes him cautious.
(6). Line of Head starting over Jupiter, touching the Line of Heart :: Subject is capable of maintaining balance between the Head and the Heart-maintains harmony in work and relations.
(7). Line of Head and Life Line joined by small segments :: Evil temperament.
(8). Presence of a cross between the Line of Head and the Life Line, connecting both of them :: Serious family trouble. Subject may not be a party to the dispute or quarrel.
(9). Line of Head joined with Life Line at the commencement :: Sensitive nature and nervous temperament, blessed with logic-reasoning-prudence. Subject is cautious-can see through cause and effect. He is wise, intelligent, and full of etiquette, social behavior and manners, educated, capable of utilising opportunities. He has many friends, enjoys good physical and mental health.
(10). Line of Head rising from the Life Line, around 30-32 years of age :: Late development of consciousness-social understanding-brain.
(11). Line of Head and Line of Life joined as one, move up to the age of 21 years, a small branch of Line of Head seen coming out of the Line Of Life: Though educated, yet lack of understanding of society and the people around. Subject will awake-understand the society quite late.
(12). Undistinguished Line of Head and Life Line up to 1/3rd-1/4th of their length :: Honest, hard working, cautious, intelligent, quick to understand, studious, prefer solitude, hesitant-shy, lack of confidence. Subject possesses a sensitive nature.
(13). Line of Head and Life Line fused till the middle of the palm :: Bad omen. Effect is seen on the body organs in the form of defective eyes, ears, nose, tongue. Presence of an island or triangle on the fused segment makes the person dumb, blind of both or one eye.
(14). Fusion of elevated Line of Head with the Line of Heart :: Bad omen. It will make the subject impatient in love or marriage, leading to suicide on disappointment. Presence of other negative signs may lead to loved ones murder. Subject and his lover may commit suicide, with the hope of uniting in the next birth. 
(14.1). Line of Head meeting the Line of Heart under the Mount of Saturn-year of death :: 25 years; Line of Head meeting the Line of Heart under the Mount of Sun-year of death :: 35 years;  Line of Head meeting the Line of Heart under the Mount of Mercury-year of death :: 45 years.
(15.1). Clear deep and thin Line of Head, crossing the palm :: Subject is intelligent, religious, helping, with love for nature and travel abroad.
(15.2). Clear deep and thin Line of Head, crossing palm and bending towards Mercury :: Subject has the desire of earning money and higher position in life-society by fair or foul means.
(16). Line of Head starting near Life Line or from Jupiter, curving in the middle a bit in the down ward direction and then curves further to Upper Luna, below Mental Mars-clear, deep cut, free from defects :: Love for literature, poetry, music, writing, knowledge of many languages-benefits mother tongue. Subject generally remains poor in life. His works are recognized only after the death.
(17). Line of Head wavy, inclined to Luna :: Love for nature, women, imaginative, writer-poet. Subject avoids hard work, impractical, freckle nature.
(18). Line of Head slopes down through Luna to the Rascette :: Bad omen. This makes the subject lazy, pessimistic, not ready to work, avoid labor. Signs of madness and discomfort with wife may lead to suicide.
(19). Forked Line of Head, terminating on Mental Mars or Upper Luna :: A scholar with scientific-technical-engineering aptitude. Subject finds interest in nature, poetry. He earns a lot of money along with respect. Women are attracted towards him, but he does not find interest in them.
LINE OF HEAD (3.1, 3.2)
(20). Presence of a trident or forks at the termination on Mental Mars or Upper Luna :: The subject is intelligent and a scholar with scientific-technical-engineering aptitude. Subject finds interest in nature & poetry. He earns a lot of money acquires wealth along with respect, honor. He is loved by women but does not reciprocate.
(21). Line of Head forked in the middle, one prong goes straight to Mental Mars, while the other one rises up, headed to Mercury and terminating over Line of Heart :: Deceitful, losses money in gambling, race, stock market, betting. Subject is quick to get the work done by fare or foul means. He has evil thoughts towards self and others with the desire to end-kill self and others.
(22). One prong of forked Line of Head goes to Upper Luna :: Subject is educated, hard working, reliable, well behaved, cultured, artistic nature, always busy to discover, a good adviser, want to be honored and listened by the people.
(23). Line of Head forked near Rahu-middle of hand, don’t raise much, down ward prong reaches lower Luna :: Normally educated, don’t rise much in life, appreciates nature, paintings, and beauty, may compose poems or interesting stories, financially tight, lunatic-insanity-crazy, suffers with the diseases related to head. Women with this indication are found to suffer from hysteria.
(24). A number of off shoots-forks in either direction, from the middle of hand :: Subject is contained-satisfied, normally quiet ,does not want to perform hard labor or rise in life, has more daughters than sons, don’t have luxuries, though quite-family disturbed, absence of peace in life, death accompanied with water, found in the hands of musicians.
(25.1). Line of Head sends a branch to Jupiter, forked in the beginning :: Well educated, religious, high thinking, helpful, high position in society, reputation, earning with the help of education- author-writer, capability to argument-logic-debate. Subject leads good, decent life.
(25.2). Line of Head forked in the beginning, one prong touching the Life Line and the other resting over Jupiter without touching the Line of Heart-which is also forked, one end going to percussion and the other resting over the Mount of Jupiter near the fingers :: Good Omen. Possessor is blessed with intelligence, riches, long life.
(26). A Luck Line parallel to another starts from the Line of Head, as its branch :: Subject will obtain money/riches at the age of 35, will lead a decent life in old age. May spend money in charity and obtain good name.
(27). Sun Line starts at the age of 35 years, parallel to existing one, as a branch of Line of Head :: Scholar-learned person, distinguished artist-rewarded for his creations, successful, famous, all over. The subject is a dignified person of high position and caliber in society.
(28). A branch of the Line of Head goes to Mercury at the age of 35 years :: Subject is blessed with success in trade and betting with a lot of money. If this line rises over the third phalanges of Mercury finger, the subject may turn into a thief, thug, buyer-seller of stolen goods, leading to imprisonment. A branch of Line of Head rising over to the fingers, leads to adverse effects.  
(29). Line of Head runs parallel and close to the Line of Heart, from one end to another :: Subject is a cold hearted, merciless person with strong will and firm determination, can’t tolerate insult, once an enemy, enemy forever, acquires powers through Tantr-Mantr and witch craft, witch hunt, to vanish the enemy, takes revenge by all means-finish the enemy forever. Otherwise, the subject is calm and quiet, pious, religious, prays to God, ready to sacrifice. Friends and relatives often distance themselves from him.
(30). Double Line of Head :: Good omen. Supplementary Line of Head is found on either side of the main line. Some people are born with this line, while in extremely rare cases; it develops with the rising age. It gives success to the subject. The possessor is capable of working for longer hours. He is quick to learn and understand, has extremely good memory, capable of doing two different tasks-works simultaneously without fault. He is educated, intelligent, scholar, religious, honest. He craves for research and discovery and tries to reach the depth of his field. He may become a writer-poet-artisan-photographer and is capable of earning a lot of money-acquisition of wealth. They may not marry at all.
Gandhi, Chiero, Lala Hardyal & Viveka Nand possessed double Line of Head.
Such people may possess dual personality or double role in life. They may have their own philosophy and ideals which may show contradictions.
Upper Line of Head shows logic, reasoning, cold nature of the possessor; while the lower Line of Head shows sentiments, emotions.
(31.1). Line of Head originates over Mars from inside the Life Line :: Lack of confidence, timidity leading to inferiority complex. Inconsistency in thought and action, worrying temperament, sensitive and irritable nature leads to conflicts with neighbors and co-workers.
(31.2). Line of Head originates from inside the Life Line over Mars, accompanied by thick thumb :: Possessor is found indulged in sinful deeds like selling-forcing women into prostitution, even murder after rape. Never enter into friendship with such people.
(32). Line of Head starts from within the Life Line, throws a branch to the mount of Venus :: Lack of fore sight and tolerance, accompanied by impatience.
(33). A number of tertiary lines resting over the Mars, forming the beginning of the Line of Head :: Confusion and lack of clarity in ideas and thoughts.
(34). Spiral-wavy Line of Head originating over Mars from inside the Life Line :: Violent temperament, fickle-changing mind.
Excellent Line of Head :: A straight Line of Head rising from Jupiter, free from defects, terminating below the junction of Mercury and Sun finger, a small fork or trident at the termination of Line of Head, increases its strength multi fold. Small branches of the Line of Head in upward directed towards the Line of Heart or moving straight to the base of the fingers, through the mounts, increases its strength further, many fold. Such lines are found on the hands of Scientists, Inventors, Discoverers Thinkers-Philosophers-Scholars or the people who can see future. They make progress for their family and the nation. The junction-joint of Life Line and the Line of Head should be small. It should not devote from its path suddenly.
Line of Head with Dominant Mount of Sun :: IAS-PCS-Executive in PSU or Multinational corporation or else big businessman-corporate enterprise.
Line of Head with Dominant Mount of Jupiter :: Self, children highly placed officials in forces.
Defect free Line of Head originates from Jupiter :: Self, children serious in studies, intelligent-progressive.
With soft broad-heavy beautiful palm :: Obedient and progressive children.
With hard hand :: Children obedient and hot headed, associated with character defects, conformed by the defective Line of Heart.
Good Line of Head associated with defective Life Line or defective broken Line of Fate :: Children repeatedly fail in studies, change subjects.
Good Line of Head :: People with indication do not opt for love marriage.
Good Line of Head, small fingers, thick Line of Fate travelling up to Saturn :: Accepts bribes, commissions (-read Mercury as well, which indicate this trait if over developed), carefully and spends money cautiously.
Developed Venus: Initially careless but later on becomes serious, careful. Do not repeat mistakes, likes hot, warm food.
Good Line of Head-Defective Life Line :: Repeated change in profession-job.
Good Line of Head-broken Life Line, incomplete-defective Heart Line cutting into Venus :: Conspiracy, conspirators, Lazy & make tools of others to get their work done, evasive-considered self to be wise, have no faith in others. They talk only when they have to, otherwise not.
A good Line of Head on defective hand :: It shows a tough nature person with negative tendencies like hardness, selfishness, proud do not have faith in others-suspects others, cunning.
Excellent Line of Head-Is landed Life Line and Line of Heart, small fingers-Jupiter finger abnormally small :: Conceit, black marketeer-smuggler.
Excellent Line of Head-Is landed Life Line and Line of Heart, small fingers-Jupiter finger abnormally small, irregular-twisted fingers :: Pick pocket, lair, cunning, wretched.
Excellent Line of Head pointed to Mars with beautiful hand, developed Luna and Venus :: Increase of vision and sexuality-sensuality-passion.
Excellent Line of Head pointed to Mars with soft and loose hand :: Experiences impotency, gas trouble, discharges quickly during sexual intercourse, lack of stamina.
Excellent Line of Head pointed to Mars with pointed fingers :: Uses of different techniques in sex.
Excellent Line of Head  with developed Venus, small Jupiter finger, Heart Line close to fingers: Extreme sexuality-sex, often love blind (-कामान्ध). Do not see reason. Give more importance to spouse than parents. 
Excellent Line of Head with developed Venus and normally developed Jupiter finger :: Cares for prestige-reputation.
Excellent Line of Head  with the Line of Heart terminating between the fingers of Saturn :: Such people should never be believed and should not be allowed to visit home or mix with family. Keep them off.
Line of Head originated from Mars-thick pointed fingers :: Such people are to found to indulge in vices,wretched-sinful acts, forcing women into prostitution and even murdering them after rape. Never enter into friendship with such people.
A Line of Head free from defects :: Guarantees able and studious progeny.
Line of Head moves-terminates over mental Mount of Mars :: Studies science or law-confirmed by the square nail on Mercury finger finger.
Three or more vertical lines over Mercury :: Studies science, spends money cautiously, conducts research, innovations, new ideas.
Three or more vertical lines on Mercury accompanied by a Fate Line which is initially broad turning to-Mercury later accompanied by broad junction of Life Line and Line of Head :: Intelligent person with business traits-acumen-ship, industrialist.
Three or more vertical lines on Mercury accompanied by even and straight uniform Line of Fate: Studies engineering-technology.
Three or more vertical lines on Mercury accompanied by Line of Head inclined to Luna or over Luna :: Studies literature-writer-poet-author-composer, commerce (-observe Mercury).
Three or more vertical lines on Mercury accompanied by long pointed fingers :: High level artist.
Three or more vertical lines on Mercury accompanied by Long Saturn finger :: Interest in dance/Music/animal husbandry/gardening. Nature of children: Stub born-hot headed-persistent-qualifies competitive examinations.
A Line of Head with regular slope to Luna is excellent, while a line with sudden bend-slope-clink is defective.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied by twisted finger of Mercury, small or square nails, difference between the size of nails on Jupiter fingers on the two hands-short in one, long in other palm, should neither be red nor black. Palm soft, broad and heavy with developed Venus: Enhances working capacity and mental caliber. Never loose a court case or debited money. Good at studies-do not waste time.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied by circular Life Line ::  Scholarships, genius.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied by over developed-exaggerated Venus or broad Fate Line :: Carelessness, neglect of studies due to addiction, bad habits/vices.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied by Fate Line close to Life Line :: Hindrances in studies, due to bad financial conditions.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied by raised-exaggerated Jupiter :: Over confident, ignore studies, tendency to show off as a leader (-नेता गीरी का शौक), conflict with teachers, have faith in God-but avoids rituals-recitation, visits temples and holy places, believes in work, humanity and mental purity-piousness.
CHAINED LINE OF HEAD :: It is made up of islands. Bad omen.
Nature: One is harsh, irritable-touchy-fretful, moody. He has no control over his brain-actions. He works with responsibility but there is no recognition, due to self praise, lack of self restraint-control. He fails to restrain self even after stumbling. He is intelligent & believes in plane-clear talk. He is stub born-obstinate. (i). Life Line broken, Mercury finger crooked, thick Luck Line :: One never think of returning the goods acquired through deceit. Nearness-closeness-intimacy with such a person is always harmful-dangerous. He never fulfill promise-commitments. He suffers from nervous system defects with respect to brain trouble, defect due to too much thought, extreme indulgence in prayers on being hurt.
First half is chained :: Ill effects of defective Line of Head like mental strain, lack of concentration, inconsistency of thought (-sometimes extremely reasonable and thoughtful, at other times illogical and emotional), harsh-irritable-touchy-fretful-moody nature, no control over brain-impulses, actions. Do not exercise self restraint, control even after stumbling. Though the possessor is intelligent and responsible, dedicated worker, yet he gets no recognition due to self praise-plain-clear talk, stub born and obstinate behavior.
Line of Head with the chained second half :: Headache, stomach trouble, expenditure more than income, lack of savings; serious illness-distress-worries if the Life Line is also defective during this period.
Chained Line of associated with defective-reddish lines below the Mounts of Mercury or Sun :: Headache, eye trouble, hereditary-genetic defects. Women with this marking give birth to many children-undergo abortions.
Chained Line of Head, associated with acute angled small opening of the thumb, long joint of the Life Line and the Line of Head: The possessor may have diseases like, hysteria, epilepsy, unconsciousness, perplexity, confirmed with hard hand-palm.
Chained Line of Head associated with incomplete Life Line :: The possessor and children as well, may have tumor-cancer, liver trouble, periodic fever, piles, epilepsy of brain, trembling-shaking-tumbling-quivering.
Chained Line of Head associated with incomplete Life Line with soft hand :: There is a possibility of tuberculosis.
Chained Line of Head associated with thin Life Line at the termination: It too behaves as incomplete Life Line, leading to Pleurisy. 
Chained Line of Head associated with broken Life Line, crooked Mercury finger thick Luck Line :: Deceit-never thinks of returning borrowings. Never fulfill promise-commitment Defects in nervous system-brain due to too much thinking/extreme indulgence in prayers or on being hurt. Nearness-closeness-intimacy is always harmful-dangerous, with such people.
Line of Head is cut by some other line :: Sudden change in life/job, takes place.
Line of Head is cut-intercepted by small segments :: Headache, weak memory.
Line of Head is cut by a line from inside the Life Line, moving over to the Line of Heart: Death of some near and dear will cause mental tension.
Line of Head stops a deep line from Physical mount of Mars :: Shamelessness in sexual behavior, quarrels-tensions, probability of lack of stability-police-court cases, till this age is attained.
A thin line running close-side by side to the Line of Head :: Bad omen. It affects-checks the caliber of the possessor who is troubled by family members-relatives, accompanied by accidents, disease-illness, death of children, unemployment, imprisonment etc. He is evasive, imaginative-suspicious-hasty-impetuous person, who find excuses.
A thin line running close to the Line of Head on a hollow :: Imaginative person who praises others.
A thin line running close to the Line of Head having long joint with Life Line :: Possessor will face problems throughout life including deep pain-sorrow.
Long joint of Life Line and the Line of Head is attacked by the Line of Heart :: Extreme sorrow due to the death of someone/insolvency. The possessor will face one or the other problem throughout the life like-trouble by family members-relatives, accidents, disease-illness, death of children, unemployment, imprisonment etc.
Defective Line of Head :: An uneven line with sudden bend-slope-clink.

Line of Head is uneven in the beginning :: Tough harsh nature, good at heart, talkative, good understanding-grasping power-perception-prudence, administrative ability-without impact on others, honest, straight forward, social, impetuous but forgetful, weak digestive system ,stammering, ear and nose troubles throughout life along with loss of hearing-deafness and impotency in old age.
Line of Head is uneven at the termination :: Bending, shaky, gas trouble in old age.
Curved-Uneven-Defective Line of Head ::  In a woman’s hand, it shows abortions, trouble by husband’s bad habits, wound in breast, poor health of mother. Good Luck Line and Life Line compensate ill effects to some extent. But ups and downs, one or the other problem will always be associated with the possessor like : running away by someone, suicide in the family.
Curved-Defective Line of Head associated by defective Line of Heart :: The possessor will find obstacles in studies, wound in legs, defective teeth-nose-ears; shabby-untidy-unclean surroundings, congested residence-without ventilation, near wicked-corrupt-vicious people. He may run away from family life.
He may face trouble from the side of children as well, who might be vagabond-disinterest in studies, hot headed, lacks responsibility. The possessor may have passed through the same phase. If the thumb is long progeny becomes responsible after some time.
Curved Line of Head associated by a good Life Line :: One child is disturbed, faces difficulty in studies, no trouble with others. Possessor may adopt professions like money lending, property dealing. He will progress if the hand is good, otherwise he will face difficulties throughout the life and specific trouble in some years.
Defects free Line of Head :: Guarantees birth of able and studies progeny.
Defects free Line of Head terminating over Mental Mount of Mars :: Studies Science-Law, confirmed by square nails.
Defects free Line of Head with three or more vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury :: Studies Science.

Defects free Line of Head with three or more vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury, accompanied by an initially broad and then a thin Line of Fate;  with broad junction of Line of Head and Life Line :: Studies Medicine.
Defects free Line of Head with three or more vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury, accompanied by an even and straight Line of Fate :: Studies Engineering-Technology.
Defect free Line of Head inclined/reaching Luna :: Studies Accounts-Literature.
Defect free Line of Head inclined-reaching Luna with long pointed fingers :: High level-recognized artist-writer-composer-distinguished author.
Defect free Line of Head with long Saturn finger :: Interest in Agriculture-Gardening-Animal Husbandry, children may be obstinate, stub-born, persistent, with the ability to qualify competitive examinations.
Defect free Line of Head with dominant Jupiter :: Self-Children highly placed officials in forces.
Defect free Line of Head with dominant Sun :: IAS-PCS-Manager in PSU-MNC or top businessman.
Defect free Line of Head originates from Jupiter :: Self-Children serious, intelligent and progressive.
Defect free Line of Head originates from Jupiter; with soft, broad, heavy and beautiful palm :: Obedient progeny-children.
Defect free Line of Head originates from Jupiter; with hard hand :: Obedient children, hot temperament associated with character defects; confirmed by defective Line of Heart.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied by twisted finger of Mercury, small or square nails, difference between the size of nails of the two fingers of the two hands-one short other long, palm is neither red nor black, soft palm, broad and heavy, developed Mount of Venus :: Enhanced working capacity and caliber. Never lose a court case-debt money-waste time. Good at studies. 
Defect free Line of accompanied with circular Life Line :: Scholarships, genius.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied with exaggerated Venus or broad Line of Fate :: Carelessness, neglect of studies due to addiction-vices-evils, bad habits. 
Defect free Line of Head accompanied with broad Fate Line, close to the Life Line :: Hindrance in studies due to poor financial condition.
Defect free Line of Head accompanied with exaggerated Mount of Jupiter :: Over confidence, neglect of studies, conflict with teachers, tendency to show off/pose as a leader, have faith in God but avoid rituals-recitation of prayers-holy places-temples. Possessor believes in piousness-mental purity-work-humanity.
Good Line of Head :: Long, even, slightly curved or straight, neither too broad nor too narrow, neither too deep nor too shallow, free from defects-like breaks/islands/dots; starting below the Mount of Jupiter-slightly touching the life Line, upward branches moving towards the Line of heart, terminating below the junction of Sun-Mercury finger, with developed Venus. Color of the palm should be pink-neither red nor black.
Good Line of Head associated with defective Life Line or defective/broken Fate Line :: Children repeatedly fail or change subjects.
Good Line of Head :: Never opt for love marriage.
Good Line of Head with small fingers, thick Line of Fate travelling up to Saturn :: Accepts bribes-commissions carefully, spends money cautiously.
Good Line of Head with developed Venus :: Initially careless, later on becomes serious.
Good Line of Head with defective Life Line :: Repeated change in profession or job.
Good Line of Head with incomplete-broken-straight Life Line cutting Venus and defects in the Line of Heart :: Conspirators, lazy, make tool of others to get their work done, evasive, considers themselves wise, have no faith in others, talks only when they have to, otherwise not, comment behind the back.
Excellent Line of Head :: A straight Line of Head with regular slope to Luna, rising from Jupiter, touching the Life Line slightly, free from defects, terminating below the junction of Mercury and Sun fingers. A small fork or trident at the termination increases its strength. Small branches in the upward direction towards the Line of Heart increases its strength further many folds. Such lines are found in the hands of Scientists, Inventors, Discoverers, People who can see future, Thinkers. They make the progress of their family, society and the nation. The junction-joint of the Life Line and the Line of Head should be small. It should not deviate from its path suddenly.
Excellent Line of Head with is-landed Life Line and Line of Heart, small fingers-Jupiter finger abnormally small :: Deceit, black marketer or smuggler.
Excellent Line of Head with twisted fingers :: Pick pocket, liar and cunning Hardly caught.
Excellent Line of Head pointed towards Mars, with developed Luna and Venus :: Enhanced vigor, sexuality.
Excellent Line of Head with soft and loose hand :: Experiences impotency, early-quick ejection, gas trouble. Never see porn or indulge in sexy talks.
Excellent Line of Head with pointed fingers :: Uses different techniques in sex.
Excellent Line of Head with developed Venus Line of Heart close to fingers :: Extremely sexual nature.
Excellent Line of Head with developed Venus Line of Heart close to fingers, small Jupiter finger :: Blind in sex but cautious about reputation.
Excellent Line of Head and the Line of Heart go between the fingers of Saturn and Jupiter :: Such people should not be trusted and not be allowed to enter home. Keep them at an arm’s length.
MOLE or BLACK or RED SPOT on the Line of Head, over the Right hand :: Possessor’s wife has mental trouble-madness or insanity.
MOLE or BLACK or RED SPOT on the Line of Head; on the Left hand :: Effect on wife and other family members.
MOLE or BLACK or RED SPOT on the Line of Head; on both hands :: Hereditary-Genetic effects on self, at the age given by the line.
Moles in the beginning of the Line of Head :: Luxuries.
Mole at the termination of the Line of Head :: Acquisition of conveyance.
Mole found below the Mount of Saturn on the Line of Head :: Wife’s death.
Mole found below the Mount of Jupiter on the Line of Head :: Illness of self or the child.
Mole found below the Mount of Sun on the Line of Head :: Cataract in higher age.
Mole found below the Mount of Mercury on the Line of Head :: Paralysis or Poisoning in old age due to injection or animal bite or food.
Presence of Moles in the beginning, middle and the termination :: Happiness accompanied by executive position.
Bars on the Line of Head :: Obstructions and headaches.
Spots, Dots, Cuts, Blackish, Touched by some other line :: Increased expenditure or change of profession-job, obstruction in trade-business-works.
White spots on the Line of Head below the Mount of Sun, having cross bars on the Line of Heart :: Literary success.
White spots on the Line of Head below the Mount of Mercury, close to it :: Success in Scientific pursuits.
Black spots over the Line of Head, accompanied by a fork in the beginning of the Life Line :: Serious brain trouble. Single black spot indicates Typhoid.
Black spot on the Line of Head accompanied by powerful Saturn :: Toothache.
Black spot on the Line of Head accompanied by powerful Venus :: Deafness.
Black spot on the Line of Head accompanied by a line from upper Mars to Jupiter :: Deafness.
Black spot on the Line of Head joined to a star on the Venus by a line :: Pain and sorrow due to the death of loved ones in a calamity.
Blue spot on the Line of Head by the side of triangle made by the Line of Head, Life Line and the Mercury Line; accompanied by exaggerated Mount of Mars :: Tendency to murder.
Cross on the Line of Head :: Accident.
Circle on the Line of Head :: Blindness, confirmed by the presence of a cross on the Line of Mercury on the higher side.
STAR formed by the intersection of three lines on the Line of Head is not so bad.
Bad Omen :: Independent star formation is extremely dangerous except the Mount of Jupiter.
Star formed on the Line of Head, on the right hand, below the Mount of Saturn :: Head injury, brain haemorrhage, acute pain nearing death, unconsciousness.
Star formed on the Line of Head below the Mount of Saturn, on both hands :: Death.
Star formed on the Line of Head, below the Mount of Sun, on the right hand :: Eye injury.
Star formed on the Line of Head, below the Mount of Sun, on both hands :: Effect on self.
Star formed in the beginning of the Line of Head :: Death of some responsible person in the family-head of family; possessor himself is protected from some serious accident.
Star formed at termination of the Line of Head :: Death in accident.
Star formation, both at the termination and the beginning of the Line of Head :: Entire family may be wiped out-lost-destroyed in accident.
Star covered by triangle-square-lines from both sides :: Impact is reduced.
TRIANGLES on the Line of Head :: Progress, Fortunes, Monetary gains.
Triangle on either side of the Line of Head :: Monetary gains. Triangle over the line shows progress of progeny, excellence in studies. On the lower side side it may point out negative direction.
Triangles over the Line of Head :: Gains through genuine-legal means-fair play, intelligent well settled children.
Triangles below the Line of Head :: Gains through unfair play-foul-illegal means.
Triangles on the Line of Head, associated by triangle on the Line of Fate :: Certainty of gains-property-wealth. Smaller the triangle, more effective it is.
Presence of triangles becomes more important if the hand has fewer lines.
Triangle formed by the interference lines, the Life Line and the Line of Head :: Properties of an island.
Triangle of wisdom, formed by two Lines of Head and the Line of Fate :: Found in hand of Mahatma Gandhi, gave him clarity of vision and wisdom.
Triangle formed by Line of Head, Life Line and an upward branch of Life Line-Luck Line-Sun Line-Line of Mercury, called the great-large triangle :: Possessor is tolerant up to a certain limit only, if pressed hard unduly-without visible reason, he is capable of going to any limit-settle scores. Never entangle with such people.keep an arms length with them.
Triangle and square present on a defective Line of Head :: Protection from dangers.
Two triangles, forming a square on both sides of the Line of Head: Problems solved without monetary-financial gains.
Many triangles :: Cashier-treasure.
Many triangles on a heavy hand :: Riches.
Many triangles associated by a Sun Line from the Line of Fate :: Lottery-unexpected gains.
Triangles on the Line of Head, absence of triangles on other lines, Line of Head free from defects, Life Line rounded-circular :: Earning from more sources. Life span covered by the triangles on the Line of Head is certainly more comfortable.
Line of Head free from defects, covered by some other normal line-square-triangle ::  Life span covered by the triangles on the Line of Head is marvellous.
Triangle formed by a line from the Life Line cutting the Line of Head :: Bad omen. Possessor will be prone to quarrels, illness-disease, death, change of place, change of job-works-business, accidents.  
SQUARE :: Savings and beginning of new Projects-Works-Efforts; protection from illness-accidents.
Square on the Line of Head :: It gives protection from the ill effects of island or any other defect below the Mount of Saturn.
Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a broken Life Line :: Son, Daughter, Wife protected from death.
Square on the Line of Head, Line of Marriage meets Line of Heart or the Line of Mars is is landed :: Safety-Protection of the spouse from death. Square provide safety-protection by covering island.
Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Line of Fate :: Defects like removal from job-stoppage of work-business are covered.
Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Fate Line, in the plain of Mars :: It protects from danger.
Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Line of Fate, towards the Life Line :: It provides safety in domestic relations.
Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Line of Fate, on the side of Luna :: Possessor is protection from danger during travel.
Independent square close to the Life Line on the Venus :: Imprisonment.
LINE OF HEART: The Line of Heart lies close to the fingers. Without breaks, it gives the age of the individual, if read from right to the left. Read from left to the right, it reads love and affection. Subject’s age can be read from the Heart Line, starting from the edge of Jupiter to the edge of Mercury, without broad spaces: 84 years. Space under one mount between the two fingers gives a period of 21 years, one broad space between the two fingers represents 7 years, with three broad spaces, lifespan measures up to 105 Years. It represents matters related to the heart-both physical and metaphorical. It indicates emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression, and stoicism, in addition to various aspects of cardiac health. Absence of the Line of Heart indicates extreme coldness-immoral-selfish-avaricious behavior.
Rising between the first and the second fingers: Calm temperament in matters pertaining to the heart.
Rising from the center of Jupiter: The highest type of love, pure, deep and stead-fast.
Rising from far up into the Mount of Jupiter and fork less: Ideal love with no trace of lust-sexuality.
Rising from the Mount of Saturn with fork: More passion.
Rising under the Mount of Saturn without a fork: Sensuality but no true family affection.
Rising between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn: A quiet uneventful home existence-no passionate yearnings.
Drooping offshoots: Disappointments caused by loved ones.
Breaks: Inconstancy about hatred of the opposite sex
Breaks under the Mount of Saturn: Dangerous illness arising from defective circulation of the blood.
Broken under the Mount of Sun: Love affairs broken off, due to the caprice of the subject.
Broken under the Mount of Mercury: Love affairs broken off on account of the avaricious disposition of  the bearer.
Bars cutting the Line: Repeated disappointments in love, troubles of the heart and liver. Consult the doctor and perform Yog every day for 15-30 minutes regularly.
White dot on the line: Success in love affairs.
Circle on the Line: Weakness of the heart.
Circle on the Line under the Mount of Sun: Trouble with eye sight.
A clear break: Loss of loved ones.
Drooping offshoots towards the Line of Head: Attraction towards opposite sex. Each line represent one person.
Fate and Heart Lines are is landed: Adulterous nature.
Form Forks with one branch on Jupiter, the other between the first and second fingers: A happy, calm nature good fortune, and happiness in affection.
Form Forks with one branch on Jupiter, the other on Saturn: Uncertain disposition and such an individual do not intend to make the marital relations happy because of his temperament.
Forked on Jupiter, one branch between the first and second fingers: Fortunate, gifted with a well-balanced disposition in affairs of love.
Trident on Jupiter: A sign of good fortune. Public figure-celebrity.
Forked at the termination, under the Mount of Mercury below the Line of Marriage: Divorce due to a guilty intrigue of the subject. 
Thick: Cold and heartless.
Long, clear and well traced: Lasting affection.
Very red: Violent in love.
Unusually deep: Danger of apoplexy.
Very pale and wide: Heart disease, poor circulation of blood.
Faded: Heart has grown hard because of disappointments in love.
Very thin and long: Hatred towards mankind.
Chained: Flirtatious, sorrow in love affairs.
Pale, broad and chained: A cold-blooded person seeking recourse to anything to satisfy his passion.
A short line: Selfish disposition.
A well developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon: Romantic disposition.
Composed of many separate small lines: Improper functioning of the Heart.
Placed lower than its normal position: Coldness, selfishness.
Placed very high in the hand reaching base of fingers: Passionate and jealous
Located high up on the hand: Sensitive, intellectual and intuitive.
Long Line running from one side to the other: Excessive attachment causing suffering to the subject.
Short and deep: Selfish but a good husband or wife.
Thick, deep and strong: The desire for love will out-weigh every other consideration.
A chained Line emerging from the Mount of Saturn: Contempt for opposite sex.
Narrow space between Head and Heart Line: The affection would rule the subject and would outweigh all other considerations.
Wide space between Head And Heart Line: Love affairs and affections are ruled by the calculating and cold tendencies of the subject.
Straight Line, a weak thumb, thin pointed fingers, sloping Head Line: Tendency towards homosexuality,  masturbation & day dreaming.
Straight Line, forked on Mount of Jupiter, strong thumb: Pure at heart and unselfish, possesses strength of character and an idealistic quality, consistency in affections.
Encircling the Mount of Mercury at the termination : Aptitude for the occult sciences.
Well developed line, exaggerated Mount of Venus and Moon: Romantic disposition.
Terminates inside the Mount of Saturn: Childish and playful.
LINE OF FATE-LUCK: Any line which reaches the mount of Saturn is the Luck Line or the Line of Fate. It may start from the Rascette, depth of palm-Rahu Kshetr, Indr Kshetr, Luna, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Life Line,  Line of Head; Line of Heart etc. It gives worldly possessions, wealth, riches to the bearer during the period of its existence. If this line is absent, the subject will be open to hard work to gain the desired goals. Mere presence of this line does not guarantee success-riches. In fact one who does not have this line is free to shape his own destiny. More sincere-honest labor-effort more goodness. Artisans often have this line; still they lead a simple life-shrouded by poverty. This line aided by Sun Line endows wealth and luxuries to the possessor. 
Rises from the Life Line: Success and riches will be won by personal merit.
Rises from the wrist: Early responsibility, free to select and chalk out a career on one's own.
Rises from the Mount of Moon: Line rising from the base of Luna makes it clear that he has done well and is a self made person. If another line joins this, he is sure to be married a good girl who will add to his fortunes.
Rises from the wrist and tied down to Life Line: The early portion of the life will be spent to satisfy the wishes of the parents or relatives.
Rises from the wrist and proceeds on Mount of Saturn: Sign of extreme good fortune and success, aided by the Sun Line.
Rises from the Line of Head: Success will be won late in life, after 35th year.
Rises from the Line of Heart: After a difficult struggle success will be won, after 50th year.
Rising from the Mount of Venus: A troubled life in early childhood due to family circumstances, friends and relatives help the possessor in rising further.
Rising from the Plain of Mars: The first two decades of life wasted purposelessly.
Crossed and barred: Bad omen, unfortunate sign, obstacles.
Star on the Lines: One gets recognition at the age this star is seen, aided by Sun Line fame-success.
Island at the termination: Career would end in despair-ruined-money losses, a cross at this point will indicate indicate tragic death.
Ends in a cross or a star: Death by violence.
Island on Line: Misfortune, loss or adversity-vicious circle.
Island at the beginning: Some mystery in the birth of the individual.
Two islands forming the figure 8 at starting point of the Line: Gift of second sight, clairvoyance intuitive abilities.
Square on the Line: Protection from loss of money or failure in business or in profession.
Sister Fate Line: Excellent sign, two distinct careers, earning from more sources.
Deep Line: Perseverance in an occupation not to the taste of the subject, a strain of the will power, often nervous breakdowns.
Wavy line: A quarrelsome, changeable disposition, insufficient steadiness of purpose.
Deep and irregular: Constant irritability, ultra nervous disposition.
Poorly traced as it approaches the center of the hand: Troubles in middle life.
Broken and irregular: Career uncertain, ups and downs of success, contract workers-labor.
Reaches Mount of Sun: A prominent public life or success in art, sculpture, painting or money making-gains.
Reaches Mount of Mercury: Mark of a prominent scientist or businessman.
Reaches Mount of Jupiter: Fulfilment of ambitions, rise in power and position in life-particularly in public life.
Chained in the beginning: Difficult childhood often due to loss of money or position of the subject's parents.
Chained throughout: Continuous suffering. The possessor should worship Saturn-Peepal tree.
Crossed by the Heart Line: Success will be ruined on account of illicit love affairs.
Crossed by the branch of Line of Head: Success thwarted by some stupidity-blunder-vices of the bearer.
Break in the Line: Major change of occupation, misfortune and loss.
A strong Line after the break: The position of the subject would improve after some change in his career.
Barred Line: Money earned through different sources.
Chained when it crosses the Line of Heart: Trouble in love, money losses due to this relation.
SUN LINE: Any line which reaches the mount of Sun is termed as the Line of Success or the Sun Line. It may start from the Rascette, depth of palm-Rahu Kshetr, Ketu, Luna, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Life Line,  Line of Head, Line of Heart, Line of Luck etc. It gives name, fame, success, goodwill, education to the bearer. Success comes automatically to the bearer, even without the presence of Fate Line. It starts from the wrist and moves upwards between the mounts of the Venus and Moon ending on the mount of Apollo. It indicates intellectual, brilliance, fame and wealth, social life. This is a vertical line in the hand, long or short. If it is long, it starts from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and runs towards the Mount of Sun and generally terminates on the same Mount. If it is short, it starts high on the hand and ends on the Mount of Sun. If a person do not have Apollo line then he fails to have success in projects and enterprises. However, people are found to possess million-billions even in the absence of this line. It is sure indication of capability, accomplishments & bearers excellence-brilliance. It shows inborn tendency towards success and happiness. There is a peculiarity involved with it, i.e., foreign travel depending upon its position the country may also be found.
Rising from the wrist running through the hand: Possession of great talent.
Rising from the Line of Fate: Success through personal efforts and merits. In this case it works as a tributary of the Line of fate.
Rising from the Mount of Moon: Success depends upon the caprice-mood-goodwill of others-influence of external factors
Rising from the Plain of Mars: A stubborn nature coupled with sufficient self-confidence and right resolution to achieve success-hands of a self-made person. Physical Mars provides success in forces-army-police-administration. Mental Mars provides success due to mental powers-imagination-research-personal relations-influence.
Rising from the Line of Head: Success achieved late in life. mental faculties at work.
Rising from the Line of Heart: A favourable sign revealing good tastes and adequate talents useful in old age. Friends and relatives may also contribute the fortune of the possessor.
Rising from the Life Line: Great interest in fine arts and occult study. It works as an upward branch of the Life Line.
Long and uncrossed: Riches.
Straight and strong: Fame in art.
Well formed in both the hands: Successful career. Bearer follows the foot prints of his father.
Very broad and shallow: Showy.
Very deep: Exaggeration of one's art.
A clear, deep and well-cut Line: Brilliant success assured, clear cut aim in life.
Poorly formed Line: Superficial Love of arts.
Chained Line: Inherent talents not properly recognized.
A wavy line: Vacillating career, erratic and unreliable.
Several vertical Lines present: Diversity of interest, difficult to attain success. Jack of all trades, master of none.
Twisted: Permanent failure accompanied by wickedness and misery.
Zigzagged line and the Line of Heart is shallow or absent: A high degree of infidelity and misconduct-disrepute.
Long and uncrossed with twisted fingers: Talent for evil purposes.
A branch from the Line rises to the Mount of Mercury: Distinguished success in the direction of business, scientific pursuits and in the power of expression.
A branch from the Line merging into the Head Line: Success through mental calibre
Deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with pronounced Mount of Jupiter and Mercury: Aptitude for fine literary work.
An island on the Line: Serious loss of money or reputation, due to cheating bad intentions of others.
Bars cutting the Line: Constant impediments-hindrances to success.
Breaks in the Line: Versatility that brings neither money nor fame to the subject
Dots on the Line: Menace to the reputation of the subject, temporary arrest of the quality of the line-eclipse.
Ends in a dot: Indicates end of a brilliant success.
Begins with a star and ends with a star: Brilliant success throughout life-extra ordinary success.
A cross at the end: Negative marking, trouble-evils of all sorts.
An island at the end: Later portion of life dull and insipid, disrepute at fag end.
A fork at the end: Subject's talents in more than one direction, divided interest.
Trident on the: Celebrity, wealth from mental efforts.
Ends in a tassel: Talents fritter away in so many directions and accomplishments are nullified.
A star at the end: Success due to the assistance and good-will of others
Rising Offshoots: Increases the good effect of the Line-divided attention in varied fields.
INFLUENCE LINES :: These lines originate from the Mars and the Venus. They are both horizontal and vertical. Horizontal lines tend to move towards the Life Line, Line of Fate, Sun Line, Line of Head or the Line of Heart. The subject has to undergo the evil effects and agony, if the influence lines cut any of the five major lines. Age at which evil take off is read from the Life Line and the line itself. Normally, these lines fore tell trouble from the opposite sex. Self control and determination can prevent the damage. Vertical lines represent favourable influences of the opposite sex, till they do not touch the Life Line and are widely separated. They give strength and willpower to the subject. These lines are found on the Mount of Venus either vertically or horizontally, forming a sequence of squares or grids. While the squares are protective the grid is extremely harmful keeping the possessor worried all the time. These lines indicates the extent to which the subject may be influence by others. The intensity of the influence depends on how deep the lines are, if the line is deep then the influence is more.
Rising from Life Line: Influence of mother is more over the personality of the bearer. 
Rising from Mount of Venus cutting the root of the second finger: Difficulty in child bearing, womb troubles in general.
Rising from the Mount of Venus crossing the Life Line and ending on the Mount of Saturn: Divorce or separation
Rising from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury: Great success in business or science.
Rising from a star on the Mount of Venus and ending in a fork on the Mount of Saturn: Unfortunate marriage i.e., the partner may either die or turn eccentric.
Rising from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Jupiter ending in a Star: Ambition of the subject crowned with brilliant success.
Ending with Star- Negative influence of others .
Star is present over Venus and distant from Life Line: Possibility of death of a parent at the age shown by the star and a distant relative coming into the life.
A line from the Rahu Kshetr cutting the Line of Fate and the Life Line forming a hook (-अंकुश)  reaches the Mars:  It reveals death from burning if a break occurs over the Life Line in both hands without lines of repair like the Mars Line or overlapping segments running with the Life Line.
Semi-circular crossing the Life Line: Sudden illness or even death of the subject.
Cutting the Life Line and Fate Line: Opposition from relatives of opposite sex in business and worldly affairs.
LINE OF MERCURY-HEALTH :: It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the Mount of Mercury. The line of Health is known as The Line of Mercury, The Line of Hepatic & The Line of Liver as well. It represents the health and disease of the individual. It is an indicator especially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs. If it is restrained till the tip of the Line of head, it generate the power to see future-intuition, through dreams, till the Line of Heart it represent the health of the possessor and thereafter if it continues, it speaks of the trade-business-finances of the bearer. 
Line of Mercury normally starts from the Life Line and goes up to the Mercury. The bearer tends to get success in trade-business-science-engineering. With the over developed Mount of Mercury, the possessor may turn into a cheat-liar-fraud. It becomes difficult to differentiate between Health Line and the Line of Mercury.
Line of Health originates from the Life Line and move up to the Line of Heart. Its existence shows heart trouble. Defect is confirmed by the Presence of breaks, islands, cuts, bars. Dark spots etc. It's good not to have this line.
Rising from the Life Line: Most unfavourable sign, bad health.
Straight & deep: Good and sound constitution, robust health.
Composed of many small lines: Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder, sign of restlessness and pessimism.
Chained Line: Diseased liver and stomach.
Wavy Line: Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.
Bars on Line: Constant headaches.
Star on Line: Mental disorder which might develop serious complication.
Cross on Line: Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.
Forked in the Quadrangle and one branch touches Heart line: Heart trouble at prime of youth.
Island on the Line: Delicate health.
Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it: Excellent health and great success in business.
Straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed Rascette: Longevity very well assured.
Ending with cross, a circle on Head Line: Blindness.
Line inside triangle and a star close to it: Blindness.
Absence of the Line: Not bad health.

LINE OF INTUITION ::  It starts from the Life Line and travels up to the Line of Head resulting into dreams-which foretells the future which needs interpretation by the expert. It shows that the bearer suffers from gas formation and indigestion as well. This small segment is capable to paralyses the body of the bearer.
This line forms a curve-semicircle starting from below the Rascette to the Mount of Venus, encircling the Mental Mars penetrating deep into the Luna and touching the Rahu. If this line starts from the Life Line, Line of Mercury, Sun Line or the Line of Fate, it may form a straight line-segment. However it may start from the Life Line as well moving to the Line of Head through the Luna. Possessors of this line, often see the future events in advance. This line gives insight or the sixth sense to the subject. Alternatively, this line is found as an independent curved line, from the extreme end of the palm, over the lower Luna, moves to the middle Luna and then reaches the extreme end of the palm over the upper Luna. It provides clairvoyance-power to see Past, Present and the Future, without the knowledge of Astrology-Palmistry. In fact it a Siddhi-paranormal power perfection-accomplishment-attainment-success achieved by Sages-Saints-enlightened who do have this gift of nature, with them.
It represents the speed with which the sharpness of the intellectual faculty is operative in a person. It indicates the possession of an intuition ability of presentiments, strange events, vivid dreams and warnings and above all in a gifted Palm the faculty of clairvoyance.
Clear Line, high Mount of Moon: Mesmeric, hypnotizing power.
Starts higher up on the Mount of Moon: Intuitive faculty of the subject under control.
Broken repeatedly: Intuitive tendency by fits and starts and cannot be relied upon.
Forming a triangle with the Line of Fate and the Line of Head: Strong aptitude for occult sciences.
Presence of an island: Tendency towards somnambulism.(-walking during sleep, निद्राचार-निद्रा भ्रमण-नींद में चलना).
Line of Head sinks low on the Mount of Moon and the Line of Intuition cuts it:  Mental forces injured by allowing too much imagination and intuition to have their say.
A branch runs to the Mount of Jupiter: Ambitious to accomplish something with one's intuitive faculties, often successful occultists. This works as Line of Fate or Line of Ambition.
Ending in a star: Great success in intuitive flashes.
From the Intuition Line a branch merges with the Saturn Line: The exercise of the intuitive faculties will assist the career of the subject. This works as Line of Fate.
TRAVEL LINES :: These are the horizontal lines found on the edge of the palm on the Luna-Moon. Any branch of the Line of Life travelling to Luna has the same reading. The line of Head rising over to edge of the palm, crossing the mental Mount of Mars and the Sun line rising from the depth of palm-domain of Rahu, do speak of foreign/overseas travels. Sometimes off shoots of the Life of Fate to Luna do have the same interpretation. A thick and heavy upward off shoot of the Life Line to Luna sends the bearer abroad. Same is the case with the off shoot in lower direction, with the difference that this is just to go abroad and enjoy-meet the children. These Lines may also indicate the restless disposition of the subject or any allergy resulting into shifting else where, that he might have developed because of delicate health.
Starting from the Venus & intersects Life Line: Trip will either be made under circumstances of health or your health will be affected by a trip.
Intersects Fate Line: Travels will present a life changing experience.
Intersects Head Line: Some danger to the head during the journey.
Lines crosses Travel Line: Danger or problems with in travel. Useless repeated journeys.
Square: Protection in travels.
Breaks: A delay in travels.
Ends in a cross: Journey will end in disappointment.
Ends in a square: Subject protected from danger during the journey.
Ends with an island: Journey in loss.

LINE OF MARS::This line can be seen running very close and parallel to the Life Line, over the Mars and thereafter over the Venus as well. It protects the bearer from diseases, accidents, mishaps, dangers  nervous debility or unexpected shocks and gives health, vigor and vitality. It corrects many of the breaks and defects in the Line Life. 
Deep or broad: A sign of great heat, violence and sexual passions.
Sister lines running parallel inside the Mount of Venus: Influence of other people over the life of the subject.
Terminating in a fork: Super abundance of the animal nature, intemperance of every kind.
Terminating in a fork one prong of which enters the mount of Moon and ends in a star: Alcoholic intemperance.
VIA LASCIVIA: It’s a line connecting Venus and the Moon in general. It may be found running parallel to the Line of Mercury as well. It generally occupies a slanting position rising from the inside of the base of the Mount of Moon and terminating on the lower part of the upper Mount of Moon near the edge of the palm that is percussion.
SIGNIFICANCE: It strengthens the strength of the Line of Mercury. It acts as a sign which indicates the robustness of the health of the individual.
CHARACTERISTICS: Generally absent.
Well marked or clear line: Super abundance of vitality and good health.
RASCETTE:: It constitutes of a 1-4 horizontal or curves lines separating the palm from the arm at the wrist.  These lines are found at the bottom of the palm, just above the wrist.
SIGNIFICANCE: It indicate the longevity of the person, in particular. One clearly marked & unbroken bracelet indicates longevity up to 28 years.Two bracelets 46 to 56 years of life. Three bracelets 69 to 84 years of life. Four bracelets Octogenarians.
First bracelet high on the wrist and convex: Trouble in reproductive faculties. It may be seen as a thick line between the Venus and the lower Luna.
The first bracelet chained and other bracelets well formed: A life of hard work and difficulty in the early years, but later life will be crowned with success.
The three bracelets very clear, well defined and colored: Health, wealth, good fortune and easy existence.
Poorly formed bracelets: Extravagant life dissipation.
Breaks one below the other under the Mount of Saturn: Inordinate vanity and untruthfulness, leading to disaster.
CHILDREN LINES: Vertical lines on the line of marriage, which are thick, heavy and strong represent son, fickle and thin line represent daughter. Downward branches of the Heart Line near the edge of the palm, below the Mercury also represent children. Islands between the thumb and the Venus represent boys. One complete island represents one son, while two islands, show two sons. 
A person with the Mount of Venus very flat on the hand and if the first Bracelet is found rising up like an arch into or towards the palm: The bearer is suffering from some deformity leading to issuelessness-infertility.
Broad lines: Male children.
Fine & narrow lines: Female children.
Clearly marked lines: Strong and healthy children
One line longer than the rest: Child represented by the line will be more dearer to the parents.
The Lines of Children on a male hand: The person will be exceptionally fond of children.
Faint or crooked: Delicate children.
First part is marked with a Island: Child will be very delicate in its early life.
Line ending or broken at Island: Child's growth will be retarded.RINGS (-वलय): सुन्दर बना हुआ वलय हानि नहीं पहुँचाता। अगर वलय कटा-फटा हो तो हानि कारक है। वलय किसी भी पर्वत के स्वाभाविक गुणों को ढँक देते हैं। पर्वत का अच्छा प्रभाव कम हो जाता है। 
VENUS RING (-शुक्र वलय): अर्धचन्द्राकार यह रेखाएँ एक से तीन तक देखने में आती हैं। इनको दुश्चरित्रता से जोड़कर देखा जाता है।अगर इनके बीचों बीच तारा हो तो गुप्त रोगों की संभावना होती ही है। शुक्र वलय एक अर्धवृत्त के रूप में तर्जनी और मध्यमा उंगली से प्रारम्भ और कनिष्ठा और अनामिका के आधार के बीच होता पूरा होता है।यह व्यक्ति को बेहद संवेदनशील और एक उग्र स्वभाव का बनाता है। आमतौर पर यह मानसिक या शांकव हाथ पर पाया जाता है। यह व्यक्ति को अत्यधिक संवेदनशील और बुद्धिजीवी दर्शाता है। ऐसे लोगों मन अस्थिर रहता है और ये लोग छोटी छोटी बातों पर आसानी से नाराज़ और भावुक हो जाते हैं। यह लक्षण बेहद संवेदनशील और धैर्यहीन मनोदशा द्वारा अशांति के कारण अक्सर व्यक्तियों को हिस्टीरिया और विषाद का परिणाम  देता है।
SATURN RING (-शनि का वलय): यह बहुत कम हाथों पर पाया जाता है और आर्थिक-अर्जन की दृष्टि से अच्छा संकेत नहीं है। इसका आरंभ तर्जनी उंगली और मध्यमा उंगली के मध्य से होता है और मध्यमा उंगली और अनामिका के मध्य समाप्त होता है। यह वलय व्यक्ति की स्वाभाविक प्रवृत्ति को रोकता है और वह एक कार्य को लंबे समय  तक करने मे सक्षम नही होता है।यह निश्चित रूप से अवरोध-रूकावट पैदा करने वाला है। जिस किसी जातक के हाथ में यह चिन्ह है वो अपने कार्य स्थान को बार-बार बदलने  की कोशिश करता है। ऐसे लोग बड़े विचारों और योजनाओं से सदैव परिपूर्ण रहते हैं,  लेकिन वह  सदैव उद्देश्य की दिशा में समर्पण की कमी के कारण आधे मार्ग मे ही रुक जाते हैं।इसकी एक बहुत बड़ी अच्छाई यह है कि यह मनुष्य को प्रभु भक्ति की ओर ले जाता है।नर्म हाथ, बिखरी हुई मस्तिष्क रेखा और अति विकसित शनि का वलय व्यक्ति को बेहद कल्पनाशील बनाते हैं। लेकिन संवेदनशीलता, धैर्य, एकाग्रता, और साहस की कमी उसे असफल बनाती है। बिखरी हुई भाग्य रेखा और वलय की उपस्थिति के कारण व्यक्ति की एकाग्रता कमजोर होती है।  यदि बिखरी हुई वलय (-रिंग)  हो तो यह शनि के वलय के अशुभ प्रभाव को कम करते हैं।
SOLOMON'S RING (-वृहस्पति वलय): यह उन्नति तो बहुत देता है मगर बेकसूर को सजा भी दिलवा देता है। सामान्यतया हाथ के कोने से मंगल और जीवन रेकः के नीचे से प्रकट होकर यह शनि और वृहस्पति की उँगलियों के बीचों बीच पहुंचता है। यह मनुष्य में भक्तिकारक भी है। कई बार यह वृहस्पति पर्वत के ऊपर से भी प्रारम्भ।  

GIRDLE:  A broken-incomplete ring-girdle is a negative marking.

GIRDLE OF VENUS:: This is a dangerous possession. The subject acquires venereal diseases through multiple sex partners, unsafe sex, visit to brothels-red light areas etc., if broken. A complete ring is protective. The Girdle of Venus exists in the form of a semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers,and ends between the third and fourth. It relates to emotional intelligence and the ability to manipulate. It Shows highly-strung, nervous temperament. People possessing the Girdle of Venus are capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm over anything that engages their fancy, but keep on fluctuating between high and low spirits.
SIGNIFICANCE: When formed as a single deep line it adds to the power of the Heart Line, helps in controlling passions-sexuality-sensuality-lust. its indicative of the high-strung disposition, nervous temperament of an individual. 
Composed of broken fragments: Increased nervousness, prone to suffer from hysteria.
Bulging Mount of Venus, broken Girdle of Venus: Liable to indulge in masturbation during adolescence.
Sloping Head line, a star, cross or island at termination, broken Girdle of Venus: Grave danger of mental illness.
Broken Line, a cross on the Mount of Saturn, an island on the Head Line or Fate Line, a grille on the Mount of Moon with brittle or fluted nail: Tendency to paralysis.
Connects Mount of Jupiter and Mercury: Refinement of the passions and refined eroticism.
Finely marked but cut by a bar line under the Mount of Apollo: A life spoiled, reverses experienced on account of passionate attachment. Never predict unless-until confirmed by other indications present over the Line of Fate and the Sun Line.
Unbroken: Tendency towards hysteria and despondent.
Comes in contact with Marriage Line: Happiness of the marriage will be marked through the peculiarities of the temperament.

Girdle of Mercury: Generally it’s not found; otherwise it checks the good qualities of the Mount of Mercury, if broken.
Sun Girdle: Extremely rare, but when found it harms the possessor, if broken.
GIRDLE-RING OF SATURN: The ring of Saturn is not a good sign. Its very seldom when the sign is found on the palm. It creates hurdles-difficulties in acquiring worldly possessions. It brings the subject near the God through worship, prayers-meditation, truthfulness, honesty, servicing the poor and the mankind as a whole. A clearly marked complete ring may be auspicious. It is also a semi-circular line, between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn. It encircles the finger of Saturn. Functions of the Ring of Saturn
It shows an impulsive disposition in matters pertaining to occupation or choice of career. It indicates want of continuity of purpose. Any person with this mark may not succeed in his life. He will not be able to carry any of his plans to a successful termination. These people seem cut off from their fellow beings in some peculiar and extraordinary way. They are isolated and alone, and they appear to realize their lonely position keenly. They are gloomy, morbid, and Saturnine in character. They seldom marry, and when they do it is always a ghastly failure. They are terribly obstinate and headstrong in all their actions; they resent the least advice or interference in their plans. Their lives generally close in suffering, poverty, or by some sinister tragedy or fatality. It is the most unfortunate mark ever to find.
SOLOMON RING-GIRDLE OF JUPITER:: Its an auspicious small line appearing as a semi-circle, embracing the Mount of Jupiter and ending near the beginning of the Life Line. Its presence indicates a love and flair for occult sciences, spirituality & Strong inclination towards the occult and the esoteric sciences.  This is rather a modified version of the Luck Line. It is found in the hands of those people, who remember the God and follow his dictates. They rise up in the society and may even become the head of state, but may be beheaded later, like King Solomon.
Lines of Marriage: Small lines found between the Line of Heart and the Mercury finger, are the Lines of Marriage. Small segment lines from the Luna (love affairs), merging into the Luck Line, may also materializes into successful marriages. Mere presence of the line of marriage does not guarantee marriage. It reflect more of attraction and love, as compared to sexuality. Sexuality is determined by the Venus, girdle of Venus and down ward branches of the heart line. If the line of heart is too close to the finger or mounts, it makes the possessor sex blind. How ever some lines present over Luna, do foretell about more of sensuality-sexuality as well.
Line of Marriage is a sign of love added by sensuality-sex desire/attractions. Its mere presence does not grant marriage. There are other signs on the hand which help in justifying marriage. A strong line running parallel to the line of Fate touching meeting the Line of Heart too mean the same thing. An influence line from Luna merging with the Line of Luck is also indicative of marriage. More close the line to the mounts more strong the desire. In fact those who have a line of heart running through the mounts are sex blind.
Children Lines-Vertical lines on the line of marriage: Thick and strong line represent son, fickle and thin line represent daughter. Downward branches of the Heart Line near the edge of the palm, below the Mercury also represent children. Islands between the thumb and the Venus represent boys. One complete island represents one son, while two islands, show two sons. Line of heart is branched under the Mercury to show parenthood.
Lines showing Brothers and Sisters: Vertical lines found on the edge of the Venus, starting below the Rascette, represents Brothers and Sisters, on the right hand of the male and vice-versa. 
Lines showing Uncle and Aunts:  Vertical lines found on the edge of the Venus, starting below the Rascette, represents uncles and aunts, on the left hand of the male and vice-versa. 
Vertical lines found on the edge of Venus, starting below the Rascette: These lines represents uncles and aunts, on the left hand of the male and vice-versa.   
Lines showing impotency/inability to bear child/infertility: A thick line running close to the Rascette represent defects of the genital organs. A black dot on the Venus increases the impact further.
Lines of friends and foes: Vertical lines on the third segment of fingers represent friends and horizontal lines on the middle segment of the fingers show foes/enemies.
Via Lascivia: It’s a line connecting Venus and the moon in general. It may be found running parallel to the Line of Mercury as well.


THE TRIANGLE:  It's a positive sign. It becomes more significant when it appears as an independent entity-mark, not the figure formed by chance crossing of lines or composed of intersecting lines. It’s a mark of brilliance on the Head Line. Over the Line of Head it attributes success of the children in studies or the field of their choice. Below the Line of Head it shows success of children in vices-wickedness or just negativity. It's presence increases the strength of the mount or the line. Exception: At the termination of the Line of Life it describes the habit of useless talk and falsehood.  If found alongside a line, it will naturally take on significance dependent upon the line. One with a triangle will never reach the great heights of success, but maintain balance and will not carry with it the backlash that so often accompanies the star.
JUPITER: Diplomatic cleverness, a subtle disposition.
SATURN: Interest in occult.
SUN: It denotes an artistic success and gain of wealth and popularity.
MERCURY: Indicates a politician’s shrewdness.
MARS: Excellence in war fare-military type tactics.
VENUS: Calculated love.
MOON: Shows wisdom.
LIFE LINE: (i) Near the termination of the Life Line shows loquacity and falsehood. But with good Lines of the Head and Heart shows tact and eloquence. (ii) Near the termination of Life Line with a short and pale Line of Heart : Harmful. (iii) At the termination of the short Life Line, but Line of Head and Heart Lines are long: Not harmful.
LINE OF HEAD: (i) A Triangle on the Line under the Mount of Mercury shows success in scientific researches.
RASCETTE: A Triangle with a cross inside denotes a large fortune by inheritance.
QUADRANGLE-INDR KSHETR: Shows aptitude for study of deepest science.
TRIANGLE-RAHU KSHETR: A Triangle between Lines of Life and Fate means military renown.
THE ISLAND: It’s a general sign of weakness and shows trouble-difficulty-pain-negativity and losses elsewhere.This is a most dreaded and unfortunate-negative sign. The presence of an island on any Mount weakens its qualities. Exception: On the junction of Venus and the thumb it’s presence shows birth of son. Broken island shows miscarriage-abortion. It is often a sign of some hereditary evil, such as a heart condition or intemperance with spirits, but it may just as easily represent non-congenital emotional stress. The island is a gradual and prolonged and oft times subtle period of strife in an individual's life. It could represent (1) mounting stress, (2) deep anguish-anger, (3) victim of rape, unable to open her heart, on the Line of Head and manifest itself as headaches. On the Line of Fate, it could be a period in which the individual finds himself surrounded with mounting debts-losses-suffering-deception in love if connected with the Line of Heart, that peak-greatest-maximum, at the widest point of the island. These misfortunes will last to the extent that the island is long.
JUPITER: Ambitions and career ruined by the mad actions of relatives or close friends. Generally, weakens pride and ambition.
SATURN: Brings misfortune to the subject.
Island is found below the Mount of Saturn: It indicates diseases-illness.
Island is found below the Mount of Saturn, with numerous lines over Mars: Upset stomach, arthritis.
Island is found below the Mount of Saturn, with any defective line, below the Mount of Sun: The possessor may suffer from the weakness of eyes-vision.
Island is found below the Mount of Saturn, associated by the defective Line of Heart below the Saturn:The bearer may suffer from hernia, Arthritic, male hormonal imbalance.
Island is found below the Mount of Saturn, with raised Luna or Venus: Defect pertaining to sperms or breathing may be diagnosed.
Island is found below the Mount of Saturn, with raised Luna or Venus, associated with any defect below the Mercury: Liver trouble and eye trouble and wound in the hands.
SUN: Weakens talent for art.
Island is found below the Mount of Sun: It predicts eye trouble. If the Line of Heart too is found to have an island or some other line touching it below the Sun- the defect is certain-confirmed.If a circle is found below the Sun blindness is indicated.The eyes of the possessor may be struck with some external object.
MERCURY: Makes a person too changeable to succeed, particularly with regard to business and service.
MARS: Implies a weak spirit and cowardice.
VENUS: (i) A cross associated with island, means advantageous marriage opportunity missed. (ii) Found in any other position over the Mount, points to a person easily led and influenced by the sport of fancy and passion. (iii) A Line on the Mount of Venus running into the island denotes disgrace and trouble from indulgence in passion. (iv) An island on the Line from the Mount of Venus cutting the Line of Union indicates divorce pronounced against the subject, who has some guilty love affairs.
MOON: Weakens the power of imagination. 
LIFE LINE:  (i) Its presence in the beginning of the line means hereditary illness. (ii) On the line, grave illness, brain trouble or smallpox. (iii) On the line and wavy Liver-Mercury Line; biliousness or indigestion. (iv) On the line with a star on the Head Line, serious illness. (v) On the line and a star on the Mount of Saturn means lower limbs are likely to be affected. (vi) An island on the line and a star at the junction of the Head and Liver Lines denote sterility and difficulty in child bearing (in case  of a women).
LINE OF MARS: An island at the start shows a tendency to somnambulism.
LINE OF HEAD: An  island present over the Line of Head, speaks more of the trauma-mental tension-agony, than the disease itself, which can be cured by a good doctor. (i) At the start means inherited brain trouble of the respiratory organ. (ii) On the line means chronic neuralgia. (iii) An island on line under the Mount of Saturn implies head  injury through accident or serious deafness. (iv) Throughout the islands on the line points to brain trouble resulting from overwork. (v) Large island at the termination may mean severe in testis trouble.
Island over the Line of Head under the Saturn: (1).Disease of gall bladder or throat, troubled spouse or trouble due to issues pertaining to wealth. (2). Piles, wound in the legs, gas trouble, eye trouble, boil-sore-ulcer-abscess tumor-eruptions in the breast, pain during delivery of child-excessive bleeding, sugar. (3). Falling from a height.
Big island present at the termination of the Line of Head, below the Mercury: It illustrates illicit relations (-normally at the age of 32-33 years, young age). Such people are found to maintain mistress-concubine-kept, which leads to trouble-grief in older age. In case the Line of Head is double or branched-forked, it may not trouble the bearer, that much. It just reflects timely-momentary sexual relations only, which are not permanent in nature. The possessor may suffer from eye trouble. In case the branch moves-rises over mental Mars, sexual relations are developed with some  one near to the possessor. 
LINE OF HEART: Island over the Line of Heart speaks more about the grief-pain-sorrow, than the illness. One who is diagnosing the hand should be doubly sure and restrain from saying anything with certainty, unless until the defect is shown on both the hands and indicated by the  defective Line of Mercury, the presence of which is inauspicious, in itself. (i) When the line is marked heavily with islands, it indicates a heart disease. (ii) An island on the Mount of Venus to the Heart Line implies guilty love affairs fraught with most serious consequences. (iii) A line to the Line of  Heart terminating in a fork with an island on the ‘Line of Fate shows guilty intrigue resulting in scandal and divorce. (iv) Islands on the line mean one  guilty intrigue f or every Line. (v) An island on  the line under the Mount of Saturn indicates a love affair which interferes very seriously with  the subject’s prospects. (vi) An Island on the Heart and Fate Lines implies guilty love that will stop at nothing. (vii) An island an the line under  the Mount of Sun may bring on serious eye  trouble, weakness of heart, etc.
LINE OF FATE : (i) On the Line denotes loss,  trapping of subject in scandal and being  cheated. In the case of a women, illicit relations with a man. (ii) At close of line, terrible sign of loss and misfortune in old age. (iii) Two islands giving the figure of 8 at the starting point of line may mean the gift of second sight or somnambulism. (iv) An island on the line with a star ,on the Mount of Jupiter points to a guilty love affair in a much higher position then the subject. (v) An island on a line with a star on the Mount of the Sun means the paramour will be an artist or literary man. (vi) An island on the line with a star on the Mount of Mercury means the paramour will either be a businessman, medical man or scientist. (vii) An island across the line between the Mount of Venus and the Line of Heart and the island ending in a fork denotes divorce due to the subject having gone astray with other women.
SUN LINE: (i) An island at the starting point of the Line denotes success helped by guilty love. (ii) On the line denotes loss of position due to some scandal.
LINE OF MERCURY-HEALTH: The defective line is inauspicious. (i) On the line means a serious illness. (ii) When on the upper portion of the line, it denotes delicacy of throat and chest or throat and bronchial troubles. (iii) At a lower portion of the Mount of the Moon means bladder and kidney troubles.
Island present at the termination below the Mercury:  The bearer suffers from defective liver, which is observed only after the age of 52-53 years. If the island resembles a triangle, it will represent lung-breathing trouble. (-साँस फूलना)
LINE OF MARRIAGE IN RELATION TO OTHER LINES & MOUNTS: A Line forming an island on the Mount of Venus and crossing the Marriage Line denotes misfortune and disgrace to the marriage. (ii) If the above line stops at the Heart Line, it means disgrace and trouble from loved ones. (iii) When the above line cuts across the Health Line, it means disgrace due to mental power and ability. (iv) When the line bars the Fate Line, it denotes a bad influence upon the position, finance and general fate of the subject.
Presence of large Island is found below the junction of the mount of Saturn and the Mount of Sun: The bearer may become silent-quite-mad. it represents the presence of blood clot-tumor (-रसौली-गांठ), which may lead to paralysis, if the lines around the island are thin, as compared to the Line of Head. The spouse of such people is normally intelligent blessed with understanding, sharp and greedy. if the Luck Line stops at this juncture, it may indicate the death of spouse-earning member, Confirm only when the signs are repeated on both the hands. it shows liver trouble as well (-the bearer should ad-hare to balanced diet regular exercise, walking, Yogasan).
THE STAR: Its a symbol of good and sudden brilliance in a person's life and is quite auspicious except when found over the Mounts of Saturn or the Moon. The addition of a single branch or ray to a cross transforms it into a star, although stars of six rays in shape are not in frequently. 
STAR OVER THE MOUNTS: A star on the mounts will naturally denote great proficiency with the mount's corresponding traits. 
STAR AT THE BASE OF THE MOUNT OF JUPITER: It is  a sure sign of the fulfilment of desires. One with a good Line of Head, might acquire  status and honor. He is obsessed with family honor and the acquisition of money in an attempt to gain status and social power. He is not a person to be trifled with. He tend to have little patience with frivolity. One may have strong ties with the rich and influential. He tend to move in circles above his own social class & status. His friends and acquaintances will be happy to lift him up to their level. He is an ambitious person and although somewhat a social climber, he knows how to put his contacts to good use to elevate himself in life. It is almost certain to end life better than the one with which he started, leading to happiness in old age.
A STAR ON THE PEAK OF THE MOUNT OF JUPITER: It confers power  plus position, great honor, gratified ambitions, ultimate success and triumph. 
A STAR OVER THE MOUNT WITH STRONG LINE OF FATE, LINE OF HEAD & THE SUN LINE: This is an excellent combination providing the fulfillment of all desires of the bearer.
A STAR AWAY FROM THE MOUNT OF JUPITER AT THE LOWER POSITION OR THE PERCUSSION: It denotes contacts with distinguished people but unless the rest of the hand is good, it may not promise distinction or power to the subject.
STAR & CROSS OVER THE MOUNT OF JUPITER: It indicates a most brilliant union. It results in good fortune as well as an excellent reputation. One has both wealth and popularity. His material and spiritual wants are easily fulfilled. While he can rise up in the ranks, when it comes to his work and his  career. He need not sacrifice family life to reach there. He  can achieve the right balance in life to be truly satisfied.
A STAR AT THE BASE OF THE MOUNT OF JUPITER: It signifies a person with strong ties with rich and influential people. You tend to move in circles above your own social class and status, and your friends and acquaintances are only too happy to lift you up to their level. You are an ambitious person, and although somewhat a social climber, you know how to put your contacts to good use to elevate yourself in life. With this kind of sign on your palm, you are almost certain to end life better than you started it. It also means you will have happiness in your old age.
A STAR APPEARS OVER THE MOUNT OF JUPITER WITH A GOOD LINE OF HEAD: This suggests acquisition of status and honor. You are a person obsessed with family honor and the acquisition of money in an attempt to gain status and social power. You are not a person to be trifled with, and you tend to have little patience with frivolity.
A STAR  APPEARS WITH A CROSS OVER THE MOUNT OF JUPITER: This shows a most brilliant union, as it suggests good fortune as well as an excellent reputation. One has both wealth and popularity, so his material and spiritual wants are easily fulfilled. He can rise up in the ranks when it comes to his work and his career, he does not have to sacrifice family life to get there. He is one who can achieve the right balance in life to be truly satisfied with his lot.
STAR OVER THE MOUNT OF SUN: (i) When it is is found on the apex of the Mount: It denotes brilliancy of position and glory but associated with public life without happiness and wealth. (ii) When found on the side of the Mount: It indicates contact with rich and healthy people but without gain, (iii) A star with a good Line of the Sun: Great fame due to genius or hard work, often wealth. (iv) A star without a good Line of the Sun: Fame after many risks taken and not generally a desirable character; wealth comes too late to ensure happiness. (v) A star with a fine Line of the Sun and several parallel Lines on the Mount:  It provides great wealth and generally fame or at least a high social standing. These Lines are called Lines of Reputation. (vi) Connected or formed by the Lines of the Sun and the Mount of the Sun when not too high:  It denote great fame but through talent and work.
STAR OVER THE MOUNT OF MOON: (i) On the apex: It denotes drowning or death by gas, inordinate use of drugs, etc. (ii) On the lower part with the chained and yellowish Lines of Heart and Life: It implies dropsy, water disease. (iii) On the Line of Voyage: It shows danger of shipwreck. (iv) A star with a drooping Head Line on an exaggerated Mount and a bad Mount of Saturn: It points to suicide by drowning (-if found on both Hands and with  other indications). (v) A star connected by a Line of Influence with the Mount of Venus or the Line of Life: It indicates hysteria or insanity, often of an erotic character. (vi) The Line of Head ends in a star over the Mount:  It means that the imaginative faculties will be ruined, resulting  in insanity.
A STAR OVER THE MOUNT OF MERCURY: It signifies that one may become a victim of dishonesty-cheating-fraud and betrayal. It's wise not to be overly trusting, especially over the strangers. He may have friends who just want to extract out of him. He may not be able to distinguish between a true friend and the foe or the one is just making him a fool-tool. He has to live more warily-cautiously-carefully, than others. (i) At the apex of the Mount: It denotes normal success in commerce, business, science, etc. (ii) On side of the Mount: It denotes association with distinguished people in life.
A STAR OVER THE MOUNT OF PHYSICAL MARS: On the apex it implies great distinction; celebrity will be attained from marital life, bringing renown to the rest of the subject’s career. One will attain success in the army or police with brilliant colors and honors. How ever, one's life will tend to be full of challenges and obstacles. He will work harder and still away from the goal. He should learn to be happy with what ever he has, to avoid dissatisfaction. He may be benefited by meditation. He should learn to be happy with his lot; otherwise he will be constantly dissatisfied. 
A STAR OVER THE MENTAL MOUNT OF MARS:  (i) Over the peak: It denotes patience, resignation and fortitude; the greatest honor will be gained. (ii) A normal Mount: There may be a danger of assassination, if seen on both the hands. (iii) An exaggerated Mount: It points to homicide committed through jealousy or grave danger. 
STAR OVER THE MOUNT OF VENUS: It suggests misfortune caused by the opposite sex. One tend to be unlucky in love, since he is never content-satisfied. Betrayal or double crossed in love, may turn him to revenge to sooth jealousy, causing misfortune, which is not advised. He should keep his temper under control to avoid bigger losses. (i) At the peak: It shows successful and favorable relations in affections and passion, with success in all love affairs. (ii) Placed by the side:  it indicates success in the arena of love, contacts with distinguished persons. (iii) Found near the second phalanges of the Thumb: Marriage or liaison that will be the subject’s whole life. (iv) In the middle: It denotes death of a close relative or close friend. (v) At the base of the Mount: It indicates towards misfortune due to the  opposite sex. (vi) At the Base of the Mount towards the Rascette with a sloping Line of Head: Disease, (vii) Over the Mount touching the Line of Life: It shows trouble for a loved one or family member.
STAR OVER SATURN: It brings death when seated over the Mount.(i) On the apex: It shows terrible fatality, dreaded distinction; also denotes end of terrible, disastrous life. It represents a plaything or child of fate, a king without a crown. (ii) Off the Mount on either side or cutting into the finger: It shows contact with persons of distinction through some terrible fate. (iii) A star on double or treble girdle of Venus: It implies terrible venereal disease or even death. (iv) If found over the first phalanges of Saturn finger:  It shows murder.
STAR OVER THE LINES: A line that ends in a star signifies the greatest accomplishments possible; however, the star often carries with it an unpleasant price. 
STAR OVER THE LIFE LINE: (i) The presence of a star on the Life Line: It shows a fatal accident at the age denoted on the line it self. (ii) Three close stars on the Life Line: They show that the subject is loved-admires by the opposite sex, which ends in disaster. 
STAR OVER IN THE MIDDLE OF LIFE LINE:  It indicates that a disaster-health trouble-illness could happen when one is around the age of 40 years. He should take extra care of his health. His early and later years may be the happiest and problem free. If he successfully get past middle age, he will have a blissful retirement and old age. In fact this star will arrest the health-vigor and vitality, when ever and where ever it appears over the Life Line. One may over come the impact if Mars & Venus are good. He should avoid non-veg, wine and mixing up with the women, too frequently. He should practice Yog and resort to meditation, regularly in the morning.
STAR OVER THE LINE OF HEAD: (i) A star on the line: It  implies a wound on the Head. If it is on both Hands, there may be a fatal wound. (ii) A star at the end of a sloping Line on the Mount of the Moon: It points to death by drowning or often suicide by drowning in a sudden fit of insanity. (iii) Sloping almost or close to the Rascette and terminating in a star: It  may mean a brilliant fortune. (iv) A star on the line rising from the Life Line and terminating on the Mount of the Moon and a dark spot on the Head Line: All these indications point towards delirium tremendous or drunkenness at its worst; also dangerous kidney trouble. (v) A black spot an the Head Line connected by a Line of Influence with a star on the Mount of Venus: It points to deep sorrow (-sometimes insanity) due to the death of a loved one. (vi) A star on the short Line at the Mount of Jupiter terminating at the Head Line: It denotes fatal pride, especially if it is connected with the Line of Fate. (vii) A branch of the Line of Head ascending to the root of the first Finger and ending in a star: It is an indication of successful ambitions.
STAR OVER THE LINE OF HEART:: A star at the end of a branch of the Line of Heart going down into the Mount of the Moon:  It shows hereditary madness of the erotic form.
STAR OVER THE LINE OF FATE: (i) A star or stars on the Heart Line: It point to danger or disaster. (ii) A star at the  beginning of the Line of Heart: It shows great trouble to parents in childhood. (iii) A star at the termination of the Line of Heart, on the Mount of Saturn: It points to misfortune. (iv) A star on the termination of the Line of Fate and Life Lines (-separately): It implies paralysis. (v) A star on the start of the Line of Heart and another at the Mount of Venus: One of the parents should have died by that time. (vi) A star at the termination of the Line of Heart and another  at the termination of the Life Line: It imply paralysis generally followed by paresis (-केवल पेशियों का पक्षाघात). (vii) A star at the  termination of the Line of Heart and another at the Mount of the Moon: It shows a tendency to suicide.
STAR OVER THE SUN LINE AT THE TERMINATION: It illustrates recognition-name-fame-wealth-reputation. One will achieve success in the field of entertainment-films-TV-stage-creative writing etc. He turns into a celebrity and become famous. One will be successful in whatever field he choose for work, provided he does not shirk hard labor. He would love to work-performing. He gains popularity as a conversationalist and becomes a confident public speaker speaker-orator. More he practice-sharpens his skills, better he becomes.(i) The line ends in a star: It denotes great fame, but this often results in the bearer suffering the loss of his private sphere to his successful public sphere. (ii) At the termination under the Mount of the Sun: It implies that the success comes due to  the assistance and goodwill of others. (iii) On the line within the Quadrangle: It points to catastrophe, great calamity or distress. 
STAR OVER THE TERMINATION OF THE LINE OF MERCURY-HEALTH: One tends to find it difficult to save money or build a store of wealth. He always seem to spend faster than he earns. He will marry to one who has the opposite tendency in respect of him. One may prefer taking risks in life and act as a gambler, without preferring to be a looser. It indicates poor health conditions. One will not be as robust as the average person and the slightest of microbes-infections will initiate the trouble. It indicates delicate constitution and one prefers the life of a city with amenities-facilities. The bearer may act like a snob and prefer mixing with the people of his own status, sometimes looking down on others. One has to modify his behavior against such an attitude, since shunning the wrong person often gets him into trouble. Avoidance of superiority complex will help in becoming more successful in work and in life. (i) A star close to the Liver Line but inside the triangle: It points to blindness.(ii) A star on the Liver Line: It means childlessness, sterility and troubles connected with child bearing (-for women only). (iii) On the junction of the Head and Liver Lines:  It too mean danger in child bearing or sterility. (iv) A star sign appears along with an island on the Mercury Line: It indicates fragile health and even bankruptcy. 
STAR OVER THE LINE OF INTUITION: Riches after great trouble and enjoyment of exaggerated influence of love of the opposite sex.
STAR OVER THE GIRDLE OF VENUS: A star on a single, double or treble girdle denotes general venereal disease leading to death.
STAR INSIDE THE QUADRANGLE-INDR KSHETR : (i) In the Quadrangle under the Mount of Saturn: It shows a brilliant career. (ii) Under the Mount of the Sun: It points to great fame, in art and literature.  (iii) Under the Mount of Mercury: It means great reputation as a scientist, businessman or engraver.
STAR INSIDE THE TRIANGLE-RAHU KSHETR: (i) A star in the center: It means riches and success in general after a great struggle. (ii) When on both Hands, in the center of the Triangle: It implies violent death. (iii) Near the Liver Line and inside the Triangle: It means blindness. (iv) A badly formed solitary star: It points to troubles in love, resulting from an act of violence. (v) Inside the Triangle, at the end of the line from the Mount of  Venus: Great sorrow. (vi) Stars on both sides of the line from Venus:  Sorrow due to the death of a relation  or close friend.
STAR OVER THE THUMB: (i) A star on the first phalanges with an exaggerate Mount of Venus or a much rayed Mount: It means immorality. (ii) Two stars near the nails: Captiousness of a fault finding nature or a critical attitude.
STAR OVER THE FINGERS:: (I) First Finger First  Phalanges: Most  fortunate event in life. First Finger Second Phalanges: (i) A star with a straight downward Line from the first phalanges:  Chastity. (ii) A star with curved Lines: Immorality. First Finger Third Phalanges: Immodesty. (II) Second Finger First Phalanges : Most extraordinary for good or evil. (i) If on both Hands: Danger of assassination. (ii) A star with a triangle on the Mount of Saturn: Depravity. (iii) Two stars on the first and second phalanges: Death on the scaffold. (iii-i) Second Phalanges only: Catastrophe. (iii-ii) Two stars on Second Phalanges Good Hand: Possible murder victim. (iii-iii)Two stars on Third Phalanges: Eloquence, wit. (III) Third Finger First Phalanges: Genius, if not insane. Third Finger Second Phalanges: Good talent. Third Finger Third Phalanges: Extravagant love of praise. (IV) Fourth Finger First Phalanges: Success as speaker but not financially. Fourth Finger Second Phalanges: Notoriety obtained from worst features of the Mount of Mercury.  Fourth Finger Third Phalanges:  Eloquence, wit.
THE TRIDENT: It's commonly known as Trishul-trident and is a most propitious marking wherever it may lay. If it rises from a line, it will expound the qualities of that line and draw additional power from the mounts or lines that branch on either side head towards. If found on a mount, the trident carries with it great flourish of the properties of that mount in conjunction with its neighbouring mounts. The trident is such a powerful symbol that it eclipses the star in beneficence. However one with this sign must resort to the the devotion of Bhagwan Shiv. Those having trident at the termination of Line of Head between the Mount of Mercury and the Sun are genus scientists-engineers-researchers.
JUPITER: It foretells success in ambitions, pursuits and attainment of aspirations, Conveyances, property, etc. SUN: It indicates power through the Sun and fame in public life or literature.
LINE OF FATE: It mixes-merges with the Line of Heart forming a trident one prong of which continues to the Saturn, one prong of which runs to the Mount of Jupiter and the third prong-fork runs between the first and the second Fingers. It denotes great good fortune. The possessors are public figures of great reputation. Such person is highly sexed and has personal magnetism shown by the forked Heart Line. His love is idealistic though an element of romance may be connected with it.
The three human emotions of sex, love and romance, when under a vigorous and marked personality denoted by the Line of Fate passing through the point of the fork to the Mount of Saturn, raise a person to great heights of achievement. One possess the elements of constructive and creative imagination. There is balance and poise in his nature and the result is that such persons are geniuses in the field of activity denoted by the Hands.
THE SPOT: Spots or dots leads to temporary arrest of the qualities of lines and the mounts over which they are found. These signs appear not only at birth but even afterwards during the course of life. they are generally small, deep indentation in the skin, whose color is generally found to be red, bluish black or white. The shape is usually round, elongated or irregular. They may come and disappear after showing their impact.
JUPITER: A ruined position, loss of fortune or reputation, temporary arrest of administrative qualities-capabilities. 
SATURN: Certain evil possibilities. 
SUN: Danger of losing reputation and social standing. 
MERCURY: (i) Failure in business enterprises. (ii) A large black spot like a lentil. The movements of a subject’s body are interfered with through illness or accident. Dark permanent spot leads to blindness-eye trouble.
MARS: A wound in a fight. 
MOON: A disease of the nervous system from hysteria to raving madness.
VENUS: (i) A serious disease connected with a love affair. (ii) A black spot venereal disease.(iii) Impotency-temporary, can be cured easily.
LIFE LINE: (i) Dots on the line, for every dot a minor casualty. (ii) A number of dots: Unsatisfactory state of health. (iii) A bluish spot: Typhoid, malaria, etc. (iv) A red dot: A feverish disposition. (v) A black spot: A grave disease or serious illness. (vi) A deep black dot: A dangerous wound. (vii) A spot on Line: Dry skin. A prominent or much rayed Mount of Moon denotes grave nervous trouble. (viii) A very deep black dot at the termination of a broken Line: Sudden death often by assassination (if on both Hands).
LINE OF HEAD: (i) White dots when confirmed by ominous signs on the Head Line denote a head or eye injury. (ii) A white spot on Line : it indicates discovery or invention. (iii) A white spot or line under the Mount of Saturn : Success in one’s career. (iv) A white spot or line under the Mount of the Sun : Literary success. (v) A white spot or line under the Mount of Mars: Success in literary or scientific undertaking. (vi) A dark spot on the line with narrow and highly colored lines of Life and Liver denotes a tendency to fever. (vii) Pale and white Line of Head with black spots and Life Line forked at the start indicates very serious brain disease. (viii) A dark spot an the line generally indicates, with the Mount of Saturn most prominent, toothache; with the Mount of Venus most prominent, deafness; with the Mount of the Sun most prominent, a disease of the eyes, especially with a star at the root of the third finger. (ix) A bluish spot on the Head Line: When the line, forms part of a Triangle and the Mount of Mars is prominent, it shows criminal tendencies. (x) The Head Line wavy or discolored with a bluish spot on a wavy Liver Line shows health trouble due to malarial infection.
LINE OF HEART:  (i) Dots on line: Love sorrows, palpitation of heart. (ii) A white dot : Success in love affairs. (iii) A dot under the Mount of Jupiter : A loving disposition. (iv) A deep dot on the line under the Mount of the Sun : Love sorrows or trouble caused by some celebrated person which is harmful. (v) A deep dot on the line under the Mount of Mercury : Love sorrows. (vi) A deep dot on the line with a poor wavy Liver Line : Heart palpitation due to poor digestion. (vii) A long red scar (-lengthwise) on the line: Danger of apoplexy. (viii) Black or bluish dots an the line : Great malarial fever.
SUN LINE: A deep or black spot at the termination of the Sun and Heart Lines : Imminent danger of blindness.
GREAT TRIANGLE-RAHU KSHETR: (i) A red spot within the Triangle: Indicates pregnancy for females. (ii) A white spot: Anemia or a tendency to fainting fits. (iii) A black spot: Riches.
THE CROSS: A cross sign fortunately rare, have long been considered to be a negative sign. It often represent challenges to the subject: hurdles to be overcome, problems that beset in his life. It is considered very significant in studying the Palm. The characteristics of a cross are opposite to that of a star and it is seldom found as a favorable sign. It indicates trouble, disappointment, danger and sometimes crisis in the life of a subject. Exception: (1) Over Jupiter it gives happy family life & (2) when located between the Head and Heart lines-Indr Kshetr, below the Saturn, known as the La Croix Mystique. Crosses always denote troubles, disappointment, danger and when found on lines, the harm to the bearer may be aggravated. Occasionally it can refer to a dramatic change in one's life due to a crisis or hardship. They should always be considered an ill omen. The bearer of such a symbol is purported to possess a greater degree of mysticism, occultism, and superstition either over Saturn or Jupiter
The position of the La Croix Mystique is also quite important. If located high up, near the Mount of Jupiter, the bearer will exhibit belief in mysticism only for their own gain. Those with crosses further from the Mount of Jupiter will care more for the principles and methods by which the mystical experience was expressed rather than its immediate
MOUNT OF JUPITER: Its presence near the Mount of Jupiter shows that the bearer will exhibit belief in mysticism only for personal gains. It's good for the family relations-parents-happy marriage. Its position further away from the base of the finger shows that the bearer will care more for the principles and methods by which the mystical experience was expressed rather than its immediate application. It indicates that at least one great affection will come into the life of the subject. If the sign is deep then bearer receives money from in-laws.(i) Present over the peak of the Mount: It denotes that great affection will come to life, specially when the Line of Fate rises from the Mount of the Moon. (ii) The cross is on the lower side of the Mount and close to the commencement of the Life Line:  It will lead to affection in the early part of life. (iii) Present over the summit of the Mount: Bearer's ambitions will be  fully  satisfied and there will be a sudden rise in middle life and when the cross is present close to the base of the finger, it will lead to late rise in life.
MOUNT OF SATURN: Its mere presence is indicative of misfortunes, accidents, troubles and major diseases in life. (i) It touches the Line of Fate: The bearer may be dead in an accident. It indicates possibility childlessness as well (check down ward branches of the Heart Line, Children Lines and the islands presents between the Venus and the junction of the thumb). (ii) In the centre of the Mount:  It increases evils, the fatalistic tendencies of life and childlessness.
MOUNT OF SUN:  It indicate frustration, loss of money, disappointment in the pursuit of fame, art or wealth and failure, which is caused by bearer himself due to own folly. One may be inclined to religion. Artistic blunders may mar  the success of the bearer. It shows balanced intellectuals.
MOUNT OF MERCURY: The bearer is dishonest, swindler, deceiver and crooked. An individual of such type has a dual-nature despite of having a good brain. He is inclined to duplicity in a bad hand, but in a good hand denotes diplomacy in business and social circles, pleasant to all, talent for mimicry.
MENTAL MARS: The bearer is wrangler and has lots of enemies and is prone to injuries. It indicates quarrelsome nature-trouble from others It also depicts conflicts, violence and even death from quarrels. (i) An exaggerate Mount: It denotes violence and even death from quarrels. (ii) Fully developed Mount: It shows danger-bodily harm.
PHYSICAL MARS:  Dangerous opposition by enemies. The bearer is brave and winner in the war but prone to injuries, even death.
MOUNT OF MOON: This is the indication of unstable mind and intestinal diseases (-check the presence of the Line of Mercury). One may face the threat of drowning. It denotes a fatal influence of imagination. Such a person deceives himself by always being in a dream world. It may result into frequent journeys, without gains. (i) Under the Line of Head: It shows fatal influence of imagination, a deceiving nature. (ii) Over the apex of the Mount: It means intestinal trouble. (iii) Over the Mount: It denotes disappointments on journey. (iv) At the bottom: It indicates gout or rheumatism, bladder, kidney, or womb trouble.
MOUNT OF VENUS: It indicates that the bearer will face trouble due to his family members or relatives. One is impatient lover. A big-prominent cross indicates some great crisis or fatal influence of love in the life of the subject. Its proximity to the line of life, tells of trouble and quarrels with the close relatives. (1) The Mount is prominently marked with Lines: The cross denotes, great trial or fatal influence of affection. (ii) Small & close to the Life Line: It indicates troubles and quarrels with near relations and loved ones. (iii) Quite large: It shows only love. (iv) A cross on the Mount of Jupiter as well as on the Mount of Venus:  It implies a happy love affair.
UPPER SEGMENT OF THE PALM: The bearer will face death of close relative or friend in the puberty, or loss of money and at the same time, bearer suffers from diseases which continues till the end of life.
LOWER MIDDLE SEGMENT OF THE PALM: Its indication of miserable life and loss of money. 
LIFE LINE:  (i) A cross on the Mount of Venus touching the Line of Life: It shows troubles from some members of the family or some intimate friend. (ii) A cross at the starting of the Line: One is prone to accidents in early life. (iii) Two crosses at the beginning of the line in a woman's hand: It show seriousness and immorality. (if the Line of head is far from the Life Line the danger is real, since she is going to be more independent-bold). (iv) A series of crosses on one hand: It only means amiability and talent. (v) A series of crosses on both hands means: It shows that versatility, may not be real use to the subject's poor health in old age. (vi) A cross towards the end of the line: It indicates to unmerited reverses in old age and ill health. (vii) A cross cut by a downward branch: It means infirmity from which there is no recovery.
LINE OF HEAD: Below the Saturn, its presence indicates head injury caused by animals, explosions, etc.. Beneath Jupiter it indicates injury caused as a result of being proud and dogmatic. Under the Sun it indicates injury to the head-eyes consequent on sudden fall.If a cross is present by the side of the Line of Sun, it represents disappointment in position and in getting fame. Under the Mercury it indicates accidents due to scientific pursuits or experiments. (i) Touching or over the Line of Head: It indicates Some accident to the Head. (ii) Under the Mount of Jupiter: Protection from accident, if exaggerated: A dogmatic and tyrannical nature. (iii) Under the Mount of Saturn: It cautions against injuries to Head from accident of a treacherous nature. (iv) Under the Mount of the Sun: It too shows accident to Head from a sudden fall. (v) Under the Mount of Mercury: It indicates injury to Head due to accident by hazardous business ventures or scientific experiments. (vi) Cross over the Line of Head at the intersection of the Fate and Heart Lines: It represents pecuniary (-consisting of money-financial, monetary, money, fiscal, economic, capital, commercial, budgetary) trouble due to love affairs. (vii) Line of Head separated from Life Line but connected with a cross: It denotes serious domestic trouble or family law suit ruining his position.
FATE LINE: It's a an unfortunate sign indicating obstacles. Its presence by the line denotes the opposition of relatives in one’s career and further a drastic change in destiny.  If it runs into the line, it represents disappointment in wealth. (i) A cross at the break of Line: A most critical change in the subject’s existence. (ii) Without break of the Line: A serious or disastrous change, particularly if found in the center of the Line. (iii) A cross between Fate and Life Lines but near the Fate Line:  It shows an event affecting the subject’s comfort.
LINE OF HEART:  (i) It may denote the death of a loved one. (ii) Joined to the Lines of Life and Head at the start and a cross in the middle of Head Line: Sudden death. 
SUN LINE: (i) Touching the Line towards the Mount of Mercury: Poor business capacity or success in artistic effort. (ii) Touching the line towards the Mount of Saturn: Pious disposition, subject to other indications. (iii) One or two crosses touching the line, if the Mounts of Saturn and the Moon are bad and the Head Line slopes deeply on the Mount:  It denotes danger of insanity of a religious kind.
LINE OF LIVER-HEALTH-MERCURY: Crosses near the Line of Liver BUT not over it-close to it:  It denote a serious change in the subject’s life.
QUADRANGLE-INDR KSHETR:  A cross inside this space between the Saturn and Rahu provides some sort of divine power, making the bearer a devotee, visionary and the one who may look into the future, if formed independently. Even if it is formed by the chance crossing of the Line of Fate and a branch of either the Line of Heart or the Line of Head, it indicate to some mystery. (i) Across in a Quadrangle touching the Heart Line: It shows the influence of the opposite sex. (ii) It does not touch either the Head or Heart Line: It implies favorable circumstances. (iii) Touching the Line of Head: It denotes that the subject will influence other persons in matters of love and friendship.The influence will be good, if the cross does not extend to the line either of Fate or of the Sun. 
ANDREW'S CROSS:  (i) Under the  Mount of Saturn not touching any line and the presence of a clear Line of Intuition: It denotes an aptitude for occult science. (ii) Under the Mount of Saturn touching the Line of Fate: It points to fortunate life on account of religion. (iii) A poorly formed cross under the Mount of Saturn, if found an both hands:  It means fortunate signs. (iv) Across in a Quadrangle under the Mount of Jupiter: It points to extravagant ambitions. (v) A cross under the Mount of the Sun: It shows excess of vanity and avarice. (vi) A cross in a Quadrangle under the Mount of Mercury: It shows deceiving and thieving sex. (vii) A cross in a Quadrangle over the Upper Mount of Mars: It points to a fearfully violent temper. (viii) A cross in a Quadrangle over the Physical Mount of Mars: It  shows cowardice.
TRIANGLE-RAHU KSHETR: (i) Deep into the Triangle: It implies trouble from others tough, due to the quarrelsome nature of the bearer. (ii) If in the Triangle of both Hands and with other markings: The bearer may patronizes murder. (iii) If there are many crosses in the Triangle:  It means continued bad luck. (iv) If present at the upper angle of the Triangle: It points to a criminal nature, law suits, scandal, serious change in life, etc. (v) If present at the upper angle and the cross does not touch any  line: It means a lost suit. (vi) In the  center of the Triangle under the Mount of Saturn with long Fingers and first knot strongly marked: It denotes skepticism. (vii) An irregular cross in the center of the Triangle with cross Lines on Saturn: It means a series of serious misfortunes.
Star: It shows accidents, death, trouble, scandals. It’s a negative sign. Exception: On Jupiter it shows fulfillment of desires. On Luck/Sun Line it shows gains/fame at that point of time.
THE GRILLE-GRID:  This sign is of a very uncommon occurrence. It’s a negative marking since it reduces the strength of the mount or the line drastically. It is a combination of horizontal & vertical lines-bars in a crisscross manner, often found on Mounts, Thumbs and Fingers forming a grid. Grilles destroy the efficiency of the Mounts and qualities are turned into defects and even vices. Grilles chain down the virtues of the Mounts and allow the evil instincts to take and maintain the upper hand. A large number of small squares are formed, which in them selves are sign of protection, if found independently. The grille is a point at which the energies of the hand dissipate or escape out. If grilles are found throughout the entirety of the hand, the power of its bearer is constantly drained by vexations and imagined slights. If a grille appears on the mount, it saps or thwarts the qualities of the mount.
Around the termination of the line of Head, below Mercury over Mental Mount of Mars or the juncture of Luna with it, it may foretell Cancer.
JUPITER: Domineering spirit, exaggerated vanity, loose morals, egotism.
SATURN: Lack of luck in life, especially in old) age. Often imprisonment, misfortune.
SUN: An almost insane vanity, folly, desire for fame. It will forever put off the attainment of any true success in life. 
MERCURY: Prognostic of violent death during, or on account of some  swindling enterprise on. the part of the subject, an unprincipled man.
MARS: Hemorrhage, great danger of violent death. With an exaggerate Mount, denotes. a decided murderous instinct.
MOON: (i) Many confused and crossed Lines with a sloping, starred or chained Line of Head denote a tendency to insanity. (ii) Many confused and crossed Lines with a chained or is landed Line of Heart mean inconsistency in love affairs, often downright immorality. (iii) A series of crossed or confused Lines at the upper part of the Mount mean chronic diarrhea. If very heavy, denote intestinal trouble of gravest nature. (iv) Many confused and cross Lines at the bottom of the Mount denote bladder trouble or disease of kidney. (v) A small grille shows melancholia, nervous trouble, troubles of womb (vi) A grille with a star on, the Mount of Saturn means danger of partial apoplexy or paralysis. (vii) A grille with a fine Line of the Sun denotes poetical imagination, often found on literary women’s Hands.
VENUS: (i) A bunch of Lines much crossed, results in confusion. A passionate disposition. (ii) A grille on a bad hard palm shows lasciviousness and unhealthy curiosity. (iii) The Mount grilled all over: Caprice in passion.
ON THUMB: A grille near the nail (with other confirmatory signs) means a husband or wife in so danger of death by the said wife or husband.
FIRST FINGER: (I) On the first phalanges means prison, convent life, the characteristic of persecuting fanatics. (ii) On the second phalanges indicates perfidious instincts, notoriety. (iii) On the third phalanges means a thoroughly corrupt nature, often prison.
SECOND FINGER: (I) Second phalanges forebodes ill luck. (ii) phalanges: Insanity peculiar to misers.
THIRD FINGER: (I) First phalanges: Insanity of the worst type. (ii) Second phalanges: Most envious disposition. (iii) Third phalanges: Poverty, envy, deserved humiliation of all kinds.
FOURTH FINGER: (i) First phalanges: Stuttering black magic, thieving instincts, all the worst  features of the Mount of Mercury. (ii) Second phalanges: Prison, also silliness in the conduct of one’s affairs. (iii) Third phalanges: Implies stupidity, thievery.
THE TASSEL: It's a general sign of weakness. On the termination of Life Line, it shows money losses, weakness and deterioration of health conditions, with age. Over the Line of Head, it denotes a weakening of mental clarity and approaching senility or old age. At the termination of the Line of Heart it results in deteriorating heart condition or emotional trauma that has left the individual very feeble and unstable.
Fork: It’s a negative marking. Exception: Life Line beginning with it, shows, sense of justice and fair play.
THE CIRCLE: It's a negative marking. On Life Line it shows blindness. Exception: On Sun or Saturn, it gives success-fame-glory. The circle is a very rare marking in palmistry. It is an evil mark, unless it be on a mount, in which case it usually augments the powers and promise of a mount. If it touches any line, it brings inescapable misfortune to the line it touches. The native would go round and round in a circle without being able to break through and get free out of life's hassles.
BAR-TRANSVERSE-HORIZONTAL LINES: It's a negative-evil sign. It reduces the strength of the line cut by it. It nullifies the positive qualities of any mount over which it is found. Though a person may have the markings of a heroic mount, these qualities can be reduced if it has a score of transverse lines. If transverse lines are found across the Mount of Mercury, it indicates that the bearer will use his/her talents of diplomacy and tact for deceit and guile for ill gains. Over Mars and Venus these lines show opportunities of passions. Any line which touch the life line is generally indicative of sex and the one which cuts the life line indicates health hazards-diseases-weakness of body systems due to sexual intercourse. In case it penetrates in to the great triangle-Rahu Kshetr, trouble is associated with it. If it cuts the line of head simultaneously surety of tensions, is indicated. Exception: Bar-Parallel line results in repairing the main lines-adjoining line. A line running parallel to line of life always protect the bearer from imminent-potential danger, since it turns into line of Mars.
VERTICAL MARKS: Vertical markings are a benefice sign. If found on the mounts, they heighten its positive qualities and assist in annulling any poor signs also located on the mount. They are the opposites of the aforementioned transverse markings. Vertical markings upon the Mount of Mercury will bring a great deal of tact and loquaciousness to serve for pleasant communication and friendship. It will emphasize science and business skills. Two vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury are often the symbol of a Doctor or Biologist. Near the Rascette (-मणिबन्ध) they indicate brothers or sisters on the right hand of male and uncles and aunts on the left hand of the male.
DROOPING OFF SHOOTS: Lines that droop from any larger line indicate a disappointment in life. Along the Line of Heart, it denotes disappointment in love-illicit relations-flirtation or an unfortunate event in which the individual became too emotionally involved. Along the Line of Head, it may signify the obstruction of one's ideals or disillusionment
RISING OFF SHOOTS: They represent periods of sudden inspiration, fruition, and happiness. It will draw upon the qualities of the mount that it is directed to. An offshoot springing from the Line of Head and nearing the Mount of Mercury is a sign of scientific prowess-perhaps an invention or a discovery or a synthesis of concepts that have long been drifting through the individual's mind, but had hitherto been dissociated. Off shoot facing Sun success-fame-brilliance-wealth-name -glory. Offshoot to Mercury-monetary gains. Off shoot to Saturn good luck and to Jupiter devotion to Almighty-religion-administrative success.
THE SPOT-DOT:  It's a negative possession. The spot is a sign of a distinct event or malady, though it often comes in groups that denote a chronic disorder. If found on a line, it typically signifies a temporary illness corresponding to the line, e.g., a spot on the Line of Head indicates some violence to the head or brain fever. Below the Mercury a dark-deep spot shows blindness. Below the Sun it indicates poor eye sight.
SISTER LINES:  They support the line along which they follow. Some sister lines are quite common, such as the Line of Mars, which accompanies and strengthens the constitution denoted by the Line of Life; The Line of Apollo is a sister line for the Line of Fate, as it serves a similar function and accentuates the fulfillment one feels in the course of their career. Sister lines protect and heal lines that are broken, crooked, frayed or side by side. Lest a line exist with several negative markings, sister lines will be the guiding hand that shall shield the bearer from the brunt of life's assaults.
THE TRIDENT: It's a most propitious marking wherever it may lay. If it rises from a line, it will expound the qualities of that line and draw additional power from the mounts or lines that branch on either side head towards. If found on a mount, the trident carries with it great flourish of the properties of that mount in conjunction with its neighboring mounts. The trident is such a powerful symbol that it eclipses the star in beneficence. However one with this sign must resort to the the devotion of Bhagwan Shiv. Those having trident at the termination of Line of Head between the Mount of Mercury and the Sun are genus scientists-engineers-researchers.
THE SQUARE:It is four sided closed figure. It may be in the form of a quadrilateral or rectangle. It may be found independently or by the chance crossing of lines. It is a benefice symbol called the mark of preservation. It shows escape from danger at a particular moment of time.. It protects the bearer from turmoil, when associated with chained, is landed, broken or dotted lines It repairs the defects of any line. It may show negative impact only when it appears in close proximity of the Life Line over the Venus, where it shows detention, incarceration-segregation from society whether willingly or otherwise. In case the bearer is jailed, it is for his benefit, since he may be killed out side the jail if there is cross over Saturn. Over the Mounts, it denotes protection from any excess arising-exaggerationIt shows that the trouble-difficulty will come, but pass off without harming the bearer. An independent square is auspicious. In case it is present on the mount or the line which is free from defects, It enhances the qualities of it. Bearer of this mark is helped by the in laws. It protects the bearer from being egoistic-proud if found over Jupiter proving him administrative caliber-power.
OVER THE MOUNT OF JUPITER:  One's ambitions are guided by Soberness. He is protected-preserved from social failures. He is blessed with the capacity to command and administration. He is protected against intoxication of success and ambitions. His ego-pride remain under control. It grants preservation from social failures and  capacity to command.
OVER THE MOUNT OF SATURN: (i) On the apex of the Mount: It protects one from fatality that shadows his life. (ii) A square on the Mount and a star within a square: It means that the possessor will escape from assassination. (iii) A square with red dots on the corner: It implies preservation of the life of the bearer from fire. (iv) Under the Mount close to the Line of Fate: It means protection from disaster-financial losses even accident. It represents accumulation-enhancement of wealth-property as well.
OVER THE MOUNT OF SUN: It will protect the artist from exploitation. Name-fame-wealth will not intoxicate the bearer. 
OVER THE MOUNT OF MERCURY: One is protected from heavy financial loss in trade-business and from a restless and mercurial temperament. It will protect from health problems and hallucination. He will be able to take right decisions pertaing to trade-research-innovation. It grants protection from conspiracy & enhances the power to express-writing It helps in the recovery of money-wealth.
OVER THE MOUNT OF MARS: (i) A violent temper held in check by reason-prudence, when it appears over Mental Mars. (ii) When the Mount is below normal, it implies protection against physical harms.  (iii) Property taken over by the government or someone else is recovered. (iv) Cure from skin diseases. (v) Protection from worries. (vi) Protection from stomach defects, irritable behavior, maintenance of harmonious relation, success in property-wealth deals and protection from quarrels. (vii) Square present on the Line of Mars provides protection of spouse from illness and death.
OVER THE MOUNT OF MOON-LUNA: It provides protection against bad markings on the Mount such as power of imagination, travel, disappointments, bladder and kidney troubles, water disease and dropsy. It protects the bearer from ill effects of water and drowning, when the Line of Head is drooping over the Luna. It enhances interest in religious activities. It further protects one from ill effects of crisscross (-intersecting) lines, leading to unconsciousness, hysteria, nightfall (-sperm discharge during sleep).It provides protection to one against excessive thinking-imagination-day dreaming. 
OVER THE MOUNT OF VENUS:  (i) When the square is found over the lower part of the Mount and close to the Life Line, but not touching it, protects one from imprisonment or indicates cloistered life-secluded life, inside a place such as monastery-convent-religious place, seclusion in a quiet place-jungle-cave hill-mountain. (ii) When square is present at the center of the Mount, the possessor will fall into all kinds of danger through passions but will manage to escape. (iii) When on the Mount is present inside the Life Line, it indicates preservation from trouble brought on by passions but the subject will manage to escape.It strengthens the sperms, enhances potency, healthcare  maintains of harmony and good relations in the family. Possessor is blessed with good memory. Independent Square close to the Life Line on the Venus: Involvement in police-court cases-more is the number of squares, more is the number of cases-imprisonment with other negative signs. In case it is present outside, on the side of Luna, it gives protection from illness and accidents. Its presence at the termination of the Life Line indicates good health, during the last lap of life. Since, it’s a sign of protection; the bearer might be protected inside the prison as well.
OVER THE LIFE LINE: (i) When Life Line passes through a square, it denotes protection from death even if this Line be broken at that point. (ii) If the Line is overlapping-ladder shaped-fragmented, it denotes recovery from severe illness. (iii) A square on or near the Line denotes a sign of preservation from grave illness or trouble or rapid recuperation. (iv) St. Andrew’s Cross within a square on a Line means great danger will be visited, but its consequences will not be harmful. (v) Life Line broken in a square means recovery from a great illness. (vi) When a square is found outside the Line and touches it from the plain of Physical Mars, it denotes imprisonment or seclusion from the world for his own protection.
SQUARE OVER THE LINE OF HEAD:  (i) Line of Head runs through a square: It means that the intelligence of the possessor-prudence will save him from the worst consequences of a grave accident or misfortune. (ii) When placed-found above the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn: It denotes preservation from some danger to the head. (iii) If the Line of Head has this mark, enclosing any portion of it: It denotes that the danger to brain would be averted. (iv-i) If it covers an island over the Line of Head: The bearer will be protected from his own fury-anger-guilt. (iv-ii) It gives protection from the ill effects of island, cross, star or any other defect below the Mount of Saturn. (v) Defect free line with squares: It shows gains from new ventures and protection of money from extravagances. (vi) Its presence on the line: It may indicate illness of someone in the family-death is ruled out. (vii) Its presence at the termination: It shows good mental health before death. (viii) Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a broken Life LineSon-Daughter-Wife protected from death. (ix) Square on the Line of Head, Line of Marriage meets Line of Heart or the Line of Mars is is landed: Safety-Protection of the spouse from death. Square provide safety-protection by covering island. (x) Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Line of Fate: Defects like removal from job-stoppage of work-business are covered. (xi) Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Fate Line, in the plain of MarsIt protects from danger. (xii) Square on the Line of Head accompanied by a square on the Line of Fate, towards the Life Line: It provides safety in domestic relations. (xiii) Square on the Line of Head accompanied by another square on the Line of Fate, on the side of Luna: Possessor is protection from danger during travel.
OVER THE HEART LINE: (i) A square on or close to the Line of Heart: It indicates  some sort of preservation from physical harm-high blood pressure-heart attack or sorrow caused by disappointment in love. (ii) Heart Line runs through a square: It denotes some heart trouble brought on by affection. (iii) Heart Line runs through a square under the Mount of Saturn: It denotes some fatality to a person of the subject’s affection.It protects from shocks, heart diseases. (iv) If located under the Saturn: It protects from tooth diseases, electricity and fire.
OVER THE LINE OF FATE:  (i) A square covering the breaks into the Line of Fate: It saves him from financial loss or disaster or loss of position and failure. (ii) When a square is found close to the Line of Fate and under the Mount of Saturn: It indicates a lucky escape from some accident. (iii) When a square is found close to the Line of Fate and under the Mount of Saturn & a square touches the Fate Line: It denotes preservation from accident. (iv) When the Fate Line runs through a square:  It means that one of the greatest financial disasters will be averted. (v) If the square touches the Fate Line within the great Triangle towards the Mount of Venus: It denotes danger from accident in home life. (vi) If the square touches the Line of Fate but on the side towards the Mount of the Moon: It denotes danger of accident during travel. (vii) A square on the Mount of Saturn and a Fate Line running through it up to the third phalanges of the second Finger: It means protection against a disastrous possibility, perhaps at the tail end of one's life.(viii) Financial gains, protection from losses. (viii) Presence of squares on both the sides of the line: It shows addition of property-which is significant in the life of the individual, which is also square shaped.
OVER THE SUN LINE:  It implies preservation or rescue from attack against the subject’s reputation and against money losses. Its presence enhances honor-prestige, protection from defame-bad name, keeps the eye sight intact-free from defects.
INSIDE THE QUADRANGLE-INDR KSHETR: (i) A square in a quadrangle normally shaped: It shows an extremely quick temper but a kind heart. (ii) Touches any of the  the main Lines: It provides protection against imperfection of that Line. One is bound to invite trouble due to his passions-sensuality-lust-sexuality-flirtation-infatuations but the mere presence of this mark of protection saves him.
INSIDE THE DEEP TRIANGLE-RAHU KSHETR:  A square not touching any of the main Lines: It gives a warning of a most serious danger, but again to be averted.
PhotoHRR HITLER (Born on April 20, 1889, Austria Died: April 30, 1945, Berlin, Germany, Full name : Adolf Hitler )Though the lines are not very clear, yet some conclusions can be derived and verified.
Presence of a cross in the beginning of Luck Line: Tragedy in early child hood, marred up bringing. Thereafter line is good till it meets a cross on the right side of Luck Line around the age of 60, sure sign of un natural death. His death occurred at the age of 56 which is ascertained confirmed by the length of Life Line and the length of heart Line which meets the Luck Line.
Life Line too ends up in a cross: Sure sign of untimely death, before 60.
Line of Head ends in a hook turning upward: Mental blockade, incorrect decisions. Worst possible indication-rarest of rare.
Life line and Line of Head are joined but separated quickly: This is a sign which is generally found over the hands of the people who are sure/destined to rule-direct-shape the future. A big island is notices at the age of 5-10, which is a sign of illness-pain-anger-misfortune.
Sun Line appears only after the age of 52. Recognition/success comes after 52 years of age. Line is not so good.
Heart Line : Not good. Merges with Line of Fate at around 55 years of age. Fate blocks the longevity.
PhotoMAHATMA GANDHI:(Birth: October 2,1869, Murder: January  30,1948) 
A star on 3rd phalanges of 2nd finger (-Saturn finger) predicts assassination.
Presence of Line of Intuition indicated the capability to see future and his own death.
Luck Line is wavy and stops over the Line of Heart, shows continuously changing events-luck, instability in life.
Heart Line has a trident at the termination, which indicates his immense-unparalleled popularity, in India and the world over. This trident is generally present over the palm of religious/saintly/godly people. Main component of Heart Line is seen touching the Line Of head, in a down ward direction, which is not a good indication, heart is ruled by the head.
Double Line of Head makes him a peculiar person-capable of performing two different tasks at the same time, simultaneously, with success. These lines are joined to the Life Line for a while, but separates soon, there after, an indication for the leadership.Both lines bends in down ward direction leaning over Luna, making him a very imaginative person.
Dual Line of Head shows dualness of character-behavior, in a way it's not a good sign, to possess.
Sun Line is present only after the age of 60. Main line is accompanied by 3 smaller fragments, which shows diversity of interest, as well. Late success.
HIS HIGHNESS DALAI LAMA : Wide gaps between the fingers, measure a span of 7 years at all the three stages.
Presence of Special Luck Line makes a person acquire riches-wealth-status. The bad omen associated with this line is that the bearer suffers due to the makings-mistakes of others. Luck Line forked in the beginning, moves close to the Life Line and reaches the Mount of Saturn, making squares or rectangles between the age of 50 to 70 years-a sure sign for Godly protection.
Life Line and the Line of Head are joined for a while making him a leader.
Lines travelling to the Heart Line from Mental Mars or Prajapati, makes him a spiritual person.
Line of Head is drooping down the Luna making him a widely travelled person. It is forked in the middle of the palm. Both prongs travel to Luna. The upper prong rests in the middle of Luna. It blesses him with the power of imagination.
Presence of Line of Mercury is generally inauspicious by the health point of view. In this case it imparts capacity to peep into the future. Another interpretation blesses him with riches.
Influence Lines starting over Mars and intersecting the Life Line in addition to the Luck Line are not good. They create hurdles in his path. One such line reaches the Line of Heart, which is inauspicious by the angle of affections-attachments.
Thick-heavy Travel Line over Luna makes him  a person who travels, too frequently.

A very thick supporting life line is present over the hand towards Venus by the side of the Line Of Life, which shows the impact of the personality of some very influential person over him.
There is a semi-circle arch connecting the two lines at a very late stage.
Longevity, above 80 years.
SWAMI VIVEKANAND: (Birth-12.07.1863, Death-04.07.1902) 
Life Line is small,, which makes one conclude that he died at an early stage. Normally a person survives for a long period of time if his line of Heart is long and the Life Line is covered by the Line of Luck. The fatality has one reason-poor, broken Line of Mercury.
The Heart Line has a trident indicating vast popularity-admiration enjoyed by him, even after his death at an early age. A lower branch of Heart Line attacks the Line of Head at an early age, cutting the Line of Fate, along with formation of two triangles between the Line of Head and the Line of Heart, which endowed him spirituality and health defects. One right  most branch reaching Saturn indicates attraction towards a person who is inclined to the upper world. The branch resting over Jupiter shows ambition guided by love. The branch resting between the Mount of Jupiter and the Saturn makes him a person who could win friends very easily-friendly nature. In early child hood the Heart Line indicates clinks. Two more branches are seen occupying firm position over Jupiter, indicating ideal behavior.
Presence of very delicate Line of Mercury shows very sensitive health conditions.
Sun Line: At least 5 branches are found. One branch begins from the Luck Line, but stops just before the Line of Head-mind did not permit the path to follow. Another Line starts from the Line of head it self and moves to the mount of Sun. This line made him take decisions pertaining to his future course of action which brought name-fame-success, added-supported by mental power. Two thick lines moves from the Upper Mars-Mental mars to  the Mount of Sun awarding spirituality with name fame-success.
Travel Lines: Multiple travel lines are observed, which made him a widely traveled person.
Luck Line : It begins from Ketu  and merges with the Line of Heart before reaching Saturn. A thick-sharp line starts from the Line of Head and looks to the Mount of Saturn. There is a supporting Luck Line, which forms a rectangle between the Line of Head, Line of Heart and two Luck lines. A sure sign of protected Luck added with religiosity.
OBAMA: Line of Head begins quite  high on the Mount of Jupiter, takes the shape of sword and terminates between the Mount of Sun and the Mount of mercury which is the best possible formation regarding this line. There is a little fork at  the age of around 12 years. This is again fortunate for the bearer since it enhances-boosts mental power/energy. People with this indication reach highest office in their field. Wide gap between the Line of Head and the Life Line are sure to make him independent from very early age. Such people often commit blunders, if the Line of Head and the Life Line are not connected by some small upward branches, which are clearly seen in this hand.                                                           
Line of Mercury endows-grants him, with the power to deal with most intricate situations successfully, capability to bringing America's economy on the right track.  It awards intuition as well.
Luck Line which starts from Luna and reaches Saturn, which proves that he is a self made man, but the destiny will play a major role in his life, as well. One up ward branch starts from the Life Line and merges with the Luck Line, shows that such people are always helpful in nature. 
Obama's Right hand
Sun Line too is clearly visible, showing that he will obtain name-fame-success-riches-wealth-admiration-honors at the age of 50 or a bit earlier. In fact the Sun Line starts showing around 38 years of age. At this age some one influenced by him will start recognizing and pushing him ahead. A branch of Line of Head goes to Sun making him a person, who can achieve success due to his advanced mental capabilities-acumen ship-cleverness. 
Life Line is good and supported by the Mars Lines, protecting him from physical assaults/injuries.There are two Life Lines running parallel to one another which provides strength to him. First Line is read as the main Life Line, while the second (-sister )line is the Mars Line, which protects a person from accidents and illness, in addition to awarding strength, till it is seen by the side of Life Line.  
The Heart Line is broken at the age of  around 56-60 years . He should be cautious as soon  this period approaches with respect to his health and safety. As a matter of fact the Luck Line-carrier is obstructing his Heart Line, which means his work may have impact over his health. Line of Heart is incomplete and irregular in thickness leading to the base of the Mount of Jupiter, awarding him a life span of more than 70 years and idealness in love affairs. He may not have experienced love from the family members, relatives, friends etc. 
Rising of the Line of Heart from the junction of the Saturn finger and the Jupiter finger shows that he is good at winning people. In addition he is awarded withe instinct to judge whether the relation is good or bad, fruitful or not.
Here, a segment of Special Luck Line appears, which may protect his Life and grant unexpected success in many fields, in addition to wealth. This line has a peculiar impact: the possessor is punished for the guilt/mistakes of others.
Mount of Mercury is good which awards him capability to manipulate and cleverness-craftsmanship, besides reasoning. 
One good omen in his hand is the absence of multiple lines or intersecting lines.
A PERSON BORN TO RULE THE STATE/HEARTS OF PEOPLE.                             
Left hand-
parental tendencies
Its not possible to describe the hand completely/accurately, since prints of the arches present over the tips of his fingers are not available. 
His left hand is markedly different from the right hand. Line of Head rises quite high over the Jupiter and the Life Line separates after running with it, for a short while. As such there are three lines equivalent to Life Line, which gives protection-safety  to his father till the age of 35-40 years. Line of Head is inclined over the Luna which shows that the tendencies-imagination-thoughtfulness,  are not acquired by him from his father. Left hand shows Line of Sun as well. The Line of Heart in both the hands is identical proving there by that the age of the duo i.e., father and son may be more or less equal. One branch of the Line of Heart touches the Line of Head at the point of beginning of the joint Line of Head and the Line of Life, which is never considered a good omen-with respect to his father. Still the hand is good.
One peculiar formation observed in his hand is presence of raised muscles-ridges-arches, which shows that this person must have had worked as a labor.

ALBERT EINSTEIN (14 March 1879–18 April 1955, German-born) :: The two hands show remarkable similarity, proving that the son inherited his physique and mentality-intelligence, from his father. Shape of the two hands is same, rounded at the base.
LINE OF HEAD is separate-detached from the Life Line which shows independence from the early child hood. After the age of 45 years the Line of Head moves down wards, making the person more thoughtful and imaginative. There are two forks  there after, blessing him with scientific aptitude, especially the branch which forms a rectangle-quadrangle at the mental mount of Mars, with the help of another prong. Square-quadrangle is a sure sign of preservation and protection.
SUN LINE originates over lower Luna and travels up to the Mount of Sun. A sure sign of success in his endeavors. The place where it begins-originates, shows that it blessed the bearer with intellect, associated with vision and intuition. Name, fame, honor, reputation and unmatched success.
A thick up ward branch of the Life Line, moves over to the Jupiter at 10-12 years of age, just running over the Line of Head which made him an ambitious child. A heavy branch of Life Line moves over Luna shows dissipation of energy, loss of vigor  vitality, money losses and vitality. It foretells journeys abroad, as well.
An Influence Line is seen running parallel to the Life Line which makes him strong enough to do work for longer hours. In fact this line is a bit away from the Life Line, still it is performing the function of the Line of Mars. One thing is certain : He must have some mentor-ideal in his pursuits/endeavors/experiments/writings/innovations.
Heart Line is not good.
Venus is cris-crossed forming a number of rectangles, which is not a good/auspicious formation.
CHEIRO'S HAND  (1866-1936) 
2 LINES OF HEAD : He was born with two Lines of Head. The basic Line of Head is tied with the Life Line, which provides him a very cautious nature. Other one is independent and rises from the Mount of Jupiter. This line was sufficient to raise him to the peak in his carrier, (-especially administration, had he joined it). In this case he formed the most eminent Palmist in the world, of his times. Upper Line of Head divides the hand in two portions. Upper half shows the love, affections and the spiritual world. The lower segment makes him a pragmatic/practical person pertaining to money matters. Upper line is not straight which prevented the desired success. Since, it terminates at Luna, it made him a thinker-visionary. 35th year was very crucial in his life as a star formation accompanied with a triangle are visible, which are sufficient to show that he got name-fame-success, in addition to wealth.
4-Luck Lines: The basic line starts from the age of 6-7. It shows that at the time of birth, his father did not have sufficient funds for the welfare of his family. This segment stops at the age of 50 years forming Mystic Cross between the Lines of Heart and the Line of Head, in addition to formation of triangles, which shows accumulation of wealth/property.
2nd line begins from the Luna at a later stage, this line shows the impact of some women over his carrier/personality and stops at 35th year, giving rise to a Sun line.
Duality of Lines of Head is not a good sign. It reflects duality of behavior-character, one component  of which always remains masked from the world.
3rd Line of Head starts at 38th year and continues up to the age of 63, over lapping with the Special Luck Line.
4th segment constitutes Special Luck Line, which is formed by the break up of of the 3rd Luck Line. A segment is covering the two lines. Special Luck Line is more or less Saturn Ring/Girdle-which endows the bearer with wealth even if he is born in a poor family. This line awards faith in the Almighty and enhances spirituality. Such people are punished for the guilt of others.
2 Sun Lines: Ist seems to be a component of the Luck Line and goes up to the Mount of Sun granting success-name-fame-riches-wealth. 2nd component too starts from another Line of Head. These two Sun Lines are sufficient to show-conclude that he might have utilized his energies for material success.
Line of Heart: This line is not that good but shows longevity up 70 years approximately. One branch of it touches the Line of Head which shows that the Heart is ruled by the Head. An in auspicious indication.
Jupiter Girdle/ring awarded spirituality to him.
Sun Girdle awarded him riches, success, name, fame. He is remembered all over the world for his work on Palmistry, which he learnt in India, Banaras-Kashi (-बनारस, वाराणसी, काशी). Some of interpretations pertaining to influence lines are grossly in correct-misleading and leads the Palmists to make in correct predictions.
Line of Intuition: This line if formed by the combination of the Line of Mercury and awarded him the power to see the future events in advance. He must have utilized the gift for making correct predictions. This line is incomplete/broken which could make false conclusions.
Line of Mercury starts from the Venus, which is a clear indication of some ailment, especially connected to sex and working capability. Since it travels to Mercury, it interpretation changes to that of a money making personality-cleverness (-even crookedness).
Life Line is good with numerous branches moving in an upward direction neutralizing the impact of the Line of Mercury and awarding him riches-free flow of finances. One segment at the age of 28-30 made him an ambitious person-in fact the leader in the art and science of Palmistry.
Travel Lines are also visible, which helped him travelling abroad.
Mount of Venus is covered with numerous vertical and horizontal lines, making rectangles-quadrangles-marks of protection from evil/falsehood.
HILLARY CLINTON :: Life Line and the Line of Head are joined for a while. Cautious nature with boldness-maturity at an early date. This gives balance headedness. Good at judgement.
Line of Head terminates between the Mount of Mercury and Mount of Sun. Excellent indication for one to be a good administrator. Line of Head terminates over Luna which provides capability to create-innovation-imagination.
Luck supported quite late around 12-15 years of age. Another Luck Line on Luna moving to the main Luck Line shows own efforts to build future. If this line meets Luck Line, happy marriage.
Line of Intuition is visible-can see events-developments in advance.
Sun Line starts from Life Line. Excellent indication as it provides the possessor with the nature to help others/needy.
More than two Luck Lines and Sun Lines are visible. Interest in two different trades/fields. Name-fame-success is certain, but the extent to which desired, may not be possible. If she puts-channelise all her energies in one direction only, the desired result will be seen immediately.  
Now, you see she failed to become US president, in spite of maintaining lead throughout but the email scandal took away the sheen out of her  campaign.[18.02.2107]
A small segment of Sun Line is visible between the mounts of Sun and Saturn fingers, which shows that the possessor is a learned-enlightened  person from previous births.
The Lines of Life and Line of Heart are there but not clear in the print.
Life Line is supported in the beginning up to the age of 25 years, which protected her life from accidents and provided strength-vitality till that age.
Heart  Line terminates between the Mounts of Saturn and Jupiter which provides her sensuality added with sensibility. Such people are good at making friends and communicate.
Two Triangles are seen (I) formed by the Luck Line, Line of Head and the Sun Line. Triangle is large but gives strength to her to eliminate the foe-enemy, along with spirituality, strength, wealth and unusual power. (II) This triangle is formed by the combination of Line of Intuition, Line of Head and the Line of Mercury. Her acumen ship pertaining to business is remarkable. She should care of her health.She should learn Yog and do practice for one hour, every day.
HAND OF ARVIND KEJRIWAL :: Life Line makes a big curve at the end, making the Venus too large, indicating that he is capable of working for longer hours. Enlarged Venus awards potency as well and love for art-creativity.
Longevity: Life span more than 70 years.
Heart Line: Slightly curved, resting over Jupiter-a straight forward man, but a day dreamer. The curve makes is close to the Line of Head leading to Asthma-lung trouble.
Line of Head tied to the Life Line with an island in the beginning: Sever illness in early child hood or some unfortunate event. The juncture is small, making him capable of rising to high office in governance. Line of Head is curved and long crossing the Mental Mars-slightly bent over Luna-Not good for decision making and makes the possessor day dreamer.
Luck Line: A very straight line starting from Luna and travelling to Saturn. A more or less self made person.
Sun Line is visible but help the possessor after 50 years of age, providing fame, success and wealth.
Line of Marriage is good smooth and fore tells of happy married life.
A branch of Life Line travelling to Mercury: A very strewed person. He is capable of extracting his pie-gains from unbelievable quarters. He has proved to be congenital lair. He is perfect at blaming others. He is a man who should not be believed under any circumstances.
Triangle formation by the combination of Line of Head, branch of Life Line to Mercury and the Luck Line : Capable of elimination  of the person-evil, whom he chase or wish to finish. 
A small line originating out of the the Sun finger: Can not tolerate injustice.
This is indicative of love-opportunity of love that arose in one's life, flirtations-liaisons. Sexuality is determined by the down ward branches of the Lines of Heart intruding into the Indr Kshetr, lines moving from Mars to Life Line cutting Life Line and the Lines which rise horizontally over the Venus. Luna too has lines which approach the Line of Fate culminating into love and sexuality. Indr Kshetr describes passions-sensuality etc.
Absence of the Line of Marriage: It indicates a person who is not willing to shoulder the burden/cudgels of married life, lack of passion/attraction/love for opposite sex. Still he may have frequent sex as and when he desire.
The marriage line is a small line found by the left side of the Mount of Mercury, over the percussion-edge of the hand. These lines are placed horizontally at the percussion of the hand between the Line of heart and the base of the Mount of Mercury.
Its known as, The Lines of Affection, The Lines of Union & The Lines of Sexuality as well. In fact it has nothing to do with sexuality. It merely represents the opportunities has in his life for marriage-deep attachment, which may be resulted out of deep love from a person of opposite sex. They may reveal the sexual potency of an individual. They reveal vital aspects of sex-partnership,as well.
Slopes towards the Line of Heart: Widowhood or widower hood.

Curves upward: Subject may not marry. Conflict of interest-opinion, with the spouse.
Close to the Heart Line: Matrimony may take place between 18 and 21 years, early marriage-even child marriage.
A branch or the line it self reaching the Mount of Sun: A brilliant union, financial support from the in laws.
Broken: Separation or divorce

Long Line: Affection continues longer

Thin Line: No real strong passion for sex life.

Firstly deep and gradually grows thin: Steady decline of sexual vitality.

Firstly thin and gradually becomes stronger: Increase in sexual vitality.

A single Line: Deep affection relating to opposite sex but normal sexual potentiality.

Many Lines: Presence of periodicity in the display of sexual passion.

Small segments: Flirtations.
Line not rising, till the palm: Liaison, not resulting into marriage.
Rising off shoots: Happy and prosperous married life.

Cross on line: Engagement or marriage will be broken.

Island on the Line: Some unhappiness during the course of affection.

Cross on the line: Serious impediment to affection.

Terminates with star: Affection (-false), used as a means of exploitation.

Terminates with a fork: Separation of married partners, due to subject's faults.

Line starting with a fork: Marriage will not materialize due to travel. Unusual affection.
A black spot on the Line: Widow hood or widower hood

Full of little islands or downward branches: Subject may not marry.

A short line runs parallels: Relationships existed prior (or after) marriage.

Short line under the marriage line: An affair during marriage.
(1) The Line of Marriage: The horizontal line parallel to the Line of Heart, rising from the edge/percussion to the Mount of Mercury. A normal Line of Marriage is one which is neither too broad nor too thin and does not rise over 1/3rd of Mercury.
(2) A line parallel to the Line of Head, just below it, merging into the Line of Fate: It represents deep love, turned into marriage.
(3) A line on Luna, rising up and merging into the Fate Line: Favorable marriage. A love affair turning into marriage
(4) Determination of the age of marriage(I)Line of Marriage lying close to the Heart Line: 14-21 years for girls, 18-25 for boys, (II) Line of Union is in between the Heart Line and the little finger; 21-28 for girls, 25-28 for boys, (III) Above the middle gap: Late marriage.
Gap between the Heart Line and the Mercury finger is considered to be 50 years, for males (-a male can reproduce till he survives) and 45 years for females, nearly. Right age of marriage for boys is 25-28 years and 18-21 years for girls.
(5) Small lines just above or below, parallel to the Line of Marriage: Casual/One side affairs/ Flirtations/Liaisons, not turning into marriage
(6) Branch of Heart Line falling over the Line of Fate, forming a triangle: A mutually beneficial relation associated with guilty intrigue, since the triangle is formed, below the Line of Heart.
(7) Down ward branch of the Heart Line: Attraction to opposite sex, not turning into socially recognized marriage.
(8) Down ward branch of the Heart Line, cutting the Line of Fate: A sex relation/ Casual affair bringing trouble and gain together. Cutting of Line of Fate- trouble, triangle formation on the Line of Fate-gain, triangle formed on lower side of the Line of Heart-negative energy/motive.
(9) Down ward branch of the Line of Heart, cutting the Line of Fate, terminating on the Line of Head: A casual relation, for fun/enjoyment/pleasure. Formation of triangles on the Line of Fate shows financial gains. Triangle below the Line of Heart shows negativity, while the one on the Line of Head, shows gains without harming the partner.
(10) Down ward branch of the Line of Heart cutting the Line of Fate, the Line of Head and proceeding further: This casual relation will prove to be harmful to the possessor as it will create trouble in business/work/job, in addition to mental tension and torture.
(11) Broken Line of Marriage: Separation.
(12) Is-landed Line of Marriage: Trouble through clandestine affairs.
(13) An Influence Line starting at Mental Mount of Mars, touching Line of Marriage and cutting all major lines: Divorce, associated with deep trouble.
(14) An upward line segment on Luna, moving towards Line of Fate, without touching/merging into it: A love or friendship not turning into marriage. Such segments may be termed as Line of Interest, only.
(15) Line of Fate is cut by a Line Segment from Luna: Love not turning into marriage, harming the individual. Well-developed Luna and Venus helps in materializing such marriages.
(16) A line segment starting over Luna or Mental Mount of Mars and running parallel to the Line of Fate: Caprice not love or marriage.
(17) A line segment starting from Upper Mars and merging into Sun Line: It indicates marriage.
(18) A cross on Jupiter: Happy married life.
(19) A line starting from Venus goes to Saturn, ending in a fork: Unhappy married life.
(20) A line from Venus cutting an upward branch of the Life Line and terminating at the Saturn or Mercury: This line results into divorce or separation.
(21) A line from the Venus cutting the Line of Marriage: Divorce against the possessor.
(22-1) A line starting at Venus, cutting an upward branch of Life Line, merging into downward prong of the Line of Marriage: It results in divorce in favor of the possessor.
(22-2) Single or double line from Venus, stopping/cutting Line of Fate: Possessor will face interference/resistance to marriage from the maternal side.
(23) Two lines independently arising at Venus, cuts two upward branches of the Life Line and travels up to the middle of the quadrangle, Sun Line broken up between these two lines: It leads to legal separation.
(24) An influence line rising from the Venus, moves up to Heart line, ending in a fork, accompanied by an island on the Line of Fate: It leads to divorce or separation, guilty intrigue may scandalize the whole affair.
(25) An upward branch of the Line of Heart ending in a crook on the Mount of Saturn: Mismatched/mis-mated.
(26) An is landed line from Venus cutting the Line of Head and the Line of Heart, travelling up to Mercury: It indicates guilty love affair, resulting in very serious consequences .Presence of island in the beginning, over Venus, too shows guilty intrigue; ruining the prospects of marriage of the possessor for the time being.
(27) Dots on the Line of marriage:: (I) Many dots : Continued illness of the spouse, (II) Single dot: Hindrance in marriage,(III) Single dot associated with across: Accident/Surgery, deforming/crippling the spouse, (IV) Black dot: Death of the spouse, (V) Dark red/Yellow spot: Poor health of the spouse.
(27-1) A line running from a dot over the Venus, cutting an upward branch of Life Line, accompanied by a cross on Jupiter: It leads to love marriage- terminating in separation. Presence of the cross shows that the possessor can handle the situation to avoid separation.
(28) Upward branches of the Line of Fate towards the Line of Heart, facing Mercury (I) not touching it: Love affairs not materializing into marriage, (II) touching it: Marriage solemnized. Two lines shows two affairs- the one close to the Fate Line, is the earlier one and the farther one shows, the later one. Formation of triangle indicates beneficial marriages, (III) cutting the Heart Line: Union going too far, to be avoided.
(29-1) Upward turn by the Line of Marriage towards the Mercury: The possessor is not inclined to marriage.
(29-2) The Line of Marriage touches the 3rd phalanges of the Mercury finger: Possessor may not marry at all. If the possessor gets married, he may die soon, thereafter.
(29-3) Upward turn by the Line of Marriage, towards the 3rd phalanges of the Mercury finger: The possessor will die before his mate.
(30) A grill on the Venus: It indicates passionate nature.
(30-1) Presence of grill on Venus associated by a Line of Interference: It signifies physical disparity between the mates.
(31) Jupiter finger is short and crooked, first phalanges of the thumb is large and second phalanges is short, over developed mounts, Heart Line short and without branches: Person is passionate, tyrannical, has no sense of honor or duty, unfit for marriage.
(32) Is landed Line of Union with fork, at the termination: Differences over tit bits.
(33) Thumb is starred, near the nail, with exaggerated Venus: It indicates immorality.
(34-1) Line of Marriage or its off shoot joins the Sun Line: Marriage to a person with name fame and wealth.
(34-2) Line of Union reaches the Mount of Sun: Brilliant marriage.
(35) Line of Union cuts the Sun Line: Marriage to an inferior person, disgrace, loss of position and riches, leading to frustration.
(36) A forked Line of Union joined by an upward branch of the Line of Heart: Happy married life. The off shoot tells of a person, who resolves the differences or conflicts with the spouse.
(37) Fine hair lines from the Line of Union: Illness or bad health of the spouse.
(38) Forked Line of Union is cut by an influence line from inside the triangle, after cutting the Line of Fate, the Sun Line, The Line of Head and the Line of Heart: Divorce.
(39) Influence line from Venus, touching the Heart Line: Heart trouble due to unfaithfulness of spouse.
(40) Influence line from Venus cutting the Line of Heart: Undue interference in family life. Identify and discard this person.
(41) Off shoot of the Line of Heart terminating deep into Mercury with an island on the Line of Fate: Divorce due to the guilty intrigue of the possessor.
(42) Off shoot of the Line of Marriage merges with the Line of Head: Differences in ideas/views leading to unhappy ending of marriage/divorce.
(43) Influence line from Venus, travelling into the great triangle, ending in a cross, surrounded by a square: The subject is protected from love trouble.
(44) Influence line through the is landed Life Line connecting the Line of Fate and the Line of Heart under the Saturn, in a woman’s hand: Seduction by a married man.
(45) Influence line beginning in a star, on the Venus, moving to Saturn to end in a fork: Unfortunate marriage.
(46) A curved line connecting the space between the Sun and Mercury fingers: Marriage will not be solemnized even if the Line of Marriage is present. (This curve should not be confused with the girdle of Saturn).
(47) A cross on the thumb accompanied by exaggerated and much rayed Venus: In-chastity-worst if Girdle of Venus is also present; still worst if the Girdle has a star on it.
(48) Two influence lines, beginning on Venus, fuses in a star on the Line of Fate: Two love affairs maintained simultaneously.
(49) An is landed influence line from Venus to the Heart Line: Guilty love affair, with serious consequences.
(50) Off shoot of the forked Line of Marriage goes up to an island on the Sun Line: Separation accompanied by scandal, disgrace and loss of position.
(51)An influence line emerging from the Life Line, from the date of marriage: It represents the spouse. It should not be confused with the Line of Mars, which runs very close and parallel to the Life Line. (1) Line is deep and well cut: Happy marriage, denoting the dominating influence of the spouse. (2) Line is faint: Marriage lacks harmony. Ending of this influence line in a star, indicates that the influence is over/death of the spouse.
(52) Forked beginning: Delayed marriage due to financial difficulties, ill health or travel abroad.
(53) Line of Marriage ending in a cross: Death of partner in an accident.
(54) Influence line starting on Venus and travelling to Luna, after cutting the Line of Fate and the Sun Line: Interference by a person of opposite sex brings misfortune to the possessor.
(55) Line of Influence from the Life Line, terminating on the Life Line itself, making a big island: Misfortune. Unhappy married life, followed by separation/arrest/divorce .Once the island opens up everything becomes alright, followed by happy married life, after remarriage.
(56) Line of Marriage is cut by vertical/perpendicular lines: Interference and opposition to marriage.
(57)Line of Marriage is broken: Possessor can overcome this serious defect by handling the situation tactfully, carefully and cautiously. Broken lines will either overlap or rejoin.
(58) Off shoot of the Life Line to Mars, on a woman’s hand: Unfavorable attachments in adolescent age, causing sorrow and pain to the possessor.
(59) Line of Marriage terminating on the Mount of Saturn, in a cross: Possessor will be hanged for murdering his wife.
(60). Line of Marriage, (I) forming helix/coil/ladder: All sorts of trouble in married life, (II) moving beyond 1/3rd of the Mount of Mercury: Never good, leaves the bearer unmarried, (III) Broad line: Loss of virginity, (IV) Thin line: Attachments in addition to the spouse. If this line overlaps with the main line, it shows homosexuality. A very thin line shows cold and indifferent nature causing unhappiness, (V) Wavy or cur-vial: Failure of marriage, (VI) Hook shaped: Loss of affection, accompanied by pain and sorrow, (VII) Fragmented line over a thin regular line towards the Line of Heart: Marriage will not solemnize. Relation will break before marriage.
(61) Forked Line of Marriage is cut by a line from the Line of Mars/Marriage: Trouble in family life due to illicit relations.
(62) A normal Line of Marriage, accompanied by a good Luck Line, being touched by a Line of Influence from Luna and from this juncture raises a clear Sun Line: Auspicious marriage
(63-1) A cross and a star on the Mount of Jupiter (I): Marriage to a wealthy person.
(63-2) A cross and a star on the Mount of Jupiter Line of Fate reaching Jupiter/merging into a good Line of Heart: Brilliant Marriage.
(64) Upward branch of Line of Marriage moves to the Mount Sun: Marriage with an artist.
(65) Line of Marriage bends towards the Heart Line: Spouse will die first.
(66) Line of Marriage joins Heart Line: Death of spouse is certain, bringing trouble and difficulty for the possessor.
(67) Bending Line of Marriage cuts the Line of Heart: Trouble and misery are certain in the absence of Luck Line or poor Luck Line, due to the death of spouse.
(68) Line of Marriage made up of small segments: Absence of love/flirtations.
(69) Line segments present over the Line of Marriage: Liaisons/flirtations, even after marriage.
(70) Line of Marriage is forked over Mercury: Spouse elopes with the lover.
(71) Line of Marriage is forked between the Sun and Mercury fingers: Marriage will not be solemnized due to obstacles.
(72) Lower prong of the Line of Marriage touches the Heart Line: Illicit relations with sister in law for male and with brother in law for the female; leading to troubled marriage.
(73) Lower prong of the forked Line of Marriage, cuts the Line of Heart: Spouse is deserted for his own sake.
(74) Lower prong of forked Line of Marriage, cuts the Line of Head: Possessor loses his mental balance due to death/desertion of spouse.
(75) Lower prong of the forked Line of Marriage cuts (I) the Sun Line: Scandal /loss of position, (II) the Line of Fate: Financial losses, (III) the Life Line: Illness, even death.
(76) A line from the Rascette moves to Saturn via the Mount of Venus: Marriage to an old person.
(77) A line from the Rascette moves to the Mount of Mercury via the Mount of Venus: Marriage to a trader.
(78) Line of Marriage terminating in a trident: Loss of affection.
D-1: Line of Death
D-2: Cross on Saturn
(1) Line of Death: It begins at the Mount of Venus and goes up to the Mount of Luna. If the line is small on the left hand, as compared to the right hand, the husband will survive the wife. If it is small on the right hand, as compared to the left hand, the wife should survive.
(2)A break in the Line of Head, below the Saturn followed by a split, without preservation marks/ signs (-Square, Line of Mars, Parallel lines, over lapping fragments of Line of Life), on the Life Line: Death may occur due to accident. If the same indication repeats, on the left hand as well, the event may be quite certain. Age indicated by the Mount of Saturn is between 21- 49 years- when the gap between the Saturn finger and Jupiter finger is wide. If the gap between the two fingers is narrow -between 21-42 years.
(3) Fate Line ends in a cross: Death may occur due to accident of some un- natural cause. Danger will be overcome, if the Fate Line continued further and the Life Line is unbroken at that age.
(4) Life Line ends with a deep spot/bar/short parallel line: Death will occur, at the date read from the Life Line.
(5) Three major lines (- Line of Life, Line of Head, and Line of Heart) joined together; in both the hands:  Sudden or violent death is predicted. The subject may loss of interest in family life, and become a hermit (Sanyasi), if the indication is present on the right hand only.
(6) Single short downward lines from the joints of all fingers: These lines illustrate death.
(7) A cross on the middle of the line of Head: Normally, the line of Head covers ¾ of the palm. In this case the middle is considered below the Mount of Saturn. Age is calculated by drawing perpendicular lines from the finger joints. Space joint between the Jupiter and Saturn finger reads 21 years, while between Saturn and Sun finger it is 42 years, add 7 years if the gap is wide enough.
D-4:Gandhi's Hand
(8) Presence of Grid/ Grill on the Mental/Upper Mount of Mars: Age and cause are read elsewhere.
(9) Stars on the second finger (Saturn) indicate death on the scaffold or even murder accompanied by abrupt termination of Life line or a cross in the plain of Mars (lower/Physical. A deep bar on the Life Line indicates the age of execution.
Mahatma Gandhi’s Case: Presence of a star on the 3rd phalanges of the second finger clearly indicates assassination .Presence of the Line of Intuition clearly shows that Gandhi Ji might be aware of it.
D-5: Hitlers Hand
Hitler’s Case: A small Line of Heart followed by a cross at the termination of the Life Line, which is also short; presence of a cross on the Mount of Saturn indicates, imprisonment. Presence of a spool at the termination the Line of Head shows arrest of mental faculties. Read together, these defects shows death on a secluded island.
(10)A line starting from the first phalanges of the thumb and cutting the Life Line: Death due to a metallic weapon- knife, sword, arrow etc.
(11) An arc cutting Life Line: Serious illness or death, if confirmed on both the hands.
(12) A line beginning on the second phalanges of the thumb and cutting the Line of Life: Sorrow from the faithlessness of the loved one, leading to death.
(13) A line starting from the Venus, cutting the Life Line: Death of a relative or close person.
(14) A line starting on the Venus, cutting the Line of Life, Line of Fate and Sun Line; terminating in a dot on the Line of Marriage: Widowhood.
(15) A line starting from a star, on the Mount of Venus, goes up to the Mount of Saturn, ending in a fork: Death of the spouse/insanity.
(16) A line starting on the Venus in a star, reaching the Sun: Death/insanity of a relative or a close person, leading to ultimate ruin.
(17) From the point of merger, of a line starting on the Venus in a star and merging with the Line of Fate; a Sun Line starts: Death of a near and dear, leading to prosperity.
(18) A line beginning in a star, cutting the Line of Fate: Subjects carrier is affected adversely, due to the death of a relative or someone close to him.
(19) A branch of the Line of Heart cuts the Line of Fate, producing a gap on it, on a woman’s hand: Death of the spouse or the person on whom the subject depended financially. This prediction may not be true, if the woman is earning.
(20) Line of marriage bends in the down ward direction, towards the Line of Heart: Spouse will die first. If the Line of Marriage touches/cuts the Line of Heart, death is certain.
(21) Line of Marriage curves towards the Mercury finger: Subject will die first. Time period of widowhood/ widower hood, will depend over the length of the curve-larger the curve, longer the period.
(22) A grill on the thumb, near the nail: Danger to life from the spouse.
(23) An off shoot of the Life Line running to Venus is either starred/has breaks/gaps or cut by a deep line: It denotes- mishap or death of the person, referred to by the off shoot, a Line of Influence.
(24) A deep and thick line beginning on the Jupiter finger: It represents death sentence.
(25) A line cutting the three phalanges on the finger of Saturn: It indicates death in a quarrel.
(26) Any line beginning from the base of Jupiter finger, and touching the first phalanges of the thumb: It describes death sentence awarded by the court of law.
(27) A single horizontal line present on the second phalanges of the Saturn finger: Death by poisoning.
(28) A single inclined line on the third phalanges of the Saturn finger: Death in a quarrel.
(29) Two or three vertical lines, on the first phalanges of the Saturn finger: It describes suicidal tendencies, supported by other indications like, sloping Line of Head, moving to Luna.
(30) Broken line, connecting the base of Jupiter finger: Snake/animal bite.
(31) Three horizontal lines cut by four vertical lines on Luna: Suicide by jumping in pond/lake/river.
(32) A cross at the termination of a line, moving to Luna: Danger of drowning.
(33) A cross on Luna accompanied by another cross on Saturn at the end of the line of Fate: Death due to suicide. Stomach trouble or an operation may be the cause behind suicide.
(34) A line rising on Mental Mars cuts the Line of Heart and goes to Mercury on a woman’s hand: Death during delivery.
(35) An is landed line from Mercury cuts is landed Line of Heart with twisted nails: Death in early age due to Tuberculosis.
(36) Life Line is cut by a line from Luna: Death at the age described by Life Line.
(37) A line sloping downwards from left to right, cutting the Line of Heart: Death due to drowning at the age, calculated from the Line of Heart.
(38) A small independent vertical line cuts the Line of Heart: Death by some weapon.
(39) Line of Heart is cut by a sloppy/curved line: Death due to snake bite or fire at the age given by Line of Heart.
(40) Line of Heart is cut at both the ends or in between by a twisted/straight line segment: Death due to some incurable disease.
(41) Presence of a star at the termination of the Line of Life: Death during journey.
(42) Presence of a square/tooth or scorpion like formation, between the Line of Heart and the Line of Life- not touching either of the two : Death due to some mechanical device or by over running of train/car.
(43) Life Line starts normally but slopes down to Luna, suddenly: Death by drowning or in an accident.
A cross over the Line of Fate at the termination with a grill over the Mount of Mercury :: Indication of violent death due to some evil doing of the bearer.
Line of Fate ends in a cross or a star :: Death by violence, confirm with other indications like presence on both  hands, termination of Life Line and the Line of Heart. 
At Saturn reaching 3rd phalange of  Saturn finger :: Bad omen. (1). Deep red line cutting 3rd phalange of Saturn finger :: Dishonourable death or imprisonment.(2). Star on 3rd phalange of Saturn finger :: At least jail-imprisonment or death. 
Fate Line ending in a cross with a grill over Mercury :: Violent death due to evil action of the possessor.
ASIIDHNI असिद्धनी :: 
असिद्धनी तर्जनीमूलात् ऊर्ध्वं अत्यन्तसान्निधौ। 
तिर्यक् गता फलं मृत्युः अष्टाविंशे तुअसिध्नीत्यसिना वत्सरे।  नाम हननस्य प्रसंगतः 
यह रेखा वृहस्पति के क्षेत्र में शुरू होकर तीसरे पर्व तक जाती है। यह 28 साल की उम्र में तलवार से मृत्यु को इंगित करती है। 
ASIIDHNI असिद्धनी
SURUCHI सुरुचि 
It starts in the region of Jupiter under the Index finger and mover over the 3rd phalange in the upward direction. It denotes death at the age of 28 years by killing with a sword.
SURUCHI सुरुचि :: ऊर्ध्वं तु असिध्न्या: सुरुचिः तिर्यक् सा परुषाकृतिः। अकालमृत्युदा नाम शोभनां गत्व सूचनात्      यह असिद्धनी से थोड़ा सा ऊपर शुरू होती है। यह मोटी और खड़ी हुई होगी। इसके प्रभाव से जातक की अकाल मृत्यु होती है। इसका नाम सुंदर शरीर व्यक्त करता है। Its found above Asidhni and is a bit thick and vertical. It represent untimely death. Its name means a beautiful body.
HATASHA हताशा :: 
ऊर्ध्व ज्योत्स्नया हृताशा स्यात तिर्यक् स्थूलतराकृति:। 
अकाले पुत्रमरणं असृग्वमन्तोSपिवां। 
तत्फलं नात्र सन्देहो नामार्थोSत्रापि च स्फुटः  
ज्योत्स्नी  के ऊपर हताशा पाई जाती है। यह मोटी, सीधी खड़ी हुई रेखा है। इसके प्रभाव से पुत्र की अकाल मृत्यु, खून की उलटी करते हुए  होती है। इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है। इसके नाम से भी यही फल निकलता है।कभी-कभी ऐसा प्रकृति के दुष्प्रभाव से भी हो सकता है।  
KAPARDI कपर्दि:
This is found over Jyotsni. It is thick and vertical line.It causes the untimely death of son due to vomiting of blood. Some times the death is resulted due to nature's fury.
KAPARDI कपर्दि: :: 
कपर्दि: तदधस्तात् स्यात् संश्लिष्टा सन्धिरेखया। 
तिर्यक् पार्श्वोन्मुखी रेखा भार्याभङ्गकरी स्फुटम्। कपर्दीति च नामापि केशानां चिकक्णत्वतः  
कपर्दि देवद्विट् के नीचे संधि रेखा को घेरती हुई दिखाई देती-पाई जाती है। इसकी उपस्तिथि पत्नी की मृत्यु की सूचक है। इसका नाम बालों के उलझे हुए होने को प्रकट करता है। 
 This line is found below Devadwit, embarrassing the Sandhi Rekha, tending towards the sides. It brings about the death of the wife. The name reflects sticky state of hair.
APRAJITA अपराजिता ::  
ऊर्ध्वोंन्मुखी पृष्ठभागे तर्जन्यास्तु अपराजिता। पुत्रनाशकरी नाम्ना गतशोभत्वमीरितम्॥   
DUGDHA दुग्धा 
Displaying IMG_20170528_111436.jpg
APRAJITA अपराजिता 
यह तर्जनी ऊँगली के पीछे की ओर पाई जाती है और ऊपर की ओर बढ़ती है। यह सन्तान को नष्ट करने वाली रेखा है। नाम के उलटे अर्थ में यह चमक को कम करने वाली है।  
It is found at the back of the Index finger and turns upwards. She destroys children By name it indicates loss of lustre, just the opposite meaning.
DUGDHA दुग्धा :: 
दुग्धा स्यात् तर्जनीमूलवामभागादधोमुखी। 
आयुः क्षयकरी नाम्ना क्षीरेच्छत्वं प्रच्छति
यह रेखा तर्जनी ऊँगली की जड़ से शुरू होकर उलटे हाथ की ओर ऊपर की ओर बढ़ती है। यह रेखा धारक व्यक्ति की आयु को कम करती है। इसके नाम के अर्थ के रूप में यह दूध के लिए लगाव को प्रकट करती है। 
It starts from the root of Index finger towards the left and moves downwards. It reduces longevity of the possessor. Its name suggests love for milk.
(1) Presence of a single line instead of separate Line of Head and the Line of Heart, in both the hands, with clubbed thumbs and badly formed hands: Murderous tendencies.
(2) Presence of a curved line on the Mental Mars of the shape of sword: Describes a rapist, murderer person with evil designs. He has to go to prison.
(3) A starred vertical line present on the Physical Mars: A hot headed murderer, killed by enemy/animal.
(4) Line of Heart is too high, passes through Mercury, and has a black mark on it: Describes a hot headed, rapist, hardened murder.
(5) Line of head is rising from inside the Life Line, with a black spot at the beginning: Describes a hardened, ruthless unlucky murderer. He might lose everything, at one point of time.
(6) Presence of double heart Line, tough/hard palm, rigid/clubbed thumb, terminating on head Line makes the possessor, greedy, ruthless dacoit, looter and murderer.
(7) A curved chained/is landed heart Line, terminating on the Line of Head: Describes a woman who poisons her husband and lives another person.  
(8) A branch Line of Heart Line curves over to Luna: The bearer becomes a murderer.
(9) A branched Heart Line jumping the juncture of Jupiter-Saturn finger and crossing the palm, with some bad marking like black spot: Woman soliciting other males, other than her husband and kills her husband.
RAJ YOG राज योग :: One who is born with these makings on the Palm is expected to rise to the highest level of power:
Excellent Line of Head: A straight line of Head rising from Jupiter free from defects, terminating below the junction of Mercury and Sun finger, a small fork or trident at the termination of Line of Head, increases its strength multi fold. Small branches of the Line of Head in upward direction  towards the Line of Heart (-without cutting or resting over it) or moving straight to the base of fingers, through the mounts, increases its strength further-many fold. Such lines are found on the hands of Scientists, Inventors, Discoverers, the people who can see future and thinkers-people born with two Lines of Head. They make progress for family and the nation.
The junction/joint of Life Line and the Line of Head should be small. It should not deviate from its path, suddenly. Branches to fingers, circular Life Line, more than one Fate Line, presence of Sun Line, developed mountains, pink coloured palm, fingers straight and beautiful, broad and heavy hand, presence of special Luck Line awards the possessor with power-might.
1. Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury are well developed (-non exaggerated).
2. Luck Line and Sun Line are deeply carved from the Rascette to the Mounts of Saturn and Sun respectively.
3. Line of Head originates over Jupiter and reaches the Juncture of Mount of Luna and the Mount of Mental Mars and terminates just below the juncture of the Mounts of Sun and the Mercury.
4. Line of Head runs independently without joining the Life Line with a gap of one to two millimetres or is just joined at the beginning.
5. Line of Head having three forks at the termination resting over Mount of Mental mars (-Prajapati), Luna and the Mercury. Such people generally do discoveries-research-innovations.
6. All the ten fingers (-including thumbs) have circle on the third phalanges.
7. Physical Mount of Mars is well built and placed.
8. Heart line reaches the Mount of Jupiter without breaks.
9. Line of Heart has three forks at the termination, directed to the Mounts of Saturn, Jupiter and slightly deviated towards the Physical Mars. Such people head sects, are orators, public figures, admired by the people of all walks of life-faith.
10. Jupiter ring is well marked, without cuts-breaks.
11. Small up ward lines originating from the Life Line pointing to the Mount of Saturn.

During present times, kings are not there, but one would become an administrator-supervisor-manager-faculty head acquiring senior position in the organisation, where he is working-employed. One with nicely carves Line of Mercury, reaching the Mount of Mercury, will be able to create-head a business empire.
ONE, WHO IS IN NEED OF ADVICE-GUIDANCE MAY SEND MAIL PRINTS-PHOTOS OF THE PALMS ALONG WITH DAKSHINA-FEE.Sprinkle powder over the palm. spread it uniformly so the the lines are absolutely clear. Alternatively one can obtain prints of the palm with ink.
MAHI मही :: 
मही कनिष्ठिकामूले करमातलगामिनी। रेखाSन्यरेख्यामध्ये व्यवधानं विना स्थिता 
तिर्यग्गता स्फुटा तद्वान् सर्वशास्त्रार्थविद्भवेत्। महीपतित्वदानाच्च महीत्युक्ता   मनीषिभिः 
MAHI मही 
यह रेखा बुध के नीचे हथेली की ओर से धर्म स्थान-उच्च मंगल-उच्च चन्द्र पर पहुँचती है और जातक को शास्त्रों के ज्ञान सहित राजयोग प्रदान करती है। यह योग तभी समझना चाहिए जब हथेली पर अन्य लक्षण और पर्वतों की स्थिति सहयक हो। 
इस रेखा को विवाह रेखा कभी नहीं समझना चाहिये, क्योंकि वह हृदय रेखा तक ही पहुँच पाती है और जातक के जीवन साथी से मृत्यु या अन्य कारणों से अलग होना दर्शाती है। यह रेखा विवाह रेखा से मोटी, गहरी और स्पष्ट बनी हुई होगी। 

Mahi is found at the base of the little finger, rising to the Mental-Upper Mars-Upper Luna (Dharm Sthan) from the percussion below Mercury.If thick, shinning, clear, oblique-slanting in position; it grants kingship and the meaning-understanding of the Shastr. It should not be confused with the Line of Marriage which stops just above the Line of Heart, indicating death of spouse.However, supporting lines and proper formation of mounts is a must.
(1). This is quite normal. It constitutes of Life Line, Line of Fate, a Line of Head emerging from Mars and the Line of Heart. The Line of Head from Mars suggests that the bearer should control his anger and work rationally. The three crosses reveal that one will have properties in his name soon after crossing 35 (or valuables-cash-jewellery). 
(2). Crosses are favourable only on the Jupiter and else where the conclusion has to be drawn on the basis of the location of mounts and the individual sitting in front. These crosses are on the upper side of the Line of Head which illustrates that the progeny will do well in life-in addition to acquisition of property.
(3). If these crosses touches the Line of Heart, the possessor will be a gifted person with religion at heart and clairvoyance (परोक्षदर्शन, अतीन्द्रिय दृष्टि, सूक्ष्म दृष्टि).

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